ACS NSW Focus 13th October 2014


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Awards Dinner Bookings Open
October Drop In
I Like To Move It
Macquarie Commercial Finance
PDV Digital Cinema Workshop
Ted Taylor ACS
The Production Book

2014 NSW & ACT Awards Dinner - Bookings Now Open

Judging of entries for the 2014 NSW & ACT Awards for Cinematography has now been completed and details of the results have been forwarded to our engraving company - perhaps your name name will be on one or more of the Award plaques.

Preparations for the Awards Dinner are well underway with anticipation of yet another wonderful evening for members, sponsors and guests at Sydney Masonic Centre on Saturday November 8th.

$125 (including GST) will reserve your spot at a great night. Get together over drinks and dinner with your peers and see the best of their work.

Bookings are now being accepted online.

Reserve your Awards seating here »

Awards Guest of Honour

George Miller

Although he had to be cajoled away from final post production of Mad Max: Fury Road, we are thrilled to announce that
George Miller will attend the Awards as our Guest of Honour.

Thank You

ACS NSW Executive would like to extend a big thank you to those members who gave freely of their time this year to be involved in the judging of Awards entries. A great deal of effort goes into this process and your involvement has been much appreciated.

October Drop In

The October Drop In will be held at ACS HQ on Thursday the 16th. Doors open from 6pm (HQ address below).

Our guests this month will be Stephen Windon ACS and Marc Spicer ACS along with Lester Bishop and Rob Aganis of Black Bishop Films.

Stephen Windon ACS

Steve, as you may be aware, has been cinematographer of the Fast & Furious franchise produced by Universal Studios. Commencing in 2006 with The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift he has been at the helm of the subsequent three films 5, 6 and 7.

Steve and Marc have recently completed shooting the latest chapter in the franchise and would would like to share their experiences shooting Main Unit and 2nd Unit as well as an extensive VFX shoot in Abu Dhabi over the past year.

Marc Spicer ACS

There’ll be lots to discuss including LED Blue Screen Lighting, Car Mounts Rigs and tracking vehicles, integrating Film & Digital formats, working with a VFX team and co-ordinating Grip/Lighting/Camera teams in several countries etc. Don’t miss this.

Fast & Furious

Stabilised remote heads have been with us for quite a while now and the technology has pretty much replaced the need for camera operator and assistant having to ride at the sometimes precarious sharp end of a camera crane. There are less than a handful of models of this type of head and to date all have had to be imported from the USA or Europe but now, thanks to the design and manufacturing skills of Black Bishop Films, Australia has it’s own.

It’s the Dingo 3 Axis wireless/wired stabilised head. This new head has 360 Pan, 360 Roll, 300 Tilt and is capable of handling most cameras - Alexa, Red, etc. To control the head the camera operator has a choice of traditional geared head style wheels or the more contemporary joystick.

Black Bishop Films - Orbital Arm

The Dingo has been designed to be mounted in all sorts of situations but the majority of these would involve a camera crane, tracking vehicle or on a speciality combination vehicle and arm like Black Bishop Films own remote and stabilised Orbital Arm which is in turn mounted on a Mercedes ML four wheel drive.

Space at the HQ will preclude the head being mounted on a crane or tracking vehicle but you will still have an opportunity to get hands on with this great head from Black Bishop Films. Lester and Rob will be on hand to take you on a tour.

I Like To Move It

If you plan to be in Melbourne over the weekend of November 15th & 16th take a look at the flyer below - you may be interested.

I Like To Move It is fantastic initiative by ACS Victoria/Tasmania and will be held at Docklands Studios. The event has been extremely well supported and promises to be a fantastic weekend.
Oh yeah…..entry is free. Well done ACS Victoria & Tasmania.

Have a look here:

I Like To Move It »

Macquarie Commercial Finance Workshop

Are you thinking of buying or leasing a set of Cooke 5/i primes? What about that ARRI AMIRA you’ve been lusting over or perhaps it's a Sony F5 or a new Miller tripod you’ve decided you can’t do without?

If you are considering purchasing any new equipment, to help give your business a lift perhaps, then no doubt you need to think about finance.

Andrew Barley, of ACS NSW sponsor Macquarie Commercial Finance, is able to help with any questions you may have in this regard.

He will be holding a workshop at ACS HQ on Tuesday 21st October to answer any questions you may have about the best way to go about financing your dream set up. Have a look at the flyer below for details. If you’d like to attend this informative workshop please
RSVP by Friday 17th October.

The Camera, The Story, The Light

ACS NSW member and sponsor Pieter de Vries ACS is often seen at our HQ where he runs his popular PDV Digital Cinema Workshops on a regular basis.

His final workshop for the year titled “Camera Story Light”, is scheduled to run on November 8th & 9th with only one or two spots remaining.

The Camera, The Story, The Light. These three elements form the foundation of successful video camera craft and are the foundations of this workshop, designed for anyone with a desire to get beyond menus and dials. It's an interconnected course, so attending both days is highly recommended, however attending on the Saturday only could be an option, depending on your budget and availability. It's suitable for the users of conventional video and DSLR cameras alike.

Pieter uses both DSLR's and camcorders to teach you valuable video shooting techniques, the language of filmmaking and you'll get to use the latest cinematography tools.

For further information see this link:

Details - The Camera, The Story, The Light »

Ted Taylor ACS 1918 ~ 25th September 2014

Ted Taylor ACS

Ted Taylor, ACS Accredited Member number #6, passed away 25th September 2014 at the age of 96.
He was never an 'old man'. He remained mentally alert, politically active
and engaged with his surroundings right to the end. He never looked back,
he only talked in the here and now and was an amazing inspiration to his
family and friends.
He is survived by 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Brian Taylor,

VALE ~ Ted Taylor ACS »

2015 Production Book - Pre Order

The 2015 Production Book (released early December) is the most comprehensive and reliable resource directory for the film, television, advertising and multimedia industries in Australia and overseas, with more than 18,000 listings across 245 categories.
If you pre order your copy now you’ll be in the running to win a luxury getaway.
See this link for details:

Pre Order your 2015 Production Book »

AFTRS Open Cinematography Short Courses

AFTRS Open has short cinematography courses throughout the year, both introductory and advanced. Upcoming courses include Shooting HD: Canon & Nikon DSLRS and Lighting Fundamentals in November, plus Summer School TV Camera, Sound & Lighting Skills in January 2015.

For further details see this link:

AFTRS Open Cinematography Short Courses »

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