National E-News Bulletin 3 July 2014


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VALE - Arthur Stanley Cambridge (1937 - 2014)

It is with great sadness I inform you all of the passing of one of the true icons of our industry. Arthur Cambridge. But he was more than that; he was a friend, advisor, confidante, guide and mentor to so many, particularly cinematographers with whom the bond was very strong.

On behalf of the ACS I offer our deepest condolences to his wife Jan, sons Doug and Mark and extended family.

His memory will live with us forever.....

Ron Johanson OAM ACS
National President

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Reflections from Tim Waygood

Alas, the name Arthur Cambridge has faded to black for the last time in the credits......... My 20 years at Colorfilm working with Arthur bring back enough memories, dramas and stories of individual features, series, docos, and shorts that would fill many books! We all have achieved a great deal with some superb films and series and should be rightly proud - as l was wearing my Colorfilm logo on my suit lapel for his funeral. A unique and highly gifted technician of extraordinary grading talent, and a gentleman to the end.

Brought in to the strong tones of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" and closed with John Williamson's "Home Among The Gum Trees" Arthur was farewelled by Jan his wife, his sons Doug and Mark, his grandchildren and close family and friends, in all around 50 people. Doug gave a short but personal eulogy and the service was warmly conducted by Ken Moxham. There was an audio visual of Arthur being presented with the Byron Kennedy Award by George Lucas back at the 1998 AFI Awards, it was good to see him again receiving such just rewards.
Arthur had been ill for some time and his passing was l believe peaceful. Few from the industry were there as a family decision was made not to post a funeral notice in any of the papers and as a consequence very few people would have heard of his death or today's funeral. Murray Forrest heard as l did from Tom today with only hours to spare, but the short notice prevented Tom & Sue Milliken from being there. So from the industry, Murray, myself, the two graders Tony Manning & Tina, Tony Oldham and Colorfilm/Atlab printer Steve Mayles along with Georgie Bates.

And so the book closes on another of the 'Colorfilm Quintisential Quartet' - Bill Gooley, Maggie Cardin & Arthur Cambridge...... we are not sure whether optical effects man Roger Cowland is still with us. There will be quite a conversation going on somewhere 'up there' tonight! Bill spinning on the right foot and clasping his forehead in feint panic as another feature has it's trial print day reduced by a week, Maggie from behind her always locked negative cutting room door, reminding us that she had "the skin of a teenager dear" and Arthur uttering those famous words...... "This is the hardest job I've ever done!" Ah the memories, the achievements and the experiences of working through those halcyon years..... RIP Arthur.

Inaugural Northern Territory Awards for Cinematography Announced

The Northern Territory Branch of the Australian Cinematographers Society has announced the inaugural NT State & Territory Awards for Cinematography to be held in Darwin on October 4 this year.

“This announcement is a landmark moment in the emergence of the broader professional screen industry in the NT and recognition of the remarkable diversity of work being produced behind the lens right across the Territory” said ACS NT President Andrew Hyde.

The Northern Territory has a proud and unique history of storytelling, and the moving image has played a significant role via the work of our most esteemed NT cameramen and cinematographers including Warwick Thornton (Samson and Delilah) and Allan Collins ACS (Mad Bastards) along with scores of others doing remarkable professional work in the fields of news & current affairs, documentary, corporate, commercial and educational filmmaking.

“The decision to conduct a wholly NT Awards is a positive, inspirational decision and reflects the nature of the Territory itself” said ACS National President Ron Johanson OAM ACS. “The State and Territory, along with the National Awards, is the centrepiece of the work of the ACS and reflects it's status as the largest screen industry representative body in Australia. Cinematographers in the NT are a special breed, often working remotely in extreme conditions in some of the most remarkable locations on the planet, and they’re work deserves independent recognition."

For more information on the Australian Cinematographers Society please visit

NT Awards information contact:
Andrew Hyde ACS NT President
0411 288005

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