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National Awards wrap up

A fine bunch from SA attended the National Awards in Brisbane

SA did pretty well in the 2014 ACS National Awards for cinematography, congratulations to our winners.

Viv Madigan won a Golden Tripod for his post apocalyptic cinematography on Episode 3 of "Wastelander Panda Chronicles" in the Web & New Media Category.

Bryan Mason picked up a Golden Tripod in the Dramitised Doco category for "I Want to Dance Better at Parties", which I can totally relate to!

Greg Ashman won a Award of Distinction for his stylish show Dreambuild "Flipped House" which he shot for the ABC.

Election Rural also won an Award of Distinction in the Syd Wood ACS Local/National News Category, going to recently accredited, Daniel Soekov ACS.

The News Directors Award also went to Daniel Soekov ACS for his compelling story "Christmas Island Detention". Aljeezera English therefore won the Network Award.

Great work Daniel and I must say a pretty good haul for a small State.

I think our table won 5 of the door prizes with Ernie winning a fantastic pair of noise canceling headphones worth $500 from National Platinum sponsor Sony!

The announcement of Wastelander Panda winning a Golden Tripod was fantastic!

Myles and Ernie proudly show their haul.

Not only did we win awards but Mylene Ludgate and Ernie Clark ACS were both honoured to receive a Ron Windon ACS Contribution Award for Outstanding Service to the Australian Cinematographers Society and the Australian Film Industry. Ernie also was awarded Lifetime Membership to the ACS.

Many thanks to the Queensland branch committee for turning on a great Awards night. We know it's lots of work but they made it look stylish and easy.

The next National Awards will be at MONA in Hobart, Tasmania in May 2 2015. So keep an eye out for that, it should be huge! Could be a good time to schedule a holiday in Tassie and go see MONA and drop in to the Awards. MONA is amazing both as a gallery and architecturally - I reckon you need two days just to do MONA.

Check out the winning clips kindly put up by National Sponsor Showreel finder.

Or you can check out the winners at:

John Seale ACS ASC & David Burr ACS Mad Max: Fury Road presentation on June 3

Cameras in every direction on Fury Road

RSVP now to join John and David at Gold Sponsor, ProAV Solutions showrooms, 41 Magill Rd, Stepney on Tuesday June 3 for what promises to be a great night as they discuss the trials and tribulations of working on this high octane picture. They have a heap of amazing production stills showing the complex set ups and haw they approached filming this enormous project.

We are kicking off at 1815 with a drink, then John & David will present and then some pizza around 2000, finishing off with an informal chat. I apologise for my non attendance but I'm off to the CineGear Expo in LA.

ACS Members & Sponsors free.
Non members $15.
RSVP essential via the link below - space is limited so reply now.

Of course if you're not a member now's the time - join and get 13 months membership till June 30 2015. There's a link to the membership page below.

RSVP for Fury Road Presentation on June 3 »
Click to go to the ACS membership page »

Congrats to Rob Hill ACS

Congratulations to former Darwin boy and SA Branch member, ABC cinematographer, Rob Hill ACS who met US President Barack Obama a couple of weeks ago, as part of celebrations for his White House Press Photographer's Award.

Rob, who is based in Washington, received a handshake and congratulations from the President.

Rob won for the Foreign Correspondent report by Lisa Millar, Inside the NRA:

Before Rob’s Washington posting he was based in Beijing with Stephen McDonell.

Rob received his ACS accreditation a couple of years ago and it appears the US President also believes he was truly worthy.

52 Tuesdays ACS Screening & Q&A

Bryan frames up Del Herbert-Jane & Tilda Cobham-Hervey on the boardwalk

We are organising an ACS screening / Q&A of 52 Tuesdays with SA cinematographer Bryan Mason on June 16.

Not every film has a truck full of lights and it will be great to hear how Bryan approached the look of this film and how he achieved such a polished result on a limited budget.

He will talk us through his planning and lighting of this interesting and complex project that was shot over 52 Tuesdays throughout the year.

So stay tuned for confirmation of the venue and time for what promises to be a fascinating night.

Not only did 52 Tuesdays win Silver at our Awards in 2014 it has been recognised with many others including:
Winner - World Cinema Dramatic Best Director, Sundance Film Festival 2014
Winner - Crystal Bear, Berlinale 2014
Winner - Elese-Siegessäule Readers' Jury Award, Berlinale 2014
Winner - Best Feature Audience Award, Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2014
Nominated - Best Feature, TEDDY AWARDS 2014


Renewals for 2014 - 2015 memberships will be emailed out very soon. Our membership year is July 1 to June 30 so pay your renewal before June 30 and claim it in this years tax return. Besides, we need the funds sooner than later.

This would be a very good time to go onto the website and check your details are all correct as we wouldn't want you to miss out on receiving AC Magazine via the post or eNews via email. Maybe check that your memberships category is correct too. Are you a student who should be active or active who should be a full member? If so, email our treasurer Mylene and let her know as she will need to adjust this.

We've just introduced a new membership category called CineKids. This new membership category has been created to encourage and foster interested kids up to the age of 15 years to participate and take an active hands on approach to Cinematography. ACS CineKids will receive a Welcome Pack with a membership certificate, membership card, note pad and pen, access to our E news both National & State, and various screenings and workshops, along with mentoring from our ACS cinematographers. There are no joining fees for CineKids Members and membership is only $20 so maybe one of your kids might want to join.

Also, can I remind members that whenever they are in Sydney to visit your National Headquarters, it is a wonderful resource.

HQ has an interesting camera archive, a great library, fresh coffee, free internet, access to computers with Final Cut and more.

HQ can also be hired to shoot interviews, etc, and it's conveniently located on Level 2, 22 Ridge St, North Sydney, with a parking station opposite what more could you want! Just contact ACS HQ Assistant Manager:

Richard Wilmot
0450 223 837

Profile: committee member Aaron Gully

Here's a fascinating profile on Aaron Gully.

Aaron what's your favourite film? A: District Nine

Your favourite onset snack? A: Party pies

Your favourite TV show? A: House Of Cards

Aaron please tell us how you became interested in filmmaking?

I was extremely fortunate to grow up in a family surrounded by art and arty people. My dad was a commercial artist & stills photographer working with various Adelaide ad agencies, my mum a retired artist who gave it up to raise four kids. My childhood years were spent hanging around my dad on photographic shoots, in his dark room helping to develop BW photo’s, whilst covering myself with fixative and generally destroying all his expensive pastels, textas and pencils in his studio.

I was a bit of a geek really and being the youngest of four I spent a fair bit of time on my own. Many hours were whiled away playing with Lego and Meccano and while my “cooler” friends were making cars out of Lego I spent my time building cameras out of Lego. I once saw a behind the scenes photo of a Hollywood film and was fascinated by the dolly and track so I raced to my toy box, pulled my train set apart, made some strategic modifications that the grip John Smith would be proud of and then placed my Lego camera on-top of my shiny plastic version of a Panther and some Precision track…maybe a little embarrassing putting this one out there!


Dad would let me shoot his out-of-date BW rolls of film on his Bronica or Hasselblad. I would grab the stock from the bright orange hand-painted Kelvinator fridge in his studio, load the film, choose my lens, wander the laneways behind the advertising agency in Dulwich, take a light reading and then nervously push the shutter release after what felt like hours critiquing my composition. At an early age I learnt respect for the stock before pushing that button. I was always so excited and apprehensive to see my images slowly dissolve onto a piece of blank white paper while I gently rocked a tray of developer under the glow of a dim red light. Those early days at the ripe old age of ten or eleven helped pave my passion for capturing an image.

I’m not sure where it came from but a few years later we acquired a Super 8 camera. This was a defining moment for me as I never really contemplated that the joy I had in taking a still image could be magnified 18 times a second when pushing the trigger on that old super 8. I wrapped up my three minutes and twenty seconds of exposed stock into the supplied Kodak bag, posted it off and then waited for what felt like the longest seven day’s of my life for the processed stock to return. Dad borrowed a projector from someone he knew and on one rainy Saturday night my whole family armed with Lolly-Gobble-Bliss-Bombs watched my first attempt of a moving image projected onto a pullout screen complete with a Dutch-tilt that no end of folded napkins under one leg could fix. From memory my debut into moving film was pretty shit really.

Aaron this is really interesting but it might be a bit long for the eNEws so if you don't mind I'll make your complete profile available via a link below.

Members make sure you download Aaron's complete profile to hear the rest of his amazing journey to becoming one of SA's best cinematographers.

Click to download the complete profile on Aaron Gully »

Ahh the girls! It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it!

Deadline for FREEZE FRAME - ACS Airport Stills Exhibition 2014

We have extended the deadline for Freeze Frame photographs to June 12.

After successfully holding the National ACS Stills Exhibition at Adelaide Airport last year we thought we do it again but this time mount our own exhibition. We believe it will help raise the profile of our branch and our cinematographers. The exhibition is called:

FREEZE FRAME - Still photographs by SA ACS Members

Cinematographers normally film moving pictures at 25 frames per second but our exhibition concentrates on their still photographs freezing a moment in time. The pictures have been taken by members of the South Australian branch of the Australian Cinematographers Society.

So now what we need is for you, our members, to go through your best stills and email them to us to see if they get selected for the exhibition. The stills will be blown up to max A3 size, mounted and framed by the SA Branch for hanging at Adelaide Airport.

Works will be printed to approximately A3 size i.e if landscape 420mm wide, if portrait 297mm wide. Make sure the files of your stills have enough resolution to be blown up to this size. If you wish your photo to be framed in a particular ratio either crop it before submitting or indicate your composition on a scan of the photo.

We are asking for permission to sell the pictures at the exhibition and we will share the proceeds 50/50 with the photographer and the branch. Our 50% will assist in mounting the exhibition. By entering you agree we have the right to sell the exhibited pictures.

There is not a theme for the exhibition other than the pictures are taken by cinematographers, there is no time limit to when they were taken, or the subject matter, or whether they originated on film or as a digital file.

Email your pictures to us now via the link below.

Click to email pictures for Freeze Frame exhibition »

T's & C's for Freeze Frame

Terms & Conditions: The boring stuff that is so, so important.

1. Photos must be submitted via email to before May 31 2014 - Extended deadline - now till June 12!
2. Entry is free and only open to financial SA branch ACS members.
3. Photo/s must be taken by the entrant and they must own the copyright. Copyright clearance, and all related permissions and clearances from any relevant Producer(s) to exhibit an entry are entirely the entrant’s responsibility. The Society accepts no responsibilities for any copyright infringement.
4. Entrants agree by the act of entering the ACS SA branch Freeze Frame Exhibition that they give the Branch the right to exhibit the pictures and to sell them, equally sharing the proceeds of each picture sold with the entrant and the SA branch.
5. Every photo entered must be "titled" and named and, if you wish, a brief description/story relating to the photo may be supplied. The following naming convention must be followed: phototitle_entrantname.filetype
eg: CoolingOff_Miles_Rowland.jpg
6. We require a brief cv from each entrant which will be made available by QR reader next to the entrants displayed picture.
7. Please consider the photos will be seen publicly and Adelaide Airport has the right to refuse any photograph.
8. Adelaide Airport has the right to select one of the pictures from the exhibition for their own collection.
9. After the Exhibition entrants can purchase their remaining framed pictures for the cost of the printing & framing.
10. Any works not purchased by the entrants will be sold to help raise funds for the SA ACS branch for mounting the exhibition.

Yandi by Clive Taylor ACS

ACS Accreditation 2014

If you are contemplating putting in a submission for Accreditation then as a starting point it might be worth checking out this page on our ACS website:

Accreditation application forms are only available from State or Territory Presidents or the National President.

Submissions open July 1 and close August 29 so if you wish to discuss Accreditation at all please contact Ernie Clark ACS. They are assessed in mid September.

Don't forget our website is a great resource with lots of info available. Check it out soon:

Click to contact SA Pres »

ACS Merchandise available

ACS T SHIRT $25.00 NEW design
ACS T SHIRT $20.00 Original design
ACS CAP $20.00
ACS MUG $6.00
ACS PEN $6.00

ACS merchandise is available from ACS HQ Manager:

If you are in Sydney go and check out our HQ, it has a wonderful camera archive, a great library, wonderful coffee, free internet, access to computers with Final Cut and more. HQ can also be hired to shoot interviews etc and it's conveniently located in Ridge St North Sydney with a parking station opposite, just contact ACS HQ Manager: to make sure someone will be there to show you around.

Phone-tography 2013 - 2014 Comp

There are great prizes to be won in our Phone-tography Competition. The results will be announced at our AGM in August 2014. To enter email your phone pics to

So get your phones out and start snapping. If you'd like to see a gallery of last years entries check them out via the link below:

Phone-tography T&C's:
photos to be taken at work, on set, on location, photos related to filming, but the photos MUST be taken on a Phone and then submitted into our Phone-tography competition. The photo/s must be taken by the entrant. It's not just about the image but could also be about the subject matter, the location, the people, the occasion, even you! You could win CASH PRIZES from a prize pool of $900.

The photos must be submitted via email by July 31 2014 and will be judged in 5 Categories (make sure you title each entry as 50 photos called untitled doesn't really work! :-0)

1. Best Composition
2. Most Creative
3. Funniest Photo
4. Best Selfie (a picture you took of yourself)
5. Best Manipulated (Includes: Panoramics, Instagram filters, Hipstamatic + other apps)
6. People's Choice (voting for Cat 6 will take place @ 2014 AGM)

1. Entry is free and only open to SA branch ACS members
2. Photos taken on Phones only after 13/8/13 and submitted before 31/7/14
3. Photos to be taken "On the Job" i.e on set, on location, at work
4. No Photoshopping or filters allowed, except in Category 5.
5. The photo/s must be taken by entrant.
6. Entrants agree by the act of entering the ACS SA branch Phone-tography Competition that they give the ACS the right to publish the photos as they see fit
7. To enter email please ensure you title your picture and select a category if you wish.
8. Please consider the photos may be seen publicly
9. The decisions of the judging panel will be final and binding. The judges may use their discretion and not award all prizes
10. Winners will be announced at the SA branch AGM in August 2014

1st Prize in Category $100
2nd Prize in Category $50
Plus the People's Choice prize of $150

Click to see 2012/13 Phonetography entries »


June 1 Invoice for 2014 - 2015 Membership & Send Sponsorship Proposals

June 2 Committee meeting @ Anifex

June 3 Mad Max: Fury Road with John Seale ACS ASC and David Burr ACS

June 12 Freeze Frame Pictures Extended Deadline

June 16 52 Tuesdays Screening and Q&A at Palace Nova

July 7 Committee meeting @ Anifex

July 31 Phone-tography pictures deadline

August 11 SA & WA Awards entries open

August 11 SA AGM

September 1 Committee Meeting @ Anifex

September / October Freeze Frame ACS Stills Exhibition at Adelaide Airport

September 12 Award entry deadline

September 15 Sponsors deadline for assets for Awards

September 19, 20 & 21 Award Judging

September 26 Award tickets bookings open

October 13 Committee meeting @ Anifex

October 24 Awards ticket bookings close

November 1 34th Annual SA & WA Awards for Cinematography in Adelaide

December 1 Committee meeting @ Anifex

December 15 Christmas drinks

May 2 2015 ACS National Awards in Tasmania at MONA in Hobart!

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