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Victorian POV: Awards Wrap-Up
21st November 2023
• A message from the Victorian President
• Awards ceremony livestream recording
• Victorian Accreditation Recipients

• New Victorian State Sponsor Moodlab
• Victorian and Tasmanian Winners List
• Photos from the awards
A message from Victoria Branch President Brent Crockett ACS
Dear Friends & Colleagues, 

The Feedback on our awards presentation on Saturday night over the past couple of days has been awesome and thanks to those who have sent through messages of thanks. It’s been hailed as one of the best yet with a record number of entries. A big congratulations once again to all the winners and to those members who received their accreditation – well done.

The sold-out event moved along so smoothly with our wonderful MC Annie Louey that we created awards history by finishing almost an hour early - giving those who attended plenty of time to catch up with friends and colleagues.

A big shout out also to our Guest of Honour, Director Jeffrey Walker. It was great to hear the story of his journey so far. I’m glad the “Red Jacket” & fake palm trees idea worked – we seem to have created a bold new concept for our Guest of honour segment which other branches will be scrambling to adopt. Well, maybe...

Another big shout out too to our Vic branch committee for all the long hours of work in making the awards such a great success.

We have a number of great events in the planning stages for next year. On behalf of myself and the committee may I wish you and your family all the very best for Christmas and the new year, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event in 2024.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Livestream recording

The 57th Victorian & Tasmanian Awards For Cinematography - Winners

First: congratulations to the six Victorian members who received their ACS accreditation at the 2023 awards!

Cesar Salmeron-Hoving ACS (#451)
Matthew Temple ACS (#453)
Giovanni C. Lorusso ACS (#455)
Darrell Martin ACS (#458)
Carl Allison ACS (#461)
Sky Davies ACS (#463)

With special thanks to our National Major Sponsor and all of our wonderful Victorian State Sponsors.

The Victorian ACS is proud to introduce its newest Victorian Silver Sponsor: Moodlab

Moodlab believes colour should be considered early and images given a look before and/or during the edit. This can be scaled up or down depending on your project’s needs.

With this kind of workflow, the final stage of the grade is what we call ‘sweetening’ and occurs after the edit is locked.

You’ll also have the opportunity to work with colourists along the way to develop the look and experiment with options, so no stone is left unturned.

For more info visit:
and, the award goes to...
1.  CineKids
No Entries in this Category
2. Student Cinematography
Gold      Benjamin Bellette
Silver     Sweeney Crabb
Bronze   Melissa Nicholson
Pasifika Drift
ALL I EVER WANTED – Lara Anderson
Garage Sale
Benjamin Bellette also received a special award from Victorian State Sponsor Moodlab entitling him to a colour grading session to the value of $2000.
Pasifika Drift
3. John Bowring ACS Station Breaks & Promos
Gold      Cesar Salmeron-Hoving ACS
MRC Caulfield Cup
MRC Caulfield Cup
4. Music Videos
Gold      Jensen Cope
Gold      David McKinnar
Gold      Cesar Salmeron-Hoving ACS
Silver    Benjamin Bellette

Silver    Carl Allison ACS
Bronze  Anthony Littlechild
‘Solitude – Midnight’
‘Inhumane’ – ‘Polaris’
Tika Maree – High

Night Of The Wolverine-Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes
TONES AND I – The Greatest
Alive – Liam Ferrari
Tika Maree – High
5. Syd Wood ACS Local / National News
Gold         Jordan Young

Silver       Timothy Stevens
Harness Racing Investigation - ABC 7PM News National Sunday Special
Mutton Birding – The Point / NITV
Harness Racing Investigation
6. Neil Davis International News
Gold        Mitchell Woolnough
Silver       Mitchell Woolnough
Silver       Mitchell Woolnough
Bronze     Cameron Schwarz
Kinmen Island
Pacific Defence
Manila Congestion
Florida Hurricane - Season 2022, 7:30
Kinmen Island
7. Current Affairs
Gold      Cameron Schwarz

Gold      Mitchell Woolnough
Silver    Aaron Hollett ACS

Silver    Marc Eiden

Bronze  Cameron Schwarz
Fox and the Big Lie (Part 2) - Season 2021, Episode 29, Four Corners
Fortifying Japan
Surviving ISIS - Season 33, Episode 13, ABC Foreign Correspondent
Ceobahn from Renmark - Season 9, Episode 5, Heywire Series 2023
Florida: The War On Woke - Season 2023, Episode 10, Foreign Correspondent
Fortifying Japan
8. Entertainment & TV Magazine
Gold     Benjamin Cunningham ACS

Gold     Carl Allison ACS

Silver    Beau Molloy

Silver    Tom Chapman

Bronze  Stu Heppell
Back Roads Marrawah - Series 9 Episode 3
The Test - Season #2 / #2 / You Can't Be It, If You Can't See It
Minnesota – A Better World - Season 1 Episode 6
Rooke - ABC Artworks Season 2 / Episode 33
The Weekly – Luke Heggie Perverts
Back Roads Marrawah
9. Art, Innovation and Specialised Cinematography
Gold      Adam Huddlestone
Silver    Peter Corbett
Silver    Daniel von Czarnecki

Silver    Joey Knox
The Precise Moment I Gave Into The Impossible Weight Of Everything
10. Corporate Branding and Advertising
Gold      Joshua Lamont ACS
Gold      Richard Kendall
Gold      Cesar Salmeron-Hoving ACS
Silver    Alex Naughton

Silver    Jacob Williams
Bronze  Richard Kendall
Powered by Tasmania
Ouranos - Christopher Boots
Experience Le Meridien - Hotel Room Welcoming Film
Novm Brand film
METEOR - Christopher Boots
Ouranos - Christopher Boots
11. Branded Content, Education & Events
Gold      Oscar Axel Thorborg
Gold      Brendan Cherry
Silver    Jacob Williams
Silver    Jacob Williams
Bronze  Jacob Williams
Cloak & Dagger - Wine Unplugged
Commgames Closing Ceremony
Desert Palisades
Sheats-Goldstein Residence
Cloak & Dagger - Wine Unplugged
12. Commercials - Local / Regional
Gold      Joshua Lamont ACS
Gold      Alex Naughton
Silver    Matt Wood ACS
Silver    Matt Wood ACS
Bronze  Josh Mitchell-Frey
RACT 100 years
Found Space
COPE – The Truth
1st Energy – ‘Powering your Day’
Found Space
13. Commercials - National / International
Gold      Jeremy Rouse ACS
Gold      Stefan Duscio ACS
Gold      Jeremy Rouse ACS
Silver    Liam Gilmour ACS

Silver    Joshua Lamont ACS
Bronze  Shelley Farthing-Dawe ACS
Lexus - Effortless
IG Trading
Tourism Western Australia ‘Walking on a Dream’
Delivering Always. Australia Post.
IG Trading
14. Documentaries
Gold      Joshua Stafield
Gold      Alex Serafini
Gold      Alex Serafini
Silver    Daniel Hartley-Allen
Silver    Jon Mark Oldmeadow
Bronze  Alex Naughton
This Man’s Worth
This Is Going To Be Big
High Country
Kids Raising Kids
Bloomberg – Bushfire Babies
Kelong Spirit
High Country
15. Ron Taylor AM ACS & Valerie Taylor AM Wildlife & Nature
Gold     Daniel Hunter
            collab w/ Edward Saltau
Gold     Benjamin Cunningham ACS
Gold     Romilly Spiers

Silver   Edward Saltau
            collab w/ Daniel Hunter
Silver   Daniel van Duinkerken

Our Great National Parks - Episode 1 - Kakadu Segment
Kangaroo Valley
Planet Insect – Hive Minds - Season 1 Episode 3
Animal – Kangaroos and Dingoes - Season 1 - Marsupials
The Platypus Guardian - Nesting Sequence
Kangaroo Valley
16. 2nd Unit Cinematography
No Entries in this Category
17. Dramatised Documentaries
No Awards in this Category
18. Short Films
Gold      Max Walter
Gold      Oscar Axel Thorborg
Gold      Adam Howden ACS
Silver    Aaron Farrugia
Silver    Michael Wylam
Bronze  Alex Naughton
Not Dark Yet
Cold Water
The Ornament
Cold Water
19 Serial TV & Comedy Series
Gold      Katie Milwright ACS
Silver    Matthew Temple ACS
Silver    Dan Maxwell ACS
Bronze  Joanne Donahoe-Beckwith
Deadloch - Season 1 Episode 1
Gold Diggers - Season 1 Episode 6
Summer Love - Season 1 Episode 2
Barrumbi Kids - Season 1 Episode 1
20. Drama Series
Gold      Stefan Duscio ACS
Gold      Katie Milwright ACS
Gold      Matthew Temple ACS
Silver    Edward Goldner ACS
Silver    Ryan Alexander Lloyd
Bronze  Matthew Temple ACS
Shantaram - Season 1 Episode 1
The Clearing - Season 1 Episode 1
New Gold Mountain - Season 1 Ep. 4
Love Me - Season 2 Episode 2
Beyond the Veil - Ahi and The Stars
Five Bedrooms - Season 4 Episode 8
New Gold Mountain
21. Feature Films - Budget under $3m
Gold      Craig Barden ACS
Gold      Carl Allison ACS
Silver    Dan Maxwell ACS
Silver    Daniel Hartley-Allen
Bronze  Marcus Cropp

The Rooster
Godless – The Eastfield Exorcism
Time Addicts
Godless - The Eastfield Exorcism
22. Feature Films - Budget $3m and Over
Gold      Shelley Farthing-Dawe ACS
Gold      Charlie Sarroff
Silver     Katie Milwright ACS
Silver     Matthew Temple ACS
Bronze   Thomas Neal
Sweet As
Late Night With The Devil
Voices In Deep
Rob Copping ACS Judges Choice Award
Stefan Duscio ACS
Shantaram - Season 1 Episode 1

Photos from the Awards

Click here for the full album!

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