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July 2022

From the Pres
SA 2022 AGM
Screening & Q&A Wrap up
Profile - Peter Thurmer
From the Pres

Our Meet the SA 2021 Gold State Winners night was well received and it proved to be a great night, more below.

By now you should have paid your membership dues as they were due by June 30, if you haven't please do so soon and while you are at it please check your email, mobile # and address details are correct. Of course if it's time to move your membership level to another please contact our treasurer Mylene Ludgate.

You must be financial to enter the 2022 ACS State Awards for Cinematography. The entry window opens soon on August 1 and closes August 21 so nearly time to select your entries for this year. Entry will be via the ACS website.

2022 Accreditation Submissions
The entry window is for ACS Accreditation and it opens September 1 and closes September 30 but if you are thinking of applying you should be getting your submission together before then so I can have a look at it and offer any advice I can. This is a busy time of the year for me as I'll be involved in the judging of both the SA & WA awards as well as the Northern Territory awards this year.
SA Branch Sponsorship

It's that time of the year where we are searching for sponsors for our branch. So if you would be interested, or know of a company that could be good to considering sponsoring us, please forward them our 2022 2023 SA Branch Sponsorship Proposal, there are various packages available to suit varying budgets. 

We welcome again Gold Sponsors Pro AV Solutions and Picture Hire for once again supporting our branch for the 22/23 financial year. We very much appreciate your assistance.

Also many thanks to our Branch supporters including Kojo, Anifex, Best FX, Digital Pigeon and Mercury CX.

Please stay well and stay safe!
SA 2022 AGM
Yep, yet another election in 2022! This time our SA 2022 Annual General Meeting held to elect our next  committee and our office bearers. It is slated for August 15 at in.Studio + Cafe 6pm for a welcome drink, AGM 6:30 to 7:00 followed by refreshments and a bite to eat. So it won't all be boring business, it's a good time to catch up with other members too.

So this is your chance to become SA President as I'm hanging up hang up my shingle after this AGM.

Or, maybe you'd like to be one of our two Vice Pres's as one of our long serving Vice Presidents, Mark Evans, is retiring this year. So go on, nominate for the VP role so I can train you up to take over the mantle in 2023. 

The office bearer roles include: President, 2 Vice Presidents, Secretary and Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Committee Members.

To assist with catering and so we get any special dietary requirements please book via the link below.


The committee usually meets for 11 months of the year (we get January off!) on the first Monday night of the month from 6:30pm to around 8:30. These are enjoyable meetings with like minded folk trying to organise the best we can for our members.

If you want to see some changes in our branch put your hand up to be on the committee. Nomination forms are are available via the link below and they need to be received by us by August 8 2022.

If you cannot attend but would still like to have your vote counted please complete the Proxy form also available from a link below with the same deadline as the nomination forms.

Please note: financial, corporate members only can nominate and/or vote at the AGM - this includes Accredited, Full, Active, Life & Retired members only.

Wrap up of the SA Gold State Winners Screening and Q&A 

Our meet the SA Gold winners night gave us a good look at many of the winning entries on the big screen in the two and half hour screening & Q&A.
The SA Gold winning DoP presenters included:
Miles Rowland & Maxx Corkindale - individually in the Music Videos cat.
Brant Cumming - Local/National News category
James Haskard - Entertainment & TV Magazine category
Richard Chataway ACS - Art, Innovation & Specialised category
Nick Berry-Smith - Corporate Branding & Advertising category
Julian Hatch - Commercials Local / Regional category
Miles Rowland - Commercials Local / Regional category
Emerson Hoskin - Commercials Local / Regional category
Miles Rowland & Maxx Corkindale - Together for their Collab entry in the Documentaries category
Aaron Schuppan - Short Films category
David Gregan - Serial TV & Comedy Series category

It was really interesting to hear about all the different approaches, budgets, shoot times and how some were really planned and others took advantage of what was presented to them on the day.

It was also great to see many of the entries in their entirety and being able to run almost 5 minutes of the longer entries all up on the big screen.

May I take this opportunity to thank them all for their time, honesty and for passing on their knowledge. Also thanks to the SAFC for providing the venue for our screening & Q&A.
Loius Pulli 3 Day Steadicam Workshop

Are you a camera operator or camera assistant looking to become proficient in Steadicam builds and operation?
ACS Victorian member, Louis Puli is running a three day intensive Steadicam workshop during September this year.

This course will provide high level training in Steadicam operation and keep you up to date with the latest techniques and technology. The course will cover everything from building and balancing to operating in different modes, configurations and scenarios.  Spaces are limited so see below for details!

Dates: 13th - 15th September 2022

Location: 208 Park Street, South Melbourne.

Course Fee: $1,500

For further information please contact Louis Puli on 0419 542 024 or email         

Click to download the course flyer.

Profile Peter Thurmer
 Hi Pete, please tell us what first sparked your interest in camera work? Well, my life with photography and cinematography started early. My father filmed my first birthday party on 16mm Kodachrome film and also recorded most of my early years, so I guess my early inspiration, guidance and learning was from my Dad. I also saw John Heyer’s film ‘Back of Beyond’ [1954] for another.

Once you had the camera bug what did you do? I started photography as a subject at my high school, getting access to my first darkroom at EHS in 1965. I soon made cinema friends at senior school including artist Dean Bruton and together we made our first batch of standard 8mm films.

Please tell us about early work with cameras. I initially worked in retail and wholesale in photographic stores. My first job was in the mid 1970’s as a still photographer, but after returning to school, I got into Flinders Uni. It was the early days of the Flinders Drama Centre where they were looking at cinematography, art, philosophy and of course much more. Around that time I also worked with Aggie Read, Gil Brealey and George Anderson.

Did anyone have an influence on your career? Yes, Aggie Read and Gil Brealey, lecturers at Flinders University, were amongst many.

It’s often difficult to get established in our industry, how did you survive those early days? My early film industry work was initially small in the growing SAFC, so at the time I pursued more personal filmmaking and some freelance photography work. I guess in my early career I had planned to be doing both, teaching and freelance camera work to help pay the bills.

When did the passion to be a film educator start? I began teaching the new subject media studies at high school and quickly discovered I could help young people learn and develop their own cine-graphics skills. I realised the immense growth and scope of media that was happening in the 70's and 80's, I thought I can help people learn about this.

You have attained a great reputation as a fabulous and quirky media educator, tell us a bit about that? In 1991 I began teaching students at a small film school, which had first started in about 1983. The school allowed us to develop it further and so began a long career building MAPS into what became a fully-fledged film school. During my time at MAPS we developed certificate courses and each year received increasing amounts of industry support including a willingness to help students find work and/or to help them gain work experience on film jobs.

Pic: 2008 MAPS editing on second year projects. Cleland Jones at this point was a technician and helping Dave Gregan who nowadays wins ACS Awards. At the back can be seen Dan Vink and working by himself is Nick Cleary. Both of them have also  gone on to much success with “Fury Fingers” on YouTube and elsewhere.

Did you see many changes during your time at MAPS? Yes, at that same time the technology was developing at a great rate with the emergence of digital video and digital audio becoming the world standard. When that happened, the transmissions of media became possible on the many platforms that are available to us all today.

Over the years you have made a tremendous contribution to the skill level of many local film students, how does that make you feel? Haah...yeah I guess I have, as a number of former students have succeeded in areas including capturing the digital Image to levels that has gained them worldwide recognition. I’m also very proud of the number of graduates still working in Adelaide, interstate and overseas. In fact, a few years back I attended the SA & WA ACS Awards for Cinematography and I counted 14 major awards won by MAPS alumni students and to me, it felt like the MAPS organisation was really assisting in the world of the moving image. Sadly, I understand that for some obscure reason the school has recently changed it's approach.

 What attracted you to the ACS? The ACS is essentially a craft guild. It’s a group of people who collectively sustain a profession setting bars and guides, being competitive in essence but also lifting each other in their own careers in the process.They are people who care a great deal about images, especially moving images.

If you could change anything in this industry what would it be? The Industry must adapt quicker to technology and societies, the money and peoples taste can be your greatest enemies as much as the most critical element for an entertainment/information industry. Above pic: Claire Bishop was one of many female Camera Operators, here working on a music Clip in 2010.

 Peter can you give us a few short answers to these ?'s. Ok.

What convinced you to make media studies into a career in the first place? It was the realising I could do a combination of both the Craft and Teaching.

What’s your future looking like? Creating Images in different forms and all of the above.

What’s the best advice you ever received? Gil Brealey said “It will take 10 years to start your career fully.”

What hopes do you have for our industry? The craft and its many forms becoming pure art from time to time.

Did you have any mentors? Yes many and you must never forget to honour them at the right time.

What’s your proudest moment so far? Having a long career, helping people achieve their hopes and helping to get so many great careers initiated. Pic: Maxx Corkindale fresh out MAPS shooting on set an episode of Panda.

Have you won any awards along the way? By far the length of my career has been my greatest award.

What’s the best thing about working in our business? The stops and starts. The many refreshes and drags that teach.

How do you approach shooting a new project? With a clean sheet and being armed with experience.

What keeps you motivated to continue working? My family and more good than bad in what we do.

What specific skills do you need to do your job? Patience, flexibility and knowing what I love. Pic: Cameron Avery, Mira Soulio and Tai Woodbridge shooting a tracking shot.

What is a common blunder that film creators make? Under preparing, under estimating and not self-valuing.

What’s your favourite film or TV show? Koyaanisqatsi almost alone.

What piece of equipment or thing could you not do without on-set? A chair!

What has been your most interesting or challenging project so far? Damage. Feature 20/21/22

Tell us some of that hardships you faced doing that? No rules, no genuine support, but at the same time as well-trodden as a quest.

Have you met any colourful characters along the way? Yes, yes, many a great treat.

What’s your next project? Personal work as I have an immense backlog of held projects.

How do you relax? Music and music.

If you started your career over again would you have done anything different? Yes, because another life would bring other footsteps.

Do you have any advice for other young people getting started in this job? As Gil said, it’s a slow boil also its many things you must take and work through.

Finally Peter, is there a special trick you have learned over the years? 
A-hah yes, as I always say, stay hungry, stay foolish!

Pic: MAPS farewells Nov 2021. Peter T and Racka Racka twin and legend Danny Philoppou, in the background Dan Vink.

Thanks Peter for sharing your story and for assisting so many of our own members move their careers from an education to a profession. Quite a few of them are also on our SA committee.

ACS Facebook Group

All current financial ACS members can join our Facebook group. Members can post their work, connect across states, link to events, ask for advice, and put up equipment for sale, etc. To join, simply follow the link below and request to join, and one of your local committee members will approve your request. Of course, if you're not a member please don't apply as rejection is not really in our DNA.

Upcoming Dates


July 4 Committee Meeting
August 8 Deadline for committee Nomination & AGM voting proxy forms.
August 1 - 21 Awards Entry Window
August 15 SA AGM & get together @ in.Studio + Cafe
September 1 - 30 Accreditation Application Window 
September 6 Committee Meeting
September 9 Sponsors Awards Assets deadline
October 3 Committee Meeting
October 14, 15 & 16 Accreditation Assessments in Sydney

October 29 42nd WA & SA Awards for Cinematography @ Frazer's in Kings Park, Perth
November 1 Committee Meeting
December 5  Committee Meeting
December 12 Christmas Drinks


Here's a few dates to get next year going - more to come!
February 6 - 1st Committee Meeting for 2023
March 6 - Committee Meeting
August 1 to 21 - Awards Entry Window
August 14 - SA AGM - time to vote in the new SA President!
September 1 to 30 - Accreditation Application Window 

October 3 - Committee Meeting


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