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October 2020

From the Pres
Book now for 2020 SA & WA Awards for Cinematography Celebration Dinner
Free movie tix
Profile Charles Phillpot
From the Pres

So the 161 entries have been judged, the plaques won't be ordered until after the SA 2020 Awards get together on November 7 as we need to confirm who wishes to have an award and contribute towards the cost.

To find out more about this celebration of the work and to book for our 2020 SA & WA Awards for Cinematography scroll down to the next item in this newsletter.

We have some free movie tickets as well so get in early.

As always, please don't forget to support our wonderful sponsors whenever you can and also stay well and stay safe. Happy shooting! Cheers, Ernie Clark ACS
Book for our 2020 SA & WA Awards Dinner

On Saturday night November 7 from 6:00 pm onwards we are having our much lower key 2020 Awards for Cinematography announcements, dinner and get together.

Due to COVID-19 and the effect it has had on so many of our members ability to earn an income we decided to cancel our usual flash awards dinner and have a much lower key, less expensive event as we still wish to honour the work and announce the winning entries.

The venue is the Glasshouse and Secret Garden @ The Marion Hotel, Mitchell Park where, after pre dinner drinks and dinner, we will screen excerpts of each entry and play longer clips from the winning entries and announce the winners, thanks to Marty Pepper @ Kojo, Pete Best @ Best FX and Aaron Cartwright for the V/O.  Food and some drinks will be served and all this for the measly, subsidised ticket price of $77 inc GST + booking fee.

We'll have a surprise Guest of Honour who is ?????? ??????? and live music from Samantha Edge.

As you should already be aware plaques will not be issued on the night. Winners will need to confirm they wish to have a plaque and pay their contribution to the cost of each plaque before they will be ordered. A link will be provided to order your plaques once the winners have been announced.

Due to the pandemic we can only admit a limited number of guests and they must have booked and paid for their tickets beforehand so get in quick and book now.

Sponsors please don't forget to book your complimentary tickets as per your allocation as we'd hate for you to miss out. If you have any questions re your allocation please email Ernie

What: 40th Annual SA & WA ACS Awards for Cinematography
Where: The Glasshouse and the Secret Garden @ The Marion Hotel, Mitchell Park
When: Saturday November 7
Time: 6pm pre dinner drinks, 6:30 Dinner, Awards around 7:30
Guest of Honour: Yep, we'll have a surprise GoH.
Dress: Casual but still with a bit of flair.
Food: Yep! 3 courses, alternate drop main meals
Drinks: Drinks on us for first 2 hours but after that buy your own.
Live music: Samantha Edge
Parking: Plenty in Hotel car park
$: $77 inc GST
Bookings Essential: Via this link so get your credit card out ready.
Good times: Guaranteed! But no dancing, standing around drinking at a bar and social distancing to be observed!
Free Movie Tickets

Back before COVID-19 I was sent some free movie tickets but then the world stopped, including cinemas, and finally this film is being released on October 29 so get inn quick to reserve your free double pass.

In the film, NEVER TOO LATE, when a nursing home stands in the way of a 50-year courtship, four grumpy old Vietnam Vets unite to re-enact the great escape. They may have lost their memory and speed, but these renegades prove it’s never too late for new adventures, even if you have to break rules to break free.
Cinema goers will love the shenanigans of these four vets, one of their long-lost loves and an estranged son – played by the stellar cast of Jacki Weaver, Jack Thompson, Shane Jacobson, James Cromwell, Dennis Waterman, Roy Billing and Max Cullen.
Filmed in Adelaide, Never Too Late was directed by Mark Lamprell (My Mother Frank, A Few Less Men), written by screenwriter and crime novelist Luke Preston and produced by Antony I Ginnane (Patrick, Turkey Shoot) and David Lightfoot (Wolf Creek). The film is released in Australia by R&R Films.
“Never Too Late is a charmer and we are confident audiences will love the antics of our heroes and the warmth of the late-in-life love story played so delightfully by our fabulous cast,” Richard and Robert said.
It has been a long time since Caine, Bronson, Angus and Wendell, AKA, ‘The Chain Breakers’, escaped the torturous Vietnamese POW camp. They now find themselves sharing a new prison, The Hogan Hills Retirement Home for Returned Veterans.
Each of the boys has an unrealised dream they want to achieve before it’s too late. So, once again they band together to devise a plan to escape this new hell. But the rules of engagement have changed, in fact, they can’t even remember what they were and that’s half the problem.
Never Too Late is a cross between Grumpy Old Men and The Great Escape, about four mates reconciling after years apart to teach each other that it’s never too late, no matter how old you are, to chase your dreams.

To reserve you free tix please click this link and in the subject line answer the ? which company is releasing the film in Australia? To see the trailer click here.

Many thanks to Tracey Mair Publicity.

Profile Charles Phillpot

Charles how come you decided to work in the film industry?
Ever since I was little I wanted to be a cameraman, so much so that on a kindergarten questionnaire that I did when I was a really little - I listed it as my dream profession.  Pic: Charles happily shooting the Sydney to Hobart on Sydney Harbour.
What attracted you to joining the ACS?
I loved the idea of being a part of a community of like-minded people, the idea of putting my work into the Awards in the future and to have it critiqued by a panel of Accredited members of the ACS was also a bonus.

Have you entered the SA ACS Awards for Cinematography yet?
Yes, this is the first year I have put any of my projects in. Well, I wish you luck then Charles.
Did anyone have an influence on your career?
I was extremely fortunate to grow up with both parents in the Film Industry, so it was something that just came naturally - the film industry has always been a big part of my whole life. Apart from that, I follow a lot of filmmakers/content creators internationally on Instagram and YouTube and that has influenced me heaps and  given me ideas over the years. 
What was your first job when you started working in production?
I started working for Gerard Wood & Sam Slape for their Production House New Era when I was about 18, they were both great mentors. Gerard was always able to help me with any gear and creative questions, while Sam was always there for the business side of the world - both are equally as important. Pic: Mentors Gerard & Sam with Charles.
Then what did you do to further your career?
I bought a Canon 5DMK3 at about 18 and that was a real turning point, I started tactically shooting passion projects & posting them on Instagram/Facebook, making them look like paid jobs to start to curate a showreel. From there, clients started emailing & calling wanting videos like my passion projects and wanted to know how much 'something like that would cost?'.  Pic: Charles "frocked up" to shoot a powder coating sequence. Ahh, the glamour!
Where do you think your future lies, is it still in camera work, directing or something else?
My goals have changed over the past 5 years working full time in the industry, initially, my goal was to 'shoot everyday' and that's what I did for several different production companies/agencies, however, if you ask me now my goal is to see how big my business Dorky Content House can get and where that can take me. 
What’s the best advice you ever received from any mentors?
Oh so many.., I think one the best pieces of advice I've received is 'something is better than nothing' which I find really helps when it comes editing a project. My dad Rags was a huge mentor, he travelled around the world filming & I thought that was awesome. As I was growing I had the pleasure of knowing Ernie Clark who was also a huge inspiration, he gave me my first 35mm stills camera when I was about 14 - who knows where I would be if I didn't get that camera, I'd probably be an accountant! 
What’s your proudest moment and have you won any awards for your work?
I don't really get 'proud of moments' at the time, but when I look back at photos and look what I've done/where I've been, what I've been able to film - it's pretty awesome. I don’t have any awards yet but I've never entered anything into the ACS awards for Cinematography. I think it's that mental barrier of thinking my work isn't good enough to enter - I need to fix that. 
What’s one of the best thing about working in our business?
I think it's you get to meet people and go places that you never normally would be able to, it's pretty amazing. Pic: Charles shooting from a  chopper in Fiji.
How do you approach shooting a new project?
I have a coffee with the client, I get them to send me videos they love and hate. That way I can get their vibe of the content they really want. 
What keeps you motivated to do this?
I love how this industry is such a challenge and how every single day is different - that way things never get boring. 
What specific skills do you need to do your job?
Number one skill is the ability to talk to people, to interact, everything else like camera techniques and editing you can learn on the job with somebody. 
What is a common blunder that film creators make?
Getting caught up too much in the gear you're filing with, it doesn't matter - some of my best photos are taken on my iPhone! Pic: Charles shoots interviews in a winery on an ARRI Alexa on a slider.
What’s your favourite film or TV show?
So many to list. I'm a big Netflix watcher so to name a few: Ozark, Money Heist, Brooklyn Nine, Peaky Blinders & Mind Hunter.
What piece of equipment or thing could you not do without on set?
My SmallHD 702 Hi-Bright comes with me on most jobs, the ability to see things just purely from the larger scene has saved my butt many times. Also, I love GoPros which you can stick almost anywhere. 
What has been your most interesting or challenging project so far?
I find all of my projects are fairly interesting, even though most of them don't involve a huge budget. This always makes things a challenge and fun. 
Tell us some of that hardships you face on limited budget jobs.
Not so many hardships, but the ability to call up for favours and ask for things is something you have to get good at if you don't have a lot of funds, luckily most people seem to always help especially if you are friendly and show gratitude. 
Have you met any colourful characters?
So many colourful characters! I get to meet some pretty amazing people every week. Pic: Charles shooting at yet another interesting location.
Are there any special tricks you have learned over the years?
Gaffer tape, always have a roll with you, as it gets you out of so many sticky spots (pun intended).
What’s your next project?
I'm really fortunate to have found myself into a construction industry niche, we're shooting quite a few multi-million dollar builds over the next year.; without multi million dollar budgets!
What would you be doing if you weren’t shooting?
That's a great question that I've never thought about. Maybe I would be in Advertising? That’s the most similar job to the one I have now without touching a camera. Pic: Charles shooting his short film The Knifemaker at Seppeltsfield.
Tell us something about yourself that not many people know?
I love tech, cars and my goal for this year is to get my Private Helicopter Licence - Covid-19 pending.
What do you do to relax?
I work from Monday to Saturday, however, Sunday's is for family - you'll find me up in the hills every Sunday with my family and my partner's family. 
If you started your career over again would you have done anything differently?
There wouldn't be many things I would change, but I would focus on shooting more Passion Projects - as that is what I have found gets you more future work. 
Do you have any advice for other young people getting started in this job?
I would suggest to assist for as many people as possible, learn what you want to be like and what you don't want to be like. 
If you could change anything in this industry what would it be?
The industry is changing so rapidly, so just don't get stuck in the past. 

Thanks Charlie, who would of thought that when I met you as a wee rug rat that I'd be compiling your profile many years later in our ACS newsletter, go figure!  Not only that but now you are shooting content for many of my daughter's clients these days! All the best with your career Charlie, you're one of a kind. It's been great to see you grow into a wonderful adult and filmmaker. I know your family would be very proud of your journey. Cheers mate, Ernie

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