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October 2022

From the Pres incl
Book SA Awards Dinner & Livestream
WA & SA Awards Night in Perth
Megapixel Camera Night
Lighting Wrap up

Profile - Grace Liu
From the Pres
Book now 2022 SA Awards Dinner & Livestream
Come celebrate our 2022 State Awards for Cinematography with pre dinner drinks, dinner, SA Awards presentations and Livestream from the Awards presentation in Perth which are being held there for only the 3rd time. Attending SA winners will be presented with their Awards at our event. Bookings are limited so get in early.
Where: Rob Roy Hotel, Halifax Street,Adelaide
When: Saturday October 29
Time: Pre dinner drinks 7:30pm, Dinner 8pm
Live Stream: Yep, many thanks to Daniel Charlton
Tickets: $120 including GST - limited to 80 peeps.
Dress code: Relaxed but smart 

2022 42nd WA & SA Awards for Cinematography in Perth

We hope some of you can get over to Western Australia for the formal Awards presentation on Saturday October 29. It will be held at Frasers in Kings Park overlooking the impressive city of Perth and promises to be a great night. I can't give tax advice but you may be able to claim the trip as a tax deduction! I know a few SA members are heading over west so why not join them.
2022 Accreditation
The entry window for ACS Accreditation closed September 30 and assessments are happening at ACS HQ in Sydney over the weekend of October 14,15 & 16.
SA Branch Sponsorship
We need more sponsors. If you are interested, or know of a company that would consider sponsoring us, please forward them our 2022 2023 SA Branch Sponsorship Proposal, there are various packages available to suit most budgets. If you do, please give me the heads up so I can approach them personally.
Stay well and stay safe. I hope to see you at our awards event & Megapixel camera night!
Megapixel Large Format Camera Night

We are bringing Pawel Achtel ACS to Adelaide as he's really keen to show us his amazing 9x7, 65 megapixel large format camera.

The ACHTEL 9×7 Digital Cinema Camera is designed specifically for VFX, VR, Giant Screen and IMAX® Cinema productions. It’s not here to replace Sony, ARRI or RED camera. It is designed to replace an array of ten of them.

It is designed to deliver unprecedented levels of sharpness, not attainable with traditional digital cinema cameras in a small and manageable package. It features  state-of-the-art Global Shutter, 4:3 aspect ratio, sensor featuring 65 Million photo-sites and delivers uncompressed 16-bit RAW footage up to 11 GB/s – approximately 30 times more than other high-end digital cinema cameras.

9×7 has almost twice the number of photo-sites found in 8K cameras, but it is the quality of the photo-sites that results in ultra-high resolution imagery never seen before. At the National ACS Awards held here in April Pawel won the 2022 Bob Miller ACS Technical & Innovation Achievement Award for innovative approach to designing and manufacturing the ACHTEL 9x7 camera, which possesses a level of performance which has never been possible before from a true Global Shutter sensor design.

Pawel will be our Special guest at our livestreaming State Awards night at the Rob Roy Hotel.

Come and see the 9x7 and some of the incredible footage shot on it at this special SA ACS night.
When: Friday October 28
Time: 6 for 6:30pm
Where: in.Studio & Cafe Adelaide
Catering: Drinks and finger food provided
Free: Exclusively for financial ACS members only

Book Now via this link.  
Lighting Event Wrap Up
Wow, this event for 30 attendees was booked out in 24 hours. So we extended the #'s to 50 and the extra tix were all gone in 12 hours! We co-hosted this lighting focused night with Nanlite & Picture Hire.

Many thanks to Tony Steele from Nanlite & Nanlux for demonstrating and taking us through the latest LED technology for studio and on set lights. Also thanks to Gaffer supremo Graeme Shelton who took us through some his experiences on set with some of these lights.

This was followed by Dai Cookes and Dave Gregan from Gold Sponsor, Picture Hire Australia, presenting tips and tricks for difficult lighting situations. Also on display were their ARRI Alexa Mini LF and new Cooke Panchro/I Classic Full Frame lenses.

SA ACS committee member Richard Back sits in for a lighting demo. Picture Iasbel Armstrong.
Profile Grace Liu
How did you end up working in this industry?
Hi, my name is Shuying Liu and people call me Grace. I am a versatile filmmaker with eight years experience in the creative industry.

Growing up, I went to the cinema with my family every weekend and quickly became a cinephile at a young age. When I found out that filmmaking is an occupation and you don’t have to go to Hogwarts to learn it, I was thrilled. My overall passion for filmmaking lead me to develop skill sets in all film-related areas. Therefore, I usually take multiple roles in the productions: writer, director, DoP, editor, colourist and other post-production tasks. I love directing and cinematography the most.

What’s the best thing about working in our business?
This profession definitely keeps the mind going at all times. Many sleepless nights, staring into the ceiling or Monitor thinking how: I would achieve a shot, tell a story, re-edit a scene or just simply “why the heck did I do that?” I consider myself a workaholic and being in such a fast paced and unique industry I find myself able to flourish under the pressure.

Besides, I’ve noticed when you tell people your occupation is a filmmaker, it always invites a very fun conversation. The pic is me filming with underwater gear from a paddleboard.

What piece of equipment or thing could you not do without on-set?
As many have said, a cup of long black with a dash of cold water.

What has been your most interesting or challenging project so far?
I have recently created a short film called The Cabinet as a part of the REC with Cinema Line campaign by Sony. The film is about a 27-years-old photographer Chloe, stuck in a dysfunctional relationship, builds an unlikely friendship and a cabinet. It is a short film about cherishing the people you really love, and the very human dilemma of knowing when to hold on and when to let go. Using the cabinet as a metaphor, I wanted to share the beauty of both choices.

I was the writer, director, cinematographer, editor and colourist on that project. The short film is captured on FX6 and G-Master lenses. As a cinematographer, I am excited to see how the technology is evolving to be smarter and more light-weight. It is enabling storytellers at all levels to create shots that was once reserved to high-end productions with loads of expensive and heavy gears. Handling both directing and cinematography on set was not an easy juggle. Both jobs requires a lot of attention. I would say it did slow down the filming process. All in all, it is a very valuable experience for me. Pic is shooting on set of the short film The Cabinet.

What’s your proudest moment so far? 
As I navigated my way though my teenage years here in Australia, my multicultural background enabled me to look at the world differently and empathise with minority groups in our society. Their messages have become the main drive of my career in filmmaking.

Thirsty to learn and eager to tell stories, I directed 5 short films about the Asian diaspora living in Australia since 2017. After graduating from Flinders I embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship with my close friend and now business partner Wei Gao. We established our production company, Take Two Media, specialising in creating transnational content for our clients in both the private and public sectors. Post inception, we dove deeply into a number of industries across the private and public sectors, helping those in Tertiary Education and Tourism, International Trading and Renewable Energy and more to communicate key messaging with their audiences. The pic is me filming a group of International students.

Wei and I also create independent shorts, this is a tradition we hold, using profit at the end of each year we produce self-funded narrative content on the topic of multiculturalism. The recent two projects we produced have been well-received online with both receiving over-million organic views within the first week of publishing.

We will continue in this creative journey. I really like a quote from American photographer Ansel Adams “You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”  

 Did anyone have an influence on your career?
 I went to Flinders University to learn screen and I am still thankful for everything I learned when I was there. My lecturers gave me a great education on not only the technicality of filmmaking but also different ways of seeing things especially within film culture in Australia. In particular, I want to take a moment to appreciate the inspiration I felt when learning cinematography from Helen Carter. She inspired me to be strong, assertive and passionate. As a minority in the industry, I was encouraged by her at many moments in my career to keep going. I am super lucky to have her as my first mentor. Pic is start of the day, adjusting equipment with my AC.

My career is always supported by very kind people in the SA film industry. Sunny Wu from Sunny Wu Visuals who shot multiple films with me as the DoP. I have learnt a lot from working with him on set and he has witnessed me growing into the filmmaker I am today from the beginning. Pete Hall from Urban Cine helped me a lot with equipment and he also gave me great advice on business building. He has always been there for me and my business, supporting us and giving us candid advice. He has such a big heart and I am sure a lot of DPs around town love him. Miles Rowland who I learnt a lot from watching and admiring his work. There are many more I could mention but I am very grateful for being a part of the SA film industry.

Do you have any advice for other young people getting started in this job?
As an emerging filmmaker and a young Asian woman I think it's still hard to break into this industry. As the Wider Lens Report suggested, I am still in the very small minority in our industry. Though it has changed a lot for the better in recent years. It is only through tenacity, with a large dose of passion, that we can change the status quo and make further progress in what we want to achieve. I would want to jump on any given chance to grow as a better cinematographer, storyteller and creative person. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t do it, or you can’t do it as well as someone else. Just grab a camera, go shoot and learn from you mistakes. Pic is taken on the set of The Cabinet with some of my crew.

Thank you Grace, I love the fact that you attend so many of our events with great interest and  fabulous enthusiasm.                                         

ACS Facebook Group

All current financial ACS members can join our Facebook group. Members can post their work, connect across states, link to events, ask for advice, and put up equipment for sale, etc. To join, simply follow the link below and request to join, and one of your local committee members will approve your request. Of course, if you're not a member please don't apply as rejection is not really in our DNA.

Upcoming Dates


September 1 - 30 Accreditation Application Window 
September 5 Committee Meeting
September 9 Sponsors Awards Assets deadline
September 14 Lighting Technology & MasterClass @ SA Gold Sponsor Picture Hire
October 3 Committee Meeting
October 14, 15 & 16 Accreditation Assessments in Sydney
October 28 Megapixel Camera night with Pawel Achtel ACS @ in.Studio
October 29 42nd WA & SA Awards for Cinematography @ Frazer's Kings Park, Perth
SA Dinner & Live Stream event at Rob Roy Hotel Halifax St Adelaide
November 7 Committee Meeting
December 5  Committee Meeting
December 12 Christmas Drinks 6pm @ Colonist Hotel Norwood


Here's a few dates to get next year going - more to come!
February 6 - 1st Committee Meeting for 2023
March 6 - Committee Meeting
August 1 to 21 - Awards Entry Window
September 1 to 30 - Accreditation Application Window 

October 3 - Committee Meeting


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