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SA AGM Wrap up

The AGM & Quiz Night @ The Colonist Hotel was a fun night and the 2016 / 2017 SA Branch Committee is below.

President: Ernie Clark ACS
Vice Presidents: JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick & Mark Evans
Secretary: David Woolford Assistant Secretary: Kirsty Stark
Treasurer: Mylene Ludgate
Assistant Treasurer: Richard Back
Committee Members: Malcolm Ludgate ACS, Maxx Corkindale, Vivyan Madigan, Miles Rowland, David Gregan, David Tang, Rod Bolton & Daniel Charlton.

We received 2 resignations from the committee due to work commitments - Clive Taylor ACS and Stephen Webb and I thank them for their involvement in the past.

We welcome one new committee member - Daniel Charlton.

Thanks to all who sent in either their apologies and/or their proxy forms.

We all look forward to doing our bit for the SA branch and for the ACS Nationally in the upcoming term.

The A Month of Sundays screening and Q&A with Mark Wareham ACS was well attended with over 40 people. The film was very well appreciated and the Q&A went for over an hour! Many thanks to Kirsty Stark and Mark.

BTW if you are an unfinancial member by the end of September you will be removed from the data base and will be required to pay the joining fee as well as the membership fee if you wish to rejoin.

What's not to smile about, good friends, a glass of red, some good food and some bloody difficult quiz questions!

Winners are grinners!

Congrats to Maxx Corkindale, Richard Back and Richard Chataway ACS for winning the Quiz Prizes and thanks to Viv Madigan and Kirsty Stark for the Quizzing.

Maxx won a copy of the ACS produced book The Shadowcatchers, Richard Back won a years ACS membership and Richard Chataway $100 for a dinner.

SA / WA Award Entries Close Sept 9

Enter now for the 2016 36th SA & WA ACS State Awards for Cinematography. Entries close CoB Friday September 9.

You can only enter if you are a financial member and the only way to enter the ACS National Awards is to win Gold at the State level.

The entry form link is below and check out the 2016 / 2017 Categories and Terms & Conditions on our website.

Good luck!

Don't forget to put October 29 in your diary for the 36th Annual SA/WA ACS Awards for Cinematography to be held in Perth for only the 2nd time, simultaneous SA Awards dinner & live streaming in The Torrens Room @ Hackney Hotel Adelaide

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Sponsors Assets

In just over 3 weeks SA branch Sponsors should have supplied your assets for the awards program booklet and the awards compile, they are required by September 9.

If you are unsure what you should supply you can check your requirements for your level in the 2016/17 Sponsorship Proposal available from the link below or contact Ernie.

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Profile Ian Linton

Crystal Set Radio

Ian please tell us about your early years.

As a young boy in the late 50’s, I was very fortunate to experience the wireless (today’s radio) as I had a crystal set with a pair of magnetic coil headphones. My crystal set had a cat’s whisker device and a ferrite rod with a coil around it and was tuned by moving the dial which in turn moved the coil up and down the rod. Radio stations 5AD, 5KA, 5DN, 5AN and 5CL were the only radio stations in Adelaide in the late fifties.

Ferite rod with Cat's whiskers

This experience sparked an interest in electricity, radio waves, and the marvels of lighting. From the early days of valve radios, big and small, some simple and some more complex with shortwave tuning and the possibility to get interstate and other broadcasts from afar,

I graduated to transistor radios, cassettes, 8 track cassettes, reel to reel tape recorders and eventually to walkmans and many other electronic gadgets along the way. All this was to shape the long journey of my life and I must thank both my father and Arthur Howe for giving me the push to the path of my future in television, film, electronics, chemicals, guns and lighting.

A dashing, young Ian Linton, in Black & White days, 3rd from the left

So what about the 60's, I believe you became interested in photography around then?

As a teenager in the 60’s, I was fortunate to live near H C Robinsons who sold old electronics including valves, parts, electrical cable, sockets and many other wonderful intriguing things from war surplus auctions, weapons research, batteries, morse keys and much more. This shop was a treasure trove for me.

One of my first purchasers was a magnifying glass which was a much treasured possession. With a couple of simple batteries and parts of an old torch I was able to play and fiddle with voltage and current and learn about electricity in the safe world of low voltage DC.

My father had been interested in mechanical and automotive engineering and was also an electrician working on airplanes in World War 2 with Beaufort planes and others. He also was interested in photography at an early age with a Box Brownie, and enjoyed developing films and contact printing the results. I was able to take an interest in this too, and do the same processing and printing, and marvel at the images that magically evolved in a dish of developer under a red safe light, with the negative contact printed onto photographic paper and later to continue with an early 35mm camera and other formats such as the Kodak Instamatic 126 film.

Colour was also fascinating to me with the beautiful tones of the old Kodachrome film at 25 and 64 ASA rating. At the same time my father had an early Bolex standard 8mm movie camera with a 2 lens turret and an additional Telephoto Lens. I learnt about light levels, exposure, f stops, depth of field and different cranking speeds you could shoot at, all with the help of a Weston Light Meter.

Ian I can see this is going to be an extensive profile, we're nowhere near the noughties yet, so I will continue this profile on a pdf. Please click the link for the rest of the story.

Click to download ACS pdf Profile on Ian Linton »

Upcoming dates

September 5 Committee Meeting

September 9 Sponsors Awards Assets Deadline

September 9 Awards Entry Closes

September 16, 17 & 18 Awards Judging @ RSP

October 3 Committee Meeting

October 29 Annual SA/WA ACS Awards for Cinematography to be held in Perth for only the 2nd time, simultaneous SA Awards dinner & live streaming in The Torrens Room @ Hackney Hotel Adelaide

November 7 Committee Meeting

December 5 Committee Meeting

December 12 Christmas Drinks

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