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The Victorian ACS Annual General Meeting appoints its new Committee

July 31st 2013 was the Annual General Meeting of the ACS Victoria held at Lemac Melbourne.

Our long standing and outstanding President, Alan Cole ACS announced he would not be standing again this year as President.

Alan has served 5 years as President and taken the ACS forward in leaps and bounds and we are all very grateful for his massive contribution - a task that consumes countless hours, often occurring seamlessly in the background and unknown to members of the ACS, in order to ensure the society keeps rolling along offering information, advice and support to the cinematographic community.

All positions of the committee were declared vacant and the process of appointing the new committee took place. We had a very large turnout, most likely lured by the presentation to follow by Darrell Martin about Shooting a TV Series and then Lemac's 4K Projector screenings of various cameras and film scans. The sizeable attendance resulted in a record number of members volunteering to the committee. It was very encouraging to witness such great support and interest in the ACS which is becoming bigger and better very year.

The Committee for 2013/14 is:


President - Warwick Field
Vice President - James Grant ACS
Secretary - Adam Russ
Treasurer - Mark Morris
Chair, State Accreditation Sub-Committee - Alan Cole ACS


Ben Doudney
Cameron Barnett
Darrell Martin
David Williams
Ed Goldner
Gerald Wiblin
Greg McKibbin
Greg Parish ACS
Joanne Donahoe-Beckwith
Laszlo Baranyai HSC ACS
Malcolm Richards
Sky Davies
Will Sheridan

We are very grateful to Darrell Martin for his inspiring presentation based on his impressive experience over the years of shooting TV series. His charismatic nature and straight talking had us wondering where the hour had gone when he wrapped up. It was very insightful and made us even more aware what a great challenge TV Series DP's face both in pre-production and on set.

Immediately afterwards, Lemac's Tim Schumann and Brett Dwyer took us into the studio to show us some of the footage they were screening at SMPTE. They had a 4k Sony projector set up on the big white wall and ran through examples of footage shot with F65, F55, Red, 35mm film scans to name a few. The images were mind blowing and it was an excellent opportunity for ACS members to see a side by side comparison and also discuss with the guys about the different formats and the circumstances under which they were shot. Even some of John Bowring's 35mm promo material had been rescanned to compare.

The Victorian ACS is deeply appreciative to Lemac for providing us with a venue for such events. As a not-for profit organisation, we rely heavily on our sponsors and supporters to keep us active and running. We hope you will support all our Sponsors by using their services and facilities in thanks.

Address from outgoing President, Alan Cole ACS

Dear Members

It has been a privilege and an honour for me to serve as President of the ACS Victorian Branch for the past five years and to see the branch go from strength to strength.

However, my personal circumstances now prevent me putting in the time required and I believe it appropriate for me not to continue in that role.

I would like to thank all current and past committee members, for their outstanding contributions and the hard work put in, that have made the Victorian Branch so dynamic.

Congratulations to our new President Warwick Field whose capable hands, energy and vision will lead the branch in to an exciting future.

I would like to say how much of a pleasure it has been for me to meet and enjoy the company of so many members at our events and Awards.

I will continue to serve as a General Committee member and look forward to catching up with you at one of our future events.

Best regards,


Address from Victorian President, Warwick Field

Dear Members of the ACS Victoria,

I am excited and deeply honoured to have been appointed President of the Victorian Branch of the ACS. It came as a genuine surprise when Alan Cole ACS informed me he would not take on another term of office and that he was recommending I should stand for the position. Leadership of the Victorian Branch of the ACS is not a role I take lightly. Having worked alongside Alan I am more than aware of the tasks undertaken by the President and the commitment that it requires. Hopefully I will continue the work he has begun in securing the future of the ACS and making it a viable and relevant Society for all involved in the world of cinematography. I won't be doing it alone. I can also proudly say we appointed a stellar committee to support and administer the ACS in Victoria/Tasmania. Thank you sincerely to the outgoing committee who gave freely and generously of their time throughout the year. Additionally I welcome the new Committee and ask that you offer your skills and resources fully within your ability. We are greatly appreciative that you chose to join and help steer the ACS in the coming twelve months.

I promise you many great events from the ACS in the coming 12 months. To everyone involved in cinematography in all sectors of the film and TV industry, I genuinely hope you come along to as many events and functions as you can and enjoy your own Society and benefit from the privileges you attain as a member. Please spread the word and get involved. The ACS is not just 'for' you, it consists 'of' you and is only relevant if you both give to it and take from it.

ACS Victoria/Tasmania is committed to increasing our membership. We are not only looking for new DP's to join us, but also and especially we hope to gain more members from the ranks of Camera Operators, Camera Assistants, DIT's, Technicians, Colourists, VFX, Gaffers, Grips....any one who can watch the cinematography on a screen and say "I helped create that image". The ACS is not just for DP's. It is not exclusive to DP's. It exists of and for every crew member involved in the cinematography department of a project and we have a solid and steadily growing membership of crew who perform in roles other than DP. This breadth of membership will help keep us more informed and more informative in return.

We are also committed to staging many educational and inspiring ACS events - several of which will be ACS-only member events. You'll have the ability to view, discover, explore, compare and learn about new services and products coming into the industry from industry experts. The events are good networking opportunities as well, where you may find yourself in a room with someone you have wanted to meet and chat with. It is good business. We have screenings and Q&A's with DPs and Directors throughout the year. Attending these can prove invaluable. You may also have something you want to showcase to us. Please let us know. We are interested.

As President, I intend to be as accessible as I can. Feel free to contact me at any time. Contact details are on the website and below. If I'm shooting and don't get straight back I apologise and I will endeavour to as soon as possible.

The ACS exists for you. I encourage you to use it.

Warwick Field
Presdent, ACS Victoria.

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