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ACS CineKids Anifex tour

At 1030 am on Saturday December 12 the ACS SA branch is running a special, ACS CineKids members only, tour of the incredibly interesting Anifex Studio.

Anifex is the multi award winning animation house who have been responsible for many animated commercials including Home Hardware, Schmackos, Louie the Fly and many more.

CineKids join ACS committee member and much awarded cinematographer JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick for a tour through their creative studio.

JoAnne on Home Hardware miniature set.

You will learn how they use clay animation, film miniatures and employ motion control to make their masterpieces.

Anifex studio is at 65 king William Street, Kent Town. Please note it's anticipated the tour will take 1 to 1.5 hours.

CineKids must be accompanied by an adult or carer and bookings are essential. Please book via the link below:

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ACS SA branch Christmas drinks

Our 2015 SA Christmas drinks are on soon - 6pm @ the Colonist Hotel, The Parade, Norwood.

RSVP is essential. If your name is not on the door list we can't cater for you and your name won't be in for the door prizes.

We look forward to catching up with our members for our last event of the year. Book now via the link below - ACS Members only who are over 18 years old!

Click to make your booking for SA branch Christmas drinks »

Isaac Walgos Profile

What's your favourite film you have seen this year?

I recently watch a beautiful film called Cafe De Flore directed by Jean-Marc Vallée and cinematography by Pierre Cottereau. It’s a parallel story about, love between a man & women, mum & her son connected by different times. Good music, love & a twist at the end.

When did you become interested in our industry?

Well I was a young boy at Rose Park Primary School, around 10 years of age & thought it would be fun to try the photo club. Our first project was to make a pin hole camera out of cardboard. We use photo paper as film stock, developed it in developer & there was an image. I still to this day am amazed how you could capture an image in this way.

What did you do to get a start in the industry?

I meet a photographer Don Meller & found myself sweeping his studio, painting his studios in the school holidays, what ever I could do. When I was 15 years old he asked if I could help out on a documentary series called Gone Fishing with Gus Mercurio. It was my first paid job, I was the runner for the crew, the show started filming on 16mm film and then moved to Betacam.

What has been your most interesting project?

Traveling overseas is very rewarding; the project that comes to mind was the Fest Napuan Music festival in Vanuatu. This was a project for the Australia Network & ABC international the producer was Tania Nugent. The music from this part of the world is very moving over 12,000 people from all around the region travel into Port Vila. This is a free festival with no fences just a string as the barrier to the stage. It’s a five day event with a string band on the first night, best music of the Pacific on the second night to the 5th night full moon party with King Brown as the final performance of the festival.

Peter Shearer - 2013 Winter Campaign Crew - Dop - Isaac Walgos Camera Assistant - Rhys Lounder Director - Alan Romeo Gaffer - Nick Linton

Jimmy Jib - Hosting for 9 News Crew - Jib Tech: Rhys Lounder Hot Head Operator: Shane Booth

Have you had any mentors that have help you in any way?

Starting at such a young age I have had a few, the really cool thing about learning on the job is you don’t know until later in life just how important the knowledge & wisdom these people share. Lighting setups came from stills photographer Minton Wordley, I spent 2 years with him as a photography assistant. Camera operating Jeff Clayfield from Channel 9 which I spent 6 years as an operator working on location & in the studio and for organizing myself cinematographer Ron Bollman was most helpful. All these people gave something that I use in my daily process.

Your expertise in the industry is well known, is that where you think your future lies?

I spent my year broken into 4 parts, TV shows, corporate films & documentary, commercial & jimmy jibs remote head operation. The future will be as exciting as the past; I’ve worked with some great people and I look forward to the next part of the journey.

Nicole Willis - host of Building Ideas shot by Isaac Walgos

Isaac please tell us something about yourself that not many people know?

If I wasn’t working in the film TV industry I would be working with bicycles, my favourite thing to do is riding mountain bikes or fixies “freedom on two wheels”.

Thanks Walgos, I love discovering other cinematographers journeys. Another interesting fact is Isaac's son is one of our first CineKids father, like son!

Upcoming dates

Events to come include New lighting, Screenings with Q&A's; why don't you suggest something? Don't forget to put the 2016 National Awards, here in Adelaide, in your dairies.


December 7 Committee Meeting

December 12 CineKids Anifex Tour 1030

December 14 Christmas Drinks 1800 Colonist Hotel Norwood RSVP essential


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February 5, 6 & 7 2016 National Awards judging in Adelaide

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March 30 National Awards in Adelaide

April 4 Committee Meeting

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October 3 Committee Meeting

October 29 Annual SA/WA ACS Awards for Cinematography to be held in Perth for only the 2nd time, simultaneous awards dinner & live streaming in The Torrens Room @ Hackney Hotel Adelaide

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ACS CineKids

You might know someone who may want to be an ACS CineKid, if so encourage them to join our newest membership category. - ACS CineKids - has been created to encourage and foster interested kids up to the age of 15 years to participate and take an active hands-on approach to Cinematography.

An ACS CineKids Member is a young person, 15 years or under, who has a passion for cameras and filmmaking. ACS CineKids will receive a Welcome Pack with a membership certificate, membership card, note pad and pen, access to our E news both National & State, and various screenings and workshops, along with mentoring from our ACS cinematographers.

To find out more and how to join ACS CineKids click on the following link:

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