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Mid December 2020
“With great power comes great responsibility.”

As an inclusive Society your thoughts on the future directions that we take as a Society are important to us.

In an effort to ensure full collaboration amongst the entire membership we seek a little of your time to complete the ACS CAMERA WORKFORCE CENSUS 2021.


This is the first research of the ACS membership that examines work force development, career progression, diversity and inclusion for camera professionals in Australia.

What’s the survey about?

The Census will examine the quantity, type and quality of work for camera professionals in Australia.

The Camera Workforce Census will ask you questions about your career as a camera professional,
Such as

  • career path,
  • your earnings and income,
  • hiring processes,
  • professional networks,
  • training and professional development,
  • any experiences of workplace bullying,
  • experiences of harassment and discrimination.
An outstanding team of academics from Deakin University is conducting the Census. The Australian Cinematographers Society has provided support for this study by funding the research, providing guidance on the design and wording of the survey instrument, and distributing this invitation to participate to all active and inactive ACS members. However, it is important to emphasise that the ACS will not have access to any of the individual responses, or the raw data, generated from the Census.

What will be done with the findings?

The general findings will be delivered in a report to the ACS National Executive, with the aim of positively informing policy and practice for the ACS as a professional organisation, and the Australian Screen production sector more broadly 

Click the link below to have your say.
This is a vitally important piece of research and I thank you sincerely in anticipation of your collaboration.
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Complete the Census, it can be your gift to the INDUSTRY

Once again I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

I know its a tough time for some, if your not having a brilliant Christmas and need to reach out, your welcome to give me a call, I'm om just one phone call away.  

Ron Johanson OAM ACS
National President

PH +61(0) 413 264 400
Australian Cinematographers Society
Level 2, 26 Ridge Street, NORTH SYDNEY, NSW 2060

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