SA eNews September - Entries Close Sept 6, More Winners, Sponsor News, Profile Mark Evans, Fees Due & More!

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Entries CLOSE September 6 for SA/WA Awards for Cinematography

That's right there are only a few days left to enter. Entries close 5pm Friday September 6.

Online entries are open till then for the 2013 SA & WA 33rd Annual Awards for Cinematography via the link below.

On our website are the 2013 Terms & Conditions & 2013 Award Categories:

Physical entries are preferred and can be dropped off at Anifex. Details are on the entry form. If you are overseas or in a remote location then entries can be sent via yousend it.

Please read the entry requirements carefully and only supply high quality files as requested and the best of luck.

As you most likely know the only way to enter the ACS National Awards is to win Gold at your local awards so get your entries in. BTW the state entry fee automatically covers the Gold Winners' entry fees into the Nationals.

Our awards are being held on Saturday November 2 @ 6pm @ Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hindley Street, Adelaide. Great news, we have Peter James ACS ASC as our Guest of Honour and our host will be comedian George Kapiniaris. Tickets bookings will open online on our website on September 30. Only $110 per head inc GST.

Peter has also agreed to do something special for us, in the week before the awards he will present a screening and Q&A of Mao's Last Dancer and also hopefully hold a Master Class on lighting and lensing portraits. Peter has regularly taught at AFTRS and is one of Australia's most awarded cinematographers. So keep an eye out for these free events (for financial ACS members) in the next SA eNews Kinemagraphe.

Kids TV Horror Film photographed by Mark Cowley

More phone-tography competition winners

Here are another couple of 2012/2013 SA branch Phone-tography winners as judged by renowned stills photographer Milton Wordley, Creative Director Lyn Punshon and actor / musician Sam Clark. The peoples choice photo was voted by the AGM attendees. These photos won the most creative category:

1st prize - $100, Mark Cowley for Kids TV Horror Film

2nd prize - $75, Maxx Corkindale for Let me out, I'm Innocent

We will publish the funniest in the next issue of eNews.

All the entrants are given a 20 x 15 cm print of their entries after the judging is finished. If you didn't attend the AGM and would like your copy contact JoAnne at Anifex.

Let me out, I'm Innocent! by Maxx Corkindale

2013 / 2014 Sponsors

We would like to welcome aboard our latest confirmed sponsor - 9 News. Thankfully they have come back on board after the recent change in ownership. Check out their website

So now our sponsors list for 2013 /2014 is:
Major Sponsor: South Australian Film Corporation
Gold Sponsors: Kojo, ProAV Solutions, 7 News, 9 News, 10 News
Silver Sponsor: Anifex, Cameraquip, Picture Hire
Bronze Sponsors: ABC, Best FX, Camco & Webster Hyde Heath Insurance Brokers

The MRC are providing the Student Encouragement Award of $3K of equipment and facilities hire from the MRC to a SA student who enters our awards. This award is announced at the 33rd Annual SA & WA Awards for Cinematography on Saturday November 2 where comedian George Kapinaris will be our MC for the night.

On behalf of the SA committee and our members I express our thanks to all our loyal sponsors. So whenever possible please use or buy their services and products.

If you wish to sponsor us or know of a company or orginaisation that may be interested point them to our 2013 /2014 sponsorship proposal via the link below. Or they can contact me via the other link below.

Sponsors please note we require your artwork and other assets by 13 September 2013 for this years program and awards night compile.

Silver sponsor Picture Hire now have an ARRI Alexa for hire, capable of 120 fps with all the necessary accessories incl O'Connor head and legs. Check them out for what sounds like very reasonable rates to me.

Click to email SA Sponsorship coordinator Ernie Clark ACS »
Click to download 2013/2014 SA Sponsorship Proposal »

Free Lens Adapter Offer on Sony's NEX-FS700 Super 35MM Camcorder

National ACS Platinum Sponsor has a great offer - until the end of September, purchasers of the Sony NEX-FS700 Super35mm camcorder can claim a free 3rd-party lens adapter from their dealer.

This allows a huge range of common still camera lenses to be easily fitted, as well as native E-mount lenses, giving users an array of focal length and speed options. Together with the camera’s high speed shooting capabilities, this makes the NEX-FS700 a very powerful and versatile package for large format sensor shooting, at an unmatched price.

This offer applies to both the NEX-FS700 (body only) and NEX-FS700K (with 18-200mm E-mount zoom lens) versions.

For details, contact any Sony authorised Content Creation Dealer via the link below.

NEX-FS700 product details are available at:

Click to find Sony authorised Content Creation Dealers »

A very happy Mark Evans with an ACS award under one arm and "Marilyn" under the other.

Profile: Mark Evans Cinematographer / Director / Location Manager / SA Branch Committee Member & Vice President

Mark let’s begin with 3 easy ?’s:
Favourite Film? Any film from the Coen Brothers….waiting on “Inside Llewyn Davis“
Favourite on-set snack? Double Shot Latte
Favourite TV show? Last Series of “Breaking Bad“….Amazing show that needs to be seen from the first Ep. Looks great…well shot by Michael Slovis ACS using both Film and Digital formats.

Mark, please tell us about your career in this crazy business:

Well, I have been around for quite a while!! Started in TV at Channel 7, in the days before Colour!! Lots of live telly, game shows and kids TV. The first camera I operated was a Black and White tube monster with 4 x rotating lenses. You needed to rack a lens to change framing….after a bit of practice you could rack a lens and have it focused before the lens was in place. (see file pic above - and NO it is not Mark behind the camera!)

I worked in 16mm for location work with a cinematographer named Roy Wooding. He was a real character using an old beat up CP16 and B&W Reversal film stock which was 100ASA I think. Then along came the video backpack camera, which was a bulky camera tethered to a reel to reel tape recorder that was carried separately. This was the start of shooting single camera TVC’s with Gaffer Trevor Toune. This is still a few years before the first all-in-one video camera – The Sony BetaCam.

Went freelance wayback in 1980! Then taken under the wing of Mentor and Legend Milton Ingerson ACS where I learnt the finer points of lighting and framing from the Master….His teaching style was more yelling abuse when it was not to his liking!

Worked as Director / DOP for a few Production Houses that have been and gone: Pro-Image, Great Southern Films, Network 8….Since 1992 I have concentrated on Producing / Directing / DOP’ing along with Location Managing which was more of a stop gap for when things were quiet….Well it seems as if the quiet is more on going….Started with the feature “Rabbit Proof Fence“ with numerous others along the way; working earlier this year on the David Michod Feature “The Rover“….with a small, basic crew of only 100 people!

I have used and operated most of the new digital cameras, from the Alexa and Red, to the dreaded DSLR….which I used only a few weeks ago. I do not know why we bother trying to rig stills cameras to be film friendly….I had bits hanging everywhere, trying to see thru a make believe viewfinder! and forever checking to see if it was sharp….of course the cheaper the camera the smaller the crew so assistants were not part of the agenda!!

And Mark, how did you come to be on the ACS SA branch committee?

Way back in the 80’s when Milton Ingerson, who was the SA President, told me to join!….I don’t think he asked me? more like “sign this.…you are now a member!” So from 1982 till now I have been associated or a Committee Member of the SA Branch. I also did my stint as President from 1988 to1990. I have been involved in putting together the Awards Reels for more years than I can remember and they are coming up again….but don’t panic we will not have me as a live Presenter or Julia Jillard!!

Mark, why are you still involved in the ACS?

Good question….over all these years and with the Ghost of Milton still appearing at some of our Meetings! it has always simply been about the Craft of Cinematography. It is this Craft or Art that binds us together and the SA Branch has always had people that are passionate about keeping this together. With Mylene, JoAnne and you at the helm….just to name a few, we are still in very good hands and now with the young bloods stepping up I hope we have a strong branch of the Society that will continue for many years to come.

Thanks Mark for agreeing to be interviewed and for your commitment and dedication to the SA branch for all these years. Well I wonder who we’ll learn about next…till then, cheers from the Pres, Ernie Clark ACS.

Mevs operating a more contemporary camera.

Upcoming Dates

Monday September 2 Committee Meeting @ Anifex

Friday September 6 Deadline for entries to our 33rd Awards

September 13 Sponsors deadline for awards program artwork and other assets

September 13 & 14 Accreditation Assessments

September 15 National AGM @ ACS HQ in Sydney

September 23 Best News Story judging

September 27, 28 & 29 SA&WA Awards Judging @ RSP

September 30 Online bookings open for Award Tickets @ $110ea inc GST

October compile for Awards @ Kojo

October 7 Committee Meeting @ Anifex

October 25 Award ticket bookings close

October ?? Master Class Lighting & Lensing Portraits with Peter James ACS ASC

October 29 Screening and Q&A Peter James ACS ASC presents Mao's Last Dancer

November Saturday 2 our 33rd Annual SA & WA Awards for Cinematography
Guest of Honour Peter James ACS ASC Hosted by comedian George Kapiniaris

November 4 Committee Meeting @ Anifex

December 2 Committee Meeting @ Anifex

December 9 ACS Christmas drinks @ The Colonist,The Parade Norwood

May National ACS Awards for Cinematography Brisbane, Queensland

Film Laboratory up and running again in Australia!

NegLab to recommence film processing:

Breaking news from Lawrence Horsburgh at Kodak advises that Werner Winkelmann will reopen NegLab in Sydney and they are currently installing film processing equipment.

We don't have a opening date just yet, but Werner has said NegLab will be up and running by late September or early October 2013 and processing services will include ECN 35mm & 16mm.

So if you are one who has lamented the demise of the film labs there is only one way to keep NegLab (and Kodak or Fuji) going. SHOOT FILM whenever you can and have it processed in Australia.

Unpaid Membership Fees

If you haven't paid your fees by this September 30, I am sorry, but we will have to close your membership file. If you then wish to become a member again, you will be required to re-apply and pay the joining fee once more. It is untenable for the society to chase members for payment multiple times or to continue to send unfinancial members the AC magazine. Please also note, if you're unfinancial you may not attend our events, enter our awards or maintain your accreditation status.

So if you wish to stay as a member you can pay by eft direct debit or visa, (the banking details are on the invoice) or via the website. Simply login and select EDIT PERSONAL DETAILS and there, under membership status, is RENEW NOW. Simply click on this, fill in the info including selecting your membership type & your visa details. If you have misplaced your invoice, please email the branch treasurer, Mylene, via the link below or phone her 0418 853 515.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and we would appreciate payment as soon as possible so we can continue to run the branch. It will also save our volunteers a lot of time and energy chasing tardy payers.

Should you be in financial difficulty please contact Mylene to discuss alternative payment options.

Just login into or eft your dues asap

Click to email our treasurer Mylene Ludgate »

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