SA eNews Mid March 2015 - RSVP to Legal Issues & D.A.V.E - NAB Slueth - MPIBS

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Time to RSVP to Legal Issues & D.A.V.E.

OK it's time to RSVP to our trade night on March 23 @ Anifex starting @ 1830.

This night has two disparate subjects, we'll start with D.A.V.E. and then onto Legals.

So have you ever wondered am I allowed to film that thing in the street, or that thing or person I can clearly see over the fence? Can I put my tripod wherever I like and point my camera at whatever I want? Can I use the footage I film in any film I choose?

There are so many ?'s and therefore we have recruited the expertise of law firm HWLebsworth and media specialist Anna Jackson who will share her knowledge and experience with our members. BTW Peter Campbell cannot attend due to other commitments.

This promises to be a most informative night so RSVP so we can cater properly (there'll be a bit of pizza and drinks supplied to keep you going) :-) and also prepare some questions so that you can get satisfactory answers! RSVP now to

Onto D.A.V.E.! What is D.A.V.E.? Well it stands for Duplicate And Verify Everything! Check it out at

More about D.A.V.E.

The SA debut for D.A.V.E. mobile DIT workstation was on the recent SA feature A Month Of Sundays. What does D.A.V.E. do? 3:2:2. Camera and Audio Data backup to 3 copies, held in 2 locations and ideally, on 2 types of media. Verified and safely stored. Sound’s pretty straight forward.....doesn't it!?

But image and audio quality assurance and reporting are far less cut and dried. Data wrangling alone can’t provide DOPs, Editors and Producers with the care and feedback offered by labs and post houses in the past. On the upside, the technology is here to do just that, on location and almost immediately.

SA ACS member, Dave Birrell, saw an opportunity to replace what we’ve lost in the shift from film and has launched Duplicate And Verify Everything (D.A.V.E.) to provide on-set media backup, useful feedback and a quality viewing facility to review shots as needed.

So come along to Anifex on March 23 starting @ 1830 and check out this impressive set-up. Don't forget to RSVP!

BTW The ACS National awards in May at Mona in Hobart on May 2 are booked out so sorry if you did not get in early.

Click to learn more about D.A.V.E. »

NAB Sleuth & ProAV Solutions night

Video Production Specialist at ProAV Solutions, Daniel Charlton, will be heading over the NAB this year again to check out the latest and greatest.

On his return he will be hosting an event at Pro AV Solutions covering whats new and what to look out for during the year.

This event will be on Thursday April 23rd starting at 6pm running until late as it will also be the unofficial opening of the new office.

The presentation will start @ 6.30 and all ACS members are welcome and ProAv Solutions will provide food and beverages for the evening too!

If any of the members would like Daniel to check out something specifically for them at NAB please email him.



When first assistant director and associate producer Philip Hearnshaw passed away in 2012, his wife Catherine Griff received assistance from the Motion Picture Industry Benevolent Society (MPIBS) – an organisation she had previously never heard of. In fact, it has been doing its discreet best since 1931.

According to Griff, her husband gave an enormous amount to the industry; he was always “helping out people that were new” she said. “So it felt right the industry in turn cared enough about him to offer us help”.

The MPIBS assisted Griff and her teenage son with funeral expenses and would periodically send small amounts of money to help with bills: “the amounts are not very big, but the gesture is very important. Having little dollops to help with electricity or phone bills ... I just cannot emphasize how much it did help.”

Griff is careful to note that any assistance received is not necessarily ongoing. “You’re not asking for long term help. The MPIBS are seeking to help you in the short term” she said. “The original crisis period” is where the assistance is “really important” and help also came from Kennedy Miller Mitchell, who were “incredibly generous.”

Encouraging other organisations to donate to the fund, Griff said “it would make a huge difference to their corporate image” by donating to the MPIBS.

To donate, please visit our website for more information. or you can donate at any of our events - just talk to Mylene or Ernie, you never know, maybe you'll be needing MPIBS assistance one day......

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An ACS CineKids Member is a young person, 15 years or under, who has a passion for cameras and filmmaking. ACS CineKids will receive a Welcome Pack with a membership certificate, membership card, note pad and pen, access to our E news both National & State, and various screenings and workshops, along with mentoring from our ACS cinematographers.

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March 23 Legal Issues & D.A.V.E.

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New AFTRS courses for 2015

Next year, AFTRS is offering all new courses, from online introductory awards to a three-year BA and two Masters degrees.

Their two new introductory courses provide a basic 6 week intro to film or radio. They are entirely delivered online, so they are available to anyone wherever they live and whatever their work hours. They do not require merit selection: they are opent to anyone to enrol.

So why not check out what AFTRS has to offer at


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