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An AGM will be held by the Queensland branch of the ACS on June 20th 2017, 6:30pm.

To all current financial members of ACS Queensland.

This email is to officially inform you that the Queensland Branch of the ACS will be holding an AGM (Annual General Meeting) on Tuesday 20th June at 6:30pm at the Lemac Brisbane Office.

Current Queensland President Mr Tony O’Loughlan will be resigning his position at this AGM, and we invite you all to be present as we announce a new President, and open the floor to nominations for all other ACS QLD committee positions which will also be made vacant on this day. Tony O’Loughlan has not only been our Qld President for the last few years, but has also maintained all things secretarial and financial, while organising a large number of successful events and sponsorship for the branch. See his letter below, but please join us on this night to thank him for the work to the ACS community, while we also welcome in a new committee.

This is the time that the ACS needs you!! We encourage all members to get on board and help us drive the ACS QLD Branch forward.

At this AGM, we also need members to show interest in the following roles to fulfil the executive panel and committee. If you’d like to nominate yourself, or any other ACS QLD member, please send an email to us prior to the AGM. All these positions below will be open for nominations from now, and will be voted on 20th June.

Vice Presidents
Membership Coordinator
Newsletters and Social Media team
General Committee Members

If you feel strongly that you would personally like to be involved, or vote for someone in particular, but cannot attend on the night, please email Tony O’Loughlan at the branch immediately. Or if you have any questions relating to these roles, also contact us at the branch asap via email at acsqld@austcine.org.au

REMEMBER: you don’t need any experience to be part of the ACS QLD Branch Committee, just a passion for the ACS community and open to a rewarding behind-the-scenes support of the branch.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the ACS QLD BRANCH, Special Q&A with Dan Macarthur, drinks with Tony O'Loughlan
Agenda: Resignation of current President, signing in of new President, and election of new committee roles for 2017.
Date: Tuesday 20th June, 6.30pm
Where: Lemac Brisbane, 37 Brookes Street, Bowen Hills (Sales Office)
Parking: Limited parking available, please park legally and arrive early.
RSVP: by 19th June to acsqld@austcine.org.au
Basic Drinks and nibbles will be provided, so please let us know if you can attend.


Dear Members & Sponsors,

What an amazing and rewarding time I have enjoyed for over 20 years on the ACS QLD Committee, and in more recent years, as a senior member of the ACS Qld Branch. Regrettably though (and honouring and mirroring past Vic President Mr Warwick Field’s comments - as they are so true), I am compelled to retire from my position as President of the ACS Queensland Branch due to pressing professional, personal obligations and commitments.

This decision I have not taken lightly. I will miss the personal connection to all members and sponsors. I will miss solving problems and guiding those who need direct mentorship. I will miss doing what I can to be sure our Qld film community has a say from the voice of technicians and workers. I have an extremely strong emotional connection with the ACS, going back many years - and I hope to be involved in the committee for many more years - but right now, after many many hours behind the scenes of the ACS, it is time to give back to my own family and focus on some personal obligations that I have neglected for some time.

I have grown up to know the ACS as the most supportive and inspirational community guild we have in our film community, and I have the ACS to thank for much of my own personal growth and development. For those who know me, I always compare the ACS with the likes of a surf club - the atmosphere, the inspiration, the support and the mentorship that is openly available to any member. There is no ‘them’ - the ACS is all about all of us, as filmmakers - and I am first hand proof that the ACS can support and nurture…as I can honestly say I wouldn’t be still working in film if I hadn’t had the advice, encouragement and guidance from like minded filmmakers many years ago.

I wish to thank you all for your support, even through some of the previously pressing times in the Qld industry, and I have given the branch my full commitment over the last few years to flourish under new leadership moving forward. It is unfortunate that i cannot continue, as I can only commit to so much.... It is now time for me to bid you all a fond farewell, and I very much look forward to seeing you all at the next ACS event sometime soon.
Thank you again for you continued support.


Immediately following the AGM on 20th June, please be sure to join us for a few social drinks as we pass on our thanks to outgoing President Mr Tony O’Loughlan. We are also very excited to invite Mr Dan Macarthur to screen and chat about some of his recent work in India, which will round out a great evening of viewing and questions about his work in this wonderful part of the world.

Dan Macarthur will be screening scenes from the $30 million Tamil blockbuster Yennai Arindhaal he shot over 9 months in India. The film screened on 1000 screens worldwide and starred Ajith Kumar, one of Southern India's biggest stars.

Dan will talk about his experiences shooting throughout India - the advantages as well as the challenges. He will also discuss the process of shooting some of the larger action scenes and dance scenes in the film including lighting of large sets, working with hundreds of extras and what it was like to head up a crew who speak a different language. Take a look at some of Dan's work here www.danmacdp.com


Please note - invoices for 2017-2018 Financial year ACS Membership will be emailed out soon. Please be sure to check your membership level, and if you need to update your details - either send us an email, or log into your ACS online page - where you an also pay your membership fees instantly!!

Membership renewal invoices will be sent out soon and are payable by June 30.

There have been a couple of changes in the membership categories to clarify some confusion regarding Full and Active membership.

Full Membership will now be known as CINEMATOGRAPHER.
Active Membership will now be known as CAMERA CREW.

** Please note that if you have been working as a professional cinematographer for a period of at least 3 years, then you should upgrade your Camera Crew (previous Active) membership to CINEMATOGRAPHER.

Please advise your Branch Treasurer or Member Manager if you need to upgrade your membership status. **

**Students – If you have completed your studies, please advise and upgrade your membership to Camera Crew.**

It is important to keep us informed if you need to upgrade your membership status especially if you intend applying for Accreditation in the future.

The link below will take you to the Categories page so you can check your membership level.


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