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The Queensland branch hosted what turned out to be a fantastic night at the Tivoli, for the 2014 ACS National Awards for Cinematography.

If you weren't able to attend the night (or live stream for the first time ever!), then you can check out the full winners list and winning entry clips on the links below.

2014 National Award Winners List »
Watch the winning clips at Showreelfinder.com »


This brilliant event for anyone interested in aerial shooting is happening NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT, 11TH JUNE.

The ACS Queensland & Lemac Film & Television present an evening with Peter Beeh, who will introduce us to the amazing SHOTOVER K1 Aerial Camera System. It’s a 6-axis gyro stabilised gimbal platform that delivers unshakable stability and next generation Ultra HD image quality in 2D or 3D with look down capability. Pilot John Caldwell will also be there to answer questions about piloting a helicopter with this system attached.




As some of our members may or may not know, there have been several changes to the production team at Videopro over the last few months. Here is a rundown of what has been going on.

In September last year, David Thompson decided on new challenges and took up an offer to join the Avid Australia team and expand his horizons which has included a move to Sydney for him and Chris. During the 2013 Christmas break, Graham Bennett had such a great time that he decided on a new career and is enjoying his retirement.

With that being said you may wonder who is left at Videopro and who do you talk to when you have questions.

Let us introduce you to the new look Videopro Production Team! There is Wayne Newton who has been at the company for many years and has essentially worked closely within the education sector for all their video production needs. Robert Dew who many of you, no doubt know, handles most of the showroom visitors as well as all online production enquiries. And the newest member to the Production team is Caitlin Thrum. Caitlin is a QUT graduate in Film & TV and was the Receptionist for her first few months at Videopro. Some of you may have already spoken with her when you called Videopro reception. Since February, Caitlin has moved upstairs and is working alongside Wayne and Rob.

As well as the staffing changes, there are also some major changes going on in the showroom at their Eagle Farm Head Office. The team has decided on a 2K/4K range of cameras so anything on the existing camera set is being cleared. They’ve renovated the set to a new look retro warehouse style and will be displaying and stocking the latest 4K gear including BlackMagic, Sony, Canon and Panasonic. If you haven’t been in please drop in and see what they are up to!

At the beginning of April, Wayne jetted off to Las Vegas to attend the 2014 NAB Conference. It was a busy show with many new products being released and showcased from a variety of suppliers. Stay tuned for the next Videopro newsletter to see what he found and learnt.


(L-R) Michael Adcock, Geoffrey Simpson ACS, Christopher Reig, Adrien Seffrin

Hello QLD ACS!
A quick postcard from China. Am currently working on Chen Kaige’s next blockbuster, ‘A Monk in a Floating World’, with the wonderful Geoffrey Simpson ACS at the helm. Plenty of action, and plenty of amazing sights we have filmed at. The local crew have been fantastic, very hard working, and the food hasn’t been bad either!
I look forward to sharing some stories and drinks when we eventually get back to Australia.

Best wishes,

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