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April 2020


From the Pres
Profile Kadison Noack

From the Pres during this extraordinary Coronavirus Epidemic
Wow, since our last newsletter it seems the world has gone crazy. Exceptional times that we've not seen before. Personally I prefer the term physical distancing to social distancing.

Almost all production has ceased / postponed / deferred which makes it so hard on so many of our members, most who normally exist in a freelance world, extraordinary times indeed! At least the news / current affairs cinematographers are keeping busy and hopefully very safe.

Our borders are locked down. Our sponsors must be having a terrible time. Who knows how the airlines will survive!

Now we can't hold any ACS events in the same venue together for some time, we can't hold our committee meetings except via Zoom or Skype and our National Awards have had to be cancelled.

Of course the free movie tix to Never Too Late are on hold since all the cinemas are closed.

We are working on various ideas including Q&A's via Zoom. Announcing the nominees for the National Awards quite soon and then announcing the winners on May 16 via a different format as this was when our awards were to be held.

The ACS is looking at all of our calendars and trying to work out what we can and can't do. These are unbelievably difficult times so please bear with us as we try to do the best for our members.

Some of our branch were actively involved in structuring the free memberships for the next fiscal year to all financial ACS members. We hope this relieves some of the financial stress many of you may be suffering. The branches are looking after the cost of this and if you are still in a position to pay your membership we would really appreciate it, please contact Mylene to do so. 

This was my sign off last month:
I hope to see you at one of our events soon, don't forget to get the most out of the ACS be involved. In the meantime, great shooting!

Now this month I have to say:
We can't hold events together, there's little filming happening, and our airport is a hotspot!
Please be very kind to yourselves and those around you. Ask for help from those around you should you be suffering mental, financial or emotional stress. It's also really important to look after your physical health during these times too.

If you are suffering:
Maybe you could contact Beyond Blue
Another option is Access who are a mental counselling service I understand it costs $154 inc GST for a session which is then billed back to your organisation/employer. It gets billed anonymously, e.g. One of your members attended a session so you don’t have visibility of the name of member using it. You can also put caps on amount of sessions too.
Another option to consider is that if you see your GP, they can give you a referral to see a councillor/psychologist at no charge for up to 10 visits. It's paid but you can claim back through medicare.

Remember most of our members are in the same boat so talk to your friends, your compatriots or contact one of our committee. And don't bulk buy toilet rolls (or anything else) as I haven't been able to buy any for our house for bloody weeks! Please stay safe and stay well.


Profile Kadison Noack

Gidday Kadison, how come you decided to work in the film industry?

I had studied an extracurricular course whilst in high school as a Theatre Technician, whilst undertaking the course I found that I was interested heavily in the lighting and AV side and less so in theatre side of things.  I had also started to film small projects during the rise of the DSLR and had a big drive to try and combine the two.

MAPS Film school was suggested to me by word of mouth as the blend between tertiary education and practical film making. It gave me the opportunity to throw myself into a hands on learning environment and gave me the opportunity to be on many sets which in turn taught me about the key element of any film set. Communication.

Kadison was camera operator on the very amusing Lucy & DIC

Who has been a Mentor to you or had an influence on your career?

The fantastic thing about film is that it’s all about people. I’m a big nerd so naturally I feel more comfortable dealing with any tech related issues, but learning to work well with people and in a team is such a huge part of what we do. I’m not sure I’d say I’ve had a single specific Mentor who has taken me under their wing but I’d also say that you are in a way mentored by everyone you meet with more experience than you. I am constantly learning new skills and tricks just by engaging with different teams across projects; you just have to be active in listening and putting what you’ve learned into action.

What’s the best thing about working in our business?

Crew shot for a Stones Throw, Kadison was focus puller.

The problem solving. I love being faced with a challenge, and finding a way to overcome it. It’s an industry where even though your job may be fundamentally the same each gig; it constantly has new elements and challenges to solve. The variety of work available means you learn to be able to adapt and aren’t stuck in one way of thinking.

What has been your most interesting or challenging project so far?

Being on the team for the SATC 120Hr commercial has to be up there. Three teams on rotation to make sure cameras could be rolling 24/7 was an adventurous and ambitious project. The regular problems you’d face were exacerbated with the knowledge that if something went wrong; the show literally had to go on. But with the great team and many contingency plans from all departments we were able to pull it off.

What are your future plans for working in our Industry? 

I have really loved working with the tech side of camera dept., I'm a big advocate of RED as I see them as a technicians camera, I've started working with Steadicam for smaller rigs and hopefully will pursue this further. Whether I will become more of a shooter, I can't really say, but I greatly enjoy being a 1st AC and being able to manage the camera team when it comes to builds and workflow. I aim to continue working as a 1st and 2nd AC to hone my skills in those areas.

Kadison in one of the best seats on the road  pulling focus on a Mitsubishi commercial. 

Thanks Kadison, please stay safe and stay well during these difficult times!

ACS Facebook Group

A while ago we started a Facebook Group where all current financial ACS members can join. Members can post their work, connect across states, link to events, ask for advice, and put up equipment for sale etc. here. To join, simply follow the link below and request to join, and one of your local committee members will approve your request. Of course, if you're not a member please don't apply as rejection is not really in our DNA.

Upcoming Dates

April 6 Committee Meeting via Zoom
April 23 Never Too Late opens in Australian Cinemas
May 4 Committee Meeting via Zoom me thinks!
May 15 National AGM in Canberra
May 16 The prestigious National Awards for Cinematography in Canberra - Cancelled!
June 1 Committee Meeting me thinks!
June 30 Membership fees not due!
July 6 Committee Meeting .........
August 1 to August 21 State Awards entry window
August 8 Freelancer Survival Workshop run by Monica Davidson - Cancelled!
August 10 SA AGM ????
September 1 to Sept 30 Accreditation Applications window
September 7 Committee Meeting who knows.....
October 5 Committee Meeting
October 9 & 7 Accreditation Assessments @ ACS HQ
October 10 National 1/2 yearly meeting @ HQ

November 2 Committee Meeting
November 7??? 40th Annual SA & WA ACS Awards for Cinematography @ Adelaide Museum “Pacific Cultures Gallery”
December 7 Committee Meeting
December 14 Christmas Drinks - Venue TBC

May 7 National AGM in ACT
May 8 The prestigious 50th National ACS Awards for Cinematography in ACT plus Meet the Nominees on Saturday morning.

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