SA eNews March 2015 - Legal Issues & D.A.V.E.? - ACCTA congrats - Lawn Bowls, FlyCam & Xmas Drinks wrap up - Profile Gaffer Graeme Shelton - Miles' Mailbag

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Legal Issues & D.A.V.E.?

Hi to all our members,

Apologies for the late newsletter but I'm in the middle of building and all consumed by it.

WooHooo, we are having a trade night on March 23 @ Anifex starting @ 1830.

This night will have two disparate subject matters, firstly Legal Issues & the second being D.A.V.E.

So have you ever wondered am I allowed to film that thing in the street, or that thing or person I can clearly see over the fence? Can I put my tripod wherever I like and point my camera at whatever I want? Can I use the footage I film in any film I choose?

There are so many ?'s and therefore we have recruited the expertise of law firm HWLebsworth and their media specialist Peter Campbell who will share his knowledge and experience with our members. (Doyle's Guide to the Australian Legal Profession rates Peter as "one of the market’s most 'efficient' and 'technical' litigators" and names Peter as the pre-eminent IP lawyer and the pre-eminent Technology, Media and Communications lawyer in South Australia. Best Lawyers International recommends Peter for Competition Law, Defamation and Media Law and Entertainment Law while Australian Legal Business describes Peter as "completely professional" and "a savvy and entrepreneurial operator".)

This promises to be a most informative night so RSVP so we can cater properly (there'll be a bit of pizza and drinks supplied to keep you going) :-) and also prepare some questions so that you can hopefully get the right answers! RSVP now to

Now onto D.A.V.E.! What is D.A.V.E.? Well, we'll show you on the same night but I can tell you the acronymn stands for Duplicate And Verify Everything!

D.A.V.E. revealed!

The SA debut for D.A.V.E. mobile DIT workstation was on the recent SA feature A Month Of Sundays. What does D.A.V.E. do? 3:2:2. Camera and Audio Data backup to 3 copies, held in 2 locations and ideally, on 2 types of media. Verified and safely stored. Sound’s pretty straight forward.....doesn't it!?

But image and audio quality assurance and reporting are far less cut and dried. Data wrangling alone can’t provide DOPs, Editors and Producers with the care and feedback offered by labs and post houses in the past. On the upside, the technology is here to do just that, on location and almost immediately.

SA ACS member, Dave Birrell, saw an opportunity to replace what we’ve lost in the shift from film and has launched Duplicate And Verify Everything (D.A.V.E.) to provide on-set media backup, useful feedback and a quality viewing facility to review shots as needed.

So come along to Anifex on March 23 starting @ 1830 and check out this impressive set-up. Don't forget to RSVP!

Also don't forget to book your tickets and accommodation for the ACS National awards in May at Mona in Hobart on May 2. Check out our website to book easily.

Click to learn more about D.A.V.E. »

SA Winners at AACTA Awards

Congratulations to SA members and SA committee members Aaron Gully and Maxx Corkingdale who won the Award for Best Cinematography in a Documentary for Sons & Mothers.

Other SA film techs who did well include Des Kenneally, Will Sheridan, Pete Best and Scott Illingworth who took out Best Sound in a Documentary for the same project.

News Lawn Bowls Night Wrap Up

Our special News Camera night at Adelaide Lawn Bowls Club was held on February 6th, many thanks to Steve Webb & Mylene Ludgate for organising it.

It was a great night with a bunch of news guys attending. Thanks to all who attend as without you these nights would not be a success. Also thanks to Bouzi who so often takes a few photos at our events.

I apologise for not get there on the night but I was in Melbourne as Chair of Judges for the National Awards to be held in Hobart on May 2, so maybe now's a good time time to book - go on you know you want to!

Christmas Drinks & FlyCam wrap up

On Tuesday December 2 about 25 members came along to Picture Hire for a demo of some special gear including a gyro stabilised Flight Head 5, a Bradley Ball and Flycam Skate.

Many thanks to Robert and Dane from FlyCam for driving over from Melbourne to especially show us their gear.

The SA ACS branch Chrissie drinks were once again at the Colonist Hotel in Norwood on Monday December 15 and a good night was had by all the 38 ACS members attending.

Special door prizes were drawn on the night including a framed Freeze Frame picture won by Dai Cookes, Andrew Horton won the Miller Solopod, a copy of Shadowcatchers was won by Michael Selge and Dusan Jonic won SA branch membership for a year. Out of the 6 no-shows 3 of them would have won one of these great prizes had they been there on the night. Oh well....

I hope you've all had a memorable Christmas and here's to a top 2015. Apologies for not getting a eNews out sooner but I'm in the middle of building, it's very consuming. Cheers from your Pres, Ernie.

Profile Gaffer Graeme Shelton

Graeme what are some of your favourite films?
Well I have to include: Godfather 1&2, McCabe & Mrs Miller, Nashville, Starship Troopers.

Favourite on set food?
Mmmmm, maybe cucumbers!

Favourite TV show?
That'd be Deadwood

Favourite quote?
“Leave the gun, take the canolli.”

So tell us about your early days.
Well I was “brung” up on rice farm near Leeton in NSW. On Saturday afternoons we drove into town where Mum & Dad played tennis, my sisters went off to ballet lessons at the local CWA hall, (where they learnt how to portray “Lonely little Petunias in an Onion Patch!) and I shuffled into the womblike darkness of a matinee at the Roxy Cinema where I gained the skills of utilising a Winchester rifle to shoot redskins whilst riding backwards on my horse - a skill I’ve never forgotten.

Leeton was built on a slight hill so, from our verandah on the farm 11 miles away, the red Roxy neon was a beacon in the night. Incidentally, the Roxy has continuously operated since 1930 without a hiccup & still retains its art deco glory.

So how did you get to be in the industry?
After 12 months working in the iron ore mines around Mt. Tom Price in WA, I applied for a position as a cine cameraman in Griffith at MTN9. I got the job & was unceremoniously handed a windup 16mm Bolex & told to go out & shoot stuff. Amongst my subjects were people like Al Grassby, Donald Mackay & Robert Trimbole. Other duties included stills, tvc copy, promos & processing of all film (stills & movie).

After a few brief sojourns to Sydney, where I majored as a hippy, I eventually left MTN 9 and moved to Adelaide where the movie industry was happening and worked as a camera assistant, assistant electrics & grip assist. Eventually, I was employed as a Best Boy with gaffers Ted Nordsvan & Trevor Toune under the watchful eye of a young DOP called Ernie Clark. My first real gaffing job was on a racy little film titled “Centrespread” (first feature in Australia shot on super 16) with DOP Geoffery Simpson.

One of my first consistent gigs in Adelaide was with a silver haired Producer named Milton Ingerson. Being fairly green, I spent most days in a cold sweat! I not only learnt a lot of stuff but also that “Milti” was a hard bluster with a soft spot.

The "Adelaide Mafia" shooting Body Business in Sydney. Graeme's standing, 2nd from the left.

So when did you graduate to being a gaffer?
I began gaffing with my own gear in 1986 where my empire has expanded to a fleet of one truck! Ed: One big truck with an impressive array of lights and hardware!!

Do you have other interests?
Sure, some of my other interests include golf & long lunches with the SA President.
Other passions include travel & red wine (preferably at the same time).

My 1st disappointing taste of beer, aged 3!

After decades in the business what keeps you interested?
The unpredictability of each day in the film business is what keeps me interested in the industry, along with the new & mysterious technology & I really enjoy working with DOP’s who are confident enough in themselves to allow the crew to work to their creative potential, (You know who you are!). It’s all about collaboration.

How come you joined as an associate member of the SA branch?
I joined the ACS for the sociability, getting to meet up with people that one doesn’t ordinarily work alongside - and the pizza & the beer. Plus it’s generally the only venue we have in Adelaide for catching up on new product.

What's next Graeme?
Oh you know the usual, a TVC here, a doco there, a feature now and then but I’ve never really worked on a sci-fi film, you know, with all those clean white lines & integrated lighting. Maybe someday someone will ask me.

Hello! Anybody?..........Somebody?

Thanks Graeme. See it didn't hurt a bit!

So come on, get in touch with me @ now you are also willing to be profiled and start sorting out a couple of pictures to be included.

Miles' Mailbag

Welcome back to Miles’ Mailbag.

This is where you all email me to tell him what's been going on.

We want to hear from all levels of membership: students, camera assistants, DoP's be it news, features, TVC's or when you started using that selfie stick that was a 'gift'.

Please email us about what you are filming and a picture or two to me, Miles Rowland.

Adam Camporeale has been in India and Cambodia shooting. Stay tuned for pictures next month!

Nima Nabilirad has been shooting some nice music videos throughout the summer. He teamed up with Dutch record label Spinnin' Records to create a video for DVBBS & Dropgun's song 'Pyramids'. Since it's been online it's had over 5 million hits.

He also shot a spot for the RSPCA and the CFS on protecting pets during the fire season.

Also busy this summer was David Woolford seen here to the right getting ready at some ungodly hour for a big morning of live feeds during the Tour Down Under. To put it in his words: "In the immortal words of British Ska band 'Madness' "So begins another weary day". Beautiful morning at the tour down under village".

This commenced a thread of competition on Facebook with cinematographer Patrick Rocca from Melbourne who was at the same time filming live feeds from the Rod Laver Arena. They battled it out with pics for who has the best job that day, with David closing it off with this wrap shot at 7:30am.

Finally, I recently joined a gang with fellow ACS members Mark Cowley and Mike Tessari.

In between gang proceedings (petty theft and new member initiation ceremonies) Mark has also been shooting some material of V8 Supercars while they were in town last weekend.

BAFTA Qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015: Call for Entries

The BAFTA Qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) 2015 is now open for entries, presenting a fantastic opportunity for filmmakers in South Australia to showcase their talent to a wider international audience, including industry, filmmakers and thousands of film fans. ASFF 2015 is looking for films in all genres up to 30 minutes long and is keen to engage further with filmmakers in Australia.

Submit your short films for a chance to win screenings at the festival (5-8 November), plus many more great prizes and awards that will get your work noticed by industry, filmmakers and thousands of film fans.
There will also be masterclasses, networking opportunities, talks and Q&As to engage with industry leaders, such as BAFTA, Channel 4 and Association of Camera Operators.
ASFF 2015 Prizes:
Screenings at the BAFTA Qualifying ASFF 2015
All film are in competition
Awards for Best Film in each category and People’s Choice
Eligibility to enter the EE British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA)
Screenings in various guest programmes at other film festivals
Screenings as part of ASFF Film Tour
Editorial in Aesthetica Magazine and on Aesthetica’s online channels (180,000 readership worldwide)

Genres accepted: advertising, animation, artists’ film, comedy, dance, documentary, drama, experimental, fashion, music video and thriller. Running times up to 30 minutes.
Entries close 31 May 2015. To enter visit

Showcase your film on the international stage at @asffest #film #festival – win screenings #awards + more

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March 23 Legal Issues & D.A.V.E.

April 6 Committee Meeting

May 1 Reception at Government House Hobart
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May 3 National AGM in Hobart

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New AFTRS courses for 2015

Next year, AFTRS is offering all new courses, from online introductory awards to a three-year BA and two Masters degrees.

Their two new introductory courses provide a basic 6 week intro to film or radio. They are entirely delivered online, so they are available to anyone wherever they live and whatever their work hours. They do not require merit selection: they are opent to anyone to enrol.

So why not check out what AFTRS has to offer at


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