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ACS NSW is aware that from time to time some members may find difficulty with situations that arise in the day to day activity of cinematography.

We, as cinematographers all face similar problems in dealing with producers, directors, crew members, actors, the weather and a myriad of other sometimes unforeseen situations.

Some may be facing these situations for the first time while others have seen and dealt with the issues countless times before.

To help members who would like a guiding hand, ACS NSW has compiled a list of some of our more experienced members who can be called on if advice is required.

ACS members below have been selected because of their experience in various genres of cinematography so if you feel you need advice hop on the computer and contact by email one of your fellow members - they wouldn't have volunteered their names if they didn't want to help.

Single camera News Local and Regional
Multi camera News Local and Regional
International News
Current Affairs
TV magazine Lifestyle and Reality
Andy Taylor ACS

TV Station Breaks and Promos
Commercials Local and Regional
Commercials National and international
David Wakeley ACS
David Lewis ACS

Non Drama
Experimental and Specialized
Music Clips
Corporate and Educational
Documentaries Cinema and TV
Judd Overton

Dramatised Documentaries
Fictional Drama and Shorts
Telefeatures, TV Drama and Mini series
Features - Cinema
David Burr ACS
Dan Freene ACS


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