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From the Pres............

Our AGM will be held @ 1830 on Monday August 10 at the Hackney Hotel with drinks & snacks provided and a bit of fun with Bingo following. So we can organise catering, etc, it is essential to book via Our nights are not just about learning but also a great chance to socialise, catch up with your peers or mates, have a drink and talk about who's shooting what, on what, and where.

Our profile this month is on Hannah Sitters who has just been upgraded from Student to an Active member. Hannah turns up at nearly all our events including the national Awards at MONA in Hobart last May. She certainly makes the most of her membership so enjoy her profile.

The Drone night on July 7 was incredibly well attended so thanks to Dai Cookes from Picture Hire Australia and his team who co hosted the event.

2015 Award entries open very soon so start collating your best work.

I hope to catch up with some of you at the AGM, don't forget to RSVP now. Oh and nominations for the committee are closed so you can attend without feeling like you might be seconded to join the committee.

If you can't make it to the AGM but want to vote you can always fill in a proxy form available via the link below. Please note only financial Full and Active members are eligible to vote at the AGM.

Also have you paid your Membership Fees? If not they are now overdue and we need your funds to help us put on nights like our drone night and Screenings & Q&A's.

Of course if you are not financial you can't enter the awards nor vote at the AGM.

Something else to put in your diary on the Saturday afternoon before the awards we are holding a Wastelander Panda Screening & Q&A held which is co-hosted with Australian Society of Editors. This will be on October 31 so jot the date down.

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Members wishing to enter their work must use the online entry form which will be available from Monday August 17th (link below).

There have been some changes to the Awards categories this year and the Awards committee encourages you all to use the links and make yourself familiar with both the 2015 Awards Categories and 2015 Award Entry Terms & Conditions documents.

Please note that entries will not be accepted after close of business September 18.

We wish you the very best of luck with your entries.

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Drones wrap up

Ernie, Werner & Dai present Drones, Drones, Drones

Wow!! One hundred and sixteen turned up to our Drone night! You heard right, 116!! We opened this night up to all with the help of Picture Hire and what a response.

Dai Cookes, the owner of Picture Hire Australia discussed what Picture Hire have been doing and what services they will be offering the industry and ran an impressive reel of some of their recent footage shot from drones.

Werner Lushington, RPAS Inspector from Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) gave an in depth presentation on what you can and can't do.

l spoke about my recent involvement with drones and ran a TVC that couldn't have been shot without a drone as well as some rushes of some complex shots for the recently shot feature BlueDog.

Subjects covered included: What can drones do for you? What do you need to do to be legal? What are the insurance issues? How good are drones? What are the costs? Are drones easy to fly/crash? Where can you fly/not fly? How much can you do without a license? Where is training available?

The Q&A session went for some time and if I must say so myself a bloody good night, thanks to all who attended.

Just some of the regulations......

Profile Active member Hannah Sitters

Hannah what’s your favourite film?
Always a tricky question, I love ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ (all of them), ‘Austin Powers’, ‘The Prestige’, ‘The Boat that Rocked’, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, and ‘Big Fish’, and any film where both the cinematography and production design are amazing. My favourite film above all would have to be ‘Bunny and the Bull’. That film is perfect!

Favourite TV Show?
The Mighty Boosh, Doctor Who

Favourite food?
Chocolate, strawberries, and marshmallows

How did you become interested in filmmaking?
I fell in love with filmmaking as a child, watching behind the scenes videos of films and television shows. The concept of being on a film set fascinates and excites me. As a child I made (wrote, directed, shoot, designed… etc.) films and stage plays with my younger brother and cousin. We used to put on stage plays each Christmas holidays that became more extravagant each year. We ended on a ripper, with a ‘Chaser’s War on Everything’ style show, with my brother and cousin as presenters, broken up with video skit segments. One segment featured my brother playing Bindi Irwin in a parody video clip titled ‘Overconfident Bindi’, which had the audience in stitches. We also invented a hideous character called Franky, which consisted of one of those rubber masks from the Royal Adelaide Show, a pair of dish washing gloves, and my Dad’s bright green pumpkin shirt. We hid Franky in the washing machine, connected to the washing machine lid with a magnet, and waited until my mother came home to take the clothes out of the washing machine. We caught her priceless reaction on the camcorder that was taped on the end of a piece of timber and positioned at the top corner of the laundry, and a camera hidden in the washing basket.

Have you studied filmmaking?
Since those crazy days, I’ve gone on to study visual art studies, digital video media, photography and drama studies at high school, all of which I excelled in. I completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen) at Flinders University with honours, earning a First Class Honours, and a University Medal.

University is where I developed my love for cinematography and production design and all the visual elements of the frame. I had to opportunity to shoot a number of productions from a television commercial for The National Trust of South Australia, to corporate documentaries for non-for-profit organisations such as Time For Kids, and interviews with people such as cinematographer Ernie Clark ACS. I’ve also shot behind the scenes videos for short films and web series, and numerous short films. I am very appreciative that I was lucky enough to be presented with the opportunity to shoot a short film on 16mm film. On top of the way the film looks, and deals with skin tones and highlights, I actually really enjoyed the efficiency of the process of shooting on film and the focus everyone on set has on getting it right the first take.

So tell us about ‘The Little Girl’
In 2014, I completed honours at Flinders University, with my major project, ‘The Little Girl’; a colour filled magic/fantasy-realism short film, about a child’s naïve yet wondrous imagination. I took on the role of writer, director, and production and costume designer, which was an enormous task, and a rare experience to have such creative control over the visuals of the film. The film was shot in four fairytale inspired, designed and constructed sets at Anomaly Media studios, some which employed a 14meter green screen, as well as one built attic set and one location shoot. Tim Carlier was the Director of Photography who had mentoring from ACS member Jordan Agutter. We collaborated closely on the look of the film to convey the colour palette of warm golds/ oranges (which would represent happiness and comfort) versus cold blues (representing fear, sadness, loneliness, and the darkness that occurs when the lights go out) in both the set design and the lighting. We ran into a few tricky situations when we had blue gelled lighting hitting yellow painted sets which unfortunately created a gross green colour, which wasn’t any good for green screen. Thankfully, most of green was fixable in the colour grade. The process overall was a good learning curve that taught me a lot about colour and the collaboration between design and lighting. ‘The Little Girl’ has gone onto be accepted into The Little Big Shots International Film Festival for Kids, where it won the ‘Supie’ trophy for ‘Best Australian Adult-Made Film’, and was nominated for Best Production Design, Sound Design, and won Best Editing at the 2015 South Australian Screen Awards.

What have you been up to lately?
Lately, I’ve been busy putting together my portfolio website ( that includes examples of my cinematography, production, costume and graphic design, and art works so far. I was cinematographer on Ben Searcy’s honours film ‘Threshold’. I’ve recently shot some slow motion content for the projected backdrop to a Red Stitch stage play in on the Sony PXW-FS7. I also did production design for the short film ‘True Blue,’ which was shot in the Flinders Ranges.

What’s Next?
I’ll currently becoming involved in the costume and production design department for a short steampunk-esque film called ‘Maurice’s Symphony’.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
As cliché as it sounds, I honestly can’t imagine myself doing anything other than creating. Whether that be shooting films, designing sets and costumes, or painting a mural, creating is what I’m passionate about, and I will do to the day I die. Ideally, I’d be working on set of Dr Who or The Mighty Boosh movie.

Thanks Hannah, a great profile. If you know of an ACS member we should profile please contact the Pres via the link below.

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Upcoming dates

2015 events to come including New lighting, Screenings with Q&A's; why don't you can suggest something?

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August 10 SA AGM & Bingo Night Hackney Hotel

August 17 SA/WA Award Entry Opens

August 21 Chase Sponsorship Assets

September 7 Committee Meeting

September 18 SA/WA Award Entry Closes

September 25, 26 & 27 SA/WA Awards Judging

September 26 Deadline for Sponsorship Assets

September 29 Award Ticket Sales Open

October 5 Committee Meeting

October 23 Deadline for Award Tickets

October 31 Wastelander Panda Screening & Q&A held in co-hosted with ASE

October 31 2015 35th Annual SA/WA ACS Awards for Cinematography in Adelaide

November 5 Committee Meeting

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December 14 Christmas Drinks

2016 March 30 National Awards in Adelaide

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