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From The President
Nick Remy Matthews ACS Q+A Screening Wrap-Up
All About Insurance - A Picture Hire Event
Fleurieu Film Festival
Larry's Camera Hire 10% off Deal

Member Profile Anna Bardsley-Jones

Welcome to the “official” start of all things ACS for 2024. Happy New Year to all members!

The year started early with a great presentation by local (Europe based) cinematographer Nick Remy Matthews ACS on January 4th. He discussed his latest feature film - shot in the USA - which has just been released, “I.S.S.”. He talked about technical and artistic details and also what it is like working in the US Union/Non Union Picture system. Maxx Corkindale has written an excellent article for the AC magazine about the film and Nick's career, so do keep your eyes peeled for that. Thanks to all who helped get the night on at short notice, as we had to grab Nick while he was in town! Special thanks to Dave Gregan for his excellent work as moderator on the night – as Nick said – “if the cinematography thing doesn’t work out he’ll have a great career as an interviewer”….

We have a stack of things we are working on for the coming year and will be progressing these at the first Committee meeting of the year on Feb 5th, where we welcome our newest committee member Nick Frayne.

The ACS is all about the members, so if you have any ideas for events, presentations etc please let a committee member know or email me at

Happy Shooting

Nick Remy Matthews ACS presented an exclusive pre-release screening and Q&A of his latest feature film, "I.S.S.".

We had a huge turnout for our early January event at the Piccadilly cinema in North Adelaide. Dave Gregan did a great job as moderator and we all learned some fascinating technical wonders, including about how to create zero gravity on a set.

Nick - who has won the "Milty" twice - shared his wealth of Cinematography knowledge and everyone came away feeling smarter.

Look out for "I.S.S" when it is released into the world soon!


Local sponsors Picture Hire are joining forces with local company Webster's Insurance to create an event all around our insurance needs.

Be it Equipment, Public Liability, Aviation (drone), or anything insurance-wise,
they'll cover it and tell you what you need and when you may need it.

The event will be in February and the details are coming soon.

Watch and the Facebook page for updates.


The Fleurieu Film Festival is on again this weekend.

SA's largest regional film festival has it's 2024 screening and awards night coming up!
Saturday 3rd Feb from 6:30pm on the lawns at the beautiful McLaren Vale Visitor Centre.

There will be local food and wine. There will be films. There will be popcorn.

Tickets are still available!


The SA branch of the ACS has a new Bronze sponsor!

Introducing Larry's Camera Hire!

Larry's is your local, semi-professional / semi-backyard camera hire shop, located just a couple minutes from the Adelaide CBD.  They offer production equipment for both stills and video shoots including Sony FX9, FS7 and A7R iii hire. As full time shooters themselves, they offer knowledge on all the gear they offer and also understand the needs of those working in the industry.

And as a SPECIAL OFFER to all ACS members, Larry's is giving 10% off on the rental of their exclusive Lighting/Gaffer dry hire van rental!
It's a van you rent that comes full of lighting gear! You just drive it out the door!

Here are the details:


Larry's Lighting Van Package - $800/day - ACS members 10% Off!

Larry’s Lighting Van Package has been designed to cover a large variety of shooting requirements.

As the first gaffer / lighting van package available to dry hire in Adelaide we are offering it at the introductory ACS members price of $720/day (Day price includes GST + Insurance) allowing more SA DP’s to experience the value and convenience of our lighting / grip package.

Find all the details and what is in the van here:


The SA branch of the ACS has Instagram!

Follow to keep up with all the latest news and events from our branch.
We're also featuring content from all our local ACS members, so tag us in your work!

Hi Anna! You're a Producer!

Producer Profile – Anna Bardsley-Jones
Anna, we have a few questions sent in from camera departments around the country that as a producer, you may be able to shed some light on.
As a Producer, is it common that supporting the vision of the project is often at odds with the needing to keep the budget in order? What do you think is the key to finding that balance?
Yes. I think the key is to be open about budget restraints but, in a way that feels optimistic. If people have knowledge they feel more powerful – and they usually they want to help!! A challenge is fun when you see it as an opportunity, that’s where I think you can find balance. When a producer understands a director – schedule and budget are usually easier to scope. You know the script they need to shoot… but you also know what they’ll want to shoot. This said, your head of departments may not be secured yet and various locations could still be question marks etc. That’s an example of how supporting the vision of a project and needing to keep the budget in check can prove difficult. As you start work and your team builds, you find and secure locations, plans come together, dreams grow big!! While budget, stays the same.
Pleasing everybody isn’t easy – because I know none of us want our work compromised and I really care about that. All departments could accept a sub-par product as a result of a limited production budget; but none of us do. It’s what makes our industry truly unique.
What makes a successful working relationship between a DP and Producer, and what are some important aspects of communication and qualities that contribute to this?
A successful working relationship with a DP is for me, usually born out of wanting the same thing – wanting what’s best for the story, and the Director’s vision. If that understanding is clear – planning what needs to be shot, and how a DP wants to shoot it, is really fun. If there’s that level of respect coming from both sides – important aspects of communication like limitations and challenges… (that will ultimately affect a cinematographer’s work) become more collaborative and solution focussed.
The relationship is particularly powerful – when the director, DP and the producer, are on the same team. I think so much more magic happens when the trio are in sync – and I also think that’s something that gets felt by the crew.

Being a Producer, why would you even do it? Why on earth would you do it? It’s like, the hardest ****** job?
I’ve got no ****** idea.
How do you keep up with the latest technology in cinematography?
I’ve never been precious about asking stupid questions? If I don’t know something I’ll ask. And I’m just really lucky!? I’m good friends with great cinematographers, who have always made sure I’m up to date. And, I love listening – which helps because you all love your tech.
What are you looking for from a cinematographer, besides the pictures?
I appreciate kindness, and reliability. For me these values encapsulate so many other traits. A DP is responsible for leading an entire team of people and these qualities I find, permeate through a crew – ultimately guiding and influencing others, making for a better result.
When individuals feel valued and supported, that’s when I see people excel at their craft. If you think about that happening on a large scale – on-set – and through pre-production, you can see how influencing others in this way makes for the betterment of an entire project. 


I know you love to be very creatively involved in the projects you work on – where do you find your inspiration?
If I’m looking for inspiration, I never find it! It lands when I least expect it, often when I’m by myself. When I try think about what brings that feeling though – maybe it’s everything I experience before inspiration lands? Like being in awe of a place, talking to strangers.
What’s the most valuable skill / thing / lesson you learnt early on, that still holds importance today, and that you apply to every job?
Hard work.
If you weren’t in the industry, what would you be doing, do you think?
Haha we’ll see.

What is it about your role as a producer that you love most?
Supporting people to do their best work.
You work with lots of different directors, DPs, production designers, PM’s, 1st Ads etc. How do you choose your team? What are the qualities you’re looking for? Apart from being good at the job of course.
There are so many qualities I admire in the crews I have the opportunity to work with. If someone holds talent that makes them good at their job, they’ll bring with them their own unique qualities – those unique qualities are the ones I look for in each individual. The times an individual shines brightest, is usually when a job starts to get stressful, or something goes really wrong. I don’t care at all about mistakes or shit storms. I care how problems are resolved, if people’s intentions are good, and if they’re trying their hardest.
Just a couple of final questions if we may, how do you choose a DOP for your projects?
The director chooses. When I’m asked my opinion I’d say I go with by instinct, a gut feeling. It’d be someone whose aesthetic is aligned with the director’s vision, and whose own inherent style can contribute to the storytelling in a way that’s both technical and artistic. I don’t think all DPs are right for the same job. Decisions are certainly made quicker when one can see a body of work that’s consistent. Like if my director hasn’t worked with a DP I’m suggesting, they’ll want to see a variety of projects clearly viewed from that person’s lens.
I’d encourage emerging cinematographers, in the process of building their portfolio, to concentrate on your own style. People will gravitate towards your work because of the way you have decided to capture imagery, not anybody else.
And show quality over quantity. 

 And finally, why are you a Member of the ACS?
The free drinks.

Thanks for sharing Anna!



Upcoming Dates

February 3 - Fleurieu Film Festival
February 5 - 1st SA Committee Meeting for the year
February ? - Picture Hire Insurance Event
May 4 - 54th National ACS Awards for Cinematography in Queensland
July 1 to 14 - SA ACS Emerging Cinematographer Submission Window
July -
How To Shoot IMAX event
August 1 to 21 - Awards Entry Window
August ?? - Branch General Meeting
September 1 to 21 - Accreditation Application window 
September ? to ? - 43rd SA & WA ACS Awards for Cinematography Judging
October - Accreditation Assessments

Oct 26th - 44th Annual SA & WA ACS Awards for Cinematography
November ?? - National AGM via Zoom
December ?? - Annual SA ACS Christmas Get Together

55th Annual National ACS Awards for Cinematography in Victoria
56th Annual National ACS Awards for Cinematography in Adelaide

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