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September 2023

From the Pres - BGM Report
Monolith Screening & Q&A
Bookings open for Awards night
W+ Screening Q&A report
We have Instagram now!

Profile Angus Becke-Smith
Lots of fun, food and wine was enjoyed at our Branch general Meeting held at CitiZen restaurant on Friday August 11. Our new committee for 23/24 had been voted in and I'll stay on as Pres until our 43rd Awards are over when Richard Back ,our President Elect, will take over the reins from November 1, our Vice Presidents remain with Joanne Bouzianis-Sellick & Daniel Charlton, our new Secretary is David Gregan, Assistant Secretary is still Daniel Charlton and of course after 32 years our Treasurer remains the same, Mylene Ludgate, I have the lofty role as Assistant Treasurer Ernie Clark ACS, our new Newsletter Editor is Maxx Corkindale and our Committee Members include Malcolm Ludgate ACS, Mark Evans, Claire Bishop, Grace Liu, Michael Tessari & Johanis Lyons-Reid. I hope you will support you committee with good ideas and encouragement over the coming year. We had an impromptu quiz for a few hats and beanies an here's a pic of the winners.

In case you're interested here's my 22/23 President's report which was presented at the BGM. In it are all the events we held over the last year.
On the night, I announced our Special Guest for this years 43rd annual SA & WA Awards for Cinematography is Australian Cinematography legend and Academy Award winner John Seale AM ACS ASC.

John will kindly present a screening followed by a Q&A at the SAFC theatre on the Friday night before the awards - October 27. Thank you to Marty Pepper & Kojo for providing this facility for what promises to be a special night.

The judging for our awards is happening soon, so if you have entered may I take the opportunity to wish you good luck. We have a record 189 entries this year!
Cinematographer Michael Tessari and Director Matt Vesely are hosting a very special Q&A screening of their much applauded feature film, "Monolith". It screened at SXSW in Texas and just completed its screenings at the Melbourne International Film Festival to very high acclaim.

Mike and Matt will talk about their collaboration, and the equipment they used to create such a high-production value tone and style, all on a FilmLab budget.


Where: Mercury Cinema
When: September 12
Time: Bar Opens 6pm, Screening 6:30
Cost: Free and only for ACS & ADG financial members
Bookings essential:
Via this link
Bookings close: Sunday Sept 10
Come and celebrate the Best Cinematography from SA & WA at the 2023 SA & WA ACS Awards for Cinematography!  We've had a record number of entries this year so who was awarded for what?

Held on Saturday, October 28 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor on Hindley Street, Adelaide - proudly presented by ACS National sponsor Creamsource.

Our Special Guest is Academy Award Winner John Seale AM ACS ASC with live music from Samantha Edge.

Where: Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hindley St
When: October 28
Time: 6pm
Dress Code: Smart
Cost: $125 inc GST includes entry to ACS After Party @ Hades Hula House
Bookings close: Friday October 21


This was a wonderful screening event starring some our finest SA female cinematographers - Grace Lui, Claire Bishop, Bonnie Paku, Helen Carter and JoAnne Bouzianis Sellick - all who had been awarded for their cinematography in the ACS awards over the years.

The captive audience watched a selection of film, documentary, and corporate work, along with detailed explanations of how the projects were achieved.

It was truly fantastic to witness the networking and camaraderie between all the members and guests who attended, reminding us how great these ACS events really are.
The SA branch of the ACS has Instagram now!

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My association goes way back with the SA ACS branch as the Roneo (google it) flyer shows and a letter from then Secretary Geoffrey Williams.
42 years ago, I presented a screening & Q&A on 8 x 1 hour television series which I was the DoP on. Back then the roneo’d flyers were mailed out via snail mail. Had I realised it at the time that this was the 1st seminar the branch had held I would've been even a bit more nervous.

A major prop was the ship which cost A$20,000 to build. It was built on the tray of a semi-trailer so it could be moved around from one location to another. The ship set was really just a shell of a convict ship which was generally positioned at the top of the cliffs at Maslin Beach with a sea view of the Southern Ocean in the background. I shot most of the footage on it handheld, moving up and down and floating the frame to give the impression we were at sea.
The photography certainly wouldn’t stand up to today’s standards but we had a lot of fun working 6 day weeks, for months making the series here in Adelaide at the grand cost of A$1.5 million! A lot of money in those days!
Back then SA ACS members, David Foreman was camera assistant - he became Accredited in 1990, John Foster was Clapper Loader and now retired Gaffer, Graeme Shelton was assistant Grip.
Sara was the first TV Series the SAFC produced, followed by Under Capricorn and The Term of his Natural Life which I also DoP’d. At the time we jokingly called the SAFC “18th Century Fox” due to all the period dramas. Good times but I couldn’t wait to be on a set with a light switch and no candles or lanterns!

The window for applying for ACS Accreditation for 2023 is only open for three weeks from September 1 to  September 21.

So get your submission together and pass it by your
Accredited President for advice. This process helps minimise the Assessment panel having to look at submissions that maybe "not up to scratch". Don't leave it to the last minute as it's a busy time of the ACS year.

Accreditation assessments involves a panel of ten ACS Accredited cinematographers, who work across as many genres as possible, gathered together (COVID willing) to assess the work. The submitted works of the applying cinematographers are screened and assessed before voting on each submission by secret ballot. To gain Accreditation a minimum of 8 of the panel of 10 must vote in the positive. It's tough but if the work is considered a high enough standard you should get through.

It's best you check out the ACS Accreditation page on our website so you make sure you qualify to apply and read the guidelines.


What inspired you to pursue this career?
My love for film first began when I was a little tacker, I used to make parody films on windows movie maker with my friends and siblings. These formative works included Russell Coight rip off episodes and behemoth comedy masterpieces. I was truly a young prodigy of the film making craft. From here I maintained my great passion for screen mostly through the pursuit of acting, until late high school where I realised my real passion was for telling stories through the medium of film. I spent most of my final year at high school working on my friend’s media project films despite not being enrolled in the class myself. This passion was then pointed out to me by my friends and family, and I decided to pursue it as a career option.

Why did you choose to pursue camera department?
I recently graduated from Flinders University with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen) (Honours), where I learnt a lot about collaboration and the craft of filmmaking. When I first began my course, I had no idea what I wanted to do within the industry, I’d barely held a camera since I was in primary school and ended up falling into editing and sound recording roles. I saw some success in both these roles getting side jobs to help pay my way through university by in the end I realised that I wanted to have a more active role in production and the creation of film visual language. My final semester of my bachelors I decided to commit to learning camera department.


How did you start out in the camera department?
Once I’d made the decision to switch to camera department I jumped straight into a role as a 1st AC on a student feature film under a fellow Flinders Alumni Jack Morton. I learnt a lot about how crews run from Jack and working as a camera assistant on this and many other projects after it. I always find that through working with new people allows for me to learn new ways of doing things, an adaptable style is something I want to have and through learning from many different people I hope to develop that.

What was the most challenging project you have worked on?
The first film I acted as cinematographer for, My Father’s Son, just happened to also be shot on 16mm film, which very much felt like being thrown into the deep end with no floaties on. I managed to keep my head above water however and learnt quickly about lighting ratio’s, what on earth a stop of light is and how to not panic when you can hear money ticking away with every second.  

What has been your biggest success so far?
Following this I shot a film called, Bomb Voyage, an international crime thriller where an international relations student gets a bomb strapped to them for them to smuggle an artefact to Hong Kong. This film was the biggest undertaking yet as it ran 15minutes in length ranged across multiple locations, required international collaboration with a team of students in Hong Kong and the biggest crew I would have managed to date; it was ambitious for the 3 months concept to completion deadline we had. But complete it we did. I am thankful for this experience as this film won me Best Cinematography in the Student Category in the Australia and New Zealand Sony Catchlight Film Festival.  This award was the biggest laurel I had achieved in my career, and it was such an honour to be provided with a space to be able to mingle with cinematographers from across the country as well as some Sony boffins to boot. The largest film I’ve undertaken would be my honours film “Hill’s Hoist” which saw me write, direct, produce, shoot, and edit alongside my dear friend and colleague Dante Niedzwiedz. Hill’s Hoist is yet to be released as we are putting the final touches in the colour grade and sound design as we speak. I also backed this up with, “IN THE PRESENT”, a comedy film which also grabbed a few awards at the Fleurieu film festival late last year and will be playing at the inaugural Glenelg film festival.

What are you currently working on?
I have recently taken a big career step and am working on the nationally broadcast observational documentary television program, Paramedic’s, where I work as a camera technician. By starting this role, I have been able to work under experienced DOPs in Matt Kuchel and Tim Mills who have guided me a lot on how to navigate the scary waters of early career cinematography. Alongside working with some absolute legends, I have also had the opportunity to operate a B camera and have my work broadcasted nationally which is very exciting.

What’s your next project? Where to from here?
I am currently helping to develop a project called, M-8, about a young inventor’s platonic relationship with her creation. It has a strong focus on an innovative style where I will be using technology to get a unique visual language for the film. This project excites me greatly and I can’t wait to get started on the production.
Other than M-8 I hope to continue to meet more industry professionals through my work as an assistant and at ACS events. I truly strive to develop my craft and I think that other perspectives on the craft always lead to improvements. I want to thank the ACS SA Branch for the opportunity to talk about myself to an audience of my peers.

Upcoming Dates


September 1 to 21 - Accreditation Application window
September 4 - Committee Meeting
September 8 to 10 - 43rd SA & WA ACS Awards for Cinematography Judging
September 12 - Monolith Q&A screening @ The Mercury Cinema
October 3 - Committee Meeting
October 13, 14 & 15 - Accreditation Assessments @ ACS HQ
October 27 - Special Screening & Q&A with John Seale AM ACS ASC @ SAFC Theatre
October 28 - 43rd Annual SA & WA ACS Awards for Cinematography @ Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hindley St Adelaide
November 1 - Welcome our new President Richard Back
November 26 - National AGM via Zoom
December 4 - Committee Meeting
December 11 - 6pm Annual SA ACS Christmas Get Together @ Colonist Hotel
December 12 - SA Branch hibernates until Feb


February 5 - 1st SA Committee Meeting for the year
May 4 - 54th National ACS Awards for Cinematography in Queensland 
July 1 to 14 - SA ACS Emerging Cinematographer Submission Window
August 1 to 21 - Awards Entry Window
August ?? - Branch General Meeting
September 1 to 21 - Accreditation Application window 
September ? to ? - 43rd SA & WA ACS Awards for Cinematography Judging
October - Accreditation Assessments

Oct/Nov - 44th Annual SA & WA ACS Awards for Cinematography
November ?? - National AGM via Zoom
December ?? - Annual SA ACS Christmas Get Together

55th Annual National ACS Awards for Cinematography in Victoria
56th Annual National ACS Awards for Cinematography in Adelaide

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