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Jason Hargreaves ACS

If you attended this year's Queensland & Northern Territory ACS awards, you can surely attest to it being a brilliant evening of commendation & celebration. Over 150 guests packed the Tivoli in Brisbane, making the night, one of our best ever. Congratulations to anyone who took home a plaque this year and to everyone who entered their work into the awards. Our members work is of such a high standard and it's really wonderful to showcase much of it throughout the evening. You should all be very proud.

The gala event was punctuated with some very special presentations. Paul Swain received the Lifetime Achievement Award, Gerard Lambkin ACS was presented with the incredible honour of Accreditation, and Lachlan, Dylan, Ben & Debbie Simpson accepted the very special Edwin Scragg Award on behalf of Sam Simpson, a moving experience for all.

Jennie Hughes, Chief Operating Officer at Screen Queensland, enlightened us as the Guest of Honour and the wonderful Karen Hayward brought her charm and beautiful hostess skills to the evening.

Again, I must thank our National Sponsor Fujinon, Queensland Platinum Sponsor Cutting Edge, and all of the Queensland Sponsors for their wonderful assistance throughout the year.

It is our hard working committee and their tireless work and commitment to the Queensland Branch that keeps things on track and running smoothly. Sherlyn Hii, Tony O'Laughlan, Mitch Kennedy, Tim JordinÂ…and all the helpers for the awards night - Scott Kimber, Jaymis Loveday, Paul Seipel, Hemma Kearney, Hanley Zheng and Naomi Sharp - a HUGE THANKYOU! Our Judges also deserve a special mention for their kind donation of time to assess this years entrants. Thank you: Roger Dowling ACS (SA), Jo Rossiter ACS (SA), Andrew Conder ACS SOC, Nick Paton ACS and Gamal Elboushi ACS CSC.

Check out the photos from the evening and the winners list via the links below!

2013 ~ QLD & NT Awards Photos »
Congratulations to all our QLD & NT Award Winners »

What a fantastic year it's been for the Queensland Branch. The year kicked off with presentations from VideoPro and Panavision for Sony. In June we hosted the touring Geoff Boyle RAW Workshop with 70 plus people in attendance then July saw John Stokes ACS offer us insights into 'A Place To Call Home'. In August CameraQuip and Arriflex presented an Alexa XT evening followed up in September with a product evening at Mick's Gripping Shop in Molendinar. John Seale ACS ASC popped in to give up 2 of his precious days to talk to a group of amazingly lucky people about his experiences shooting Mad Max: Fury Road and The Tourist. Queensland Sponsor, Griffith University teamed up with the ACS to run a 5 Day Intensive Masterclass with Ellery Ryan ACS in October. It was a huge undertaking and an amazing experience for the 30 participants. To wrap up the year, November saw Andrew Condor ACS SOC and Dan MacArthur present their film 'Nice Package'. All in all a great year!

I wish you and your families a great festive season of rest and rejuvenation, ready for an optimistic 2014. Already, the Queensland ACS have a busy calendar of events planned for your enjoyment! Lighting workshops, an Advanced colour grading workshop, Motion Control workshop, a Camera Assistant Workshop, along with Presentations from Pro Cam, Panavision, Sony, VideoPro, Lemac and Cameraquip along with other Sponsors bringing production information evenings.

Don't forget you can check out the latest information on events and goings on at our FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/AcsQldNt

On a final note, May brings the all the State Branches of the ACS to Queensland for the National ACS awards - it's going to be big. Have a fantastic break, if that's what you're doing, and see you in 2014!



Finally after many delays, complete cancellation of a film and the resurgence of another, I find myself back in India ready to take on what challenges lay ahead. Its a road movie / love story of the south Indian variety. Which is slightly different to Bollywood (situated in Mumbai). Instead we are talking Tamil Nadu, amazingly its actually a much bigger industry in the south due to the population and fan dedication. The budgets are bigger and the stars are more than famous (even though you or I have never heard of these demi Gods). So anyway - away we go.

To begin with there is not much point me reading the script, this is only a small film of 10 million US budget so there is no need to take things too seriously. Especially when you get into their flow of no planning (since it changes everyday) running on the fly to whatever befalls the production on any given moment, such as an actor who is not in the mood anymore, or the set is not quite finished so we will shoot something else or indeed the local cops aren't too keen for us to film on the street since we didn't organize permission, so we'd better pack up quick before there is trouble. Even still, as long as you can go with the flow, you will find there is always enough helping hands, usually about a hundred or so (I thought I'd never see the day when I thought there was too many crew) and if time runs out its cool because there is always tomorrow.

It's a great opportunity for me to sit back and focus on lighting and perfecting each set up. Its so rare to have this luxury on a film. We went for Red Epic because the Director was keen to keep it low key (I'm not sure how that's possible in India, but anyway...) I chose Zeiss Ultra primes. I prefer the faster speed Masters but the Ultra's are a bit smaller and being T1.9 on the aperture makes life easier for the focus puller. The crew are great, I have my own assistant who basically runs the crew for me. He is a top guy who can speak a few languages and knows cameras and lighting etc. Gautham Menon, the director, is one of India's most known directors and extremely experienced and easy to work alongside. All in all its a fabulous circus to sit back and watch and there are numerous times in the day when I chuckle to myself and say: 'you would never, ever see THAT in Australia'. I have also just shot a 7UP commercial which of course involved a dance scene - classic! For the TVC, I shot on Cooke S4's and wow!, aren't they just special. Super clear, great colours.

I would definitely recommend India to anyone who wanted to do something different and experience a unique culture. You haven't been treated like a guru until you have been a DP on an Indian film. There is so much work here it is crazy. I have made many new friends and the people and actors are really fun and pleasant to be with day in and day out. Oh and of course if you love curry you're sure to be in heaven. Certainly many experiences I'll never forget.

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