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VES & ACS Collaboration

We are collaborating with the local branch of the Visual Effects Society (VES) to put on presentations to one another to help their members understand cinematography in the "real world" and for our members to shoot better images for VFX.

We are up first with a panel of 3 of our cinematographers (David Tang, David Gregan & Miles Rowland), I'll intro and moderate the first night:

The Craft and Art of Cinematography

We'll run through things like:
The choices cinematographers make in the real world.
Why do they choose a certain lens, an aperture, a shutter angle or camera speed.
Why choose a hard light or a soft light, back light or front light.
Our panel of SA cinematographers will discuss their reasons for these choices and much more.

There are a few places for ACS members to attend this night so if you wish to attend then contact me to reserve a place.

When: May 28

Time: 6pm for 6:30pm Start

Where: RSP Theatre - note enter via rear gate please see link for map below.

Cost: Free to VES Members who book through VES
Free to our members with a reservation.

In the next few months the VES will put on a reciprocal presentation to our ACS members about shooting for visual effects. This will be very educational and can only make the end results of what we shoot for VFX that much better.

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From the Pres

Our 39th Annual Awards for cinematography entries open August 1 and closes August 21 so start collating your best work so you're ready to enter.

Maybe it's also time to think about getting your Accreditation Submission together as the submission window opens Sept 1 and closes Sept 30.

Our AGM is coming up soon - August 12 - so keep the night free as we are planning on a bit of fun for the night. If you want to have a say in what our branch does you may like to nominate for the committee or even the President! Keep an eye out for the Nomination Form in the June eNews.

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Wrap Up Peter James ACS ASC Screening & Q&A

Wow, what a presentation! We had 36 attend this special night. The night started with drinks and then Peter presented a powerpoint for which covered so much it went for about an hour and half. Following a toilet break Peter ran parts of the film pointing out what were sets, locations, lighting and art department choices, special fx, green screens, paint colours, the whole gamut. He also brought his "bible" for all to check out. It included his breakdown and notes on every scene in the film. There were very many great questions and Peter was very generous in sharing his experience and knowledge. Many thanks to the SAFC for their assistance with the theatre and of course Peter James ACS ASC for coming over to Adelaide especially for us.

Peter James ACS ASC with SA Pres Ernie Clark ACS

CineKids Wrap UP

The CineKids All Things Camera day was held on Sunday April 28 at Anifex. Many thanks to David Tang, Mira Soulio, Chris Daniels and Joanne Bouzians Sellick for their input. Also to Angela Heesom for providing two acting students (Kurai and Ashton) as stand ins. Below is a comment we received after the event.

Hi all, just a brief message of thanks to all involved in making todays CineKids event happen, it was a real hit.

The boys have been raving about everything they picked up. They have new knowledge of the functions found in the menus of their cameras and how they can apply these in a practical way when shooting. They were excited to have used the very cool cameras you had there, which has inspired them to upgrade from what they are currently shooting with.

As examples of effects & techniques they'd learnt today, the boys have been talking about several movie scenes, and how those styles were achieved for the big screen.

Thank you again to everyone for the workshop today. Regards, Andrew

Mira, DTang and Chris go though the menus of the CineKid's cameras

Last days to book 48th Annual National ACS Awards for Cinematography

This is the premier event on the ACS calendar and is an opportunity to celebrate the art of the best cinematography in Australia so hurry up and book your ticket now.

The Gold Tripod is the highest award given in each category. A runner up may receive an Award of Distinction. Only one Gold Tripod and one Award of Distinction may be awarded in each category.

All of the Gold Tripod Winners are then reconsidered to determine the winner of the Milli Award for ACS Australian Cinematographer of the Year.

Standard Tickets are $150.00

ACS National Sponsors qualify for a number of complimentary tickets according to their level of sponsorship, theses tickets need to be booked.

Major 4
Platinum 4
Gold 2
Silver 2
Bronze 1

Purchase tickets via the Awards page link on the ACS Website: HERE!

Profile Andrew Burch

Andrew, when did you first become interested in our industry?

I had left university in 1983 after discovering that being a school teacher was not for me. I had been unemployed for some time when the CES (Commonwealth Employment Service) said there was a four month training position available at the ABC which I applied for and got accepted. At the time, the camera department was very exciting and the enthusiasm of the cameramen there infected me.

What happened next?

My career was slow getting started so after that stint I went back on the dole, I bought an SLR camera and learned about photographic principals. I got another four months� work back in the camera department at the ABC the following year, where I assisted in lighting and camera setups. I loaded a lot of 16mm film around that time and did basic sound work as there was a great variety of production going on which was a lot for me to soak up. I persisted and eventually in 1986 I got offered a full time job as a Cinecamera assistant. To get the job I had to lace up a CP-16 news film camera during part of the interview process. I think I must have impressed the interviewer when I told him a trick I had learned on how to lubricate the film gate with a smear of �nose grease�. Hilarious really.

Did you have any mentors to help you along the way?

I was in awe of the guys in the camera department as they all had the power over the mysterious dark art of film. They were a collection of interesting personalities which included the fantically enthusiastic Alan Hall, the meticulous Malcolm Ludgate, the original hippy Mike Ayd and the stoic Estonian Eric Hellack to name a few. They all taught me a tremendous amount at the time.

Has production gear changed for you over the years?

When I finally got the full time job, �Betacam� had become the main News camera of choice although on Current Affairs and production jobs 16mm film was still king. It wasn�t long before we went to �SP Betacam�, then in the 90�s to �SX Betacam� and as I got into production work I was allowed to use new �Digibeta� cameras. Woooo-Hoo!

What programs were you working on for the network?

The ABC had a good children�s department and I shot programs like �Couch Potato� and �BTN� which I still do at times today. There were also little drama films that I focus pulled on, like �Finders Keepers� (Scott Hicks-Dir, Chris Moon-DoP) some of which were shot on videotape and some on film. �Sun on the Stubble� was a big project and I loaded all the film for 1,600 slates on that. There were also grown up shows I worked on as well, too like �Catalyst�, �Compass� and of course �Landline�.

You also helped shoot �The Cook and the Chef� and �Poh�s kitchen�, did you get to sample much of the food?

Aha yes, but they only ever made one plate or serving, so after dividing it up between the crew, we only managed to get a spoonful each. Ha!

How much travel did you get to do during this time?

I filmed a series of Historical Cricket docos which took me to the West Indies, England South Africa and India. I also went to Asia with Poh and all over Australia with �Landline� and �Australian Story�. As you know Cameramen can get itchy if they are stuck in one city for too long.

After 32 years full time have you now actually retired?

I lasted 4 months without working before I got a call from �Australian Story� asking if I was back working yet. Well I guess I�m not fully retired as I�m back on the casual books now but at least I get to pick and choose which jobs I do, which is great.

Please tell us something about yourself that not many people know.

Amongst all the shooting during my working life I have a managed to keep my loving wife Marianne by my side, raise my two sons Lucas and Wesley, get my black belt and run my own Karate club and I can play some mean blues on my saxophone. You might have even heard me play on a sound track for a steam train doco somewhere.

Some upcoming dates

May 28 Present to the Visual Effects Society - The Craft and Art of Cinematography.

May 31 Send Membership Invoices & 2019 Sponsorship Proposals

June 1 Think about getting your Accreditation Submission together

June 3 Committee Meeting

June 30 Membership fees due

July 1 Committee Meeting

August 1 - 21 39th SA & WA Annual Awards for Cinematography entry window

August 12 SA AGM & Wine Bottling night

August 30 - Sept 1 SA & WA Awards Judging

Sept 1 - 30 Accreditation Applications Window

September 2 Committee Meeting

September 6 Sponsors Deadline for Awards Assets

October 7 Committee Meeting

October 26 39th SA & WA Annual Awards for Cinematography at Adelaide Town Hall

November 4 Committee Meeting

December 2 Committee Meeting

December 13 SA Branch Xmas Drinks

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