SA eNews August 2014 - 2014 AGM & Petanque - SA WA Award entries open soon - Introducing Miles' Mailbag! - Profile Malcolm Ludgate ACS + more.

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SA Branch le Grande Bouffe & AGM August 12

Mais oui, madame, monsiuer, c'est bon. Our French themed AGM is very soon with vichyssoise, pate, petanque, profiteroles, wine and cheese. So don your beret and blue & white striped tee, or your french maids outfit, if you're that way inclined and répondez s'il vous plaît to our AGM. Tres bon!

Nominations for the SA branch committee are still open. Our meeting will convene at the Prospect Petanque Club starting at 1830, the AGM will begin at 1900 for about 30 minutes followed by Petanque, and something nice to eat and drink. ACS members only but RSVP is essential via the link below.

Prospect Petanque Club 14-32 Buchanan St, Nailsworth SA 5082

Award winning South Australian cheese wrights, Udder Delights, have come on board to sponsor our AGM so it promises to be a very tasty night! Udder Delights produces an award wining range of hand made cheeses that boast of authentic flavours and beautiful presentation. Their cheese is made using local goat and cow milk, it is batch pasteurised and contains non-animal rennet. May I suggest you check out their cheeses or go to their website as it's always good to buy South Australian, especially when products are this good! www.

Vino MoFo have also come on board as an SA AGM sponsor providing us with some wonderful wine. So check out their website as they have the most amazing range and fantastic specials.

Our AGM is also the time for your chance to vote on the Phone-tography pictures as the winners will be announced after the AGM. So come along for a bit of fun and a bit of serious stuff too. Please RSVP if you wish to attend.

Committee Nomination forms are available via the link below as well as proxy forms should you not be able to make it. Only Corporate members may be on the committee or vote at the AGM which include Accredited, Full, Active, Life or Retired members.

Note that present committee members need to nominate again to be available to be voted onto the committee for 2014 - 2015.

Whilst talking about sponsorship I'd like to recognise our newest sponsor MosaicAV. The team from MosaicAV have been looking after the staging requirements of our Awards for quite a few years now and more recently they were a great support on the Andrew Lesnie Masterclass providing us with great 4k Digi projection onto a big screen. This would allow us to monitor the output of Picture Hire's ARRI Alexa and view the numerous clips from movie's that Andrew had selected. So we welcome them on board and if you need anything requiring AV or Staging contact Craig Williams

Also National Platinum sponsor Sony have issue number 3 of Sony’s CineAlta online magazine is now available. The publication is focused on production stories told directly by the filmmakers. It is intended to be an educational resource on how Sony’s large sensor cameras are being used in the real world, incorporating all genres such as fashion, documentary, feature film, music video, commercials, episodic television and much more.

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Entries Open August 4 for SA WA 34th Awards for Cinematography

Our 34th South Australian & Western Australian Annual Awards for Cinematography online entries open on August 4 and close September 5 so get your entries in soon.

Get your best work together and please check out the new Categories and Terms & Conditions for 2014.

Our Awards theme this year is the Magic of Cinematography and will be held in Adelaide on November 1. It promises to be a great night so reserve the date in your diary.

We have confirmed the magical Matt Tarrant who will be on stage and amaze us later in the night too. Also we'll have "Luke the Piano Dude" playing magical theme tracks from heaps of movies.

Stay tuned to find out who our special guest and MC will be.

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Miles' Mailbag

Introducing a Postcard section for our eNews. We have aptly named it Miles’ Mailbag since we need you to email a few lines and pictures to SA committee member, Miles Rowland.

We want to know what’s happening, what have you been working on, are you filming someone famous or infamous, are you in an exotic location, are you shooting your first student film?

Send your stories, just a couple of lines and a picture or two about what you’ve been up to. We want stuff from all levels of memberships, Students, Camera Assistants, News, Features, everyone! Just let us know what’s going on.

Click to send your news & picture to Miles' Mailbag »

Aaron in Kuala Lumpur

Aaron Gully is on a 6 week shoot with Kojo, started in Melbourne and then headed overseas to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and New York.

Malcolm Ludgate ACS acting as camera supervisor, has supported camera operator and ACS student member Claire Bishop on the set of “Moon Repose”. Produced and directed by Maryada Rehling, the dance film is being made by the Adelaide MAPS students as part of their end of year submission.

Stephen Webb teamed up with Channel 9 newsreader Georgina McGuinness this month. They are producing a series of videos for Klemich Real Estate. Steve’s also been doing some field camera operating for The Footy Show.

The Wastelander Panda Production Office

Kirsty Stark is currently finishing Wastelander Panda which is currently in post-production, working towards delivery in mid-August before premiering on ABC iView in September. This featured the work of DOP Viv Madigan, 2nd Camera Maxx Corkindale with assistants Frank Hruby and David Tang.

Golden rain, Dave suffers for his art.

Dave Gregan has been busy shooting the web sketch show The Golden Phung, as well as a national TVC for Peoples Choice Credit Union and a music video for The Germein Sisters for a track called Golden which was shot on the Eyre Peninsula. Golden seems a bit of a theme for Dave!

Mark Cowley was also busy shooting a TVC for ‘Almond Grove’ residential estate and another with the creative agency Cool Hand Media. He’s also operating most weekends for the SANFL shoots that are broadcast on the ABC.

Sam King has been travelling the country shooting branded content for Asahi Beer.

A phalanx of ARRI Alexa's and SA members

Sergeant Major Viv Madigan is currently on his 3rd tour of Gallipoli. Having worked on Anzac Girls and The Water Diviner he’s been called back to the front line for Deadline Gallipoli as 2AC. This project has consumed lot’s of ACS SA members with Geoffrey Hall ACS as DoP, Ernie Clark ACS is Splinter unit DOP and 3rd camera op. Focus pullers are Jules Wurm, Frank Hruby and Maxx Corkindale. Mike Tessari and Jordan Agutter are also 2AC’s. They’re shooting until mid August.

During July Ernie shot a Mitsubishi Mirage TVC for Kojo with Director Sam Wark and with SA members Mark Cowley, Graeme Shelton and David Tang on board.

Profile committee member Malcolm Ludgate ACS

Mal's frames up with his first camera

I thought after Mylene's insightful profile we should follow up with her partner in crime and her other half Malcom Ludgate ACS. Cheers, Ed.

So Mal tell us what's your favourite film?

I would have to say “Blade runner” as I’m a bit of a Si-Fi nut and I love the extensive use of neon’s and practical’s to light this film.

What got you interested in the film industry?

I think it was in my blood, as my father and uncle had a photographic studio in Adelaide’s Hindley Street before I was born. My Uncle, Bert Ludgate, went on to become head cameraman at Weapons Research (now DSTO), responsible for filming the top secret Blue Streak rocket program and the Jindivik drone aircraft at Woomera in the 60s. When I was a kid, he would bring home obsolete 35mm films for me to play with and although he never spoke of his work, it sparked my interest in film. I started taking stills with a box brownie and eventually I purchased large format cameras for all my photographic work.

Shooting stills circa 1968

How come you changed from taking stills to motion pictures?

In the 70’s I was taking 6 x 6 photographs for the Adelaide Museum and underwater stills of Australian Sea lions. Conditions underwater in SA are generally bad and floating seaweed would spoil my shots. I showed some pictures at a club night and a friend projected some underwater film taken the same day with his home-made standard 8 camera. The water looked the same on screen, but the Seals and everything else underwater suddenly came to life and that bloody seaweed that was spoiling my pictures drifted majestically across the screen looking quite beautiful. The very next day I went out and purchased my first 16mm film camera.

Young Mal frames up an Arriflex 16BL

What was your first paid film job?

I had done an apprenticeship and was using 16mm cameras as a serious hobby; in fact I think I only ever went to work to earn money to purchase film. Anyway, one day the light bulb went on and I realized I could actually get paid to use the camera…Duh! What took me so long! First up I worked on oil rigs in the Northwest shelf as a commercial diver shooting inspection films for the oil industry and when home, I started chasing work with the South Australian Film Corporation doing anything I could get. At the time they were based in the old studio at Norwood and my first job there was scraping paint off the studio floor for the feature “Dawn” I was soon working as a Grip on “Blue Fin”, with the infamous Graham Mardell but in those days there was only about one feature shot in SA each year and it was difficult to get on the crew. I didn’t want to do anything else between films so I decided to get into television where there was more constant work. I joined the ABC in about 1979 where we shot film every day.

Shooting chilly Imax near Mt Erubus Antarctica

Why did you leave the ABC?

The television industry was transitioning from shooting film to video. The ABC moved their drama and high profile quality prodn's back to the bigger states, so I quit, went freelance and shot documentaries. I travelled the world and for the next 14 years working on the show “Beyond 2000”. It was an amazing time - 16 week trips - home for 3 week break then off again. Eventually, I was based overseas and they would fly in new presenters with more stock and off we'd go again. I worked in more than 90 countries during that time!

Tell us some of your most memorable jobs?

Where do I start there’s far too many! In the Beyond days we went to hundreds of Cutting Edge Company’s shooting the latest inventions and scientific breakthroughs. We worked everywhere from NASA to Russia’s equivalent, “Star City” in all its glory! In Russia were even the first Western crew allowed to film inside Lennon’s tomb. All cameramen get exposed to extraordinary situations but I guess some of my favourite jobs would be shooting endless Great White Shark documentaries, especially in the early days and filming in Antarctica on 6 different expeditions. I shot three IMAX films, “Antarctica”, “Australia Land Beyond Time” and just recently “Hidden Universe 3D” but spending 8 months using 65mm film at -20c degrees for the IMAX film “Antarctica” is up there for sure, as was diving under the ice. The “Mawson’s Huts” film and “The last Husky” Documentaries were other the great adventures down south. Can’t you ask me something easier?

Aren’t you the specialist underwater guy?

Haa, you think so?...Um, yes, but actually no. The majority of my work has always been above water and I’ve spent my entire career trying not to specialise in anything and that’s why I’m always busy. As a youngster, I was fascinated with film, cameras and the ocean and as a diver I naturally took cameras underwater. The film industry loves to pigeonhole people and I got that reputation when I setup our company Sea Films, as no one was shooting anything underwater in SA at that time. It soon became, Aha... Ludgate, he’s the underwater guy, then it was Aha, Ludgate, he’s the Antarctic guy or he’s the IMAX and wildlife guy. I only ever wanted to be the tropical island dancing girl guy! As a great deal of my work is shooting for clients like National Geographic, the BBC and Discovery channel etc, I often get called to shoot programmes or series which have an underwater element to them, so that myth gets perpetuated to this day.

Mal the wildlife guy and friend.

What keeps you interested in the industry?

Ahh that’s easy’, it’s the endless variety of work we get to do. How luck are we, as a cameraman I get sent to film in extremes, to film the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. We film the most beautiful and the most polluted places, the highest mountains or the deepest oceans and everything in between. To me the camera is a ticket to the world and having done some of the other career choices out there; I know we definitely have the best job.

Why did you decide to join the ACS?

In 1980 I met Milton Ingerson who was spreading the word about the ACS. Cameramen rarely get to work with each other as we are generally out there shooting by ourselves. I joined the ACS so I could meet other DOP’s and see how they worked. It wasn’t long before I was on the ACS committee where I’ve been pretty much ever since. People say the ACS is a bit of a self admiration society and well, I guess that’s somewhat true, but for me the reason I stay involved with the society that it makes me try that little bit harder to shoot better footage as I know our friends and colleagues will be watching.

Mal the underwater guy in standard diving gear!

What’s the worst part of this job?

We sometimes get called to film some very nasty arrogant people or personalities who don’t like us or want us around and our job is to make them look good on screen. I absolutely hate that and as a freelancer, I can’t treat them with the contempt they deserve as I’m always representing someone else’s company. Who said the camera never lies?

Mal supporting ACS student member & camera operator Claire Bishop

You also support film students a lot, tell me about that.

I love helping the new generation of film makers as I had virtually no access to gear or assistance in learning skills when I first started. In those days it was hard getting established, but now it’s probably even harder, as every kid with a mini HD and a laptop wants to work in TV or make films. Many have amazing new ideas but to make it a career they have to be better than most, get on set experience and have a wide range of skills to survive. Where I can, I help them out with equipment and try to get them on set with me if the production will allow it. The best of all this young talent will go on to replace us all.

Yes, I guess so. Finally, is there any advice you can give to those coming up the ranks?

Yes, to all those want-to-be film makers, be honest with yourself and establish if you really are seriously keen, gut hungry and passionate about doing this job, as that’s what’s needed to be successful. I was and it worked for me. Remember, in our industry film making is problem solving, your reputation always precedes you and your only as good as your last job. To those coming up the ladder, find out if you actually do have the drive and if so, consider carefully where in the industry you would ultimately like your career to be pigeon holed.

Any other interesting facts?

In case you didn’t know, I love my dog Bronte, wearing Mylene's specially, handmade Crazy Friday loud shirts, oh and shooting pictures!

Mal loves Bronte loves Mal loves Mylene's Crazy Friday loud shirts

Very soon we'll have profiled the last of the committee, so if you would like to nominate yourself, or another SA ACS member to be profiled, please email Ernie and we'll see what we can arrange. That includes associate, student, retired, active members.

ACS CineKids

Recently at ACS General Meeting held in Brisbane, the ACS National Executive proudly launched its latest initiative - ACS CineKids.

This new membership category has been created to encourage and foster interested kids up to the age of 15 years to participate and take an active hands-on approach to Cinematography. Even more young people will be able to experience the inspirational community of the ACS. While membership to the ACS is actively open to anyone involved in the industry this initiative opens the doors to those that aspire to or are already producing content to join the fostering of cinematography knowledge across all genres and mutual cooperation between all our members.

An ACS CineKids Member is a young person, 15 years or under, who has a passion for cameras and filmmaking. ACS CineKids will receive a Welcome Pack with a membership certificate, membership card, note pad and pen, access to our E news both National & State, and various screenings and workshops, along with mentoring from our ACS cinematographers.

We have a new category in our Awards for CineKids to be able to enter up to 2 films each.

Commenting on the ACS CineKids initiative National President of the Australian Cinematographers Society Ron Johanson OAM ACS said, “The ACS firmly believes it is our responsibility to encourage the future generations of cinematographers in every possible way we can, as the future of cinematography, across all genres depends on it.”

To find out more and how to join ACS CineKids click on the following link:

ACS Membership Categories »

Wildlife Filming Survey

Calling all Wildlife Camera Operators! NT ACS Full Member, Sam Chen, is doing a global research project on “cost effective models for wildlife productions that don’t sacrifice the craft of cinematography.” (University of Otago, NZ) 5-10 minutes of your time is all I need.

So if you shoot nature or wildlife please help out and fill in this survey before mid August. ://

FREEZE FRAME - ACS Airport Stills Exhibition opening soon

FREEZE FRAME - Still photograph exhibition by SA ACS Members

Our Freeze Frame Exhibition opens September 8 and closes October 5 so if you are going through the airport check out the work. The framed pictures are all available for sale so also let any friends who are going there to got to see the exhibition. It will be spread across 5 areas throughout the airport concourse including: next to the Qantas lounge, the Virgin lounge, the International boarding gate, and either ends of the terminal.

We hope you appreciate the world, frozen in time, in single frames, from photos taken by our members.

ACS Accreditation 2014

If you are contemplating putting in a submission for Accreditation then time is running out. As a starting point it might be worth checking out this page on our ACS website:

Accreditation application forms are only available from State or Territory Presidents or the National President.

Submissions open July 1 and close August 29 so if you wish to discuss Accreditation at all please contact Ernie Clark ACS. They are assessed in mid September.

Don't forget our website is a great resource with lots of info available. Check it out soon:

Click to contact SA Pres »

ACS Merchandise available

ACS New ladies Tees - $30 Cool NEW design
ACS Mens Tees $25 Cool NEW design
ACS Tees $20 Original design

ACS merchandise is available from ACS HQ Manager:
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A special run of Ladies Tees with the new design are available:
Size 10 - 92cm
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Small - 106cm
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If you are in Sydney go and check out our HQ, it has a wonderful camera archive, a great library, wonderful coffee, free internet, access to computers with Final Cut and more. HQ can also be hired to shoot interviews etc and it's conveniently located in Ridge St North Sydney with a parking station opposite, just contact ACS HQ Manager: to make sure someone will be there to show you around.

Phone-tography 2013 - 2014 Comp Winners

The results for our Phone-tography comp will be announced after voting takes place at our AGM August 12 2014. The categories are:

Best Composition, Most Creative, Funniest Photo, Best Selfie, Best Manipulated (Includes: Panoramics, Instagram filters, Hipstamatic + other apps) and People's Choice.

1st Prize $100, 2nd Prize $50, People's Choice prize $150

Check your profile

Log onto you ACS account to check your contact details and professional profile are correct. If your contact information is not current you could be missing out. Now's a good time to log in and set up your account the way you want it.

Check your email is the preferred point of contact, and that your postal address is where you want your AC Magazine mailed to each quarter. Also update phone numbers or add website and Bio information. Additionally you can set your eNews preferences so you receive all the eNews publications from each State and Nationally or only the ones you want. Log in to check or update your ACS account before it's too late!

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December 1 Committee meeting @ Anifex

December 15 Christmas drinks

May 2 2015 ACS National Awards in Tasmania at MONA in Hobart!

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