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What we've got lined up in the Viewfinder...

  • Grading workshop with Warren Eagles & DaVinci Resolve presented by Videopro
  • Lemac talks NAB and Sony F65 at their New Sales Showroom
  • Manipulation of Time workshop announced for June

The Queensland ACS committee have been busy organising a number of workshops in the coming weeks, which are free to all members. Don't miss the chance to take part in these very worthwhile events, with some extremely experienced people in the industry sharing their knowledge.

Grading workshop with Warren Eagles & DaVinci Resolve

Remember a few years ago as a DOP you had 3 choices Fuji, Kodak or Tape and grading suites cost over a million plus to build?

Now you have heaps of shooting options and a DaVinci is free!

Freelance colorist and Resolve owner Warren Eagles will be showcasing what the Resolve can do for your pictures, both on set and in the grading suite. Warren will show you how to get started with the software, talking about and importing the increasing number of digital formats along with their pros and cons. He will discuss LUTs, and how they can simplify the grading process for all parties.

In conjunction with Warren's presentation, Nick Buchner will also discuss the Sony F65,F3 & the new NEXFS700 just released at NAB2012.

This workshop is open to both members and non-members of the ACS. Please RSVP to Graham Bennett via the email link below, then come and enjoy beer & nibbles supplied by Videopro & Sony!

Tuesday 8th May at Videopro
37 Eagleview Place, Eagle Farm
6pm - 9pm

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Lemac talks NAB and Sony F65 at their New Sales Showroom

Lemac will be holding a 'Post NAB' info night at their new sales and training facility. If you can't keep track of all the releases that happen during NAB, or just want to have a good old camera-nerd discussion with like minded people, then come on down and check out the new Sony F65 while you're there.

Please RSVP to Simon Russell via the email link below.

Tuesday 15th May at Lemac
37 Brookes Street, Bowen Hills
6pm - 9pm

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'Manipulation of Time' workshop announced for June

An exciting workshop will be happening in early June, bringing together some of the most experienced shooters of timelapse and motion control cinematography.

Heading up the workshop will be Brendan Williams ACS, discussing the different techniques for manipulating time, from timelapse to bullet-time and everything in between. Other speakers will include Daniel Graetz and Jeff Gaunt, who both share a wealth of knowledge on the latest technology, as well as the entire process with this style of cinematography from capture to post workflow.

More details on this workshop will be released shortly.

If you have any 'Manipulation of Time' questions that you'd love to see discussed in the workshop, send them to Mitch Kennedy via the link below.

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