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April 2022

From the Pres
Awards & Events Bookings Open
Profile - Daryl Wood
From the Pres
52nd Annual ACS Awards for Cinematography
Proudly presented by

Bookings for the Awards and the ancillary events close in the next few weeks, in fact by April 21, so book now via this link Bookings - ACS National Awards all booking links are available from this page, so BOOK NOW as there are limits at the venues.

The prestigious 2022 National ACS Awards for Cinematography will be held in Adelaide at the Hilton Hotel on Victoria Square on April 30th beginning with pre-dinner drinks at 6pm. Our MC is the fabulous Ray Martin AM and please note this is a black tie event and the highlight of the ACS year.  At these Awards you can see the best of the best work from Australian DoP's and it's a chance to mix with some of the best cinematographers in Australia. We hope to see you at our 52nd National Awards for Cinematography in Adelaide and help us celebrate the legacy of outgoing National ACS President Ron Johanson OAM ACS and to welcome our new National President Erika Addis.

Over the Awards weekend these other events, which are free for ACS members and sponsors, include:

A special Screening and Q&A of The Dry with DoP Stefan Duscio ACS and moderator Kim Batterham ACS sponsored by PANAVISION on Friday night April 29th at the Mercury CX Cinema, 13 Morphett St Adelaide. The Bar will open at 6pm (buy your own) for a 6:30pm screening followed by the Q&A.

Immediately following the Q&A enjoy the ROSCO - LEITZ sponsored Drinks & Finger food in the Mercury CX foyer and outside, going through until 11:30pm. ACS Members and Sponsors Only.

On the following Saturday morning, April 30th, we'll have the popular Meet the Nominees session sponsored by ARRI Australia with Kim Batterham ACS once again moderating at the Mercury CX Cinema, 13 Morphett St Adelaide. We'll have as many nominated DoP's of differing genres on the panel that we can.

Bookings for the Awards and the ancillary events are via Bookings - ACS National Awards All booking links are available on this page, so get in early as there are limits at the venues and note that all bookings close by April 21st.

Remember if you are attending the awards and any of the other events please bring some cash to purchase raffle tickets with all proceeds going to the Motion Picture Industry Benevolent Fund. The prize is proudly sponsored by Panasonic - Lumix. Please be generous as your help is really needed and appreciated.

Please note: Bookings are required and essential for all Award events.

The National ACS Executive will hold a General Meeting following the Awards on Sunday May 1.
Profile Daryl Wood

Daryl when did you first hear about the ACS?
I was made aware of the society on my first TVC by Russell Boyd ACS who was the DOP on a TNT commercial. I drove around Sydney for a week in his Ford Bronco so hard to not hear about it.
How did it come about that you ended up working in this industry?
My father ran an advertising agency so I always felt creative. I went to Concordia College and they had a very good TV studio so I spent a lot of time there playing with the cameras and other equipment. The pic is of me with my Red Komodo.
Did someone have an influence on your career?
I can’t say one person in particular but I avidly followed Russell Boyd ACS ASC, Dean Semler AM ACS and John Seale AM ACS ASC works closely.

What was your first job?
I worked on small stuff from corporates to the odd TVC and slowly got noticed by various powers that be and got a call from Gus Howard to clapper load on Robbery Under Arms 2nd unit with David Eggby ACS as Director/DOP. Our illustrious leader, Ernie was the main unit DOP. It was throwing me in the deep end as I had 4 Panavision cameras to look after with John Foster and Ian Jones as mentors.
What made you change direction in your career?
After 20 years as a 1st AC I was no longer enjoying it and decided to try my hand as a full time DOP. Sadly, no one else thought it was a good idea and I didn’t get the bigger jobs to survive so I turned back on some other skills and that was making equipment.
What’s the best advice you ever received?
“Never give up”. Not that long ago I heard from my father that a family friend was always impressed at my doggedness to stay in the industry. So I continued by learning new skills and diversification. Apart from 4 years, it has employed me in various ways for most of my working life.
What’s the best thing about working in our business?
I love the creativity. While I am passionate about camera I enjoy doing all disciplines.
How do you approach working on or shooting a new project?
When I shoot, which these days is rare I would always try immerse myself In the story, be it long or short form. Never too far away from a storyboard or shot list.
What keeps you motivated to do this job?
I make lenses now (Mirrorscope Anamorphics). From rehousing vintage Lomos or Kowas to designing lenses from the ground up I get to use all my technical and creative skills.

Here I'm designing the Lomo Round Front Rehousing.

What specific skills do you need to do your job?
I am glad I had done some DOP and 1st AC work as it really helps to understand a cinematographer’s needs with a lens.  It’s not an easy job and I have had to teach myself everything from machining, mechanical engineering, CAD design and optical development. So there is never a dull moment.
What piece of equipment or thing could you not do without on-set?
My coffee mug! Drip feed me.
What equipment have you developed?
When I moved to Melbourne after Robbery Under Arms I met a guy who was building some Vistavision film cameras for the Dreamtime exhibit at the world Expo in Brisbane. I think it was 1988. After that camera we built six more cameras. I took them to LA and ran a rental company for a few years.

What has been your most interesting or challenging project so far?
When I lived in LA I got the opportunity to work on an IMAX short called Dr Bigscreen working with both Vistavision and Imax cameras. It was good fun shooting.
What’s your proudest moment so far?
When I see credits for my lenses working on major projects. Sia’s Chandelier is one that comes to mind, they used the MK1 Kowa rehoused lenses.
Have you met any colourful characters over the years?
There has been many colourful characters. Rolf de Heer’s offsider, the late Charlie Kiroff was always fun to be around.

Grip Mike Smith fg, Director Rolf de Heer standing, me at the viewfinder and John Santucci crouching.

Are there any special tricks you have learned?
Learning to do more than just turning gear on and off. Knowing a little bit outside the square has helped me get through some difficult spots.
Where you think your future lies?
I am really hoping that by the end of this year Mirrorscope will have a presence in the lens field. One day it would be great for me to shoot a movie of my own with them.
If you could change anything in this industry what would it be?
I am about to complete a new style anamorphic lens that’s affectionately named “Gold series” and it’s using vintage projection lenses and giving owners the choice of any prime they like to put behind it. I now regret not keeping my camera rental company going here in Adelaide. I had the first Red One camera and the second and some cool glass before ARRI came up with the Alexa and killed half my clientele. I still run some gear in London so if you are ever that way let me know.
Do you have any hidden talents?
The four years I spent outside of the industry I was doing an apprenticeship in boot making. My leather skills were widely used to make light meter cases for DOP’s in the hope I would get the next gig. Ellery Ryan ACS still has his and I’m told it’s still in good condition.
If you started your career over again would you have done anything different?
I probably would have pestered a few more DOP’s to give me jobs. I was always too polite.
Do you have any advice for other young people getting started in this job?
Follow your dreams and trust you can always pull them off. Never stop learning or broadening your skills. Think Outside the Square!!!
Is there anything you would like to add?
The readers will be asleep now so I think that’s enough.

Thanks Daryl, hard to believe the Robbery Under Arms was almost 40 years ago! Why not check out Daryl's  Mirrorscope website

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April 4 Committee Meeting
April 29 6pm PANAVISION Screening & Q&A of The Dry and 9:30pm ROSCO LEITZ Drinks
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