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  • Farewell Erika Addis
  • Presidential Address
  • Introducing the 2021 ACS QLD Committee
  • Sponsor Stories: Mark Broadbent of Orange Submarine 
  • JMC Martini Awards - Best Cinematography
  • Postcard from Kevin Nguyen
Farewell Erika Addis
Farewell Erika!
From day one, Erika Addis as state president has been a vital asset to the continued growth and success. For the last three years, she has lead from the front and has demonstrated how great of an impact one person can have on the society. Her amazing contributions were not unnoticed nationally either, as she was recently recognised as this year’s Ron Windon ACS contribution award for outstanding service to the society.

To add to her leadership, her utilisation of her posting at Griffith Film School as Head of Cinematography has strengthened our ties to Griffith Film School and their many budding cinematographers. In short, Erika has inspired the next generation of Queensland cinematographers as much as she has us.
From all of our Queensland members, we wish Erika well in her new adventures with the ACT Branch, where we’re sure she will bring the same brand of successful leadership as she brought with her to Queensland.

From National President, Ron Johanson OAM ACS:
The Queensland Branch has been fortunate in having Erika Addis as their President.
She has led with great distinction and has nurtured and encouraged members to make the most of every opportunity afforded them.
Her role as National Vice President has also been one of service and collaboration, and I thank her for leading the way on a number of important issues, primarily to do with Women’s Rights and also Education.
She has left a legacy for the Branch to follow into the next phase of progress.
Presidential Address
Greetings  to all members.

I am very honoured to be the incoming President of the Australian Cinematographers Society, Queensland Branch.  To follow in the steps of Erika Addis is indeed a daunting one. 

We will miss you, Erika, but we wish you all the best in your move to the ACT and look forward to continued contact in your role as National Vice president.

Congratulations to Tim Jordin and his wife, Sara, on the birth of their daughter Penelope Rose and thank you, Tim, for your tireless efforts as Vice President, and I look forward to your continued presence on the committee. 

I am excited to be working with the ACS Qld committee as we plan future technical events and workshops, social activities and, of course, the 2021 ACS Qld/NT awards.

In stating the obvious, the past 18 months have been interesting.  Our industry seems to be one of the more fortunate with a buoyant influx of work.  It has, however, presented us with many challenges as we adapt quickly and set a new metric for what will be our ‘new’ normal. Some of our most significant sacrifices have been personal ones, with separation from family even more pronounced. The future, although uncertain, is filled with opportunity, and at the Queensland ACS we will endeavour to demonstrate our policy of inclusivity and support for all our members moving forward.  What I love so much about this profession is the “pay it forward” attitude.  Many of my mentors and mentees have become my closest friends. I believe we should all never stop learning, sharing knowledge, celebrating the successes of our fellow cinematographers at all stages of their careers, and supporting them when life throws a curveball.

For those of you who I do not know yet, I am looking forward to meeting you when I can finally return to Queensland.

- Mark Wareham ACS
Introducing the 2021 ACS QLD Committee
          President - Mark Wareham                              National President - Ron Johanson OAM ACS
Vice President - Julian Panetta                                    Vice President - Lucas Tomoana
 Treasurer - Mick Fanning                                            Secretary - Natalie Dundas
      Assistant Secretary - Alex Shingles                            Membership Coordinator - Rio Zoulas
 Social Media Manager - Mark Broadbent                Rachel Sieger - Assistant Social Media Manager
Newsletter Manager - Shing Fung Cheung                Assistant Newsletter Manager - Kevin Nguyen
Committee Member - Tony O'Loughlan ACS SOC         Committee Member - Brendan Williams ACS
        Committee Member - Tim Jordin                                Committee Member - Jake Koning
Sponsor Stories: Orange Submarine
Could you tell us a bit about yourself?  
My name is Mark Broadbent, I’m a cinematographer who also runs Orange Submarine. As a cinematographer over the last few years I’ve primarily worked in long form documentary, commercials, drama and underwater.  I joke that Orange Submarine is my aquatic identity. Essentially it’s a small business that focuses on water cinematography, both on the surface and below. With the business I’m focussing on filling the gap for productions wanting water elements but don’t have experienced crew or equipment to do the job. I’m primarily focusing on more “controlled” shooting environments so more for commercials, drama and clips rather than natural history. That said I’m always up for a paddle in the surf to grab a sequence.On the kit front the Orange Submarine fleet is slowly growing however my pride and joy is the new Universal Housing - a heavy duty underwater housing that can fit most camera and lens combinations. I’ve done recent shoots with a Sony Venice and Vista primes, and an Alexa Mini with Cooke Anamorphics. Depending on the setup most functions are controlled from the surface.  Other than that I’ve got additional housings for Canon C500ii, Canon C70 and Alexa Mini. All have their different features and strengths that make them suitable for different types of projects. There are also a pair of Astera Titan tubes with housings and cable remote control to adjust from the surface.

How did you get involved in the film industry?
Like many I’ve always had an interest in movies but more so about how they were made. After high school where I’d made little shorts and clips, I began studying film at QCA while working part time in a petrol station to pay the bills.  After uni I was still working part time and doing little freebie shoots and assisting around the place. One day while working a late shift I got a call asking me if I’d be interested in doing work experience for 2 weeks in the camera department on the feature film, Scooby Doo, starting the following day. That night I quit my job, turned up the next day on the film…those 2 weeks turned into a 3 month job which then turned into 4 years as an assistant and now over 15 full time as a DOP.The water side of things has been ticking along next to regular shooting. In my spare time I used to do a lot of surf photography, submitting to magazines and private sales.  From there I started doing a little bit of motion water work on jobs I was shooting. I then began being asked by fellow DOP’s to come along and do water shots for them. As the requests grew they became the inspiration to start Orange Submarine.
What's your proudest moment so far supporting this industry in your current capacity?
I don’t really have a single moment. It’s been more an ongoing process of being open to give advice and chatting with other crew. Of course there are a few “trade secrets” that I advise others to discover themselves but I’m more than happy to work with and help those that come across as being keen. This has ranged from a simple phone call to coming out and doing a few shots on their project or lending a bit of kit.

What's a novel fact about yourself that not many people may know?
While its not secret that I love all aspects of the water, I’ve also grown to love cold water surfing. What started as a quick little holiday to Iceland in 2018 turned into 3 repeat winter trips spent surfing, photographing and filming.  Nothing clears the head like like freediving 2 degree glacial water or walking 4km in deep snow after a surf.  The short documentary I shot on a trio of local Icelandic surfers is in its final stages of post and hopefully let out to the world in coming weeks.
JMC Martini Awards: Best Cinematography Winner
As apart of our on going mission to promote and inspire newcomers ACS Queensland has been involved with universities and other educational institutions. With this mission in mind we have been a proud sponsor of JMC's Annual Martini Awards, offering a free one-year associate membership to the winner of 'Best Cinematography'.

This year's winner for Best Cinematography at the JMC Martini Awards goes to Jadon Patterson for his work on STRAWMAN short film. 
Postcard from...Kevin Nguyen
Travel shows...a genre of filmmaking I didn't know existed.

I received a text asking if I was available to camera assist and data wrangle for a travel show revolved around a comedian travelling around Queensland doing shows and meeting up and coming comics. From an assistant point of view it seemed simple enough, 2-8 cameras, 12 hour days. The standard. Though things quickly changed when we arrived on set...
Brigham Edgar (who was the cinematographer for these episodes) quickly learnt that given our talent's...random nature I had to operate the second camera in order to make our day. I took up the task but operating B camera whilst run & gun cross shooting is so foreign to me. Luckily for me Brigham was so understanding and patient. Always offering tips & tricks of the trade.
The beauty of travel shows is the vast number of locations you get to travel to! Whether it be early in the morning at Beaudesert for a hot air balloon ride or a 2 day trip out in the Whitsundays on a gorgeous catamaran. This show has definitely thrown me in the deep end with all sorts of shooting conditions and scenarios. I can't express my grattitude enough for the opportunity. 

- Kevin Khang Nguyen

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On the Horizon...
  • Accreditation Applications Open - 1st September to 30th September
  • Committee Meeting - 13th September
  • Committee Meeting - 4th October
  • Committee Meeting - 1st November
  • ACS QLD State Awards - 20th November

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