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Congratulations to our ACS WA/SA Award Winners
THE WRAP CHAT: Member Drop In "Lighting" Session with Arri & Barbizon Australia
RECENT EVENTS: Vizcom & Canon Showcased C200 & C700 @ Soggy Bones HQ
OPEN INVITE TO MEMBERS: ACSWA Members invited to farewell Ian Booth
Michael McDermott nominated for AACTA Award for Cinematography
PRO TIPS: Check out these great sites for cinematographers

Congratulations ACS WA/SA Award Winners!

David Le May ACS & Ross Metcalf represent WA in Adelaide

Dear fellow cinematographers, camera crew, life members, associates and student members,

I am honoured to announce the recipients of this years WA/SA awards as it has been a year of very high standards. I'm extremely proud of our results and WA members came away with winnings in some very tough categories which goes to show the talent that lies on our shores.

A massive congratulations must go to Simon Akkerman ACS for his LIFE MEMBERSHIP award. Simon has been the backbone of the WA branch for the last 3 years as President and has helped to raise the bar of cinematography in Western Australia with his wisdom that he's gained over the many years he's been a cinematographer. He still continues to pass on his knowledge to our growing emerging sector and I hope he can continue to do so for many years to come.

Mick McDermott made us proud picking up a gold in the Features-Cinema category for Hounds of Love and has just recently been nominated for an AACTA in Cinematography. I hope Mick can gain all the success this film deserves.

More congratulations must go to our other members Jim, Raz, Nigel, Damian and Chin for picking up some fantastic results. Below you'll be able to see the full list of winners.

I'd love to see some more of our members submit work for next years awards, particularly our female members who I know are producing some stunning work! Lets work together to try and shift this culture of a male dominated industry, stand up and be proud!

We have a great network of experienced DOP's in WA so don't be shy and reach out them if you ever want a second opinion. So to all members, please don't hesitate just get your stuff in and you could be surprised at the result!

Yours sincerely,

David Le May ACS

WA Branch President
Australian Cinematographers Society

Simon Akkerman ACS "Life Membership" Award

37th Annual ACS Awards - Winners List 2017 for Cinematography - South Australian and Western Australian

(L-R) Jim Frater ACS, Michael McDermott & Nigel Tomkinson

ACS Life Membership Award
Simon Akkerman ACS (WA)

Category 1 Cinekids
No Entries

Category 2 Student Cinematography
No Entries

Category 3 - Experimental & Specialised
GOLD - Mahmudul Raz - Shuffle (WA)
GOLD - Judd Overton - En Route (SA)
SILVER - Piers Mussared - Uku360 (SA)
BRONZE - Piers Mussared - The Extraction (SA)

Category 4 - John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks/Promos
GOLD - Jim Frater ACS - News Starts Here (WA)
SILVER - Jim Frater ACS - 9 News Starts Here (WA)

Category 5 - Music Videos
GOLD - Aaron Gully ACS - Hilltop Hoods '1955' (SA)
GOLD - Maxx Corkindale- Geordie Little 'leave me with the birds' (SA)
SILVER - Nima Nabilirad -Fortunes '501's' (SA)
SILVER - Benjamin Dowie - Red River (SA)
BRONZE - Nima Nabilirad - Allday feat. Japanese Wallpaper 'In Motion' (SA)

Category 6 - Syd Wood ACS Local/National News
GOLD - Daniel Soekov ACS - Environmental Prize (SA)
SILVER - Reg Bradshaw - Balhannah Bush Fire (SA)
SILVER - Lennon Cooper - Adelaide 500 Drifter (SA)
BRONZE - Andrew Foote - Morgan Flooding (SA)

Category 7 - NEIL DAVIS International News
No Entries

Category 8 - Current Affairs
SILVER - Tony Salvatore - Coober Pedy Council (SA)

Category 9 - Entertainment & TV Magazine
No Entries

Category 10 - Corporate & Educational
GOLD - Aaron Gully ACS - Landaire Wines (SA)
GOLD - Aaron Gully ACS - Hilton Fiji Spa & Resort (SA)
GOLD - Aaron Gully ACS - Sauce Day (SA)
SILVER - David Le May ACS - Parker 'I Wish' (WA)
SILVER - Miles Rowland - Good Studios (SA)
BRONZE - Miles Rowland - The Story of Wagyu (SA)

Category 11 - Documentaries
GOLD - Benjamin Dowie - Brumley's Suitcase (SA)
SILVER - Johanis Lyons-Reid - Speaking For Sea Country (SA)
SILVER - Nima Nabilirad - Paolo Sebastian (SA)
BRONZE - Jim Frater ACS - Drawn To Water (WA)

Category 12 - Ron Taylor ACS Wildlife & Nature
SILVER - Chin Hor Wong - Ten Deadliest Snakes (WA)

Category 13 - Advertising Local/Regional
SILVER - Nigel Tomkinson- RAC 'give me time' (WA)
SILVER - David Le May ACS - Smarter Homes (WA)
BRONZE - Miles Rowland - We Fly As One (SA)

Category 14 - Advertising National/International
GOLD - Michael Tessari - Blackchrome (SA)
GOLD - Nima Nabilirad - Paolo Sebastian (SA)
GOLD - Chin Hor Wong - A Beautiful Affair (WA)
SILVER - David Gregan - Coopers Xmas TVC (SA)
SILVER - Benjamin Dowie - Allusive Culture (SA)
BRONZE - David Tang - Wirra Wirra Tours(SA)

Category 15 - Dramatised Documentaries
No Entries

Category 16 - Short Films
GOLD - Michael Tessari - Release (SA)
GOLD - Maxx Corkindale- Smashed (SA)
SILVER - Rebecca Duncker - Wishing You Well (SA)
SILVER - Maxx Corkindale - Walter (SA)
BRONZE - Rebecca Duncker - The Blue Pony (SA)

Category 17 - Drama or Comedy Series & Telefeatures
GOLD - Geoffrey Hall ACS - Wake in fright Ep2 (SA)
SILVER - Judd Overton - No Activity S2 Ep6 (SA)
SILVER - Damian Fasolo - Broken (WA)

Category 18 - Features
GOLD - Michael McDermott - Hounds of Love (WA)
GOLD - Geoffrey Hall ACS - Red Dog True Blue (SA)
BRONZE - David Le May ACS - The Gateway (WA)

The MRC Encouragement Award
‘Space is Smaller than the Space Between Us’ Sam Twidale

The Clif Ellis Memorial Award
‘Wishing You Well’ Rebecca Duncker

The Milton Ingerson Award for the Best Entry
‘Release’ Michael Tessari

THE WRAP CHAT: Member Drop In "Lighting" Session with Arri & Barbizon Australia

What a great evening! Our new ‘Member Drop In Sessions’ was a huge success with members new and old attending, each were able to gain something from the night as ARRI was in town, and with some very special lights.

Sean Dooley from ARRI Australia demonstrated and presented the SkyPanel series in front of 30 odd WA members, held at Johnny Ma Studios in Maylands, WA and woo’d us with multiple fixtures that had us ‘ooh-ing and aah-ing’.

For those aware, the SkyPanel LED lighting series feature the three models, the S30, S60 and the S120. However, we were treated to something ‘Bigger and Brighter’, and the first to roll on to Aussie shores. The S360-C! The S360-C is by far the brightest and the largest lighting fixture in the SkyPanel series and to get an idea of the scale, the surface area is 5.8 times that of the middle range; the S60. Even more, it is packed with all the features of the smaller SkyPanels, however much more impressive. With it’s robust build and carbon-fibre weaved yoke and with a weight of 41kgs, it is something that can be used and abused, but handled by at least two people. There is no doubt though that the S60-C isn’t ultra-bright and a high-quality LED soft light that is the most popular and portable version in the series.

The S60-C is full of RGB LEDs so you don’t just get bi-colour control of the colour temperature you can also adjust hue and saturation. With a 2,800-10,000k colour temperate tune, it has a wider range than most LED’s, along with a green-magenta shift. Sean shocked us during the presentation when you looked at the TLCI and CRI scores of the S60-C that measured how accurate the colour light output and rendition was when comparing them to a row of red, green and yellow capsicums.

With the latest firmware update ARRI took it one step further by adding pre-made lighting effects. Sean featured some of those like ‘cop-car lights’, ‘paparazzi camera flashes’, and ‘fire and 'candle light’. With this you can also set parameters for each effect, so it is totally customisable in speed and matching. The ‘cop-car effect’ was one that excited everyone in the room!

Sean additionally featured the ultimate light and video mapping tool, MadMapper; to control four of the S60-C’s, and fed them with pre-set generative materials that were projected to the back of the studio. Within the workspace you were able to colour pick between each fixture and control the speed, and intensity as well.

Sparking interest with those in the room Sean spoke of the SkyPanels wireless control functionality and another big feature incorporated into the S360-C; the lumen radio. Lumen radio is a wireless DMX connection. What a bonus! You no longer have to run a cable. Due to the early fixtures, Skylink is a product ARRI introduced that allows us to have the wireless communication to the rest of the SkyPanel line.

To tie in wonderfully with the end of Sean’s presentation, Stuart Harrington from Barbizon guided those with pricing and additional queries of the SkyPanels. Let’s just say, the bigger, the more expensive. Along with swappable front diffusion panels, and most impressively the ‘intensifier’ the SkyPanels certainly have a bright future.

Not to mention, its now made easy to charge your phone from the SkyPanel!

Special thanks to Dion, Dan and Johnny and all the committee for their efforts in providing a really great informative night.

There will be more so don't miss out next time and come on down!

ACS WA Committee Member

All photos by Erin Macliver

RECENT EVENTS: Vizcom & Canon Showcased C200 & C700 @ Soggy Bones HQ

On Tuesday 31st Oct a few ACS members joined industry professionals to witness the unveiling of the new series of Canon Cinema Cameras; the C200 and C700.

Held at Soggy Bones HQ in West Perth, Dan Fowler from Vizcom and Paul Bryant introduced the night and cinematographer Daniel De Silva gave an informative presentation on how he battle-tested the C200 and ran it through the ringer trying everything from gimbal to drone work, high and low contrast scenes and some low light scenes to show capabilities.

Though I worry the C200's internal CLog record may not live up to some more recent changes to broadcast specs (4k, .MP4, 8 bit, 4:2:0) the pictures do speak for themselves and they do look great! This also does get blown out the water once you step into RAW mode with 12bit 25p, 4:2:2 and 3:1 compression ratio and 10bit 50p, though you'll need some C-Fast cards to capture RAW. Updates are already in the rumour mills so stay tuned.

The C200 comes with some great accessories including a more developed body and top handle, 10 stops of ND, built in XLRs and bringing over from the C300 is an amazing auto focus with face recognition and even object selection priority. It with literally track a moving object through the frame! Don't worry focus pullers it won't do you out of a job but it might just make it easier for you. Daniel tested it to the extreme showing flawless results in focus tracking on the infamous Canon EF 100MM Macro. Also available is the beautifully clear Canon viewfinder but you'll need a bit extra to get that one in the kit.

I feel it fits in nicely for the Indie Filmmaker market, the One-Man-Band operations and probably good for run & gun Doco work as well as it's lightweight factor making it easy for gimbal and drone work. But have a look for yourself and make your own mind up.

Stay tuned for future events!

ACS WA Committee Member & WA eNews Editor

ACSWA Members Invited to Farewell Screenwest CEO Ian Booth

Screenwest CEO Ian Booth

If you haven't heard yet, Screenwest CEO Ian Booth will soon be leaving the position and Screenwest have extended their welcome to all our members who wish to attend their Farwell and Christmas Party.

While they are working through the finer details, we wanted to send out an invite to ensure you all save this date in your diaries!

Mon Dec 11, 2017 4pm – 9pm (AWST)

*More info to come so we will keep you posted*

If you could please RSVP as soon as possible, and also please do advise if this conflicts with any other commitments.

Please email:

amber.sims@screenwest.com.au or phone Amber Sims @ Screenwest on (08)61692100

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Ben Berkhout
WA Committee Member
Australian Cinematographer's Society

Michael McDermott Nominated for AACTA Award for Cinematography

(L-R) Director Ben Young and Cinematographer Mick McDermott

Huge congratulations to WA Member Michael "Mick" McDermott on his recent AACTA nomination.

Mick has been nominated for the Cinematography award and stands along side some amazing talent and not surprisingly some stiff competition with likes of Stefan Duscio "Jungle", Greig Fraser ACS ASC "Lion" and Geoffrey Hall ACS "Red Dog: True Blue".

Lets hope he comes away with the gong! Well done Mick!

PRO TIPS: 10 Cinematography Sites

Gracing our ever evolving newsletter is our newest addition "PRO TIPS" which will cover some tips and tricks from cinematographers.

This month we're looking at 10 Cinematography sites that are must read, these are only recommendations so if you know some great sites or have a neat PRO TIP then send them in to ben.berkhout@cinematographer.net.au and we might add it to our next newsletter!

No.1 ACS WA Branch Facebook Page » - The first place to get ongoing news about the WA branch and invites to industry events and make sure you add all the branches so you can keep up to date across Australia
No.2 Australian Cinematographer Magazine's Website » - A brand new funky website that features articles on the DOPs from Australia and around the world
No. 3 The Black and Blue » - A really great site for students and camera assistants at any level, it'll help you form and analyse your process and help perfect the art of focus pulling
No. 4 Wandering DP » - Wandering DP is an in-depth visual and audio podcast covering everything cinematography, lighting and grading
No. 5 Roger Deakins' Website » - Roger Deakins CBE ASC BSC is the master and you get so much info from this site, he includes detailed lighting diagrams from time to time and he even responds back!
No. 6 Emmanuel Lubezki's Instagram » - Another master of his craft Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki is the man who everyone's been talking about and mate does that guy shoot some beautiful pictures
No. 7 John Brawley's Wordpress » - Australian cinematographer John Brawley covers a lot of topics on his site and has been a great resource for many cinematographers
N. 8 Cinematography Database » - This is another great in-depth video blog looking at lighting and cinematography, he often chats to DOPs and has a great understanding on the technicals of lighting and uses "Set Designer" to show you how it's all done
No. 9 Broadcast Gear For Sale (Australia) » - If you're looking to sell or maybe buy some gear then check out this group formed to bridge the gaps between the Australian states and open a market place for filmmakers to buy, sell and trade easily and more personally. There are plenty of other market places available like this that are also world wide so just search around and you'll find a bunch pretty easily
No.10 Shitty Rigs » - The most enjoyable website to see the weirdest contraptions ever constructed for film. Maybe your's is already there!

Newsletter edited and published by ACS WA Branch committee member Ben Berkhout


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Lighting Fundamentals
7- 11 Nov

In this practical, hands-­-on workshop with Richard Wilmot will give you skills and knowledge about the different techniques and equipment used to achieve camera movement in current screen production processes.
The Moving Camera
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