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2014 SA & WA Awards for Cinematography wrap up

Past & present Flinders Uni students with Dep't of Screen & Media head Alison Wotherspoon

Well our 2014 Magic of Cinematography Awards were truly magic with 95 plus guests sharing a night of fine food, wine, friendship and fun.

It was wonderful to have Jane Doyle as our MC again and fantastic to hear from our own inspirational picture magician, our Guest of Honour, the talented Tony Clark ACS from RSP.

Magician Matt Tarrant amazed us with his tricks and "Luke the Piano Dude" played heaps of wonderful theme tracks from movies.

We had 58 Gold, Silver & Bronze plaques awarded from the 139 entries and there is a pdf of the winners available from the link below.

There were some superb door prizes drawn from decks of cards including Panasonic LED Viera TV and a Canon G1X Mk 2 camera valued at $1k!

Geoffrey Hall ACS received the "Milty" from National President Ron Johanson OAM ACS

The always elegant JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick with her Ron Windon ACS Contribution Award

Special Awards:

To Geoffrey Hall ACS for Anzac Girls - Episode 4 “Love”

To JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick for outstanding service to the Australian Cinematographers Society

THE CLIFF ELLIS MEMORIAL AWARD for the Active Member Showing the Most Potential
To Scott Summers for Willow Beats “Merewif”

MRC ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD to a Promising Young Filmmaker
To Jordan Agutter for "The Crane Wife"

Click to download a copy of the 2014 SA & WA winners »

ARRI Amira Night Monday Nov 3

Don't forget that at Gold Sponsor Picture Hire premises on Monday November 3 the ARRI Amira demo night @ 6pm for 6:30 start.

Stefan Sedlmeier the Managing Director of ARRI Australia will once again demonstrate to us all the functions of this latest model from ARRI. Topics covered will include:

· Hands-on, formal presentation and Q&A on the Amira;

· ARRI Amira and Alexa features and showreels;

· General information about digital imaging sensors and picture quality;

· Lenses, accessories and future ARRI camera upgrades.

· Review of installed base in Australia and New Zealand;

· ARRI Australia was established in 2005 and has been serving the local industry for nine years now;

· This will be a great casual get-together for DoP's, assistants, technicians & students.

You'll also be able to check out SA ACS Gold Sponsor Picture Hire's new Ultra Prime lenses including the 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm lenses, all T1.9!

Stefan always delivers a comprehensive presentation of ARRI products. He is very knowledgeable and can answer most technical questions.

So come along and see the latest offering from ARRI and if you're a member of the SA branch have a drink on us.

SA Branch Christmas Drinks

Yep, it's getting around to that time of the year again, so put December 15th in your diary for the SA ACS branch Chrissie drinks. Once again at the Colonist Hotel, The Parade, Norwood on Monday night starting at 6pm.

There will be special door prizes drawn on the night, one of our framed Freeze Frame pictures and a copy of Shadowcathers.

If you'd like to attend RSVP to ernie at ACS members only BTW

Looking for that special Christmas Gift?

Christmas Time, Venice LA taken by Aaron Gully

Here's your chance to buy that special Christmas gift for someone special.

Why not buy a framed picture from our Freeze Frame Exhibition.

There are 50 great works, frozen in time, in single frames, in photos taken by our members.

The images are all available for sale and part proceeds will assist our branch. Framed $150 inc GST and unframed $100 inc GST.

Here's a link to check out the pictures and buy!

Miles' Mailbag

Welcome back to Miles’ Mailbag.

What's up people? I want the emails to be flowing in after this eNews. No matter what size of budget, project or glamour factor, send me some details!

We want to hear from all levels of membership: students, camera assistants, DoP's be it news, features, TVC's or VHS home movies. Just let us know what’s going on.

Please email us about what you are filming and a picture or two to me, Miles Rowland.

Click to send your news & picture to Miles' Mailbag »

Adam and the Passel crew shooting the Adelaide Airport rebrand video on the MOVI

Adam Camporeale from Passel Media just finished a very brassy and shiny corporate for our friends at Adelaide Airport. The lads at Passel also shot some lovely stuff for Elections SA, Country Fire Service and not for profit groups Welcome to Australia and Live Below The Line in Cambodia. Adam also shot a short for director Hannah Moore called "Living Room" with funding from MRC.

Nick Matthews ACS on set of One Eyed Girl

Nick Matthews ACS has been at the Austin Film Festival with the international premiere of his first feature as a director "One Eyed Girl". The film won the jury prize in the "Dark Matters" category.

I've been out west shooting a TVC for Toot Toot car finance working with WA member Nigel Tomkinson who some might remember from when Red Dog was in town where he was the 1st AC. We shot on a shiny new Red Dragon on the lovely Master Primes.

Also in Austin earlier last month, Maxx Corkindale and Kirsty Stark were on a shoot of a different kind. They were over there for Fantastic Fest where Wastelander Panda screened. Other SA creations "Danger 5" and "The Babadook" also screened.

One of our busiest DOP's is certainly Nima Nabilirad who has had no shortage of exciting and interesting work. The quick run down from his exciting career includes music videos for Martin Garrix song "Virus", Dami Im's "Gladiator" and also a clip for Beau Ryan from the NRL footy show. He also shot fashion campaign launch promo for Paolo Sebastian, a bunch of food porn commercials for Glad Wrap in Sydney as well as a FIFA World Cup short for VISA in Bondi and finally a promo film for Lost Paradise Music Festival. All shot on Alexa, as you'd expect when you own one!

I have no idea what's going on here...

Viv Madigan has been in the Flinders Ranges shooting a low budget feature called "Crew Cut". Next up he's assisting on a 7 week miniseries called "Changed Forever" for the History Channel. The DoP is Geoff Ellis from the ACT. Mike Tessari will be out on that one too.

Our president Ernie Clark ACS attended the inaugural Northern Territory awards in Darwin on the 24th of October.

We were presented with a top end feel including some great aboriginal dancing although and some less traditional party pies. While only having 17 member the NT branch managed to get 80 guests to attend their 1st awards night. Congrats!

Some of the NT winners with National Pres Ron Johanson OAM ACS & MC Ray Martin AM.

Profile SA committee member Clive Taylor ACS

What are some of your favourite films?

One of my favourite films is Blazing Saddles, but I suppose it depend on what sort of a mood you are in at the time. Another would be Good Will Hunting.

Favourite TV program?

I would have to say Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos”. Some years back now. I do not watch too much TV these days only if I am away or on a plane.

Clive, how did you get involved in the industry?

I got my break into the industry in 1968 when I applied, along with 250 other young hopefuls, to join the then New Zealand Broadcasting Commission (NZBC) in Wellington, and was successful in acquiring one of the 3 positions advertised. This was as part of the floor crew in the studios of WNTV 1.

My first job on the crew was cabling the big heavy cables of the Marconi Mk3, turret studio cameras around the then only upstairs Studio in the Southern Hemisphere (our sister station in Auckland, had the only downstairs studio). Because this was upstairs and was laid with heavy concrete, the camera pedestals use to ground in the troughs, very awkward when tracking, they had no tolerance for uneven floors!

After progressing to studio camera operator and part time floor manager, I saw that the blokes (because it was just blokes in those days) were all under twenty, working outside and seeing the country with interesting trips (mainly odd bod types) I thought “this is for me”. Thus started my Long and Winding road on the industry merry go round.

I worked as a News and Program cine-cameraman at WNTV2 and later at AKTV 1 in Auckland. Then left the land of the Long White Cloud and traversed the “Ditch” to the Big Brown Land and managed to get a job as Assistant Cine cameraman at the ABC in Melbourne mainly working on Docos etc., best training ever!

Then I was offered a News cinecameramans job with GTV 9 in the halcyon days between 1969-1972 covering many events, one memorable one being sent into Viet-Nam to record 2 doco’s on the war in general and the winding down of our part in that conflict, I spent four action packed weeks there!

Clive focuses a 16mm ARRI BL

In 1972 went back to Auntie where I worked as a Production Cinematographer on many documentaries, Camera Op on drama unit, including the beloved “Bellbird”. then I was seconded to the BBC “Panorama” Program for shoots all over Australia for 2 months.

Clive & old sound recording mate Johnny Busch “Weekend Mag” near Tarcoola circa 1977.

So what happened next Clive?
Well I did a stint with the Natural History Unit doing wildlife docos all over Aust. Including work with David Attenborough on parts of “Life on Earth” around Victoria.

Later I was elevated to D.O.P. on 3 major Dramas, one being the first “All film” drama shoot on location in Horsham. Also “The Trial of Ned Kelly” staring Jon Waters. It was one of these Features that I gained my ACS accreditation.

After being put back to general program work, transferred within the ABC to Adelaide where I stayed until 1984 when I was approached by GTV9 to re-join the as a senior News cameraman. In 1986, after learning that my mother was gravely ill in Adelaide, I returned to the ABC here where I worked until I saw the error of my ways and turned Freelance in 1987.

Rod Bolton, Mike Piper & Olivia Newton John in Coober Pedy with Clive

As a freelancer, I have worked on many and varied projects, mainly in the Outback and Mining sector. For the Past 18 years the majority of the work has been involved in recording Aboriginal Social History, and contracted to Australia’s major Cultural Heritage organization , Australian Cultural Heritage Management, who work all over Australia, documenting Traditional Owner's past and recording interviews, etc. Much of this work is used in the gaining of the Traditional Owners “Native Title”.

Clive films Tribal Elder, Maitland Parker, from Tom Price (Banyjima) WA.

So what are you shooting these days?
At present I am contracted to Australian Cultural Heritage Management as a Digital Ethnographer working in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland. Which involves gaining the trust of the Traditional Elders and working with them in the field.

I am currently involved with the Banyjima people in the Pilbara, the Kokatha North of Port Augusta and the local Kaurna people.

Kaurna Native Title Determination Hearing in Country.

Recently we were involved with the repatriation of a major burial site in the Northern suburbs, over 20 aboriginal remains were discovered. A contactor had excavated a huge trench and in the earth stockpile it was discovered several human remains had been mixed together, after a painstaking effort, undertaken by ACHM archaeologists headed by Australia’s leading Palaeo Anthropologist, Dr Colin Pardoe, most of the bones will be reunited with the original skeletal remains.

I am still proudly involved with the ACS and look forward to continuing as a committee member.

Thanks Clive, well next month it's our newest committee member's story.

Know an ACS CineKid?

If so encourage them to join our newest membership category. - ACS CineKids - has been created to encourage and foster interested kids up to the age of 15 years to participate and take an active hands-on approach to Cinematography.

An ACS CineKids Member is a young person, 15 years or under, who has a passion for cameras and filmmaking. ACS CineKids will receive a Welcome Pack with a membership certificate, membership card, note pad and pen, access to our E news both National & State, and various screenings and workshops, along with mentoring from our ACS cinematographers.

To find out more and how to join ACS CineKids click on the following link:

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New AFTRS courses for 2015

Next year, AFTRS is offering all new courses, from online introductory awards to a three-year BA and two Masters degrees.

Their two new introductory courses provide a basic 6 week intro to film or radio. They are entirely delivered online, so they are available to anyone wherever they live and whatever their work hours. They do not require merit selection: they are opent to anyone to enrol.

So why not check out what AFTRS has to offer at

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December 15 Christmas drinks

May 2 2015 ACS National Awards in Tasmania at MONA in Hobart!

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