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  • Message from the WA Branch President ~ Simon Akkerman ACS
  • National Awards and AGM ~ Rusty Geller
  • Postcards from Home and Away ~ Dave Le May
  • Foreign Correspondent ~ Denson Baker ACS NZCS - 2 WA from LA LA Land
  • Other Business ~ Dave Le May
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Message from the WA ACS President

Hi Members,
We have finally come around to sending a regular email newsletter to our membership. In order for it to survive we need your help. We ask all members to support the newsletter by sending in any gossip from assignments you may have worked on, photos on the job or anything you see fit industry related. All we ask for is to “keep it clean”. The committee have been meeting monthly organising lots of events and above all the up coming state awards which as you all know will be held here in Perth late October. Apart from the regular blurbs and notifications on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/westaustralianACS/ , we hope our email news letter will make our presence felt by all. The committee continues to strive towards a bigger, better ACS WA branch able to share that valuable knowledge among cinematographers. Above all we sincerely thank you for your membership support for without you, the ACS WA branch would not exist.

On behalf of the ACS WA branch Committee
Simon Akkerman ACS


ACS National President Ron Johanson OAM ACS and Torstein Dyrtling ACS

2016 ACS National Award and AGM in Adelaide
Dave LeMay and I attended the awards banquet ceremony and annual general meeting. The banquet was held at the Adelaide Convention Centre starting with a sit down dinner with generous pourings of South Australia’s finest wines. Awards included two Golden Tripods to Torstein Dyrting ACS for ‘Prison Songs’ and ‘The Waler: Australia’s Great War Horse’.

Dave LeMay received an Award of Distinction for ‘Voyager – Hyperventilating’ and Lee Ali and Mark Zagar were also nominated.

The 7 hour AGM on Sunday showed the ACS is in good shape financially with strong plans for the future. We unanimously re-elected the national executive committee. There are now 1600 members in the ACS. You are invited to drop by the national HQ when you are in Sydney.

Other highlights were an equipment expo on Saturday morning, a screening of a great doco on Dean Semler by David Brill ACS on Saturday afternoon, and a John Seale ACS ASC master class on Monday featuring his work on ‘Mad Max Fury Road.’, co-hosted by David Burr ACS who shot 2nd unit. You should all be proud to be part of such a fine organisation.
By Rusty Geller WA Branch Secretary

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Postcard from home and away

ABC TV Comedy showroom ~ The Legend Of Gavin Tanner
DOP Dave Le May, 1AC Ben Berkhout, Gaffer Tim Goodacre

“West Coast Eagles fanatic, pot dealer and disappointing boyfriend Gavin Tanner does everything he can to prove himself the legend he imagines, by befriending his new neighbour”.

Armed with the Alexa Classic and a lens the size of a rocket launcher Angeneux Optimo 17-80mm T2.2 we embarked to capture this TV half hour for the very talented Madkids Perth based production company.

Gavin Tanner doesn’t live or hang out in big houses so a challenge was to fit this monstrosity into the real life locations the production company provided, however we did it and my posture behind the camera became almost as legendary as the big man himself!.

Did we mention he’s a weed dealer?

Except for a few locations always full of smoke, yes that wonderful continuity-time eating beast, but keep the doors closed, windows shut, A/C off and try not to shout at the poor runner that leaves the front door open! Shooting around the 21-28mm range we wanted to feel the environments Gavin had built up around him and yes its comedy so high key lighting?, err.. well… sort of, his new best mate’s house the stark new modern dwelling yes, but his house and the local pub "The Ballo" AKA The Balledean, we went for that slightly under lit and entrapping feel.

Gaffer Tim Goodacre got his “Casper the Ghost light". Which is an Image 80 Kino pointing straight down with silk dangled around, hence the name Casper the Ghost.

Moving "Casper" around for a little "shape" a dash of neg fill if need and Bob's your Uncle we we're in business.

Long days but a lot of fun, remembering why we all do this job we love so much.

Dave Le May

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2 WA from LA LA Land ~ Denson Baker ACS NZCS Drops us a line


In Other business, Ben Berkhout Branch and Committee member was married on April 23rd at the Royal Perth Yacht club. Ben met his Wife Jodie whilst filming feature film The Pineville Heist in Canada in 2014 and after a long distance relationship decided to get Married here in Perth. We wish them a very happy future together.

As many of you know we have our state awards this year in Perth at the fabulous Frazers in Kings park so it will be all hands on deck on the run up to that event. That said we are planning a few smaller events for you on the run up and more to be posted on that really soon. As a member of the ACS you are eligible to events, masterclasses drop-ins and use of our great club house in Sydney so if any of our WA members are traveling over east always have a look to see whats going on in the other states and introduce yourself we are a national organization!

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