Students - Snap your way to free ACS Membership

If you're handy with a decent stills camera, read on

This year the Victorian/Tasmanian Branch of the Australian Cinematographer's Society has decided to offer an emerging cinematographer a complimentary ticket to this year's prestigious awards night on Sat November 24th AND one year's complimentary student membership to the ACS.

The catch? You need to take the official still photographs at the awards night. This is not a complex task. What the ACS require are portrait shots of the officials, award recipients and guests to be taken on the podium at the ANZ Pavilion Room where the Awards are staged.

The quality needs to be equivalent to a Nikon/Canon DSLR Raw or JPEG image in about 4k that can be distributed online or into print. It is your choice whether to use the available light or flash and you are welcome to apply your artistic bent to other candid shots taken throughout the evening. It's a bit of fun on the night but needs to be a quite high standard, i.e.., not point-and-press.

Contact a committee member or Victorian President, Alan Cole ACS if you would like to discuss it.
Mobile: 0418 178 219

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