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Mason, Brooke and Beau last Friday

May 2017 won't be easily forgotten for ACS Tasmania member Beau Molloy and his lovely wife Brooke. Last Friday Mason William Bowman Molloy came into the world. Given Mason was born in Los Angeles his vital stats are all 'Old School" l - 6lbs 13oz - 19" long. Mason is Beau and Brooke's first child and they are understandably over the moon. To quote Beau in the first hours after Mason's birth "We are simply elated, he's on the boob already and both are doing well!!"

The handsome Mason Willian Bowman Molloy

As if that wasn't enough, 24 hours later Beau was the recipient of a National Cinematography Award! You may recall Beau was one of five Tasmanian members who won Gold Awards at the Vic/Tas Awards last November. At the National Awards, held last Saturday at the Strangers Gallery at NSW Parliament House in Sydney, Beau went one better picking up a Gold Tripod Awards in the Entertainment and TV Magazine Category.

I am sure I join all ACS Tasmania branch members in congratulating Beau on both Masons arrival and his we'll deserved Award!

Beau's other Baby - one of the first batch of new look Gold Tripod Awards


Frederique Olivier talks to an audience of 50 at the Philip Smith Centre (photo D. Hudspeth)

ACS Tasmania has run two excellent and well attended local events in the past two weeks. It's been fun to run these back to back and we thank all members who came along to one or both. This is what were are here for folks and the presentations have been interesting, informative and entertaining.

Our first event showcased two high achieving local cinematographers who work in quite different fields, yet both draw on very strong backgrounds in Science to achieve some amazing cinematography in their chosen genres.

Over 50 interested people came out on a cold Monday night to listen to Lewa Pertl and Frederique Olivier as they discussed and screened examples of their impressive work.

Event Presenters Lewa Pertl and Frederique Olivier (photo David Hudspeth)

In a very thought provoking presentation Lewa really broke down the parallels between Science and Cinematography and how she draws from one to assist her achieve highly in the other. Lewa screened one of her favourite wedding video's which was more like a piece of art than a record of a couples big day.

Lewa Pertl linking Science with Art (photo David Hudspeth)

Frederique amused and amazed us with some great behind the scenes anecdotes of a recent trip to Antarctica as part of a 14 strong BBC crew. With 10 RED cameras mounted under, on and above the water using everything from massive underwater housings to Cineflex rigs, jibs, Ronins, drones and an assortment of lenses you can only dream of, they captured never before seen sequences with Leopard Seals as they hunted down their diet of fresh Adelie Penguins! Fred also screened some of her fantastic vision of the life of Otters in Alaska and explained the lengths she went to to achieve such stunning close up sequences of such shy and retiring creatures.


Some of those attending Mondays Members Only event (photo David Hudspeth)

This week we ran a more relaxed and socially oriented event for ACS Tasmania members only. Over pizza and drinks Mark Dobbin, Tom Waugh and Richard Williams headlined what was essentially an operational / technical presentation.

Mark Dobbin runs local members through some tips n tricks for using the Canon C300 in 'Run and Gun' mode. (Photo D. Hudspeth)

Mark Dobbin spent one of his last nights home in Tasmania with us before heading off to London to start his new job as NBC America's European Bureau cameraman. In recent years Mark has worked almost exclusively with his trusty Canon C300 camera kit, filing for Al Jazeera's flagship Current Affairs program 101 EAST. Mark gave us a comprehensive run through his whole travel kit (75kg all up) including lights, camera, tripod, lenses, audio kit, jib arm and accessories. There were lots of questions which Mark was happy to answer and everyone got a whole lot out of it.

Tom Waugh sharing his insights into NAB and the crazy city that is Vegas! (Photo D. Hudspeth)

ACS Tasmania Vice President Tom Waugh has been a busy man in recent weeks. He attended last weekends National ACS Awards and also represented Tasmania at the ACS National Annual General Meeting. All this came straight off the back of spending 5 days in Las Vegas attending NAB!

On Monday night Tom still had enough energy in reserve to recall his experiences and insights into NAB. We heard about the latest innovations in camera, lens, lighting, audio and associated screen industry technology, accessories and rigs. Tom fielded a wide range of questions on equipment trends and new products and could inform and enlighten everyone. We also gained an insight into the key players, bloggers and 'personalities' that embed themselves in this massive trade fair.

Richard Williams and his RED Raven Camera rig. (Photo D Hudspeth)

To top off what was a great night Richard Williams showed us his new RED Raven camera set up and screened a short film he shot with it 2 weeks ago as part of the 'Stranger with my Face' film festival, where participants have 48 hours to script, short, edit and screen a short film in a specific horror genre. The results were chillingly impressive.

Richard ran us through his rationale for deciding on purchasing this particular camera package and listed the pro's a cons he took into consideration before making this choice. The neat set up of this camera rig is certainly very compact and complete and the pictures are very impressive.


We have a fantastic event that is taking shape and looks set to run in early July. The details are yet to be finalised but it looks set to be a Weekend Workshop with one of Australia's very best Documentary cinematographers, Pieter De Vries ACS. Stay tuned for all the details in the weeks to come!


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