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What a month it’s been, hope everyone is doing ok.

Firstly, a huge congratulations to Mandy Walker AM ACS ASC who became the first female to win the American Society of Cinematographers award for her work on "Elvis" Amazing effort and well deserved. And one of our newest members was there with a front-row seat to capture it.

How good was the Arri Australia show and tell for our first “Drop-In” I was pretty upset I
couldn’t attend as I had Covid, and missed a great event.

Our April “drop-in” is going to be an express workshop on lighting faces and different skin
tones. So please drop in and take a look. Details to follow but it's happening on April 13th. See you there.

Please let us know if you have been working on something interesting, and don’t be shy. It is your society.

Now is the time to book your tickets for the 53rd ACS National Awards for Cinematography - when the best of the best work will be celebrated and awarded. And there are more than a few of our state members up for Gold, I will be going and would love us West Aussies to have a big contingent there. It is an amazing opportunity for a meet and greet.

It’s a wonderful night of catching up with friends and making new ones, book now, and see you there. Check the links attached.

On behalf of ACS WA, I would like to welcome our new members; Matt Anderson, Elliott Nieves, Hayley Wilson, Bailey Pascoe and Balazs Kajcsa. It is always great to see our community grow. 

Finally, please stay safe and let us know what you would like to learn. We have a wealth of
the knowledge we would love to share, but we need you to tell us.
Jim Frater ACS
WA ACS President

Congratulations to Mandy Walker AM ACS ASC who cracked a glass ceiling, becoming the first woman to win the American Society of Cinematographers Award in the feature competition during the 37th ASC Awards,

The Elvis cinematographer delivered an inspiring speech whilst accepting her monumental award: “This is for all the women that win this award after me,” she said to enthusiastic applause. She looked forward to more women breaking more glass ceilings. “This is an inclusive, representative community,” she said, adding, “I didn’t cry, I thought I was going to cry.”

Following this win, Walker also attended the Oscars, where she was nominated for her cinematography alongside DeakinsKhondjiFlorian Hoffmeister and this year's Academy Award winner, James Friend BSC ASC. Although Mandy didn't walk away with the win, she is one of the three women in the Academy's 95 years who have been nominated for this award, forging a path for female cinematographers worldwide. 

Congratulations again Mandy! 

Join us on April 13 at Fridays Studio for an ACS WA event.

This month we’re running a lighting workshop, focussing on how to light faces.

With a large percentage of our member's work involving interviews, knowing how to get the best results from your lighting is paramount.

ACS members are free to attend, and non members will be $10 (refundable upon joining ACS)

Date: 13/04/2023
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Location: Friday Studio. 13 Old Aberdeen Pl, West Perth, WA 6005.

TEAM 2D in the UAE

A snapshot of 2D Films time in the United Arab Emirates !!

When chatting with Denson Baker ACS NZCS in late December 2022, with the conversation turning to an opportunity for 2D Films (Dion Borrett and myself, Daniel Holliday) to be involved in the Emirati feature film MOUNTAIN BOY, it was a little bit of a ‘pinch yourself’ moment. To be able to work with Denson again, whilst traveling to the United Arab Emirates to shoot in some of the best locations that Abu Dhabi and Fujairah had to offer, was an opportunity too good to pass up.
Dion would be Gaffer and 2nd Unit DP, with me operating B camera (an Arri Alexa Mini combined with Cooke S4i Prime lenses, an Angineux Optimo 17-80mm and a Fujinon Premista 80-250mm).

Dion’s 2nd Unit work included vintage fishing boat filming in the Gulf of Oman and capturing some stunning mountain shots in the Barrista Mountains, a rugged and picturesque location in Fujairah. Between lighting some amazing shots as Gaffer and boosting off to capture some quality 2nd Unit footage, he had an amazing adventure, meeting some amazing crew along the way.

In regards to B-cam, to be in Denson’s camera team was both a privilege and an opportunity to value-add to a stunning look he had designed in collaboration with Emirate director, Zainab Shaheen. The B-cam role included shooting in man-made rain & lightning storms, filming stunt sequences, getting the goggles and face-scarf on for sand and dust storms, while also being willing to get the boots filled with water, caked in mud, choked with dust, and scuffed on mountain rock in some physically demanding environments… what fun!

With a crack B-cam team at my disposal, affectionately dubbed ‘Team Mountain Goat’, we climbed, crawled, collaborated, and created some wonderful frames, which will no doubt allow for some stunning sequences in the final film. The Fujinon Premista 80-250mm zoom lens (sometimes with the 2 x ‘doubler’ adapter) was a particular favourite, for those magical close-ups and long lens beauty shots. The lenses combined with Denson’s brilliantly planned use of the Tiffen Black Satin, Antique Satin, Smoque and Black Fog filters, for a cinematic aesthetic that was wonderful to behold and a privilege to help capture.

The project had a need for resilience, a requirement to work creatively and collaboratively as a team, and a demanding 6-day schedule that all added to the feeling of accomplishment each day, which will not soon be forgotten.

A massive thanks goes to all the wonderful crew we worked in collaboration with on this project, who made this adventure a real joy.

It is not lost on us at 2D Films that the skills, mentorship, opportunities, knowledge, and friendship that has been shared with us through Denson Baker, has been a truly wonderful gift. It is with thanks that we mention this, with his love of the ACS and all that it stands for another mutual value that we share, finishing this article with thanks for you all, for being a part of this wonderful society we all belong to.


Awards season in Hollywood is one of the greatest experiences you get as a cameraman in a US Bureau. You are immersed in all aspects of Hollywood - attending industry events, walking the carpets and brushing shoulders with the best in the biz. This year was extra special as I got to meet Mandy Walker and Baz Luhrmann on several occasions. 

I first met Mandy when she dropped by for a live hit to 7’s Sunrise. Mandy is clearly at the very top of her art, and even with all the extra awards season commitments, gave me generous time for a chat. Mandy even remembered my name at a reception later that week! 

The Aussie Oscar nominees' reception at Château Marmont was a pinch-yourself moment. To be in the famed penthouse of this Hollywood haunt and witness these Aussies “making it” in Hollywood was very special. The respect and positive energy they all show for each other at this prestigious level was an important takeaway. It’s something often missing on our side of the press rope.

It’s hard to describe the chaos and discomfort of covering Oscar’s carpet for breakfast TV. You’re one of a few hundred press crammed into the “pig pen”, fighting for their precious allocated inches. It’s a constant noise of clashing egos and tangled cables.

The shoulder camera rig with “beauty lighting” and return video feeds would make a chiro’s eyes water. The inside of the tuxedo is a wet mess just minutes after the Instagram selfie. On a technical level, you quickly get to a point where you can only hope everything holds up because any sort of fix would be near impossible to maneuver. But during all this clamour, there’s plenty of time to realise you’re at the Academy Awards and soak up some moments for yourself.

My favourite part of this year's awards season? Meeting Mandy and seeing her sparkle on the champagne carpet with her daughter—just one of those perfect moments and a reminder never to stop improving your craft.
Dear All,

Quest Apartments in North Sydney is our official accommodation for the National Awards.

Nominees who will be attending and paying for their own accommodation can book the same venue for the same ACS rate by contacting Joshua Harkness. He is happy for his email to be shared with sponsors and nominees ;

Joshua Harkness
Business Development Manager
223 Miller Street
North Sydney
NSW 2060
M: 0405 981 604


We will also be holding some fantastic free satellite events leading up to awards night with a Special Screening at AFTRS sponsored by Panavision on Friday night, May 5th, from 6pm followed by a Q & A and Meet the Nominees event presented by ARRI Australia at 10 am at AFTRS on Saturday, May 6th followed by a Special Guest Presentation. Save time and further details with booking links will be emailed soon.


For the first time since COVID began, ACS WA Branch had the opportunity to host ARRI Australia here in Perth.

The heat and humidity didn’t deter the 50+ industry professionals and upcoming students from getting a hands on experience with ARRI’s Orbiter lights, Hi5 lens control system and the new Alexa 35.

The night marks the first in what we aim to be many more “drop in” events to be held each month, with the next exciting event slated for mid April (stay tuned for details)!


What's new at Location Equipment

Location Equipment has added the Aputure Amaran F22c LED lights to its RGBW LED lighting fleet, providing indie filmmakers with an ultra-lightweight and flexible lighting solution. With a traditional 2'x2' form factor, the F22c provides ample surface area for a soft light, while still producing enough intensity to impact the scene. The integrated RGBWW chipset allows for full control over creative lighting decisions, with tunable CCT from 2,500K to 7,500K with green-magenta adjustment, 360º HSI control, 46 colour gel presets, 15 built-in lighting effects, and 4 user-configurable preset buttons.

The ultra-lightweight and ultra-thin design of the F22c makes it ideal for on-the-go travel and tight spaces. It can be run off v-lock batteries.  Location Equipment is pleased to offer the latest in lighting technology to our clients, and we are confident that the Aputure Amaran F22c LED lights will assist them in shooting stunning visuals for their projects. To find out more contact Location Equipment for a demo. Rentals - Location Equipment

We are proud to have received Perth's first ARRI Alexa 35 in September 2022, which has generated significant interest among filmmakers and industry professionals.
Our commitment to providing the best equipment and resources to bring our clients' creative visions to life has also driven us to invest heavily in filtration. Our filter collection now boasts dozens of new options, including exotic variants such as Pearlescent, new Black Mists, Confetti, and special flare FX filters in different colours. This makes our range the most comprehensive in the market, giving our clients even more creative control over their projects.
Our Tokina Vista Vision Prime lenses continue to be a popular choice among TVC clients and serve as the preferred full-frame option on the Mini LF. For those working on S35 projects, the Leica Summicron C lenses are the go-to choice on the Alexa Mini and Alexa 35.
We believe that our ongoing investments will not only enhance our services but also inspire and empower our clients to push the boundaries of filmmaking. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our offering. If you have any questions or would like to book a demo with our new equipment, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to serving you over the coming year.

Continuing our love story with interesting Lenses; we are excited to introduce the Tribe Blackwing7 series – a set of 7 tuneable Large Format cine lenses that offer beautiful, almost painterly imaging qualities. 
Also, Santa came with our present last year just before Christmas. To our surprise it was an ARRI Alexa 35 – ho ho ho!
As we are committed to creating interesting imagery with unique tools - we've recently acquired the FREEFLY WAVE highspeed camera, the DJI TRANSMISSION kit, and the LAOWA 12mm FF/VV Zero-D Prime, Full set of DZO CATTA ZOOM and more...
So come on in, have a coffee with us, and tell us what images you’re thinking of creating next. 

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