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Book your tickets to 2014 Awards for Cinematography Now!

Book your tickets NOW to our Magic of Cinematography Awards being held in Adelaide on November 1, starting at 6pm at the Hotel Grand Chancellor on Hindley Street.

Our Guest of Honour is our very own, the talented and magical Tony Clark ACS from RSP and we have wonderful Jane Doyle as our MC.

Uber magican Matt Tarrant will be on stage and amaze us, up close & personal, later in the night. "Luke the Piano Dude" will be tinkling the ivories playing wonderful theme tracks from heaps of movies.

Book Now via our website - $110ea inc GST, tickets are not issued names will be at the door, includes the Awards presentation, Pre dinner drinks & finger food, 2 course meal, drinks, entertainment and some wonderful door prizes. Bookings close soon on October 24.

Sponsors, both State & National, please book your complimentary tickets online too.

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FREEZE FRAME - SA ACS Airport Stills Exhibition closing soon

Night Shoot by SA member Kirsty Stark

Our Freeze Frame Exhibition is closing very soon on October 8 so check out the work or encourage any friends to go see the exhibition at Adelaide Airport.

The exhibition is spread across 5 areas throughout the airport concourse including: next to the Qantas lounge, near the Virgin lounge, the International boarding gate, and at either ends of the terminal.

There are over 50 works to see so we hope you appreciate the world, frozen in time, in single frames, in photos taken by our members.

The images are all available for sale and part proceeds will assist our branch. Framed $150 inc GST and unframed $100 inc GST.

Here's a link to check out all the pictures and buy.

RSVP for our Data Management Night

Monday, October 13 at SA Gold Sponsor ProAV Solutions we are having a Data Management night. Ok, I know it's a dry subject, but it's incredibly important to established cinematographers, assistants, DIT's, students and producers.

Daniel Charlton will discuss the differences of Hard Drives over LTO tapes (Cache A).

Mik Gojic is a Q-Take Operator / Data Wrangler and he'll also be on hand to discuss some of the pitfalls and things to look out for in this incredibly important field.

Qtake provides basic video split, playback, single track edits, live keying & compositing. The system also logs metadata via the SDI inputs and can be used to supplement camera sheets & script supervisor reports.

Mik's wrangling credits include Wolf Creek 2, Water Diviner & Deadline Gallipoli. He's worked with Alexa Codex, Red Epic & Dragon, & Phantom 4k Raw.

His wrangling & Qtake duties are split between his Mac Pro & Retina Macbook, all housed in a kart for easy moving around on set. The kit also features 36TB of storage, an LTO 5 tape drive & wifi base station allowing review of footage via mobile devices on set.

Steve Pratt from SA Bronze Sponsor Webster Hyde Heath Insurance Brokers, film insurance specialists, will also discuss some of the responsibilities of data management and data loss and subsequent issues and implications and answer some of our questions. Steve can also discuss why you probably should have Public Liability insurance too.

6pm for a 6:30 start at ACS Gold sponsor ProAV Solutions showroom, 41 Magill Rd, Stepney.

ACS members free, non members $15 donation. Drinks & Pizza will be served.

RSVP is essential to:

Of course, if you're not a member, maybe now's the time as you would also receive the recent ACS publication "The Image Makers". Click the link to join now.

Miles' Mailbag

Welcome back to Miles’ Mailbag

I'm sure there's plenty of tales out there from members who haven't written in yet!

Have you been shooting Siberian Tigers, Spanish dancers, Scandinavian crime drama or Swedish designed vacuum cleaners?

Have you found yourself working in Goolwa, Glasgow, गोवा or 广州?

We want to hear from all levels of membership: students, camera assistants, DoP's be it news, features, TVC's or animated gif sequences for BuzzFeed. Just let us know what’s going on. Please!

So email about what you are filming and a picture or two to SA committee member, Miles Rowland.

Click to send your news & picture to Miles' Mailbag »

Jo Rossiter ACS who filmed the pilot for "The Legend of Ben Hall" kindly dropped a line in saying "Hi, on set, gees it's been great shooting great actors, great wardrobe, great art dept, and great locations in 2•35:1 at 4K on Red Scarlet and Red Epic! Cheers, Jo R ACS"

After finishing shooting in Melbourne Jo then headed off to Singapore for some motion control shoots with Micronite. Lucky bugger...

After spending half an hour getting everything through security a bunch of volunteers spent nearly 4 hours at the airport on Sept 3 installing our Freeze Frame exhibition. The hangers included Mylene & Mal Ludgate ACS, JoAnne Bouzianis Sellick, Maxx Corkindale, Julienne & Ernie Clark ACS.

SA members Brenton Kempster and Matt Roberts have been in Melbourne filming some promotional videos for the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit upgrade. They pulled out the big guns and shot on Iscorama anamorphic lenses on the GH4.

Bryan Mason has been working in his other role at Closer Productions editing Matt Bate's documentary "Sam Klemke's Time Machine". Bryan is as very talented editor and cuts many of the Closer projects including their recent feature "52 Tuesdays", which he shot too.

EC shooting with a GH4 and John Smith's "Turbulater" to keep the dust clear of the lens.

Ernie Clark ACS has shot a couple of Mitsubishi TVC's ably assisted by SA members Maxx Corkindale and John Smith.

Our newest ACS member Leona Cichon produced the commercial that was filmed in the Flinders and there was even more bulldust than usual on this shoot as they were using a hexacopter for aerials.

They also had to track behind a car driving through piles of bulldust. To prevent seeing the dust the grip, John Smith, invented "The Turbulater": A leaf blower that blew a "hole" through the dust in front of the lens whilst a another smaller blower (made from black pipe) kept the UV filter reasonably clean. It mightn't be pretty but it had the desired effect!

Graeme Shelton visited the Helmut exhibition at the Berlin Museum fur Fotografie recently. Whilst there he decided to do some research on lighting the female form by studying some photos taken by the model's husband, none other than the German photographer Helmut Newton.

Profile, committee member: Ernie Clark ACS

Well this is going to be a bit weird, I have to ask myself the questions, give the answers and be the editor! Hope I don't ramble on too much!

So Ernie, what's your favourite film?
Well there’s a few, how about Blade Runner, Amelie, Days of Heaven looked amazing.

What's your favourite TV series?
Easy ? Ed. Breaking Bad, Dexter & Mad Men, oh and Game of Thrones was pretty damn good too! From another era, Get Smart was wonderfully ridiculous.

What's your favourite on set snack?
Water and more water.

What are your first movie memories?
When I was 5, my single mother used to take me to see the Saturday Matinee ( I think to get a break from me) at the Rivoli Cinema in Camberwell in Melbourne. I'd watch a serial like Flash Gordon or cartoons like Bugs Bunny or the Road Runner, maybe a Cinesound or Movietone newsreel or short film followed by a feature such as Tarzan Not very deep but still entertaining to a little kid and I think it cost about 3 pence.

And your first photographic experience?
Taking (bad!) stills on a bakelite, or was it plastic, Kodak Brownie camera with a crappy lens using B&W VP127 roll film. I had no sense of composition!

So how did you start in the film industry?
Well....I was supposed to be doing year 12 at Camberwell High in Melbourne but instead I was working at Arthur’s pool hall at Camberwell Junction. Eventually the headmaster offered me the choice of staying at school and working or leaving school. I chose the latter and whilst I was being interviewed at the CES (Commonwealth Employment Service) a film company rang looking for a trainee. Their provisos were, applicants had to attend the interview in a suit, not have long hair and not have been to film school. I hadn't been to film school, borrowed a suit and got my long hair cut by my girlfriend that night and went to the interview the next day and landed the job at Browning Productions! This was 1971 and it was very serendipitous!

Mike Browning with Ernie assisting. Ford TVC in Dusseldorf Germany circa 1975

Tell us more.
Browning's was a large TV commercial production house, with 5 directors, 4 film editors cutting on upright Moviloa’s, a sound department and a camera department with the very talented Volk Mol ACS (Accreditation #31) as the DoP, his assistant was non other than Malcolm Richards, the owner of Cameraquip, there were over 30 on staff! I was trained to operate the first video split which they had invented. It was large, cumbersome and the picture quality from the big B&W camera recorded onto 1/2" helical scan video tape was pretty poor. But it got me on set where I could observe!

Of course the world was Black & White then, well at least Television was, but since we made big commercials for the cinema as well, we sometimes shot in colour. It was great starting off in B&W, using filters to alter the contrast or the colour of objects. I still remember the #'s of the B&W Kodak stocks we used - 5231 for Plus X 35mm Negative 100ASA, 5222 for Double X 200ASA and 5224 for Four X Neg 400 ASA.

Mmmm, I know I said tell us more but I can see this is going to go on a bit so if you want to read the rest download via the link.

Click for complete Ernie Clark ACS profile »

Know an ACS CineKid?

If so encourage them to join our newest membership category. - ACS CineKids - has been created to encourage and foster interested kids up to the age of 15 years to participate and take an active hands-on approach to Cinematography.

An ACS CineKids Member is a young person, 15 years or under, who has a passion for cameras and filmmaking. ACS CineKids will receive a Welcome Pack with a membership certificate, membership card, note pad and pen, access to our E news both National & State, and various screenings and workshops, along with mentoring from our ACS cinematographers.

To find out more and how to join ACS CineKids click on the following link:

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New AFTRS courses for 2015

Next year, AFTRS is offering all new courses, from online introductory awards to a three-year BA and two Masters degrees.

Their two new introductory courses provide a basic 6 week intro to film or radio. They are entirely delivered online, so they are available to anyone wherever they live and whatever their work hours. They do not require merit selection: they are opent to anyone to enrol.

So why not check out what AFTRS has to offer at

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