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In This Issue

- President's Report
- THE IMAGE MAKERS: A brief history of the Australian Cinematographers Society
- ACS Accreditation screenings
- Congratulations to newest Accredited Members
- AC Mag Out Now
- 2014 -15 ACS Montage reel
- Awards Tickets ! Book Now
- Inaugural NT Awards - Come Along
- Postcard from Jules O'Loughlin ACS, in Mississippi USA
- Canon Equipment Initiative
- Special Invitation from ACS VICTORIA ~ I Like To Move It Expo
- Sony Expands line of Ultra-fast SxS Professional Cards for 4K
- 10 Double Passes to "Son of a Gun"
- Postcard from - Tim Wood, NT Branch
- Cinematography Courses @ AFTRS
- Film Review ~ Locke
- Postcard from Dan Macarthur - In India
- Get Up! Short Film Competition
- NZCS ~ Check out this link… Explorer of Light ~ Rodney Charters NZCS ASC CSC
- Miller ~ ACS Technical & Innovation Achievement Nominations Open
- ACS Showreel 2014-15
- What The!!!
- Postcard from Ernie Clark ACS ~ Somewhere in the Flinders Ranges…

From The President

Greetings ACS members, colleagues and friends,

October and November are both incredibly busy months for the Society at all levels, but towards the end of September, two of the most important events in our ACS calendar took place: ACS Accreditation and our National AGM. I have include my 2014 President’s Report to the Board and the National Executive for your information, and please come back to me should you have any questions relating to the report.

2014 NATIONAL AGM REPORT @ ACS HQ on 15/9/2014

A very warm welcome to you all, and particularly to Simon Akkerman ACS, who joins us as the new WA Branch President, taking over from Jason Thomas, who has led the Branch for the past 5 years and is now keen to pursue his career and spend more time with his family. A huge thanks to Jason for all his efforts…..

Click on the link below to read more:

Click to read full Report »

The Society has launched our new book;

THE IMAGE MAKERS: A brief history of the Australian Cinematographers Society.

This wonderfully informative book of 160 pages was written by our ACS Historian and much loved Ron Windon ACS, who I commend for this truly outstanding publication, along with Heidi Tobin for her diligence and editorial skills and to David Wakeley for reviewing and proof reading the many versions before final printing.

It was also made possible to distribute the book free to all members, upon renewal of their ACS membership because of the generosity of Paul Jackson at Panavision and Nick Buchner at Sony. Panavision & Sony, Sony & Panavision, thanks to you both.

ACS Accreditation screenings were held on September 12 & 13 at the ACS National HQ. This year we had 23 applications for Accreditation, and there were 11 successful candidates.

Congratulations to all these members, who have earned the right to use the letters ACS after their name. It will be my great pleasure to present each of them with their Accreditation pin and certificate at their respective Awards presentations in November, and also at the National Awards in Hobart next year.

351 - David Brill ACS (Tasmania)
352 - Susan Stitt ACS (NSW)
353 - David Cameron ACS (NSW)
354 - Jim Frater ACS (WA)
355 - Nicola Daley ACS (NSW)
356 - Richard Fitzpatrick ACS (QLD)
357 – Matthew Peterson ACS (QLD)
358 – Jo Pickering ACS (NSW)
359 - Adam Arkapaw ACS (VIC)
360 - Mark Dobbin ACS (TAS)
361 - Iain MacKenzie ACS (NSW)

Commencing in 2015, Accreditation submissions will only be accepted from July 1 to July 31. So should you be considering applying for Accreditation next year, highlight those dates in your diary, time capsule, iphone, e-book etc.

I would like to add that I am well aware as to how disappointing it is NOT to receive your Accreditation. But I do feel it important to remember that the Accreditation Panel take their job very seriously, and consider each and every submission based on what is presented to them on the day. The opportunity does exist to have the material scrutinised at Branch level before hand, but in the end it will always be the final decision of the Panel as to whom does become an Accredited member of the Society. I ask you to respect that decision, to not be deterred and to try again.

By now you will have received the latest outstanding edition of AC Magazine No. 63, with the beautiful Sarah Snook from PREDESTINATION on the cover.

What an amazing, international standard magazine of substance and significance it is, and I cannot heap enough praise on our AC Magazine Editor; Dick Marks OAM as well as Heidi Tobin, Joanne Bouzianis- Sellick, Ted Rayment ACS and all the generous contributing writers, who make the magazine what it has become. As you know we have unfortunately lost the inspired services of Dick as magazine Editor, and are looking for a new editor, or some Guest Editors for the upcoming issues of the magazine. If you feel you can, or would like to do the job, and be part of a brilliant, creative team, please contact Ted Rayment ACS

Click here to email the ACS Archivist »

2014 -15 ACS Montage Reel

Our National Gold sponsor, Brisbane based The Post Lounge have generously produced our 2014 -15 ACS Montage reel, which comprises excerpts from all the 2014 National Golden Tripod winning entries and a new animated ACS logo. Click on the link to take a look:

Montage Reel »

I’m off for a cuppa and to finish reading AC Magazine, so until next time…
Ron Johanson OAM ACS
National President


Here’s the SA/WA Awards link now open for ticket bookings:


NT Awards Link now open for bookings:

SA/A Awards »
NT Awards link »


The very first Northern Territory Awards for Cinematography will take place in Darwin on October 24.

There are numerous other events associated with the Awards, including a Q&A with Ray Martin who will talk about his travels and his love of photography, and another Q&A with Oscar winning cinematographer; Russell Boyd ACS ASC who will screen “THE WAY BACK”, his latest collaboration with Peter Weir.

We hope to see many of you as possible in Darwin to celebrate with the NT Branch and it’s members.

Accommodation Special

For our NT Awards guests we have secured a fantastic deal with DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel on the Esplanade Darwin.

To book rooms for the NT Branch ACS Awards please use the link below.

Click the "Book a Room" button.

If discounted rooms don't appear our Group Code is GACAA

Click Here »

For all other NT Awards information click here: »



Hey Guys,

I'm presently in Greenwood, deep in the Mississippi Delta - birthplace of the blues. I'm down here in the south doing back to back projects. The first, THE WHOLE TRUTH, a court room drama starring Keanu Reeves and Rene Zelwegger, shot in and around New Orleans. Like many lower budget features we were working with a fairly brutal 24 day schedule. Despite this challenging schedule we had a great shoot that will hopefully make for a cool film. At the helm was Director Courtney Hunt who won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance a few years back for her film Frozen River. We shot with the Arri Alexa and Cooke XTAL Express Anamorphics.

It was during this shoot that my dislike of smart phones on film sets reached a tipping point. I think we can all attest to the growing use of cell phones on set and how crew's focus is being shifted from the job at hand to these little demons. Half way through the shoot I banned all Camera, Grips and Electrics personnel from using cell phones on the set unless for work purposes. Productivity went through the roof! I spoke with Roberto Schaeffer ASC about the issue of cell phones and he said he wanted to write an article for American Cinematographer about this issue as he felt very strongly about it as well.
I'm now shooting BY WAY OF HELENA in Greenwood. It's a western set in South Texas with great parallels to APOCALYPSE NOW. A Texan Ranger, played by Liam Hemsworth, is sent on a mission to the town of Mt Hermon to investigate a charismatic leader, played by Woody Harrelson, who is suspected of killing dozens of Mexicans in this area close to the Rio Grande. Once again I'm shooting with the Arri Alexa but this time with Hawk V-Lite Anamorphics. My 2 kids are with me for 5 weeks of the shoot along with my partner Leesa and we're having a ball with the locals who have welcomed us wholeheartedly into their lives.

I spoke with my Director Kieran Darcy-Smith (WISH YOU WERE HERE) about my new pet peeve (cell phones) and he's decided on a blanket ban on all phones on this shoot. I'd love to hear the view of other cinematographers regarding this concern and I would encourage all of you to see the incredible upside of ridding our sets of these things and perhaps consider, like me, to make a "no cell phone on set" condition to employing crew.

I hope you're well y'all.



• The provision of CANON professional imaging equipment to the ACS cinematography community.
• To inspire them to do more with their imagery using the best possible tools to bring their story to life.
• To nurture the future of our industry and provide inspiration through opportunity.
• To provide positive outcomes for the mutual benefit the ACS and Canon.

• Canon Australia will provide free of charge a range of Cinema EOS imaging equipment on loan to the ACS for the exclusive use of ACS members.


Projects eligible for consideration for the initiative
• a. Specific Environmental/Social issue documentaries
• b."Spec" television commercials for showreel purposes
• c. Music Clip for a "start up", unsigned band or artist
• d. Experimental projects with a similar narrative to the documentary strand
• Projects must have a legitimate budget with a Producer attached and be considered a non-commercial project.

Submissions process
• Entries will only be accepted from financial ACS members, with preference given to emerging cinematographers. Student Members are welcome to apply, however student class projects are excluded from the program.

• Submissions MUST include a Treatment or Scenario including a rational for applying for the initiative (no longer than 5 pages), a budget, a Production Schedule and CV’s for key crew.
• Applications will only be accepted via email to
• Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

• ACS member Helen Barrow will coordinate the initiative, and sit on the judging panel. It is advisable to discuss eligibility of application before submitting. Mobile: 0409 300040
• ACS National President Ron Johanson OAM ACS is also available for additional queries mobile: 0413 264 400
• Successful submissions will be decided by a panel of 5 from Canon Australia and the ACS.

Special Conditions
• An ACS appointed senior member would act as a mentor during the shooting of the projects.
• Equipment will be housed and maintained /serviced by Canon Australia.
• The equipment must be insured by the successful Applicants, and in each instance a cover note must be provided.
• The applicant will pay for any loss or repairs not covered by their insurance. Equipment must be securely stored during the loan period.
• Any relevant freight costs to ship equipment from Canon in Sydney, NSW to another location and return will be the responsibility of the recipient.
• Any damage or insurance excess is to be paid for by the Applicant. Canon Australia will provide a 30% discount to any repairs necessary, not covered by insurance.
• SPECIAL NOTE: Any loss or damage to be reported to Canon immediately. Applicant must not carry out repairs elsewhere.

Canon publicity
• Canon will publish endorsements or inspirational stories of users experience with Canon imaging equipment under this program.
• Canon requires non exclusive access to a limited amount of the footage captured on the equipment provided by Canon Australia under this initiative. It may be used to promote the cinematographer/applicant, and the partnership between Canon Australia and the ACS, in particular relating to this specific initiative, on Canon web &/or social media platforms.
• Canon to organise two events per year that celebrate the quality of work and professionalism of the ACS members who were participants in the Canon ACS initiative( TBC)


This year in conjunction with our prestigious 48th Annual ACS Victoria /Tasmania Awards for Cinematography to be held on Saturday November 15th 2014, the ACS Victorian Branch is staging a special event which will take place over the weekend of November 15 & 16 at Docklands Studios.

“I LIKE TO MOVE IT” is an Expo designed to showcase the many ways we move, support and place motion picture cameras during the course of a production. As professional filmmakers, we are inundated with myriad options to achieve the shots we couldn’t achieve in the past - from a Hi-Hat to a Helicopter and everything in between. The list is seemingly endless and the Australian Film and TV Industry is rich with excellent professional resources of equipment, providers and crew to make it all happen. It’s the perfect opportunity for grip services, specialised camera operators, aerial services, underwater services, tripod and camera support suppliers, tracking vehicles of all sorts, riggers, cable rigs etc to demonstrate their gear and specialities.
Read the flyer below and get on board to support this fantastic initiative from the Victorian Branch.

Sony expands line of ultra-fast SxS professional memory cards for 4K video capture and high-bandwidth workflows

Sony’s newest additions to its SxS line of professional memory
cards are designed for stable and reliable capture of high frame rate 4K video content. Achieving ultra-fast read and write speeds, the new cards are ideal for use with Sony’s large sensor 4K camera technologies, giving content creators more flexibility and creative options for 4K, 2K or HD acquisition and production.

Using the new cards, ultra-fast maximum read speeds of up to 3.5Gbps (440MB/s)(1) and write speeds of up to 2.8Gbps (350MB/s)(1) can be achieved. The new PRO + series model numbers are SBP-64C and SBP-128C. The new SxS-1 series models are SBS-32G1B, SBS-64G1B and the newest 128GB model, SBS-128G1B. The new cards use an advanced interface “PCIe Generation2” and newly developed intelligent controller to double high-speed data transfer rates and reduce ingest time by approximately 50 percent, compared to previous SxS models.

The new SxS PRO+ and SxS-1’s higher transfer speeds also offer high-speed ingest when used with Sony’s new SxS Reader Writer (SBAC-US30 or UT100) and Sony’s PSZSA25 solid state drive. This powerful combination dramatically reduces transfer times even for large, data-intensive 4K video files. For example, 120GB of video files of XAVC 4K 60p can be transferred to a solid state drive for backup in approximately 5 minutes, compared to 17 minutes with current SxS memory cards and professional hard drives.

Sony’s SxS PRO+ series offers an unprecedented minimum writing speed of 1.3 Gbps for stable recording of 4K video in XAVC 4K 60P (600Mbps) and XAVC HD 180P (600Mbps) modes. This is enabled through an efficient data writing method made possible by the new controller and intelligence functions that avoid speed degradation when used with compatible Sony cameras such as the F5 and F55. The SxS memory cards use the industry-standard PCIe platform as an interface to realise higher transfer speeds up to 8 Gbps (or 1,000 MB/s, theoretical maximum speed with 3rd generation).

In addition to its outstanding high frame rate capture capability, the new cards offer the proven reliability of SxS memory cards combined with data-error correction, a ‘data-defect minimising’ function for secure data recording and a‘power failure management’ function for recreating video clips in case of sudden power loss or accidental card ejection during recording. Its high-reliability is continuously verified through strict inspections and various tests throughout the manufacturing process.

The SxS PRO+ series also supports the‘lifetime indication’ function of the F55 and F5 cameras. Sony’s new application software, Memory Media Utility, allows users to manage their SxS memory cards with features such as the library function, remaining media lifetime/capacity indicator, simultaneous data back-up to three locations, and quick/full formatting function for both FAT32 and UDF file systems.

AVAILABLE: November 2014
PRO + , SBP-64C and SBP-128C

AVAILABLE: January 2015
SxS 1 G SBS-32G1B,SBS-64G1B,SBS-128G1B

The new SxS memory cards will have a warranty period of 10 years starting from the date of purchase.

LOCKE (2014) - review by James Cunningham

With the plot advancing in real-time, Steven Knight’s Locke (2014) discovers the titular character, Ivan Locke, driving from Birmingham to London. A masterpiece in the middle of night, the film stars Tom Hardy as a man in a car (and the only person to appear on-screen). Locke is set in one space at one time; the action continuous. What is achieved here though is simply extraordinary.

Outstanding cinematography will only take a film so far; if the story is flawed or left wanting then good lighting will not save the day. Locke succeeds here on all levels, being the most interesting and original ‘one-man show’ in recent memory (All is Lost, 127 Hours, Swimming to Cambodia). DOP Haris Zambarloukos BSC (Mamma Mia!, Thor) once worked as a camera intern under the great Conrad Hall ASC, and is masterful in his execution. Shot on Red Epic with Panavision C lenses Zambarloukos manages to do with Locke what others in the ‘one-man show’ genre fail to do - that is successfully keeps a sustained tension for the whole duration of the film (84mins), subtly, without the audience realising how just he’s doing (and here on a budget of under US$2million, no less).

Locke’s Director Steven Knight is better know as a screenwriter (Dirty Pretty Things, Eastern Promises) and interestingly was an original creator of the television show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (really!). He has, along with Zambarloukos who he works well with, done a very ordinary thing and with great skill made an extraordinary thing. Like all good road movies, this journey turns out to be far more interesting than the destination. Three-and-a-half-stars.


The Bob Miller – ACS Technical & Innovation Achievement Award will come with $1,000 cash and a $2,000 Miller product prize along with a framed certificate. The winner will also have his or her name engraved onto one of Miller’s LP ’54 Classic tripods, which will reside permanently on display at the ACS National Headquarters in Sydney.

The Bob Miller – ACS Technical & Innovation Achievement Award will be presented to an industry pioneer for the first time at the 2015 ACS National Awards for Cinematography in Hobart, Australia.

For more information or to nominate a worthy person for this Award contact Ron Johanson at »


What’s wrong with these pictures?

…especially the last one?


Hi Ron,

Recently I shot a Mitsubishi TVC for Fire Box Films, ably assisted by SA members Maxx Corkindale and John Smith.

The commercial was filmed in the Flinders and there was even more bull dust than usual on this shoot as we were using a hexacopter and also we had to track behind a car driving through heaps of bull dust. So our Grip, John Smith, invented the "Turbulater" so we could see in the dust. The leaf blower blew a hole in the dust in front of the lens whilst another smaller blower (black pipe) kept the UV filter clean. It mightn't be pretty but it worked superbly!

~ Ernie

SON OF A GUN~ 10 Double Passes ~ Courtesy of ACS National Supporter eOne

ACS National Supporter eOne are releasing the Australian film, SON OF A GUN on October 16, and have 10 double passes to giveaway to ACS members.

Contact Ron Johanson to secure your DOUBLE PASS. »

Release Date: 16 October 2014 Director: Julius Avery/
Featuring: Ewan McGregor & Brenton Thwaites

View »


AFTRS Open has short cinematography courses throughout the year, both introductory and advanced. Upcoming courses include SHOOTING HD: CANON & NIKON DSLRS and LIGHTING FUNDAMENTALS in November, plus SUMMER SCHOOL TV CAMERA, SOUND & LIGHTING SKILLS in January 2015.

Shooting HD: Canon & Nikon DSLRs
Want to shoot High Definition (HD) video on your Canon or Nikon DSLR? With the vast improvement in the video functions of DSLRs in the last few years, these are no longer simply an add on to your stills camera. Industry expert cinematographer Gareth Tillson will show you how to make the most of your DSLR and open up the world of the moving image.
Dates: 15 - 16 November
Link To Details below

Lighting Fundamentals
The aim of the course is to teach basic lighting skills in cinematography and how they apply to the visualization of a story or concept. You’ll learn about natural and artificial light, colour temperature, the use of anti-fill, cutters, diffusion gels, lighting continuity, on set communication and much more! Course lecturer Anna Howard has an impressive 20-plus year film and TV career.
Dates: 17 - 21 November
Link To Details below

Summer School: TV Camera Sound & Lighting
Anyone entering the TV industry today needs to be able to “do it all”. It’s essential to be able to use camera and sound equipment competently and this five day intensive course will give you the confidence and essential skills to say ‘I can do that!’.
Dates: 5 – 9 January 2015
Link To Details below

To view all AFTRS Open short courses visit the website:

Shooting HD: Canon & Nikon DSLRs ~ 16-17 November »
Lighting Fundamentals with Anna Howard ACS ~ 17-21 November »
Summer School: TV Camera Sound & Lighting ~ 5-9 January 2015 »
To view all AFTRS Open short courses visit the website: »


Hi Ron,

Just thought I’d drop in a line to let you know what I’ve been up to lately.

I recently was very chuffed to receive the award for best cinematography at this year’s Melbourne Underground Film festival for ‘The Suicide Theory.’ A little indi film I shot a year ago or so. The film has been doing fantastically well as it also received the Grand jury award at MUFF and best supporting actor for Leon Cain for his fabulous work. The film also won the Grand jury prize at the Dances with films Festival in Hollywood earlier this year and is one of the staff picks at the upcoming Austin International Film Festival. A great result for such a small film made with the passion of a bunch young filmmakers and congratulations to the Director, Dru Brown for pulling off such a great film.

Also I thought I’d send you some pics of the feature I’ve been shooting in India which started in March and all up will be an 8 month shoot. It’s a big budget film for South India in the Tamil region based in Chennai starring one their highest-ranking actors, Ajith Kumar, a terrific fellow and a gentleman to work with. Gauthum Menon a very intelligent gentle chap who makes the whole process a joy to work on directs the film.

The film is extremely involved with lots of back stories following the story of an ex-cop (they call them cops in India) who has revengeful enemies and the film has two romantic love stories intertwined. This film is nothing short of an epic which will screen for the better part of two hours with a break in the middle.

(the old school intermission still exists in India).

So all in all it’s a fantastic experience and a great opportunity of which I am very thankful. Shooting films in India has its challenges and the system there is certainly not as organized as we might be accustomed to here but if you want adventure, I thoroughly recommend it.

All the best to the team at the ACS wishing all the very best.

Dan Macarthur

GetUp Launches Competition to Bring Great Barrier Reef to Silver Screen

We wanted to let you know about a new short film competition that you might be interested in. This competition pairs talented filmmakers with a campaign to save the Great Barrier Reef.

#ReefReels is a new short film competition launched by advocacy group GetUp! to encourage you to tell the world about the issues facing the Reef.

If you have a passion for marine environments, or you know environmentalists that love film - this is the perfect opportunity.

The entry process is easy - create a short film (under 3 minutes long) that will empower the world to get behind GetUp’s "Save The Reef” campaign!

If selected as the winner, films will be screened at Tropfest on Sunday 7 December 2014 to a live audience of close to 100,000 viewers at Sydney’s Centennial Park! They'll also be in with a chance to have your film featured weekly on viral content platform Upworthy.

There’s also a category for Under 17s and the winner will have their film screened at Trop Jr 2014, so anyone and everyone can get involved!

There will be further prizes and opportunities that come with entering a film so stay tuned.

For more information, please visit

Entries are open from October 10 till November 25 so get filming now!
We hope to see your entries on the big screen at Centennial Park on December 7!

P.S. - Upworthy are coming to Sydney for a series of insightful and thought-provoking talks on Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 September 2014. Those in attendance will have the chance to ask questions and meet the minds behind one of the most unique websites around! Tickets are free but bookings are essential, so if you’ll be in Sydney and want to attend, book fast! Reserve your seat now at »


Cinematographer, Rodney Charters NZCS ASC CSC talks about his role as a Canon ”Explorer of Light”.

Links to the Website and Vimeo are below:

Please use the Password: nzcs » »


A truly amazing opportunity to hear one of the world’s foremost Producers speak, live in person in Queensland… Lord David Puttnam.

Big thanks to ARRI Australia, Canon Australia, Sony Australia, Blackmagic Design, ADG & AFTRS.


The end of an era…the closing a fantastic Melbourne Studio, that saw so much production and made many careers over a long period of time. Just who is that on the crane I wonder from around 1971?

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