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Welcome to the first edition of POV delivered from the new ACS Website in the eNews online distribution format. All state branches of the Australian Cinematographers Society are now distributing their newsletters and up-to-the-minute information in this way.

You will have received this eNews edition via your email listing with the ACS. This very useful new format allows the State and National ACS to provide instant messages as well as newsletters covering news and events of the recent activities of the Society.

As always, members and friends of the ACS are invited and encouraged to contribute to the newsletter. The ACS is an active and evolving organisation in which each and every member adds value simply by being a part of the ACS, and by actively participating. We want to hear from you. Share your stories, recent experiences and knowledge. Inform fellow members about new technologies and equipment, trends and upcoming events that are relevant to cinematographers.

In addition to POV eNews, a lot of news and events can be found at the ACS Website and by joining us at the Victorian Facebook page. Facebook allows all our friends to read and post comments and enjoy the immediate nature of social networking. You can even have a brag or a whinge on the way home from set.

Recently you will have received an email from the ACS providing you with a username and password so you can login to the new website. Once logged in you have the option to update your details including changing your password and choosing to subscribe to various eNews editions. As a Victorian member, you should find you are already subscribed to AC Mag and POV (VIC). You can also elect to receive other Enews by ticking the boxes of different editions, or in fact to unsubscribe.

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It's been a busy year

In the latter part of 2010 and the first half of 2011, the Victorian ACS held several events for members and the film and TV community. We had screenings with Q&A's of "Beautiful Kate" with Milli Award winning cinematographer Andrew Commis, "Summer Coda" with cinematographer Greg de Marigny and the film's director Richard Gray and "Matching Jack" with the eternally entertaining cinematographer David Parker ACS. We have more screenings planned in the near future so stay tuned.

We thank both Cameraquip and Lemac for the use of their theatrettes for these events and for their incredibly generous and continued support of the Australian Cinematographers Society.

Apart from the Q&A's, the ACS also hosted a series of technical events and tours. Some of the events were conducted by the ACS and others were presented by industry services to demonstrate new equipment or facilities in association with the ACS. A few of these events were by exclusive invitation to members of the ACS only, demonstrating one of the many benefits of membership. There was no charge for entry. Events included meeting the RED Epic with Red Ted at Lemac, launch of the Sony F3 hosted by Panavision, tech night of Sanctum 3D with producer Andrew Wight and the entire 3D team at DigiPics Melbourne, introduction of the Virtual Camera System for 3D camera tracked moves in virtual worlds with Canopy VFX and Airbag Productions Melbourne, tour of the Docklands Studios, Panavision 3D Masterclass as well as ongoing equipment launches and demonstrations such as the exciting new Arri Alexa through the rental houses throughout the year. Busy indeed.

More eNews on a regular basis

The National ACS and State Branch committees have contributed an extraordinary number of voluntary hours to the society over the last 12 months and more.

There was the gargantuan effort involved in procuring and renovating the new Clubhouse in Sydney. If you haven't yet been to visit I recommend you do next time you're in Sydney. This is our National Clubhouse and all members are very welcome.

One of the other huge achievements, of course, is the ACS website which has been built from the ground-up. There has been a team of volunteers selflessly committing hundreds of person-hours inputting data and creating the website. This is ongoing and the website is now up and running and we hope a great asset to the ACS members and industry people who visit it and use its resources. We thank Simon Russell for guiding this project to its ultimate launch and his continued support to those implementing never ending updates and entries.

Among its capabilities is the formatted distribution of eNews to members. While you may have noticed everything go quiet for a while on the POV front, we have been developing the new improved version as well as simultaneously building the Facebook Page.

The purpose of all this is to be able to reach all members and subscribers in a timely and more immediate manner in order to keep everyone abreast of events and news in the ACS world. At times you will receive an entire POV and other times perhaps just a quick note of an upcoming demo, screening, Q&A, or news flash.

We hope you enjoy the new POV. And remember, your voice and views are welcomed, so contribute if you like.

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