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The prestigious 2018 ACS National Awards for Cinematography were held at the stunning Brisbane Customs House in Queensland on Saturday May 5. The Guest of Honour was the gracious, legendary Australian Actor Ms Noni Hazlehurst AM. Thanks to the hard working Queensland committee for putting on a great weekend.

The quality of the cinematography at the National Awards is incredibly high and this year SA had only one National Award winner this year. Congratulations go to Geoffrey Hall ACS for the stunning Episode 2 of Wake in Fright which was awarded a Gold Tripod.

The highly respected Milli Award for the Australian Cinematographer of the Year went to NSW member Simon Duggan ACS for Hackshaw Ridge.

Click to see lots of pics from the 2018 national Awards - Pics by Clayton Lloyd from Flawless Imaging »

A proud JoAnne with her HoF certificate.

An extra special highlight of the night was the induction of our own JoAnne Bouzianis Sellick into the ACS Hall of Fame.

To see all the winners click the link below to download a pdf of the winners list.

It was certainly a great night as were the extra events including:



CHAT, CHEESE & WINE Presented by ACS Major National sponsor FUJINON FUJIFILM


ACS “MEET THE NOMINEES” / Q&A Session Moderated by Kim Batterham ACS

Gold Tripod winner Geoffrey Hall ACS on the last day of shooting on the Netflix series Pine Gap. He'll probably win a prize for the best dressed on set in his Suqizzy Taylor suit!

JoAnne Bouzianis Sellick, Mylene & Mal Ludgate & I attended the I/2 yearly meeting all day on Sunday following the awards. We must have done something really bad in a past life! Seriously though, this is where a lot of the plans for the Society are formed for the next year as well as the election of the National Executive. Mylene was voted in as National Treasurer again and I am one of the two National Vice Presidents once more.

Congratulations go to SA committee member Maxx Corkindale, he won the Best Cinematography Prize for Mutt at the recent SA Screen Awards (SASA's) held at the MRC Mercury Cinema.

Thank you to all who nominated me for the inaugural MRC Mercury Award for Outstanding Contribution to the SA Screen Industry. I was thrilled to receive it recently at the SASA's. Thanks also to Flinders University who Sponsored this Award.

Also, whilst I remember, don't forget to check out our fantastic AC Magazine website.

Click to download the 2018 National ACS Awards Winners List »
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Multi Camera Lighting Workshop

Our own talented cinematographer and qualified trainer, Chris Moon ACS, will be taking a lighting for Multi Camera workshop in the Drama Centre studio at Flinders University on Saturday May 19 and is free for our financial ACS members.

Lighting for simultaneous multi camera coverage can be quite challenging and is something that most cinematographers will be asked to do sometime in their careers but like most things there's a best way to attack it.

Book ASAP as places are limited.

When: Saturday 19/5/2018

Time: 0930 - 1200

Where: The Drama Centre @ Flinders University - the Drama Centre is at grid reference J8 on the map via the link below.

Parking: Free in carpark 5

Price: Free for financial ACS members.

Book NOW: Via Trybooking link below

Chris's bio:

Chris Moon ACS is currently News Operations Manager for the ABC in South Australia. He’s a cinematographer of over 25 years experience, a former SA president of the ACS and also dabbles in screenwriting and directing. His collection of ACS awards range from current affairs and TV magazine to documentaries and features.

Chris has worked as a trainer for the ABC & AFTRS and international consultant for AusAid and the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association. He is actively involved in the development and implementation of new work practices, digital technologies and production techniques.

Click for Flinders Campus map »
Click to book MultiCam Lighting Workshop »

Chris's bio:

Chris Moon ACS is currently News Operations Manager for the ABC in South Australia. He’s a cinematographer of over 25 years experience, a former SA president of the ACS and also dabbles in screenwriting and directing. His collection of ACS awards range from current affairs and TV magazine to documentaries and features.

Chris has worked as a trainer for the ABC & AFTRS and international consultant for AusAid and the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association. He is actively involved in the development and implementation of new work practices, digital technologies and production techniques.

Upcoming Screening & Q&A with Mark Wareham ACS

DoP Mark Wareham ACS is in town on pre production to shoot Wanted series 3 and is willing to take time out to screen some of two of his recent feature films "Don't Tell" & "Jasper Jones".

Mark is one of the busiest DoP's around and was a double nominee in the Features Category at the recent National Awards, so this promises to be a really informative and educational night.

Mark will cover successfully shooting in our infamously harsh sunlight, creating and maintaining a visual style in this light is hard work and requires a great deal of resourcefulness to get it right.

He will also reflect on the fascinating differences of the inner workings of the DP/Director relationship on these films.

This will be happening very soon so so please stand by as we will let you know where and when as bookings will be essential via a trybooking link.

This event will be free for financial ACS members.

Mark Wareham ACS

Just a bit about Mark's career:

His feature credits include: Jasper Jones, Don't Tell, A Month Of Sundays, Felony and Clubland and some of his television credits include Secret City, Cleverman, Redfern Now, Cloudstreet and Underbelly Razor to name a few.

The much anticipated Mystery Road series premieres mid year on the ABC as does The Second a feature thriller on STAN.

Mark's 2nd Unit work includes San Andreas (splinter unit) and Wolverine (Japan Unit), Triangle, The Condemned and Anacondas Hunt for the Blood Orchard.

ACS Accreditation Window changed

Woops, I made an error, the Accreditation Application window has been changed to September 1 and closes September 30. This has been done to bring the announcements of the results of the Accreditation assessments much closer to the application window.

So I guess one benefits is that if you are contemplating applying you have a bit more time. There are plenty of details regarding applying for Accreditation on the ACS website. Click on the link below to check out Accreditation.

Click to go to the Accreditation page »

ACS Logo use and ACS Membership Shields

The ACS logo always remains the property of the Australian Cinematographers Society and cannot be used without first seeking and then gaining permission from the ACS.

ACS members may wish to acknowledge they are an ACS member on their website or on their signature block by using specifically produced ACS Member shields. There are two versions available, Accredited or Member, and members may only use the appropriate shield that is relevant to their membership status. Understandably, members must be fully financial to maintain use of these shields.

To apply for use of an ACS Member shield contact National President Ron Johanson ACS via the link below.

An example of a signature block with an ACS Accredited membership shield

Click to email National President Ron Johanson ACS »

Profile Bayley Broome-Peake

Please sum up in 25 words or less who you are.

Bayley’s the name - I’m a lean, mean, tough chick, camera lady, fightin’ machine.

No but really, who the heck are you – the slightly longer but not too long version.

Okay fine then, here goes. The name’s Bayley Broome-Peake. My middle name is Hannah, it’s a palindrome (you can spell it backwards). I studied Jazz Music and am a really good drummer (even if I do say so myself!). I am in the Army Reserves. Yes I’ve done basic training. Yes I am good with a Steyr…look out! But most of all my passion is in film. In particular the imagery…which brings me here to these words, on this ACS article in your inbox (see what I did there). I love filmmaking and cinematography and anything camera related. I enjoy taking long walks through the isles of Bunnings, Pro AV Solutions, Lemac and Panavision. I studied filmmaking at Flinders University (BCA Screen) but the real learning came when I started working and getting on set. I am originally born and bred in Adelaide but in April 2017 I moved to Sydney to continue to pursue my career in this field. It’s great though, I get the best of both worlds this way. I often fly back to live and work in Adelaide and also continue to get work in Sydney. Anyway, that’s enough for this bit; let’s get into the specifics. Read on if you dare…

Bayley hauls an ARRI Alexa up the hill.

What are you doing at the moment?

Right now? You really want to know? Well since you asked I’m currently lying on the chaise part of a cheap gumtree couch in Marrickville, Sydney. I’ve got my laptop on my lap, listening to Spotify (the ‘Apply Yourself’ playlist) and I’m figuring out the best words to put together about me so you don’t get bored 5 seconds into reading. At time of writing, just this week I was at Cinoptix prepping the Canon C700 GS and related gear for Pine Gap. If you haven’t heard, it’s the Netflix show that’s writing off half the crew in SA for the next couple of months. This is a big one for me. I usually work on long form features, shows and commercials as a Clapper Loader/2nd AC (with the occasional dailies as a 1st) but this is my very first full long form production as a fully fledged Focus Puller/1st AC. It’s going to be a big job and a massive step in my career but I think that’s what this industry is all about. Being head strong, switched on and going for gold. It’s going to be an amazing production with an even better team and I cannot wait to get my hands on that focus wheel alongside the rest of the crew.

Bayley and Geoffrey Simpson ACS on Cargo.

Why are you a member of the ACS?

I’ve been a member of the SA Branch since 2012. I joined at that time to maximise my exposure to anything that might help me get some experience in the film industry. The year I joined the ACS in 2012 I was really lucky in that I had the opportunity to do a camera attachment on the feature film Tracks. It was my very first experience on a proper set with proper gear and it was even shot Anamorphic on 35mm film which is almost unheard of these days but it was a fantastic first job to get. I learned so much working alongside the camera team with people like DOP Mandy Walker ACS ASC, 1st AC Lawrence Nielson, 2nd AC Tim Walsh, just to name a few. It’s an opportunity that really set me up for a fantastic launch into my film career. Not only is the ACS an amazing avenue for providing really great opportunities in the industry, but they hold lots of great events such as get togethers and trade nights. If you want to meet people in camera then the ACS is a great place start. The advice and support I have received in an ongoing capacity from many of its members, both young and old, has been absolutely invaluable. It’s also great just to feel like you are part of a ‘camera family’ if you will, especially in Adelaide where the industry is fairly small compared to that of interstate. The annual awards ceremonies are also a great way to get together and see what the industry in Adelaide has accomplished.

Bayley shooting R U OK.

What are your goals (short and long term)?

Carrying on from the above bit, one of my goals this year would be to get a gong at the ACS. I don’t mind what colour it is Bronze, Silver or Gold but I think it’s important to set goals and that’s one of mine for this year. We need more camera chicks getting out there and getting into it so I encourage other girls to enter their work into the ACS Awards. Another of my goals this year ironically was to get a Focus Puller/1st AC credit on a long form project. I’m really lucky to have the opportunity to fulfil this goal early on this year so I’m looking forward to that. My main long-term goal however is to become a prominent and successful female DOP within the national as well as international film industry. Why not aim high right? That’s what it’s all about. I’m taking steps to get there and have recently shot several short films and other projects. It’s really important to keep shooting, keep learning and keep pushing. As soon as you stop pushing then it’s really easy to think, “I’ll do that tomorrow, I’m too busy right now”. Before you know it the year has ended and you’re thinking, “geez that year went fast!” Once I wrap up on Pine Gap my goals are to shoot more projects, try new things and keep pushing with my skill set as a DOP.

Bayley framing up on She Deserves Love.

Why are you so passionate about filmmaking and cinematography?

From a young age I wanted to be an actress but I’m no good at learning lines and I much prefer the art of creating a story and being the creator and having a hand in the creation of something that you watch. I kept on bothering my family to buy me a camera and when they could afford it I was in receipt of my very first Panasonic -piece-of-shit handy cam. Then came the movie making. I filmed everything. I made documentaries about family holidays. I filmed cooking shows and remakes of Lord of the Rings with my friends after school and on weekends. Before I knew it was even a career thing it was a thing! But aside from all the stories of me being a kid and figuring what the heck I was into it really comes down to the art of making the image. I was never a good writer and I never was very studious, but when it came to making a movie I was in it 110%. I might sound naff here but I am the type of person that when a film or show is really sad, I might shed a tear (or a few…) and when a movie is funny it can really take me into a different frame of mind. This is what fascinates me, but in particular how the images and the lighting and the focus and the design and the style…all the many things that make a movie come together and make you feel or see something different. That’s why I’m so passionate about filmmaking and cinematography.

What's your favourite film and why?
Something that I’ve assisted on recently that I really enjoyed was Dead Lucky. It’s actually a relatively mid-budget TV series that was commissioned by SBS. The way that DOP Matt Temple executed some of his ideas was a really great experience. I learned a lot about efficient ways to shoot multi camera during scenes. He also came up with a rig where we used noga arms with little clamps to hold up random cut glass filters with un-even edges to get trippy effects into the camera. Just a simple idea like this was a great way to separate some of the flash back scenes from the rest of the script. It is simple ideas and cool thinking like this that make me go ‘wow that’s cool!’

Something that I myself have shot that I really loved was the R U OK? Day ‘We All Fall’ music video. Even though it didn’t pick up any ACS awards it was a fantastic way to be creative with camera and editing and to tell a story through sound and picture. It picked up a lot of acclaim across Australia for the cause R U OK? Day and was such a fantastic way for me to use my skills for a good cause – mental health and suicide awareness – something I am very passionate about.

Now that's a camera!

What's your take on the balance of professional assisting versus a career in shooting/being a DOP?

I think it’s so important (and some will agree and some will disagree) to have some capacity of being an assistant if you want to pursue a shooting career. I don’t think it’s always necessary and the right path for everyone but I have learned so much from the film productions I’ve assisted on that is and will continue to be invaluable to my shooting career. It’s also really important to just learn how actual film sets work and see how the pros do it. Here’s a very short selection of productions I’ve assisted on, just if you’re interested: Tracks (Mandy Walker ACS ASC), Sam Fox (Aaron Gully ACS), Wolf Creek Season 1 (Geoffrey Hall ACS), Fighting Season (Geoffrey Simpson ACS), Dead Lucky (Matt Temple), to name a few.

What opportunities are you looking for and what’s next for you?

I’m looking to meet more people, make new friends and work on new projects. This industry is really cool, exciting and fun. And it’s best shared when working with other passionate people. I would love to work with some new faces and get creative. I also want to work with more DP’s this year and learn more about shooting. I’m hoping I might be able to add some more short film credits to my name this year as well as get some more music videos up my sleeve for the ACS Awards.

That’s all from me, this has gone on long enough. If you’re keen to chat, drop me a line. 0410 903 874 – if I don’t answer leave me a message or send an email to me at . If you made it this far…well bloody done because I’m not sure I would have.

Cheers and see you all at the next ACS night. Regards, Bayley H Broome-Peake

Thanks Bayley, it's been great to watch your career develop.

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