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  • From the President
  • Vale - Drew Llewelyn ACS
  • Jeff Gaunt takes Sony to new heights
  • Canon DSLR production hits a milestone
  • Save the date - National Awards
  • Awards media ready for pickup
  • Share your best & worst travel stories


Welcome to 2014. I sincerely hope each of you enjoyed a well earned break, spent with family, friends and those you love. It’s a great chance to recharge the batteries, refocus and refresh your optimism for the new year ahead. For those of us who have spent the festive season working, I hope it was a profitable and personally rewarding experience.

I also extend a HNY to our precious sponsors and look forward to the opportunities ahead for the ACS to work together to bring events and valuable information sessions to our members and the Queensland film and television communities.

This year has already been a great year for the ACS. In Australia Day Honours this year, our fearless National President, Ron Johanson OAM ACS received the Medal of the Order of Australia for his contribution to the Arts, specifically Cinematography in Australia. We are all so very proud of Ron and his achievements and leadership of the ACS. Well done Ron!

On the 3rd of January, I was lucky enough to attend this year’s AACTA Awards where, as many of you already know, the ACS received the Byron Kennedy Award for “…its enduring and pivotal role in the pursuit of excellence throughout Australian cinema. With its cohort of world renowned cinematographers, the ACS is about enhancing skills, exploring new technology and passing on knowledge to those who follow in their footsteps. Their enthusiasm and generosity of spirit makes them the backbone of our industry.” It was a fantastic evening attended by a talented group of filmmakers. This award is such great recognition of the selfless work the ACS do and the positive impact that it has on our industry.

This year we look forward to being the host state for the National ACS Awards in May, where we will see the very best work from our members come together for a gala evening at the Tivoli.

The events calendar is starting to fill up also, with some exciting announcements coming in the next couple of months.

I’m off to shoot a feature in March, which i’m looking forward to very much.

Also, please remember to send us any ideas and events that you’d like to see in the coming year.

See you all soon.




These announcements are always sad, but none more so than this.

On Wednesday, 5 February we lost one of our finest cinematographers Drew Llewelyn ACS. Drew passed away peacefully surrounded by his wife Tracey and his loving family after an extended illness.

Drew joined the Society in 1993 and it is thought that when he was Accredited on 17 September 1995, it was the first for a video cameraman, leading the way for many of his contemporaries to follow.

He was blessed with a "great eye", a wonderful temperament and a fantastic smile, and to be in Drew's company particularly on set was a joy.

He was the recipient of numerous ACS Awards for his insightful cinematography, with nearly all of his projects also being Directed and Edited by Drew Llewelyn ACS. He was quite a filmmaker, and a great bloke.

We will be celebrating Drew's wonderful life next Tuesday, 11 February at 2pm - Bridgeman Downs Baptist Community Church, 379 Albany Creek Road, Bridgeman Downs 4035.

You are all welcome - thankyou everyone for your love and support, it has truly helped the family get through this difficult time.

Ron Johanson OAM ACS
National President


Directed by ACS Member Jeff Gaunt and shot by infamous base jumper, parachuting and skydiving DOP, Shane Sparks, this Sony commercial required an unorthodox approach and style of shooting.

The location is outer space – simulated by sending a team of highly skilled skydivers 15,000 feet in the air and filmed them in slow-motion as they plummeted toward the ground, snapping extraordinary images with their Sony A7R cameras.

To prepare for the shoot, Jeff, Shane and camera assistant Rob Douthat practised formations with the skydivers, and went through the shoot on the ground. This careful choreography prep allowed the filmmakers to shoot the entire minute-long spot in just nine takes.

In order to get the lighting correct, Jeff was only able to shoot twice a day. Each jump, from preparation to reaching jump-ready height and landing, took just under an hour. The result was only having four opportunities a day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, to get it right.

To comply with Sony China’s needs, the commercial was shot with at 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) resolution, designed for maximum impact on Sony’s latest 4K TVs that display images natively in 4K.



Canon has announced the achievement of a camera-manufacturing milestone as total production of the company’s EOS-series interchangeable-lens cameras surpassed the 70-million mark on 5 February.

Production of Canon EOS SLR cameras began in 1987 with the EOS 650 at Canon Inc.’s plant in Fukushima. Following the popularity of digital SLR cameras in the early 2000s, production rapidly increased, surpassing the 60-million-unit mark in October 2012 and the 70-million-unit threshold approximately 16 months later.

“We’ve seen very strong demand for EOS cameras as people increasingly upgrade to achieve more meaningful, better-quality photos,” says Jason McLean, Director – Canon Consumer Imaging, Canon Australia. “In Australia, the popularity of the Canon system has seen EOS models account for seven of the top 10 cameras in the total Interchangeable Lens Camera market for 2013.”

EF lenses for Canon EOS-series interchangeable-lens cameras are also on track to realise a major milestone as cumulative production is scheduled to pass the 100-million-unit mark in 2014.


Put it in your diaries, this year Queensland proudly host the 2014 ACS National Awards for Cinematography.

The awards will be held on Saturday 24th May @ THE TIVOLI

More details will continue to be released over the coming weeks.


All media and drives that were submitted with entries for the 2013 awards are available for pickup at Lemac Brisbane. Members are encouraged to come pick up your entries as soon as possible.

LEMAC BRISBANE - 5 Exhibition Street, Bowen Hills QLD 4006


If you haven't already joined the QLD/NT ACS Facebook page, click on the link to head there now! Our Facebook page is proving to be a great way for members to connect and share their experiences with the society.

A discussion has just been opened on what we're calling, The Chronicles of a Travelling Camerman. We'd love our members to share their best travel advice or worst travel nightmare stories.

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