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- Message from the President
- VALE Peter Donnelly ACS
- Let us know if you're going to Cameraimage...
- Flickerfest
- Focus on Exposure Survey
- ARRI share some news for IBC 2015
- Fujifilm ~ dedicated Cine Lens Website
- Canon/ACS Initiative Update
- Varicam makes dedut at BBC as Doctor Foster Airs
- ACS Online Shop
- Michael Seresin ONZM BSC
- AFTRS ~ Courses & Links
- ACS Sponsors

Message from the President

It is with great sadness I advise you of the passing of one of our greats, a true pioneer in every sense of the word - Peter Donnelly ACS. We have included the Hall of Fame extract written by ACS Historian and close friend of Peter's, Ron Windon ACS for you to read about part of the history of this fine man.

Our thoughts are with Peter's wife Katherine, his sons Bede and Charles, daughters Alice and Anna- Marie along with his extended family and friends at this very sad time.

Ron Johanson OAM ACS
National President

In tribute to Peter Donnelly ACS

VALE ~ Charles Pierre (Peter) Donnelly ACS »


Held annually in Bydgoszcz, Poland the premier Festival dedicated to Cinematography is not to be missed.

If you are intending going please let us know by contacting Ron Johanson ACS [email protected]

Ron Johanson OAM ACS ~ [email protected] »

Flickerfest International Short Film Festival 2016 - Don't Miss OUT!!!

With entries flooding in there’s only 2 weeks left to get your entries in for Flickerfest International Short Film Festival 2016!

Celebrating it’s landmark 25th birthday year, Flickerfest is Australia’s leading Academy® Award accredited and BAFTA recognised Short Film festival, and its largest short film competition. As always Flickerfest will screen for 10 days under the summer stars at Bondi Beach in January 2016 with selected highlights heading off after the festival around Australia on a 50 venue national tour.

Joining our International fiction and animated awards in Academy@ Award eligibility is our short documentary award so we look forward to receiving lots of film entries in that category as well.

Competitions for 2016 include:
* International
* Australian
* Documentary
* GreenFlicks – films with an environmental focus or theme from across the world

In 2016 our out of competition programmes will include Flickerkids short films for children and families, Love Bites – short films about relationships, and a global comedy short film showcase. All competitions are open to any short film under 35 minutes completed within 2 years of the entry closing dates.

An international jury will award the following prestigious awards and prizes:

* Award for Best Short Film (Academy®Accredited)
* Award For Best Animation Short Film (Academy® Accredited)
* Award For Best Australian Short Film (Academy®Accredited)
* Award For Best short Documentary (Academy®Accredited)

Plus a host of other Awards and Industry prizes valued at over $40,000AUD, celebrating excellence across the film making craft.

All details for entering can be found at:
This year we are using Reelport and Film Festival Life as our entry platforms. All entries must be received by Wednesday 30th September 2015.

We cant wait to see your new shorts! »

Research on TV news camera-operators, sound recordists and reporters

Jasmine MacDonald, PhD candidate from Charles Sturt University, is seeking TV news reporters, camera-operators, and sound recordists to participate in an anonymous online survey assessing exposure to potentially traumatic or stressful situations, reactions to these experiences, and methods of coping. Participants will not be asked which organisation they work for. The survey is now also open to people from countries other than Australia. The survey can be accessed at:

Take the SURVEY here »

Latest ARRI IBC 2015 announcements


~ The Electronic Control System (ECS) is a complete, modular toolset for wireless remote control not just of ARRI cameras and lenses, but literally any camera and any lens.

~ Controlled Lens Motor CLM-5 The CLM-5 is an exceptionally small and lightweight, yet fast and responsive lens motor, designed for demanding gimbal and aerial drone setups. Directly compatible with most ALEXA models, the CLM-5 can also be used with other cameras.

~ WCU-4 Monitor Mount is a comfortable, versatile hand unit offering up to 3-axis lens control.

~ SUP 1.2 for the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 free software update for the UMC-4 enables support for the new CLM-5 lens motor and introduces functions such as automatic setting of the distance unit with the Ultrasonic Distance Measure UDM-1 (based on the selected focus scale unit) and lens data display on the WCU-4 when using Lens Data System (LDS)

~ SUP 2.2 for the Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 The latest software update packet for the popular WCU-4 3-axis hand unit introduces a custom lens programming mode for a higher number of data points on the focus scale (providing increased scale accuracy), and the ability to erase data points in the process of programming a lens scale.

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Top cinematographers are taking advantage of the ALEXA 65’s exceptional image quality for major feature films, while updates are announced that will extend the capabilities and appeal of the system still further.

Just some of the recent productions serviced by the group include:

Everest, Southpaw, Insurgent, Unbroken, A Most Violent Year, Selma, Birdman, Kingsman: The Secret Service, The Theory of Everything, John Wick, A Most Wanted Man, Expendables 3, Noah, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, The Monuments Men, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Book Thief, 300: Rise of an Empire, Captain Phillips, Blue Jasmine, Rush.

Read the Full article HERE »


(IBC 2015, Amsterdam) – ARRI introduces the EB 12/18 HS and EB 6/9 HS AutoScan ballasts, allowing easy, flicker-free extreme slow-motion filming with discharge lamps in the 9 kW, 12 kW and 18 kW power classes.

With digital cameras now capable of filming at frame rates of 200 fps and beyond without any sacrifice of image quality, sophisticated new lighting tools are required for high-speed shooting.

Earlier this year ARRI announced the EB 12/18 HS, a new high-speed ballast that allows 12 kW and 18 kW discharge lamps to be used at frame rates exceeding 1,000 fps. As the first ballast of its kind, the EB 12/18 HS offers a new AutoScan mode that scans the lamp and determines the frequency that will minimize light fluctuation.

CLICK HERE to read full article. »

FUJIFILM launches a dedicated Cine Lens Webiste

The new Fujifilm cine lens website is live and online now and coincides with the arrival of Fujinon's new 4K Ultra HD Series lens arriving in Australia and New Zealand.

The UA22x8 is the first portable zoom lens in the series, and the new UA80x9 is the first field lens.

Fujifilm Cine Lens »
Contact Fujifilm »


For the making of my 2015 Trop Fest entry, I was fortunate enough to be offered the use of equipment under the ACS national Canon Initiative. Although I regularly shoot with Canon, I have never used equipment as good as this, so it was very exciting! The gear included a C300 plus a C100 and a range of lenses.
Once it arrived I headed down to ACS sponsor Lemac who showed me around the cameras and their settings.
We shot a cemetery scene, a soccer scene and a bedroom scene using this equipment. Fortunately Katie Milwright joined Sofia Amodeo (another Cinekid) and I on set to mentor us through the use of the cameras and ensured we were comfortable with what we were doing. This was the first time I had used a cinematic lens and I loved the different look it gave the footage. I used the telephoto on some of the close ups, it's a very beautiful lens.
I would like to thank Ron Johnson and Helen Barrow from the ACS, Liam and Jim from Lemac for the training, Katie Milwright for her generous mentoring and Canon Australia for this wonderful opportunity.

Cat Warren


AMSTERDAM. 11 SEPTEMBER 2015 – A brand new five part drama on the BBC has become the first in the UK to use the Panasonic VariCam 35.

Doctor Foster is produced by Drama Republic and written by Laurence Olivier Award winning playwright Mike Bartlett.

It stars Suranne Jones, who plays Gemma Foster, a doctor who suspects her husband of having an affair and sets out to find the truth. The first episode aired on Wednesday 9 September on BBC One.

"The BBC and Drama Republic put a lot of faith in Panasonic and a newly launched camera in the VariCam," said Panasonic Group Manager Nigel Wilkes. "We worked very closely with the production team and their feedback was invaluable throughout."

"What they have produced is not only a gripping drama with a fantastic female lead character, but it looks absolutely stunning and helps position the camera perfectly for the drama market and for film – new ground for the VariCam."

Read Full Article and Check out the trailer HERE »

ACS online shop open

Visit our online ACS shop so you can buy all the ACS merchandise you could ever want. Check it out at

You can order back issues of AC mag, copies of Shadowcatchers, replacement plaques (as long as you've won them!), ACS branded Hoodies, Spray Jackets, Ladies & Mens Tees - cool new design or the original, Caps & Beanies, Mugs, Pens or Notebooks.

Michael Seresin ONZM BSC talks – in blunt and funny salvos

There’s no doubt Michael Seresin is an accomplished international cinematographer, that’s why some 80 NZCS members and friends packed the Allpress gallery in Auckland to hear him in conversation in early August.

He also knows how to entertain, recounting lively descriptions of the situations he has found himself in, how he chooses to ignore things that other cinematographers hold dear, or how his career was all a bit of an accident.

Michael Seresin ONZM BSC

And just in case you get bored or complacent with this stuff, every few minutes he lets fly with an expletive-laden description of some pet hate.

He may have always been like this, but saying what he thinks in a way that both shocks and makes you laugh is the mark of a 72-year old who doesn’t need to worry too much about where the next job will come from or what anybody thinks.

At least that’s the first impression, but these salvos are delivered in measured doses, and with a slight up turning of the edges of the mouth. This is perhaps – at least in part – a persona adopted to make for a memorable evening.

Read full article as seen on the NSCS eNews about Micheal Seresin ONZM BSC »
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Michael Seresin ONZM BSC

There’s no doubt Michael Seresin is an accomplished international cinematographer, that’s why some 80 NZCS members and friends packed the Allpress gal... More »


Short course highlights include: the CAMERA ASSISTANT’S WORKSHOP with expert DOP and AFTRS Cinematography lecturer Erika Addis in October. This has limited places and only runs once a year so don’t miss out! In September there’s CAMERA & SOUND BASICS plus in November there’s LIGHTING FUNDAMENTALS with Louis Irving ACS.

Camera Assistant’s Workshop - Annual course

This popular intensely practical course with AFTRS Cinematography lecturer and expert DOP Erika Addis, introduces you to the duties and professional requirements of the Camera Assistant in drama, documentary and commercials. Unique in Australia this course uses the latest equipment in AFTRS’ state-of-the-art studios.

This course is only held once a year so don’t miss out!

12 - 16 October - SOLD OUT!

23 - 27 November, AFTRS Sydney
Camera Assistant’s Workshop - Annual course

Camera & Sound Basics

Led by experienced cinematographer Paul Warren (The Cup (1999), Wrath), this course is suited to those who have limited camera and sound recording experience. It will introduce you to techniques and practical skills that will enable you to produce high quality images and sound for documentary and drama - with an eye to great storytelling, the goal of all good filmmaking.

12 - 13 September
Camera & Sound Basics

Content Creation on your iPhone/iPad - Online

From the comfort of your keyboard, learn how to shoot quality videos with your iPhone or iPad and create stories on the go, in this five week online course. Filmmaker and cinematographer Gareth Tillson will lead this course featuring video tutorials, weekly assignments and a weekly online chat session, where you will get real time feedback from the tutor.

Starts 24 September, online, 5 weeks
Content Creation on your iPhone/iPad - Online

Lighting Fundamentals with Louis Irving ACS

Learn basic lighting skills and how they apply to the visualisation of a story or concept with Louis Irving ACS. You’ll learn about natural and artificial light, colour temperature, soft/hard light, the use of anti-fill, cutters & diffusion gels, dealing with reflections and much more! The course will be taught in AFTRS state-of-the-art studios examining artificial light sources, and on a location shoot studying the changeability of natural light in both exterior and interior locations.

9 - 13 November
Lighting Fundamentals with Louis Irving

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