2012 NSW/ACT Awards for Cinematography - Winners List

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The 2012 NSW & ACT Annual Awards for Cinematography were held on November 17th at the Masonic Centre Sydney. The new venue proved to be very popular with over one hundred and eighty members, sponsors and guests attending the gala evening.

Winners are listed below or you can download a copy using the link.

Download a copy of the Winners List »

The 2012 NSW & ACT Annual Awards for Cinematography were held on November 17th at the Masonic Centre Sydney. The new venue proved to be very popular with over one hundred and eighty members, sponsors and guests attending the gala evening.

Winners are listed below or you can download a copy using the link.

BRONZE Patrick Jaeger "Maquisard"
SILVER Damian Smith GetUP "It's Time"
GOLD Tim Barnsley "Inferno"
GOLD Dimitri Zaunders "Look At Me"
2 - EXPERIMENTAL & SPECIALISED presented by Adept Turnkey & Airview Xtreme
SILVER Zoe White Gail Sorronda "Oh My Goth"
GOLD Judd Overton "Door Chair Bed Stair"
3 - JOHN BOWRING ACS TV STATION BREAKS & PROMOS presented by Lemac Film & Digital
BRONZE Daniel Ardilley ACS "Everybody Dance Now"
BRONZE Sam Collins "FX Warehouse"
BRONZE Callan Green Lifestyle Channel "Look at You"
SILVER Callan Green Woolworths "The Voice"
SILVER Andre Deubel "Australia's Next Top Models Finals 2011"
GOLD Sam Collins FX ID "Gunfight Promo"
GOLD Sidat de Silva "Firedance"
4 - MUSIC VIDEOS presented by Eden Creative Media & ARRI Australia
BRONZE Henry Smith "Morning Has Finally Come"
BRONZE Zoe White Anna Rose "My Body is a Cage"
SILVER Sion Michel ACS Julia Stone "By the Horns"
SILVER Sion Michel ACS Angus Stone "Bird on the Buffalo"
SILVER Tania Lambert Ricky Lee "Crazy"
GOLD Zoe White Exit Music "The Night"
5 - SINGLE CAMERA NEWS, LOCAL & REGIONAL presented by Speakeasy Teleprompt
GOLD Dean Cropp "Harbour Rubbish"
GOLD Adam Wilson "Muslim Protest"
7 - NEIL DAVIS INTERNATIONAL NEWS presented by Mooneys Insurance Brokers & Miller Camera Support
BRONZE David Hawley "Myanmar HIV Clinic"
SILVER Matthew Allard "Encountering the Past"
SILVER Matthew Allard "The Invisible Enemy"
SILVER Matthew Allard "A Lasting Impact"
GOLD Matthew Allard "Skin Deep"
GOLD Matthew Allard "The Heart of the Printing Press"
NEWS DIRECTORS AWARD Adam Wilson "Muslim Protest"
8 - CURRENT AFFAIRS presented by Dragon Image & Sony Australia
BRONZE Mathew Marsic 7.30 Report "Inside Syrian Rebel Footholds"
BRONZE Andrew Taylor ACS 60 Minutes "The Crystal Cave"
BRONZE Andrew Taylor ACS 60 Minutes "Kidnapped"
SILVER Wayne McAllister "Toxic Trade"
SILVER Geoffrey Lye "Kenya - A Place in the Sand"
9 - TV MAGAZINE, LIFESTYLE & REALITY presented by Coptercam NSW & Panasonic Australia
BRONZE Steve Munro "ABC Auction Room" Series 2, Episode 1
SILVER James Bayliss-Smith "Tan Dun Composer Profile"
GOLD Roger Price "Turkey, Cheese Slices"
GOLD Matthew Gormly "Guardians of Time"
10 - CORPORATE & EDUCATIONAL presented by the National Film & Sound Archive
BRONZE Benjamin Shepherd "In Between Two Worlds"
BRONZE Velinda Wardell ACS "Zimmerman Campaign"
SILVER Rod Turnbull "Hyundai Quality & Safety"

GOLD Jason Wingrove "BHP - The Future is an Amazing Place"
GOLD John Biggins "Amcor - Moments"

11 - DOCUMENTARIES CINEMA & TV presented by Rosco Australia & Videocraft
BRONZE Geoffrey Thomas Taboos National Geographic "Ugly"
BRONZE Dean Cropp "Storm Surfers 3D"

SILVER Toby Ralph "All the Way"

GOLD Ben Emery "Mustang - A Kingdom on the Edge"

GOLD Dion Beebe ACS ASC "Zen of Bennett"
12 - WILDLIFE / NATURE presented by Southern Cross Cameras & Canon Australia
GOLD Matthew Allard "Saltwater"
13 - VIRTUAL CINEMATOGRAPHY presented by fxphd & E Film
GOLD David Peers "Happy Feet"
GOLD Callan Green "A Cautionary Tail"
14 - COMMERCIALS LOCAL & REGIONAL presented by Daymaker Lighting & Cameraquip Australia
BRONZE Adam Eden "China Holidays"
BRONZE Callan Green Daily Telegraph "Greatest City"
BRONZE Judd Overton "Kmix Black"
SILVER Carl Robertson ACS "BB Jeans"
SILVER Carl Robertson ACS "Eulogy for Winter"
GOLD Benjamin Shepherd "Morris Janks"
15 - COMMERCIALS NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL presented by Red Apple Camera Rentals & Kodak Australasia
BRONZE Daniel Ardilley ACS "Toyota Aurion"
BRONZE Danny Ruhlmann ACS "TAC Thursday Arvo"
BRONZE Lachlan Milne ACS Foxtel "Seeing is Believing"
SILVER Lachlan Milne ACS "Tourism New Zealand"
SILVER Jason Wingrove Australian Nurses Federation "The Whole World"
SILVER Callan Green "HSV Obsession"
GOLD Callan Green "RNZAF - Step Up"
GOLD Allan Koppe "BMW"

GOLD Daniel Ardilley ACS "HSBC Rugby"
16 - DRAMATISED DOCUMENTARIES presented by Digital Logic & Showreelfinder
BRONZE Peter Coleman ACS Behind Mansion Walls - "Moneyed Mysteries"
17 - FICTIONAL DRAMA SHORTS presented by Cinoptix & Digital Pictures
BRONZE Damian Wyvill ACS "The Road Home"
BRONZE Joel Froome "Parrot"
BRONZE Zoe White "Be Still"

SILVER Zoe White "Aunt Louisa"
SILVER Paul Moss "Red Valentine"

SILVER Simon Morris "My Constellation"
GOLD Andrew McLeod "My Mind’s Own Melody"
GOLD Denson Baker ACS "Suspended"
GOLD Brad Shield ACS "Cryo"
18 - TELEFEATURES, TV DRAMA & MINI SERIES presented by Gearhead & The Movie Network
BRONZE Matthew Horrex ACS "Home & Away Episode 5643"
BRONZE John Brawley "Puberty Blues"
BRONZE Andrew Commis ACS "Mabo"
SILVER Andrew Commis ACS "The Slap"
SILVER Martin McGrath ACS Jack Irish "Bad Debts"
SILVER Henry Pierce ACS "Wild Boys Episode 108"
GOLD Roger Lanser ACS Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries "Murder on the Ballarat Train"
GOLD Dave Cameron Bliss "The Beginning of Katherine Mansfield"
GOLD Toby Oliver ACS "Beaconsfield"
19 - FEATURES CINEMA presented by Film Graphics & Panavision
BRONZE Toby Oliver ACS "33 Postcards"
BRONZE Lachlan Milne ACS "Not Suitable for Children"
GOLD Jules O’Loughlin ACS "Wish You Were Here"


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