John Brawley's "Available Light" Screening (Sydney)

Thu, 2 June, 6.30pm, AFTRS Theatre, Moore Park

Directed by Kate Dennis, this short film was shot by John Brawley on several current high-end formats using available light.

It is designed to be a real-world demonstration of the capabilities of the different acquisition systems. There will be a Q&A with John following the screening.

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Note from the cinematographer

OK. Finally! A screening of the available light shootout I did late last year. Deluxe have kindly struck me a 35mm print and I'm inviting you to come and see it.

The shootout is actually a short film, repeated six times, and shot with a different camera each time. It was written and directed by Kate Dennis as an exercise in shooting guerrilla style using only available light in a series of city locations.

Every shot was repeated six times using firstly a 35mm camera, then Super 16, RED ONE MX, ARRI ALEXA, the new Sony PMW-F3, and finally a Canon EOS 1Dmk4.

I was able to use the same lenses each time (Cooke S4), aside from the 1D where I used Zeiss Compact Primes.

The six short films, one for each camera, have been compiled onto a single 35mm print and will also run as a DCP.

-- John Brawley

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