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From The President
Awards Night Winners, Photos, and Livestream
Xmas Drinks Bookings Open!
John Seale ACS Q&A Wrap-Up
Virtual Production Event Wrap-Up
ACS Emerging Cinematographer Grant Announced

Member Profile Patrick Prior

What a great celebration of South Australia’s talented Cinematographers on Saturday night, at the Grand Chancellor Hotel, (with superb new 6K projectors). The night concluded for those with a mind to party on, at The Hades Hula House!

Thanks go to our Guest of Honour, John Seale AM ACS ASC for making the trek from Sydney. John drove over – seems he still loves a road trip! John regaled us with stories from the early days of his career and the “garrulous old blokes” he learned techniques and discipline from.
National President Erika Addis spoke about change and adaptation to new processes and innovations in the workforce and in the ACS. Many thanks Lori Bell for a sterling job as MC, Lori kept the ball rolling really well on a night with a lot of Awards Categories to get through.

There were a couple of firsts for the evening. We presented the SA ACS Emerging Cinematographer Award for the first time, inaugural winner Patrick Prior was the unanimous choice of the judges. The SA ACS Contribution Award was presented for the first and only time in its current form to a surprised Ernie Clark ACS – from 2024 on it will be called the Ernie Clark ACS Contribution Award, in recognition of immediate past President Ernie Clark ACS’s stellar contribution to the SA Branch.

Congratulations to all the winners, we had many multiple award winners this year! If you missed out this year keep working at improving your craft - 2024 may be your year. Honourable mention to multiple and Milty Award winner Maxx Corkindale, well done Maxx, quite the haul!
All state gold winners are automatically entered into the 54th National Awards to be held in Brisbane, May 4th 2024.

We didn't livestream our Awards presentation this year although WA rep. Stephanie Senior did Zoom it to some in WA. We did record it and upload it to the National ACS Vimeo account so if you'd like to see what happened on the night see the link below. Many thanks to Daniel Charlton and Platinum sponsor ProAV Solutions for making this possible. There is also a link to the complete winners list.

December is not far away, and we have our annual Christmas drinks event at the Colonist Hotel on The Parade in Norwood once again. This to be held on Monday night Dec 11 starting from 6pm and is for financial ACS members only. There'll be some finger food and a few great door prizes. We have relented, Leona Cichon is now eligible to for door prizes again. See you there!

What a super evening had by all at this years SA/WA ACS awards, held this year at the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Adelaide. We had a wonderful Welcome To Country by Ngangki Warra, and giggled along with MC Lori Bell throughout the night.

John Seale AM ACS ASC regaled us all with tales of the past, and National President Erika Addis discussed steering Cinematography and the ACS into the future.

Ernie Clark stepped down as our State President after 19 years at the helm and received the inaugural SA ACS Contribution award!

Maxx Corkindale won the Milty this year - the Best Overall Entry - for his work on Dramatised Documentary "Speedway".


Here's a link to the

Here's a link to the the Studio Photos taken kindly by Sam Oster at Silvertrace.
Password: ACS2023

Here's a link to the recording of the event!

The annual ACS Xmas drinks are coming up! It's a really casual get together to chat about the year, see friends, and win sweet Door Prizes! There is finger food and FREE DRINKS!

WHEN: Monday 11th December 2023 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
WHERE: Colonist Hotel, 44 The Parade, Norwood
WHO: Financial ACS Members only

If you do book and find you can't make it PLEASE cancel your booking or
send me an email [email protected] and I'll do it for you! It really helps with the catering costs!

Oscar-winner John Seale AM ACS ASC presented the final Cinematographic project of his career, "3000 Years Of Longing", directed by his longtime collaborator, George Miller AO. John took us through the processes of shooting the film and the challenges he faced working on a VFX heavy drama. He brought along a Before/After video that showed the huge amount of Post-work that went into every frame of the film.

There was a door prize at the end of the evening for a couple of Bluray's of some of John's work over the years, which he signed for the winner, Dusan!

Thanks again to Marty Pepper and KOJO for providing the cinema and the staff to run the film and Q&A. It's much appreciated.

The Virtual Production event at Light ADL, hosted by the ACS, Picture Hire and Kither Co, was really well attended and we all got an insight in how VP can change the way we shoot.

Thanks to Richard Coburn and C
hris Traianos (Clarity VR) for chatting about virtual environments and camera tracking, and Simon Kither for talking through methods to use LED backdrops in productions.

Cheers to David Gregan and Picture Hire for providing the cameras, lenses, and lighting for the evening.

At this weekend's ACS awards night, we announced the recipient of the inaugural SA ACS Emerging Cinematographer grant. We had multiple submissions which were considered by a panel of 5 younger members of the SA Committee.

Patrick Prior was chosen as the first recipient of the grant! Patrick will receive $5000 worth of camera hire proudly sponsored by our wonderful Sponsor Picture Hire Australia, and the SA ACS branch. Patrick will use this grant to further his shooting experience and use it as a step up in the level of equipment he has access to.

This is an annual grant, so look out next year when we open up submissions again!
The SA branch of the ACS has Instagram now!

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(Patrick just received the SA ACS Emerging Cinematographer grant!)

Hi Patrick!


How did it come about that you became interested in working in visual art?
I’ve always been interested in the arts. Throughout high school, I participated in musicals, graphic design, music composition, and photography. When considering my career choices, film production was an attractive option as it brought all these aspects into one field. During my degree at Flinders University, I came to specialise in cinematography because I enjoyed crafting images and working with light, which was heavily influenced by my years of photography experience. From here I pushed myself to gain more skills and improve with every project I undertook. My passion for cinematography grew during this time, especially with the influence of great creatives around me, notably Ben Raschella, with whom I collaborated with frequently.
When did it become appealing to work in film and what was your first job?
As I approached my final year at Flinders, the inevitable of trying to find work loomed. I had taken an internship with Take Two Media earlier that year, which opened my eyes to the film industry beyond the university setting. I knew this was where I wanted to be, so I made it my mission to seize as many opportunities as I could. Towards the end of my degree, I was fortunate enough to secure funding for a short film called 'Edith,' which I worked on with Ben. It was our first project outside of university and was no small undertaking. This was a period piece shot in Burra on a micro budget. This experience taught me a lot about preparation and collaboration, but it was also incredibly fun, despite the challenges. Around the same time, I landed a paid internship with Breakout Productions, where I worked as a camera assistant and operator, traveling to Queensland multiple times for their 'Super Shark Highway' TV series. After the internship, I was fortunate to continue working with them on a Shark Week episode they were shooting for Discovery. This included operating the third camera during a 45-day adventure along the South Australian coast, where we chased big great white sharks. This is an experience I am extremely grateful for and will cherish for the rest of my life.

Who do you look up to in the industry, and do you have any mentors?
An early inspiration for me was Guy Ritchie, known for his incredible films, 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows' and 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' Both of these films are unique and beautifully crafted, which excited me about the possibilities of filmmaking. During my university years, while focusing on cinematography, Roger Deakin’s also became a significant inspiration due to his approach to shooting. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty captured through the lens when I watched 'Blade Runner: 2049'. If I could emulate anyone, it would be him, for his passion, craftsmanship, and unique storytelling. I've also been fortunate to have a few mentors who have been willing to help me in my early career. Nick Remy Matthews has been a significant part of that. Despite him living in Spain, we connected through the Flinders mentor program, where we had multiple Zoom sessions to discuss our lives and careers. He was excellent at answering my questions and guiding me in the right direction. I appreciate the time we've spent together and look forward to more in the future.
How do you approach working on or shooting a new project?
One of the first things I love to do is a location scout. After reading the script, visiting the location or reviewing photos gives me a better sense of the space I'll be working with and how I might frame each shot. From there, I go over the script and storyboard the entire film based on the location. This allows me to be as efficient as possible when I get on set, as all the creative ideas have already been sorted, discussed, and approved by the director. This helps us get the job done efficiently, which is crucial for many of the shoots I'm involved in, given their short production windows. This is the process that makes me feel most comfortable leading up to a shoot. The gear I use is mostly based on the storyboard and mood board I create, which helps me ensure I have everything I need on the day without over booking. It also involves discussions with the gaffer and director to align our goals and approach. And finally with a reliable team of camera assistants, I'm ready for the shoot.


What has been your most interesting project so far?
The most challenging yet rewarding project I've worked on as a cinematographer was 'The Mime.' This was our first film outside of university with a significant investment of hiring the Arri Alexa Mini. We had just one day to shoot the entire film due to budget constraints. This day turned out to be an exciting 16-hour shoot with three different locations. For most of the day, I shoulder-rigged the camera to be as efficient as possible. The fast-paced environment made it an exciting day, and we were all very pleased with the end result. I learned a great deal on that day, particularly about organization and quick, creative problem-solving. With the project now complete, I am proud of the end product and look back on it with fond memories.
What’s your proudest moment so far?
My proudest moment so far was receiving the Bronze ACS Award for student cinematography in 2022 for ‘The Shack’. It was an experience I had never encountered in my career before, and it came from a second-year project, which was one of my first attempts at cinematography. This award inspires and motivates me to continue creating stunning visuals for film. I am grateful for this recognition, and it has certainly been a highlight. I hope to keep pushing the boundaries of my work.
What are you currently working on, and what’s your next project?
Currently, I am working as a camera assistant on some commercial projects with Take Two Media. They have been a significant influence on my career since I took an internship with them in early 2022, and they have always been supportive of my endeavours. As I write this, I am about to shoot my second short film this year, titled 'Bird.' I co-wrote it with Ryan Nash, who is also the director and I am looking forward to seeing it all come together. 'Bird' is a dystopian sci-fi thriller, and I am excited to execute some unique framing techniques and ideas I have for it.


Tell us something about yourself that not many people know. Do you have any hidden talents?
One thing that not everyone may know about me is that I am a Christian. I grew up in a Christian family and have carried that faith into my personal life as well. I always strive to support everyone I meet and create a safe and fun environment on the film sets I'm involved with. Being a Christian influences how I approach life with love and kindness towards all. I hope I have been able to create an inclusive and valued environment for everyone I've worked with.
Do you have any advice for other film makers just getting started in this field?
It's challenging, and by no means am I 'there' yet. I have simply taken every opportunity that has come my way, mostly through university and have done my best in each endeavour. Continuously seek and learn about the craft and apply it wherever you can. If you're passionate about it, this should come naturally. However, remember that nothing is handed to you. You need to actively pursue opportunities and put in the effort. By doing so, you'll find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passion.


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December 11 - 6pm Annual SA ACS Christmas Get Together @ Colonist Hotel

February 5 - 1st SA Committee Meeting for the year
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