Victorian ACS eNews 5th December 2013

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47th Vic/Tas Annual Awards 2013 wrap up

Victorian ACS President, Warwick Field. Photo by Kelly Gardner

So as November comes to a close, so does another year of State and Territory Branch ACS Awards for Cinematography. Four awards nights were held during the month and finishing off in Melbourne on Sat Nov 23rd with the Vic/Tas Awards.

We had a really wonderful awards ceremony which was well attended and we saw many awards handed out to deserving recipients. This year was another tough one for our judging panel as they viewed a great selection of high quality entries and had to choose the stand outs. Not an easy task. The high standard makes each award even that little bit more valuable as the winners scores were higher than usual.

If you attended the awards, thanks for coming and if you couldn't we hope you can next year.

Uncollected winners plaques can be picked up down at Cameraquip Melbourne.

And remember your entries can also be collected at Cameraquip. The ACS can't return your entries and they will only be stored for a limited time. Some of you have left valuable hard drives. In fact we still have a few from last year!! Gold winners should not collect their entries as they will go onto the National Awards next year.

This year's winners list can be viewed on the link below

See the Winners list for the 47th Annual Vic/Tas Awards »

Awards Photos are up online

47th Annual Vic/Tas Awards for Cinematography. Photo by Kelly Gardner

We have created a Flickr account to share all ACS photos into the future. We will upload images taken at events or photos of interest.

The first set we have uploaded are from the Awards. You can view them, share them online or download them to your computer to share or print freely.

If you want to download them, follow this simple instruction:
1. Open the Photo Set from the link below.
2. Click on the photo you want to download.
3. When the photo opens in its own frame, you will see a "More" button on the bottom right which looks like three little dots. Click on that and then Select "View All Sizes" and then you will have a choice of Download options.

Enjoy and share

Tell us what you think about the Awards

Each year the Victorian and Tasmanian ACS work hard to stage the best possible awards event we can. It's a lot of work organising the night and ensuring that the celebration is enjoyable, functional, versatile and affordable for members.

We want to be sure our guesses are paying off and that you think the awards night is a great success and worth attending. And we hope that after you leave you feel satisfied at the way it all ran and plan to come again next year. What we don't know is what good advice or suggestions you may have to make it better or different in some way.

So, we have created a survey online asking questions about the Awards. Please take 3 minutes and complete the survey via the link below. All responses are anonymous and we ask you to consider your answers so we get the most accurate analysis of the participants' opinions. You can send the link on to others who may have attended this year or in previous years but don't receive the eNews from us.

We know surveys can be a nuisance but this one is simple and fast and we are even giving away 5 lucky draw prizes to those who complete it (and choose to leave their name at the end).

Here are the rules:
1. Only people who have attended the Vic/Tas Awards at least once over the last 5 years are asked to complete the survey.
2. Complete the survey only once, and complete all the questions that are relevant to you.
3. Be as honest and accurate as you can be. We don't want skewed results please.
4. Remain anonymous or leave your name to go into the prize draw.
5. Some questions allow you to make additional comments which are optional. Please keep them short and to the point.

Click here to take the Survey »


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