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Dear Members, Sponsors and friends,

As you should already be aware we’ve had to cancel this year’s National Awards which were to be held in Canberra on May 16 due to the virus.  The judging of these awards had concluded before the pandemic and quite soon we will release all the nominees for this year.

On May 16 we will announce the winners in a different but novel way. Stay tuned.

I am mindful of the fact that our international friends and colleagues are all in the same boat as us.  To all of you I say that we the ACS are in solidaritarity with you all.   We are here, reach out if you need to.

Ron Johanson OAM ACS
National ACS President
Given the disruption and anguish caused by the COVID-19 virus I just wanted to confirm that while we have cancelled our National Awards we still intend to announce the recipients of the Awards in a novel way on Saturday, May 16th.

The ACS will of course let you know more in the coming weeks, suffice to say it will be a great event for all.  However I would appreciate it if you could as previously requested supply your Awards program ad, NOW IN 16:9 format and promo as normal. 

The deadline for delivery is April 16th.
Many thanks and keep on washing those hands!


The JobKeeper payment announced on Monday covers the following:
If your business loses or has already lost 30% or more of revenue compared to this time last year, you’ll get $1500 per fortnight per eligible employee that you keep on the books for a period of six months.

Eligible employees are employees who 

  • are currently employed by the eligible employer including those stood down or re-hired, 
  • were employed by the employer at 1 March 2020, 
  • are full-time, part-time or long term casuals employed on a regular basis for longer than 12 months, 
  • are at least 16 years of age, 
  • are an Australian citizen, permanent resident, protected and non-protected special category visas or special category subclass 444 visa holder
  • are not in receipt of a JobKeeper Payment from another employer.

Freelancers/Contractors who are Sole Traders are also eligible to claim for yourself $1500 per fortnight if you’ve experienced a loss of 30% or more of revenue compared to this time last year.

We are currently looking into this for those engaged as a PAYG freelancer with multiple companies.  We are not sure if this is covered in the current package.  

For more information and to add yourself as a Sole Trader or a Company please see the ATO website.  You will need to wait for updates on full registration and claims until the ATO sends out further information.  Once registered, you will need to update the ATO each month on the financial performance of your business.  Payments will begin the first week of May, however we are not sure yet if this will include March.

Register for JobKeeper payment

What if I've already applied for JobSeeker? Or I'm entitled to both?

The Federal Government has encouraged Australians not to withdraw their applications for Centrelink benefits, if they think they're eligible for wage subsidies instead.

Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar said the Government would work out which one they should receive.

"The ATO, Services Australia, where there are applications for both, obviously work out administrative arrangements to ensure that those individuals get the JobKeeper payment," he said.

"And at that point in time, all of the other applications will be removed.

"So, I would caution them not to withdraw an application at this point in time."

JobKeeper Payment
The JobKeeper payment is intended to provide wage subsidies to businesses that are significantly affected by COVID-19.
Register for JobKeeper payment
JobSeeker Payment
Financial help if you’re between 22 and Age Pension age and looking for work. It’s also for when you’re sick or injured and can’t do your usual work or study for a short time.
How to claim JobSeeker Payment
You can't be paid both JobSeeker and JobKeeper — it's one or the other.
We are actively seeking improvements to the ‘JobKeeper’ payments announced by the Government so that they cover screen production freelancers and many other arts and entertainment workers. As it stands we believe many freelancers will fall through the cracks because the government simply does not understand how the industry works. As the situation is developing so quickly, with the ‘JobKeeper’ legislation due to be finalised early next week, the best thing people could do right now is to follow our facebook page ( so they can join in any action to push for better assistance to freelancers and our industry.
 Kelly Wood
 Director of Entertainment, Crew and Sport
We are actively seeking improvements to the ‘JobKeeper’ payments announced by the Government so that they cover screen production freelancers and many other arts and entertainment workers. As it stands we believe many freelancers will fall through the cracks because the government simply does not understand how the industry works. As the situation is developing so quickly, with the ‘JobKeeper’ legislation due to be finalised early next week, the best thing people could do right now is to follow our facebook page ( so they can join in any action to push for better assistance to freelancers and our industry.
 Kelly Wood
 Director of Entertainment, Crew and Sport
Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance
Some good news re MEMBERSHIP from the ACS President:
Dear ACS Members, sponsors, colleagues and friends,
In recent days the National Executive have been in discussion regarding the potential fallout to our members due to the Coronavirus.
We feel in these extraordinary and unprecedented Coronavirus Covid-19 times that many of our members are suffering both financially and emotionally and therefore the ACS would like to offer all financial members a free membership for the 2020/2021 financial year. 
If a member is unfinancial they will have to pay a minimum of one year’s membership that is currently in arrears to be eligible to receive this offer.
Thankfully each Branch has agreed to bear the cost on behalf of its members. The Branches will also still pay the National ACS Capitation fees as well as the Clubhouse and Magazine levies so that Nationally the ACS, ACS HQ and AC Magazine can continue to operate.
I cannot thank the Branches enough for their support of this very important initiative. 
There could well be some who feel they do not need this assistance as they have the capacity to pay their membership fee. If you are one of those member’s I say thank you for your support and generosity of spirit and ask you to contact your Branch treasurer to let them know that you are willing to pay your membership fee for 2020/2021 year as usual.
Unfortunately, we cannot extend this offer to new members, so they will be required to pay the current advertised membership fees. After all we are rewarding our current financial members for their continued loyalty and support.  
Please remain assured that your Society is very mindful that there will be many who will be disadvantaged by the Coronavirus and we hope to assist by this initiative.

Until next time,

Ron Johanson OAM ACS
National ACS President
After an exhaustive session the ACS Hall of Fame and Ron Windon ACS Contribution Award panel are pleased to announce the 2020 recipients of these prestigious ACS awards.
Dion Beebe ACS ASC (NSW)
Roger Lanser ACS (NSW)
John Wheeler ACS (Victoria)
Robb Shaw Velzen ACS (ACT)
Warmest congratulations to all the worthy recipients for 2020.
...Members, BigKids, LittleKids, GrandKids... and kids at heart

In part as an additional resource for parents who may want to find online learning activities for their kids over coming weeks, and in part as a potential resource/point of reference for our online endeavours, Khan Academy has partnered with Disney to produce two online learning modules: Pixar in a Box: The Art of Storytellingand Imagineering in a Box. These are, admittedly, aimed more at kids but still worth checking out if you’re inclined. 

So here's some links to keep you busy over the coming weeks.

Pixar in a Box: the art of storytelling
Imagineering in a Box
If you're able please consider a small donation as this allows both members and the creators of these programmes.  You should be able to find a link at the bottom of the webpage once you've clicked either of the above links.
Thanks kindly.
Great video sent to Ronny this month via SA member Lennon Cooper
who made the video with his son. - Enjoy and play along please.
 We thought you as members would be keen to have the updates.
There are links below that contain several reports
Authors’ Organisations Joint Statement on COVID-19 Crisis REPORT
COVID-19: Cinematographers World Reports .PDF
Greetings ACS members, sponsors and colleagues.

Due to the ongoing nature of the Coronavirus - COVID 19 we have now decided to cancel the applications this year for:
  • The Drew Llewelyn ACS Camerimage Scholarship
  • The John Leake OAM ACS Emerging Cinematographer Award
  • The Bob Miller - ACS Technical & Innovation Achievement Award.
The ACS hopes you understand that these were difficult decisions but ones we needed to make. Those who have submitted applications this year will be held over until next year for inclusion, but as of today (March 31st), submissions were closed.


Ron Johanson OAM ACS

Actors, Creative Talent in Europe Brace for New Rules on Set Post-Coronavirus

by Kaleem Aftab
            CREDIT: JAN THIJS

After the initial shock of determining how the fallout of a global pandemic will affect our immediate lives, the question of how creative talent such as actors and directors survive the next few weeks, months and possibly longer, is beginning to emerge.
One of our NSW Branch sponsors and previous National sponsor,
Andrew Barley whose company Macquarie Commercial Finance has been generous to provide some obligation free information that may be valuable at this time for our ACS members. 
“Since last Friday in particular I have experienced nothing like we have seen in my 35 year working life. By my observation, no one is as much affected as the Film and Television Industry .
The Film and TV Industry is a niche business I fell into in 1989. I have listened to and helped assist with the dreams and aspirations of many in the Industry over that period of time. The most recent COVID 19 events are concerning to say the least, something that is certainly outside our control, the question is for just how long is it outside our control? As a NSW ACS sponsor, advocate, credit influencer and passionate supporter of your Industry I would like to reach out to and say I am here for you.
Since last Friday, I have received many emails, had many difficult and deep conversations from many clients from many Industries. Some will already know, but if you aren’t aware, initiatives such as an increased Instant Asset write off up to $150,000 and the up to 6 month repayment deferment requests on existing Equipment Finance loans (in addition to Home and Commercial Business loans) are being implemented as part of Government initiatives to assist businesses navigate the uncertain period ahead. Further initiatives such as the small business loans up to $250,000 SME Guarantee Scheme Loans are being worked on as we speak.
It is times like these we can all rally together and share resources and knowledge. I`d be only too happy to extend my resources and knowledge to the wider ACS community, I have already successfully put 6 month moratoriums in place for some of my clients, some within 24 hours of the request - maybe I can assist others do the same.
From someone passionate about the survival of your Industry, rest assured in these challenging times I am here to assist you, contact me for advice on how to make deferment arrangements with your Credit provider/s or any other aspect of the COVID19 small business Stimulus Package initiatives, in confidence email me or call 0412 521031”.

Andrew Barley 

Illumination Experience Workshop

Shane Hurlbut, ASC


KEY LIGHT: WHERE WHEN & WHY  ...and that's just the beginning! 
Below an update message from the President of the ASC 


The impact of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and the deeper developing financial hardship for our industry has been severe. All production in the United States closed down during the last week, except for some VFX and post-production people that can work from home, and future production seems to be on hold at least until the end of June. The new United States stimulus bill that is expected to be approved within the next 24 hours will offer some relief to all Americans, but it will probably be no more than 1250 to 2000 dollars per person as a one time gift. In response, several industry unions, organizations, and businesses have stepped up to offer emergency assistance.

For your information, this is where entertainment industry workers can go for help during the coronavirus crisis:
All members of the ASC sympathize with all our colleagues around the world, and it is a comforting feeling to all of us that we are not alone. We feel that together we will get through this and rise again.

On behalf of all our members,

Kees van Oostrum ASC
Directors of photography Alan Caso, ASC and Nicola Daley, ACS's artful collaboration Paradise Lost releases April 13 on Spectrum’s On Demand platform.
The 10-episode series, from Paramount Television Studios and Anonymous Content, represents a monumental step for both Daley and Caso. The two collaborated to ensure the series saw as much inclusivity and representation in its camera department as possible. 
After Alan’s historic speech about inclusion at the 2018 ASC awards we asked Nicola and Alan to interview each other at the series’ completion. They reflected on their experiences and what they learned working together. Their deep dive, enlightening self interview is available upon request
Featuring Josh Hartnett and Bridget Regan, Paradise Lost is a Southern Gothic mystery series about a psychiatrist who moves with her family from California to her husband's hometown in Mississippi. There, she inadvertently uncovers shameful secrets that irrevocably change the lives of everyone involved. A trailer is available here.
Cinematographer Alan Caso Made an Extraordinary Plea for Diversity at Saturday’s ASC Awards
Paradise Lost TRALIER

Screenwriting for Film: Online Course ~ 22nd April 2020 

Streamline your screenwriting process with this 100% online course that focuses on concept, structure, story and character.

By the end of ten weeks, you will have developed your story idea using the traditional three-act structure and be ready to write the script you've always wanted to see on the screen.


While we are in standby, and now have more time ...we would like you to take this opportunity to dig through some of your work photos

Your invited to submit some stills shots that we could use for 2020-2021 for Award program booklets.

We need some great stills for our ACS Awards program booklets and winner lists. The shots will need to be 16:9 or  be able to cropped to 16:9, they will be printed on the covers @ 210mm wide so not too smaller detail please. They need to be well composed, dramatic, moody lit shots with a reasonable amount of contrast.

Ernie Clark ACS
ACS National Vice President
"Like most of the world at present, the Rosco Backdrops team is facing the coming weeks with a high degree of uncertainty. We have however been fortunate in having some large long-term projects in house to keep us busy, and have already encountered a number of Art Directors lucky enough to be in a similar position.
Although the overall situation changes daily, it is our intention to maintain our retouching and image retrieval capabilities for the foreseeable future. We feel that this will put us in the best place to cope with the rapid ramp-up that seems likely once the industry returns to a semblance of normal operation. While the picture feels grim right now with many unknowns, particularly on the question of when film production will start again, we remain optimistic. Bearing in mind the possibility of a production glut following the hiatus we would suggest that anyone with a project currently on hold who anticipates needing SoftDrops following the restart should contact us sooner rather than later in order to get a jump on the potential rush.
And as always even if you don’t have anything lined up it would be great to hear from any of you, to share news of mutual friends, and hopefully to plan our next get together over a coffee or a beer. Drop one of us a line and let us know how you are doing!"

Phil Greenstreet
Advanced Backings Technology
Phil Greenstreet @ ROSCO
ROSCO SoftDrops

Screen industry grapples with coronavirus pandemic as job losses mount

 by Don Groves IF Magazine
The coronavirus pandemic is taking a heavy and growing toll on the screen industry, resulting in the postponement of numerous TV shows including the Seven Network’s Holey Moley and widespread job losses.

Many offices have closed so staff are working remotely and series that are still shooting have closed sets and reduced the number of extras.

Read full article HERE
One of the most requested products recently has been an EF mount for the ALEXA Mini LF - and we're happy to announce that it's available for order. The mount will work on all ALEXA Minis, AMIRAs and ALEXA Mini LFs and now sports an LBUS port for daisy-chaining cforce motors, LCUBEs,
Master Grips, OCU-1s and other LBUS devices. 

The mount will cost $2,495 ex GST and we should have our first units in about a month. The existing EF mount will continue to exist in the product lineup as a cheaper option for those AMIRA owners who don't require LBUS.

Important information about COVID-19 and employing children

The Office of the Children's Guardian has considered the implications of the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) when employing children in the entertainment, exhibition and modelling industries.

Babies under 12 weeks

To reduce the risk of harm to the most vulnerable children, requests for variations to employ babies under 12 weeks will not be approved at this time. We will continue to update all employers when this advice changes.

Children under 3 years

For employment of children between 12 weeks and three years, we ask that you follow the requirements of the children’s employment legislation:

  • ensure a registered nurse/midwife is present at all times
  • follow the advice of the nurse regarding the working environment and care of the child.

This includes having suitable lighting and temperature, a clean and comfortable workspace and stopping work immediately if the child is unwell.

Make it a child safe and healthy workplace

Here are some guidelines to take care of your health and protect others, while on set:

  • food and drink provided to children should be handled appropriately
  • clean your hands frequently, using soap and water or a suitable alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
  • avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. Where this is unavoidable (i.e. hair & makeup) please wash your hands before and after contact.
  • cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  • stay home if you are feeling unwell. Anyone who comes to work with a cough or other COVID-19 symptoms should be sent home immediately

The Department of Health website has more information and resources about COVID-19.

Contacting the children's employment team

Due to reduced staff, our phones will be unavailable for the next two weeks. Please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Employers must manage the employment of children under 16 years in accordance with the current guidelines of the relevant health authorities. We will not be providing responses to specific queries regarding COVID-19 and the employment of children. It is the employer's responsibility to ensure a safe workplace.

Children's Guardian Act 2019
The new Children’s Guardian Act commenced on 1 March 2020.

For the first time, the Children’s Guardian will be supported by its own stand-alone legislation. 

Importantly, it incorporates findings and recommendations arising out of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The Act consolidates all the Children’s Guardian’s functions related to adoption service providers, out-of-home care agencies and children’s employment. Additional powers have enabled the inclusion of the Reportable Conduct Scheme, which oversights investigations of workplace child abuse allegations.

What does this mean for employers of children in the entertainment and modelling industries?
For those employing children in film, television, live performance, still photography and modelling, nothing will change. The new Act still requires employers to:

Learn more about the Children’s Guardian Act 2019

NEWS from the Australian Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC)

In these challenging times, the ASGC is pleased to announce some good news

Australian Guild of Screen Composers welcomes new President, Vice-President and Board for 2020

The Australian Guild of Screen Composers is pleased to welcome one of Australia’s most successful and awarded screen composers as the new President, as long-standing guild member Antony Partos receives the baton from retiring president Caitlin Yeo. Antony was previously Vice President of the Guild from 2012 – 2016.

Fellow NSW-based composer Me-Lee Hey was elected Vice-President, marking the first female Vice President in the history of the Guild, taking over from Brett Aplin.

With Melbourne-based Treasurer Mark Buys and Secretary Dale Cornelius, the Guild ushers in an executive that is rich in experience and enthusiasm for the next phase of the AGSC, which has grown significantly under the leadership of Caitlin Yeo and Brett Aplin

In taking on the role, Antony Partos said: “I am honoured to be elected as President of the AGSC and am excited to be joined by such an enthusiastic and genuinely talented board that includes our Vice President Me-Lee Hay, Secretary Dale Cornelius and Treasurer Mark Buys.

We are facing unprecedented challenges within our industry, but know that the strength and unity of our members means that our guild has never been stronger. We must endeavour to support our fellow filmmakers in order to continue making Australian stories whilst maintaining our own working conditions.

I believe that Australian screen composers harbour the talent to thrive on an international stage and want to develop an ethos that supports the careers of not only our more established members but also foster the education and support of emerging composers across Australia.”

The incoming Board of Directors also includes a number of distinguished screen composers, including Frank Millward, who re-joins the Guild after being an active member some years ago, and is now Professor of Music Composition at ANU. Joining him is Cameron Patrick, Head of Music at AFTRS, and Elizabeth Drake, the first female to win an AFI/AACTA Award for Original Score in a Feature Film. She returns for another year and has moved into the role of Chair on the Guild’s Gender Equity Committee, after fellow screen composer Felicity Wilcox stepped down to concentrate on other work.

Screen composers Dr Craig Morgan and Hylton Mowday have also joined the Board, alongside established Melbourne-based composers Petra Salsjö and Tom Rouch, who are returning for another term on the AGSC Board.

The AGSC acknowledges the challenging and evolving work circumstances due to the COVID-19 Virus. We note the effect on our members and communities locally, nationally and globally and will be providing resources to our members to support them through this challenging time.

Antony Partos, Catlin Yeo, Dale Cornelius, Mark Buys AGSC, Me-Lee Hay
Anyone feeling the need change up the household's viewing over the coming weeks?  
Why not check out DOCPLAY
This week we bring you amazing stories from deep within the wilds of the animal kingdom. Transport yourself to the plains of Africa and fall in love with these magnificent, endearing creatures.
Caught between bloody civil wars and a lust for money, Africa's elephants struggle to survive a seemingly insatiable worldwide demand for their ivory.

The ivory trade is a cruel business. Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its ivory. 65 percent of the continents elephants have been killed for their ivory in the last five years.


A wildlife soap opera

The Cat Report TV Series brings you real wildlife adventure stories selected from 100’s of hours of footage, originally shot live, capturing animal interactions and behaviour.

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March 2020 ~ Issue #85

True History Of The Kelly Gang ~ Ari Wegner ACS
The Mandalorian ~ Greig Fraser ACS ASC
Stateless ~ Bonnie Elliott ACS
The Invisible Man ~ Stefan Duscio ACS
Never Too Late ~ Peter Falk ACS
The Commons ~ Earle Dresner ACS
Friendly Reminder - Australian (DST) ends Sunday 5th April 2020


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