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SA Branch Christmas Drinks

It's time for the SA ACS branch Chrissie drinks. Once again at the Colonist Hotel, The Parade, Norwood starting at 6pm, Monday night, December 15.

There will be special door prizes drawn on the night, including a framed Freeze Frame picture, a Miller Solopod, a copy of Shadowcatchers and SA branch membership for next year. Only those in attendance when door prizes drawn will be eligible.

If you'd like to attend RSVP to ernie at ACS members only & BTW the members must be over 18 years!

Whilst were talking about Christmas you probably know Gold ACS sponsor ProAv Solutions are moving soon and they are having a clearance sale on a bunch of gear before they move so anyone is welcome to check it out. They'll be at 41 Magill Road until early Jan and be open for business in their new office and showroom on January 5 2015, at 247 Greenhill Road, Dulwich.

Dec 2 FlyCam demo

Tuesday Dec 2 we have FlyCam demo'ing their gyro stabilised Flight Head 5, also they'll have a Bradley Ball and Flycam Skate for us to look at and will screen some great footage showing what this gear can do.

So come and check out the latest gear, catch up with your mates and have a drink as well. Tuesday night, December 2, 6pm for a 6:30pm start at Picture Hire, 26 Clarke Street, Norwood, carpark and entrance at rear of building. Access via Wadham Lane

If your intend to come please RSVP to to help us to cater for you. Non members also welcome.

Thanks to SA Gold Sponsor - Picture Hire for supplying a camera and lenses.

Awards follow up

Please pick up your memory sticks or drives of your 2014 entries ASAP from Anifex during business hours.

The gold winning clips are up on National Gold Sponsor Showreelfinder site, check them out:

Also pictures from the 2014 awards night are on our our website:

Thanks to Joanne Bouzianis-Sellick, Jo Rossiter ACS & Mal Ludgate ACS for taking the shots.

Our 2014 Magic of Cinematography Awards were truly magic with 95 plus guests sharing a night of fine food, wine, friendship and fun. Stay tuned for our 35th Annual awards to be held on Halloween night on Saturday October 31 2015. Put it in your diary now.

Special Awards:

to Geoffrey Hall ACS for Anzac Girls - Episode 4 “Love”

to JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick for outstanding service to the Australian Cinematographers Society

THE CLIFF ELLIS MEMORIAL AWARD for the Active Member Showing the Most Potential
to Scott Summers for Willow Beats “Merewif”

MRC ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD to a Promising Young Filmmaker
to Jordan Agutter for "The Crane Wife"

Click to download 2014 SA & WA winners pdf »

Canon Night & ARRI Amira Night wrap up

On Thursday October 30, Paul Stewart from Canon, took us through their extensive range of Canon EOS Cinema Camera & Cinema Lenses at Gold Sponsor ProAV Solutions premises.

This was a well attended event with an in depth presentation and drinks and food to keep us sustained. Thanks to Canon for putting this night on.

Maxx Corkindale checks out the ARRI Amira

On Monday November 3 Stefan Sedlmeier the Managing Director of ARRI Australia demonstrated to us the functions of this latest model from ARRI at Gold Sponsor Picture Hire premises.

We had a hands-on, formal presentation and Q&A on the Amira. We saw ARRI Amira and Alexa features and showreels and were given general info about digital imaging sensors and picture quality as well as lenses, accessories and future ARRI camera upgrades.

We were also also able to check out Picture Hire's new Ultra Prime lenses including the 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm lenses, all T1.9!

Stefan always delivers a comprehensive presentation of ARRI products and it's great that our National Sponsors are so keen to demonstrate their latest gear to our members.

Miles' Mailbag

Welcome back to Miles’ Mailbag.

We want to hear from all levels of membership: students, camera assistants, DoP's be it news, features, TVC's or that time you messed around in Photo Booth when you bought your first Apple. Just let us know what’s going on.

Please email us about what you are filming and a picture or two to me, Miles Rowland.

I have been shooting stills in Singapore of all the amazing street food vendors & Hawker Centres. Then of course eating what we shot. This is the satay street in the heart of downtown. Also the amazing raw swordfish salad from a hawker centre in Chinatown. Only $4!

I know our Pres Ernie clark ACS has been shooting with other SA members David Tang, Dave Gregan, Graeme Shelton and John Smith for Women in the Defence Forces with Melbourne production company Mr Smith. This was out at our military base at Edinburgh but security wouldn't let them take any still shots of the wonderful women in both the Airforce & Army, damn it!

But Ernie did send me the shot below of Dave Gregan, Grips Matt Richardson & Marcus Bosisto and ?????

Click to send your news & picture to Miles' Mailbag »

Who's the mystery DOP with AC Dave Gregan, Grips Matt Richardson & Marcus Bosisto?

Some more this month from the world of music clip supremo Nima Nabilirad. He went over to Daydream Island and some other islands in the Whitsundays to shoot and direct Justice Crew's new Music video "Rise & Fall". It was mostly shot on a Alexa on steadicam, operated by Jono Tyler from NSW, with some aerial drone shots and underwater shots added in.

A week before he was overseas in Jakarta, Indonesia shooting a music video for the dutch EDM duo DUBVISION. This one was shot that on the 5D MK3 to help with mobility and to make getting around easier when cruising through markets and slums and other interesting locations.

Viv Madigan just finished another segment of the film "Crew Cut". He and the team just got back from the Southern Flinders as seen here. Mark Cowley and myself shot the exact same tree for 2nd unit on the "Untitled Jim Loach Project" and I know that we weren't the first either!

Well now we can reveal who the 'shy' DoP from the earlier picture is. It was Aaron Gully concentrating on the iSpeed 3 screen as he was shooting cricketers for SACA at 2,000FPS!! Ably assisted by Dave Gregan.

Also helping Aaron out on the SACA shoot was Kent Smith ACS. Great to see Kent out of the office and "back on the tools" behind a viewfinder.

Interesting quote on the wall behind Kent's head!

Profile SA newest committee member David Tang

David what's your favourite film?

I have a few faves; visually I love The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky and Hanna by Joe
Wright; both I think really stand out in terms of tone and photography. I also can’t get
enough of 80’s/90’s family movies, like Back To The Future and Hook. Growing up, I
idolised any films Jackie Chan starred in; Armour Of God and Project A are timeless
classics to me.

Favourite on set food?

Anything Sonya Marshall (from Director’s Cut catering) makes. Or anything I’ve been able to
steal from Unit when they’re not looking. The crime makes the biscuits taste sweeter,
you know.

Favourite TV show?

I can’t help it but I love 90’s sitcoms. Frasier especially. More recently I’ve just nearly
finished watching The X Files for the first time, and it’s glorious. Éí'Aaníígóó 'Áhoot'é.

Other interests?

Buying too many books online that I never have time to read, it seems.

DTang (age 6) with a turtle.

So DTang, what is your passion?

I really love storytelling and world-building. Growing up I read compulsively and always
ordered more than the other kids when it came to Scholastic Book Fair orders. I usually
read fantasy or sci-fi because it took you to places that didn’t exist.

How did you start out?

I went through the BCA Screen course at Flinders University and graduated in 2011
with Honours. I originally wanted to be a screenwriter! Before university I’d made hobby films with my school friends and really fell in love with using the screen as a storytelling media, so I applied for the course looking to learn to do just that. After a while I became really restless with the lack of hands on experience I was getting, so in 2009 I bought a Canon 7D, which is a DSLR with a Super-35 chip. I taught myself from a collection of photography magazines how to get the most out of the camera and found I really enjoyed the process of translating an idea into an aesthetic through the lens.

It was through Flinders that I met Nima Nabili Rad, a local cinematographer and a guest lecturer who took me under his wing. I worked with him on various levels of productions ranging from no-budget music clips to feature films for several years as a camera assistant/focus puller, and really attribute a lot of my abilities today to the skills I learned while working with him.

In 2011 I got a part time job at a local rental, Picture Hire Australia, which really supplemented my knowledge base, as I was required to know dozens of cameras inside out by heart, and advise clientele their suitability over the phone or email. That really pushed me to understand how to handle equipment budgets and look at cameras not only from an aesthetic standpoint, but a technical one too. As a result, I left in 2013 to pursue more freelance work, with the view to starting a small business eventually.

DTang with some of his other best friends.

DTang with some monkey waiters in Japan

Tell us what are you up to now?

I’m currently in the process of building a portfolio with my business partner to showcase a video production service we’d like to offer in future. I’m very keen to create some high quality work under that umbrella and put some personality back into corporate work, which I think sometimes gets a bad rap for being less of a creative workspace. I’m also keen to provide good, consistent work for freelancers who from experience are often asked to go above and beyond the job for little or no pay. It’s a very difficult environment at the moment I feel for beginners in the industry because the exclusivity of content creation is swiftly disappearing; for a few hundred dollars you can buy a camera, so it’s not easy convincing the average business where the value in using a proper camera and crew comes from. In addition to developing that, I freelance as a shooter and assistant.

DTang with a very strange cat.

What keeps you interested in the industry?

The people, and the conundrum that is filmmaking, which is both an art and a technical trade. Seeing people flourish in this industry is very important to me, and I find it’s a matter of juggling that artistic integrity with the bottom line.

What would you like to try out in future?

I’ve only worked with actual film very briefly during university, and it was fantastic; I’d love to do so again. I actually went last year to a weeklong Camera Assistant’s
workshop at AFTRS Sydney to do just that, but they’d amended the course to “remain relevant to today’s industry” and had phased out the film component! Later during a tour of Panavision, they showed us one of their film cameras being used as a doorstop… I’d also love to pursue documentary a bit more.

Do you have a favourite quote?

Yeah, “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” - Anton Chekhov

DTang meets Fukuro-san, his best friend.

Any other interesting facts?
I love owls. I met an owl once in Japan when I went there for a holiday last year. It’s name was Fukuro-san, which is Japanese for “owl”.

Why did you join the SA Committee?

I think the ACS brings a sense of community to what can be an otherwise autonomous industry. Being involved with that helps us immensely, and for me it’s a real privilege.

Thanks DTang, very interesting. So who's next? Come on send me an email as I'm sure there's some interesting stories out there.

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Christmas Time, Venice LA taken by Aaron Gully

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Upcoming Dates

December 1 Committee meeting @ Anifex. Yayyy! Last for 2014.

December 2 FlyCam Demo @ Picture Hire

December 15 ACS Branch Christmas drinks @ The Colonist

2015 events to come including Colour Grading, Drones, New lighting and much more. Maybe you can suggest something?

May 2 2015 ACS National Awards in Tasmania at MONA in Hobart!

August 10 AGM

October 31 2015 35th Annual SA/WA ACS Awards for Cinematography in Adelaide

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New AFTRS courses for 2015

Next year, AFTRS is offering all new courses, from online introductory awards to a three-year BA and two Masters degrees.

Their two new introductory courses provide a basic 6 week intro to film or radio. They are entirely delivered online, so they are available to anyone wherever they live and whatever their work hours. They do not require merit selection: they are opent to anyone to enrol.

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