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- Message from the President
- ACS State Awards for Cinematography - Ticket Links
- AACTA Nominees & Ticket Links
- IMAGO Report
- Southern Cross choose ARRI AMIRA
- SAVE THE DAY!!! - National Awards for Cinematography - Adelaide
- Kong: Skull Island (Queensland bound)
- Something to Consider...
- LEMAC - How do you Gratical X
- 2016 Production Book ~ NOW ON SALE
- ACS Online Shop
- AFTRS ~ Courses & Links
- ACS Sponsors

Message from the President

Greetings colleagues and friends,

Here we are November already, jacarandas are in bloom, the Melbourne Cup is almost on us, Wallabies v All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup, Australia v New Zealand in the Cricket, and then last night the SA/WA Awards for Cinematography took place, with a very timely Halloween Theme. As is the norm, the 35th Annual SA/WA Awards were a great celebration of cinematography and not only the work, but the personalities really got into the swing of things. WA member, Torstein Dyrting ACS took home 4 Golds, with Aron Gully, Jo Rossiter ACS,Miles Rowland and Lee Ali among many others enjoying success. The “Special Categories” - MRC Encouragement Award was presented to Claire Bishop, The Cliff Ellis Memorial Award to Randy Larcombe and The Milton Ingerson Award for the Best Entry went to Torstein Dyrting ACS from West Australia.

Check out all the results on the LINKS below

SA & WA Award Winners 2015 » »

Congratulations to all the entrants, supportive and dedicated National and Branch sponsors, and to the SA Branch committee for their outstanding work which drives the success of these SA/WA Awards for Cinematography.

Next stop is Sydney for the NSW/ACT Awards on November 7, Queensland Awards on November 21 in Brisbane and finally, Victoria/Tasmania on November 26. A fantastic month of ACS events, with tickets still available.

Here's the LINK to book tickets »

The AACTA Awards also take place in November and early December, and the nominations for the Cinematography categories have been announced:

Feature Film

- ODDBALL Damian Wyvill ACS


- BANISHED Episode 6 Martin McGrath ACS – FOXTEL - BBC First
- DEADLINE GALLIPOLI Part 1 Geoffrey Hall ACS – FOXTEL - Showcase
- THE SECRET RIVER Part 1 Bruce Young – ABC


- THE KILLING SEASON Episode 2: Great Moral Challenge (2009-2010) Louie Eroglu ACS – ABC
- LIFE ON THE REEF Episode 1 Nick Robinson, Luke Peterson, Jon Shaw – ABC
- PRISON SONGS Torstein Dyrting ACS – SBS
- SHERPA Renan Ozturk, Hugh Miller, Ken Sauls

Congratulations to all cinematographers nominated for the 5th @AACTA Awards presented by @Presto! Don’t miss out on celebrating at the Australian screen industry’s major Awards at @TheStarEventCentre in Sydney
- industry tickets are available now via

AACTA ~ Facebook Link »
TheStarEventCentre ~ Facebook Link »
Presto ~ Facebook Link »

Quite a line-up, with some fantastic work up for consideration, so before I go into details about the recent IMAGO Annual General Assembly I attended in Jerusalem, here’s a short history of the wonderful city that is Jerusalem……...

Full report is available on the ACS Website via the link below...

During its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed at least twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times. The oldest part of the city was settled in the 4th millennium BC. In 1538, walls were built around Jerusalem under Suleiman the Magnificent. Today those walls define the Old City, which has been traditionally divided into four quarters—known since the early 19th century as the Armenian, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Quarters. The Old City became a World Heritage Site in 1981, and is on the List of World Heritage in Danger. Modern Jerusalem has grown far beyond the Old City's boundaries.

Jerusalem is a truly unique city, steeped in so much history and culture, including the Old City of Jerusalem and those many Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other sites that are famous for so many biblical and other significant historical events. Jerusalem is a vibrant, busy city that mixes effectively the old with the new.
I found all the people, whether they are Jewish, Muslim or other ethnicities, to be very gracious and eager to talk and discuss a vast range of topics, but always one get’s the feeling the Israeli opinion is the one that really matters. Sadly at the time Jerusalem was experiencing a new sudden round of violence and this was very evident with a large police and military presence on the streets. Our hotel was the home to many soldiers who were seen at breakfast and during the day armed to the teeth, but nevertheless enjoying the facilities of the hotel.

Given Israel has a National Service system in place, many of the military, both male and female were very young, but ever diligent and ready for anything that could take place. This whole situation was disconcerting for us all, and did cause some disruption particularly when wanting to visit the Old City, the Mount of Olives and other religious areas. I did, with other delegates have the chance to visit the Old City along with the historically and architecturally significant Yad Vashem which is Israel's official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. Established in 1953, Yad Vashem is located on the western slope of Mount Herzl on the Mount of Remembrance in Jerusalem and left me with a great feeling of sadness, but also elation that I had the opportunity to visit this significant and also remarkable place.

2015 Imago IAGA Report ~ Ron Johanson OAM ACS »
2015 IAGA - IMAGO ~ Jerusalem Gallery »
New IMAGO President: Paul René Roestad FNF »

Obviously, our security and safety was paramount and our hosts, the Israeli Society (ACT) led by it’s Past President, Idan Or and a wonderful team, were steadfast in ensuring we were all quite safe and the journey for us all was an experience not to miss.

INCOMING IMAGO BOARD: L-R Rolf Coulanges BVK, Pedraig Bambic SAS, Elen Lotman ESC, President; Paul Rene Roestad FNF, Nina Kellgren BSC, Ron Johanson OAM ACS, ABSENT: Daniele Nanuzzi AIC

Overall the 3 day Assembly (IAGA) was an outstanding success with a new Board elected under a new President; Paul Rene Roestad from Norway. I was fortunate to be elected to the new Board having served as retiring Board member, Idan Or’s deputy. This means my term as an IMAGO Board member will be for the next 2 years.

The new Board comprises the following talented and broad based personel:

President: Paul Rene Roestad FNF (Norway)
Daniele Nanucci AIC (Italy)
Ms Nina Kellgren BSC (UK)
Rolf Coulanges BVK (Germany)
Predrag Bambic SAS (Serbia)
Ron Johanson OAM ACS (Australia)
Ms Elen Lotman ESC (Estonia)

I think that the current Secretary-General, the amazing Louis-Philippe Capelle is remaining as interim Secretary until the new Board meets. His vast knowledge and experience, as well as his extraordinary capacity to deal with a large number of administrative issues, should be taken into account when the new Board does meet. This also applies to Nigel Walters BSC whose obvious strengths, vast experience and commitment cannot be lost simply because his Presidential term has finished.

The IAGA attendance was very impressive, and by my count there were 40 of the 49 member countries in attendance, with the remaining 9 represented by proxies. The relevance and importance of this IAGA was evident by the overall attendance figures and the Agenda items discussed.

The 3 days are very full and the first day, Friday is a Board meeting to go through the Agenda item by item to prepare for any possible matters that may arise. It is on this day that the majority of the delegates arrive into Jerusalem.

The Saturday and Sunday are the nuts and bolts days where each country attending has the opportunity to raise and discuss matters set out on the Agenda.

IMAGO – ”The Way Forward”

Where's Ronny? 2015 IMAGO delegates

Part of the 2015 IAGA included a series of "Round Table" discussions dealing with a cross section of topics designed to help with the future direction of IMAGO. Those sessions included:

1# Nigel Walters BSC –
Theme: Education; transfer of knowledge and experience.
How should Imago foster regional conferences? The structure and cost of Masterclasses, various locations, cheaper, more often etc?

2# Ron Johanson & Tony Costa –
Theme: Promoting Cinematography.
Topic of the discussion group: THE IMAGO AWARDS
Award for the IMAGO Cinematographer of the Year - where, when, how? Different models that are already there (ACS, CILECT etc.) Sponsorship, management etc.

3# Paul-Rene Roestad –
Theme: Monitoring and influencing technical developments
Topic of the discussion group: What kind of innovative events and activities would be helpful for IMAGO in terms of technical developments.

4# Dr Cristina Busch & Louis-Philippe Capelle –
Theme: Authorship, working conditions etc.
Topic of the discussion group: What kind of concrete collaborations with different other international organisations should Imago continue or initiate.

5# Idan Or –
Theme: Working conditions etc.
Topic of the discussion group: IMAGO conference or congress, what should be discussed there and for whom should it be directed to; how the lobby should work in a structured way.

6# Predrag Bambic –
Topic: Committees: How to make IMAGO committees work?
Country-specific? Topic specific? Assign people and disband committees?

The outcomes from the various sessions are included in my IMAGO REPORT and I believe make for interesting and thought provoking reading.

Looking forward to seeing you at the various ACS Awards presentations.

Until next time

Ron Johanson OAM ACS
National President

AFI|AACTA SCREENWEEK ‘Meet The Nominees’ presented by AFTRS

The ACS is just one of the Guilds who will be taking part in this years “Meet the Nominees” as part of the AACTA Awards.

Here’s the initial program, with more details to come soon regarding the ACS Panel of nominees. »


Anthony Pawley with his two new ARRI AMIRA cameras.

Southern Cross Cameras Australia is a boutique camera rental house based in Sydney. The company, headed up by owner Anthony Pawley, provides productions with a wide selection of camera packages, lenses, speciality lenses and video gear. In addition to its range of ARRI ALEXA XT PLUS and ARRI ALEXA Mini cameras the company recently also added two new ARRI AMIRA cameras to its rental fleet.

Anthony Pawley explained, “For as long as I have been involved in the film industry ARRI has been one of the best companies worldwide in regards to film cameras and now, with the new digital movement arriving over the last few years, ARRI is again and the pointy end of the pyramid in regards to camera quality and ease of use. This made buying an AMIRA an easy choice.”

The AMIRA has been a big hit for Anthony Pawley and Southern Cross Cameras but there was one last point he wanted to make about ARRI and that was reserved for the team at ARRI Australia.

Pawley states, “ARRI Australia offer great service and excellent support.
Stefan and his team offer the perfect service which is great because when you are spending a lot of money on a product like this it is good to know you can have the best support at any time of the day, even weekends if needed. In summary I can’t fault the ARRI AMIRA at all, it fits perfectly into our range of cameras and is always busy. As a result we are very happy with our decision to purchase our two ARRI AMIRA cameras from ARRI Australia.” » »

Save the Day and start planning your trip to SA...

Kong: Skull Island to film in Queensland

Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk today announced Legendary Pictures’ and Warner Bros. Pictures’ Kong: Skull Island is the next major international motion picture to film in Queensland, with preproduction starting this month and filming commencing in early 2016.

“I met with Legendary Pictures in Los Angeles in June and am thrilled they have chosen to film in Queensland,” the Premier said.

“Securing Kong: Skull Island demonstrates the momentum we are building to ensure Queensland is a destination of choice for major producers and international studios.

“Kong will spend more than $15 million in Queensland by leveraging our world-class facilities and enlisting cast and crews in all aspects of physical production.

“The production will create 60 local jobs in addition to the Queenslanders who have already been enlisted with the Production Manager and Art Director already confirmed as Queenslanders,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

Screen Queensland Chief Executive Officer Tracey Vieira said this latest announcement demonstrated the reputation Queensland was establishing in the international film production industry.

“Our local industry is certainly getting some big international credits under their belts and making incredible local content, as well as building the careers of emerging talent,” Ms Vieira said.

Kong: Skull Island stars Tom Hiddleston, Sam Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Tian Jing, Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, John Ortiz, Shea Whigham, and Toby Kebbell.

Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and written by Max Borenstein, John Gatins, Dan Gilroy, and Derek Connolly,

The film will be distributed worldwide in 3D and IMAX 3D by Warner Bros. Pictures beginning March 2017.


If you’ve been the recipient of Accreditation, it’s important to remember that those letters ACS, come with a certain degree of responsibility and commitment. The Society expects your involvement in things like Awards judging, Accreditation assessments, participating as a member of your Branch committee or being involved Nationally on the Executive or on an ACS sub committee.

The Society is only as good as it's members, and by gaining your letters which is indeed a privilege and the highest honour the Society can bestow on you, does in turn mean the Society anticipates that you will be an ACTIVE contributor in order to continue the growth of the Society.

We ask you always consider this before you apply for Accreditation.


Only Full financial, Accredited members of the Society may use the letters ACS after their surname. The letters will be one space after the surname, in capitals, without full stops or spaces between the letters, e.g. David Lewis ACS

Should the Accredited member hold an OAM or similar, then this would precede the ACS letters, e.g. Ron Johanson OAM ACS

Or, if the Accredited member be also Accredited in another country then the first Accreditation received should appear first, e.g. Dean Semler ACS ASC

Just being an ACS member does not mean you can use the letters "ACS" after your name, but the ACS does allow financial members to acknowledge they are members of the Society in their CV's, etc. For example: Julie Citizen - I am an Active (or Full, or Student, etc.) member of the Victorian Branch of the ACS.

The 2016 Production Book is now on sale ~ CELEBRATING 25 YEARS!

PRE-Order your copy and go into the draw to WIN a 50” 4k Ultra HD LED Viera Panasonic TV.

The Production Book is the most comprehensive and reliable resource directory for the film, television, advertising and multimedia industries in Australia.
In our 25th Anniversary edition we bring you some great behind the scenes shots celebrating the people of the industry, plus we have also included listings for New Zealand to bring you an even more comprehensive resource to help with all your production needs.

The 2016 Production Book will be released during the first week of December and posted to you by mid-December 2015


LEMAC - How do you Gratical X ?

How do you Gratical X?

Whether you’re an Indie filmmaker, Classic filmmaker, VFX technophile or a Pioneer who walks the unbeaten path, the Gratical X EVF can enhance and support your vision. This customizable electronic viewfinder is perfect for the shooter who wants the very best in EVF technology but needs only a few key software features.
Your Gratical X starts with our bright and brilliant Gratical electronic viewfinder.The OLED Gratical screen, with it’s 10,000 to 1 contrast ratio and individually lit diodes, delivers the sharpest display possible. It blows away a 500 to 1 contrast range of a back lit LCD screen at any resolution or size. The Gratical X has the same high quality precision optics with built in diopter and powerful FPGA dual core processor as the flagship model Gratical HD. But, our innovative “build your own” process allows you to pick and choose from a wide selection of software features to build the Gratical EVF that’s right for you.
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November course highlights include LIGHTING FUNDAMENTALS with Louis Irving ACS in November plus an additional CAMERA ASSISTANT’S WORKSHOP has been scheduled with expert DOP and AFTRS Cinematography lecturer Erika Addis ACS in November.

Plus Summer School courses are coming up fast and highlights include:

Three Week Film School in November
Six Week Film School next January.

A reminder ACS members receive a 10% discount on all AFTRS Open short courses


To view all AFTRS Open Cinematography courses visit the AFTRS Open website: 9 - 13 November
AFTRS OPEN Short Courses

Lighting Fundamentals with Louis Irving ACS

Learn basic lighting skills and how they apply to the visualisation of a story or concept with Louis Irving ACS. You’ll learn about natural and artificial light, colour temperature, soft/hard light, the use of anti-fill, cutters & diffusion gels, dealing with reflections and much more! The course will be taught in AFTRS state-of-the-art studios examining artificial light sources, and on a location shoot studying the changeability of natural light in both exterior and interior locations.

9 - 13 November
Lighting Fundamentals with Louis Irving

Content Creation on your iPhone/iPad - Online

From the comfort of your keyboard, learn how to shoot quality videos with your iPhone or iPad and create stories on the go, in this five week online course. Filmmaker and cinematographer Gareth Tillson will lead this course featuring video tutorials, weekly assignments and a weekly online chat session, where you will get real time feedback from the tutor.

Starts 12 November, online, 5 weeks
Content Creation on your iPhone/iPad - Online

Camera Assistant’s Workshop - Second Course Scheduled

This popular intensely practical course with AFTRS Cinematography lecturer and expert DOP Erika Addis, introduces you to the duties and professional requirements of the Camera Assistant in drama, documentary and commercials. Unique in Australia this course uses the latest equipment in AFTRS’ state-of-the-art studios.

Friday 20th plus 23 - 26 November, AFTRS Sydney
Camera Assistant’s Workshop - Annual course


SUMMER SCHOOL: Videomaking 101: Shoot, Edit, Publish
Do you - or your staff - want to shoot, edit and upload your own short videos for your corporate website, social media marketing or just for your own interest? Then this course is for you.

23 - 27 November 2015
Videomaking 101: Shoot, Edit, Publish

SUMMER SCHOOL: TV Shooter Producer
Anyone entering the TV industry now needs to be able to “do it all”. It’s essential to be able to use a camera competently and this five-day course will give you the confidence and skills to say “I can do that”. This is a five-day version of our popular TV Shooter/Producer course, and includes lighting tuition and more location practical.

30 November - 4 December 2015
TV Shooter Producer

SUMMER SCHOOL: The Three Week Film School
looking to fast track your filmmaking skills and get an opportunity to use professional equipment and studios? This is your chance to immerse yourself in all areas of film studies and filmmaking.

23 November - 11 December 2015
The Three Week Film School

SUMMER SCHOOL: The Six Week Film School
Thirty days of our biggest and most intensive filmmaking course, including documentary and short film screenwriting! Led by AFI and ADG Award nominee Lucy Gaffy, this course has been designed for new & emerging filmmakers who are looking to take the next step. Places are limited!

11 January - 19 February 2016
The Six Week Film School

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