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Vale Christine Evans

I'm sorry to be the bearer of some very sad news but our SA Vice President, Mark Evans' beloved wife Christine unexpectedly passed away last Tuesday.

Christine and Mark have been partners in life for a very long time and she will be sorely missed by him, their two sons, their family and their many friends.

She was a lovely, vivacious and infectious woman who always seemed to be smiling, having a good time and pleased to support Mark.

The funeral will be held on Friday, April 7 @ 12:30 at the Heysen Chapel, Centennial Park Cemetery, 760 Goodwood Rd, Pasadena SA 5042.

If you can be there I know Mark and his family would appreciate it and if you know of friends of Mark & Christine outside the ACS please pass on the details.

Thanks, Ernie

From the Pres

The free double movie passes for Lion & Silence went to SA members:
Ella Kroning, Randy Larcombe, Mathew Buss, Miles Rowland, James Ward-Miller &
Michael Selge

Congrats to the quick repliers and apols to those who missed out.

The April 19 Screening & Q&A of Emo the Musical with Ellery Ryan ACS & Sky Davies is on soon.

This preview screening will be preceded with drinks in the green room @ 6pm followed by the screening & Q&A @ 6:30pm in the SAFC theatre.

So come and hear from these two very talented cinematographers "how they shot that" and get to see the film before it's official release.

ACS members are free but it is still essential you book via the link below.

MRC members & Students $10.

2017 National Awards for Cinematography bookings are now open. So book via the link in the Nat Awards story below.

Whilst talking about awards here's some exciting news, the 37th Annual SA & WA Awards for Cinematography will be held at the Adelaide Oval on Saturday October 28.

Pre dinner drinks will be in the Rick Davies Bar overlooking the oval whilst the formal presentation will be a sit down dinner in the Cathedral Room. Put the date in your diaries it will be an event not to be missed!

Click to book Emo the Musical preview screening & Q&A »

The National Awards are on SOON! Saturday 6th May ~ BOOK NOW

The 46th - 2017 ACS National Awards for Cinematography will be held in Sydney at the NSW Parliament House - Strangers Dining Room

The National Awards are the highlight of our awards season so start planning your trip and Book your tickets now... You could also drop in to our National HQ in North Sydney whilst you are there. they always make you welcome at our HQ.

The clubhouse is fantastic. The old gear, memorabilia, mementos and library are just incredible and worth visiting too see for that alone.

So if you're up in Sydney don't forget to contact Richard Wilmot or David Lewis ACS and go and check out your HQ, grab a coffee or use the internet, look though the museum or library. It's great and it's for all ACS members.

Contact HQ Manager
David Lewis ACS
0408 273 702


Asst HQ Manager
Richard Wilmot
0450 223 837

Click to book National Awards Tickets Now »

Bob Miller – ACS Technical & Innovation Acheivment Award 2017

NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN FOR The Bob Miller Award, named after the inventor of the world’s first fluid action tripod head, Bob Miller.

The award is presented at the ACS Annual National Awards for Cinematography and comprises $1,000 in cash and a $2,000 Miller voucher enabling the recipient to purchase any Miller Camera Support product at 40% discount off list price directly from Miller, with a valued list price of $3,333

In addition, Miller has donated an LP54 in a wooden case and a special Bob Miller Award plaque, which will reside in the ACS headquarters in North Sydney. The name of the award recipient will be engraved on the LP 54 Classic plaque, every year, in perpetuity. The recipient will also receive a framed, signed plaque to commemorate their win.

Nominees must be financial ACS members who have contributed in the 24 months prior to the 2016 Awards by way of technical and/or innovative practical ideas that have helped the industry to advance.

Send your nomination by no later than April 14, with a detailed description of their technical or innovative achievement to ACS National President; Ron Johanson ACS for consideration.

Previous recipients:
2015 Pawel Achtel
2016 Lester Bishop

After All

Congrats go to SA Silver Sponsor Anifex as their latest stop motion animation short film After All has been selected into the International Competition at the Annecy International Festival of Animated Film in France.

Annecy is the largest and most prestigious animation film festival in the world and it is a real coup for Director (and Honorary ACS member) Michael Cusack and Producer / Cinematographer Richard Chataway ACS.

From a field of around 3,000 animation films, only around 280 were selected for competition. There is a saying in animation circles. "If you get into the Academy Awards, you ring and tell your Mum, if you get into Annecy, you ring and tell all the other animators!" That is not too far from the truth.

This intensely personal film won a Bronze Award for Richard at the SA & WA ACS Awards for Cinematography in 2016.

After All has been accepted into several other major Film Festivals around the world in the United States and Europe, and as this is just the start of its festivals run, Michael and Richard have high hopes for its continued success.

Ed: We hope to organise a screening & Q&A with these two talented filmmakers soon.

Director Michael Cusack and DOP Richard Chataway ACS on the set of After All. Photo by JoAnne Bousianis Sellick

Andrei Gostin Profile

Andrei, what’s your favourite film?

Always a tough question, but I’ve got a leaning towards the obscure and psychological. So up the top would be Clockwork Orange, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (and anything else by Terry Gilliam), Donnie Darko, Memento, Being John Malkovich, What Dreams May Come, Black Swan, films in that vein.

Then again, I love classics, everything from Once Upon a Time in America to Aliens and Terminator 2, because although they follow film conventions rigorously, they are also just bloody good films.

I also refuse to watch a film without popcorn!

Life is cruisey on a jib - on the set of John Faust

Getting close to the action with director Dave de Vries on the set of John Faust

Favourite TV show?

Breaking Bad was my first binge watch. More recently, Blood and Bone (did I say I love dance?) and Black Mirror.

Favourite on set snack?

Tess O’Flaherty’s famous brownies! Undisputed in Adelaide circles I believe…

Caught in the moonlight on the set of John Faust - with first AD Matt Roberts looking on.

When did you become interested in the film industry?

I started out as a fairly average but passionate actor. I remember during work as an extra overhearing a conversation between a director and the DP. They were discussing camera angles and what the different “meaning” was behind them.

It became evident to me there were many, many ways to shoot a scene, something I hadn’t really considered before. So that grabbed my attention and I started thinking from behind the lens, so to speak. But story and performance remains the most important thing in a scene, I try never to forget that.

My first venture was doing corporates – promos and training videos – delivered on VHS or later on DVD, with sleeves printed on my home colour printer. Those were the days!!!

At a certain point I got offered tutoring work at uni, and then realised how much easier it was to earn a crust getting paid a wage to set things up and make them work. It also gave me access to equipment I couldn’t otherwise hope to afford. So I never looked back.

Now I run, produce and train in a TV studio at UniSA’s Magill Campus equipped with green screen, VR and MoCap, we have 24/7 internet radio and sound studios as well as multiple edit suites, so there’s always plenty of production going on.

I only ever moonlight in cinematography, so although I don’t work full time as a DP, I can guarantee that every time I pick up a camera it’s because it’s something I am really passionate about. That’s the upside of being an “amateur”!!!

Crossing the line obsessively in Parting Shot – verite style

What has been your most interesting project so far?

I’ve tried to approach every project with a different outlook on the cinematography. What’s the story? What’s the feel? Parting Shot was a short filmed in one day on a hilltop overlooking the Barossa Valley. We kept the camera moving continuously and ignored crossing the line issues. That was really interesting.

Low-angle shot from a highway – on the set of Maurice’s Symphony

More recently I shot Maurice’s Symphony in a very classical European big screen cinematic style; the production design was over the top and we had some great actors including Nicholas Hope, so that was definitely a recent highlight and we hope it will do well in the festival circuit here and overseas.

Where do you think your future lies?

Working in education, I have the privilege of working with young creative minds, so we are constantly adapting to new technologies and practices. I’d like to incorporate more and more of those technical skills in my own work. So for me it’s a question of identifying the pet projects I’d like to invest time in; the future is very exciting for that reason.

Most productions I’ve worked on I have also produced and gaffed; but I hope someday to work with an established DP on a bigger project. There’s always plenty new to learn about myself, the craft, and other creatives through the film process, so I’m really enjoying the journey.

Enjoying a dream sequence with Alex Nakone – on the set of Maurice’s Symphony

Andrei please tell us something about yourself that not many people know.

For a number of years I was one of the lead male flamenco dancers in Adelaide!

Dancing is a big part of my life; I have performed both flamenco and Latin dance either solo or in productions both in Adelaide and interstate. Dance is a big part of my personal life; and cinematography for me is really a dance with the characters in a film; sympathetic to their internal character struggles.

I love the fluidity of camerawork and enjoy finding the “sweet spot” in every shot of every scene. That’s a really fulfilling thing to achieve creatively and to be able to share with an audience.

Ole! thanks Andrei, great to hear of a different avenue into shooting. Cheers, Ed.

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