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In this Issue:

  • From The President
  • CML Links
  • New Zealand Cinematographers Society News
  • Dean Semler AM ACS ASC home for a visit
  • Miller Tripods - Call for participation - Tomorrow and Wednesday!
  • Shadowcatchers - Yo Ho Ho!!
  • Sponsor Spotlight:
  • Marion Leake's visit with her family to ACS HQ
  • Postcard: Brad Shield ACS
  • ACS Technical Committee test the MOVI
  • Fujifilm named a Thomson Reuters 2013 Top 100 Global Innovator
  • Film Review: Adoration
  • Postcard: Ron Stannnett CSC
  • AFTRS OPEN: Cinematography Courses
  • Postcard: Dick Marks OAM
  • Seen at Camerimage 2013
  • New Hollywood in China App
  • ACS HQ Patrons - Wall of Can Do
  • ACS Special Christmas Merchandise Offer
  • Neglab to reopen!
  • Kidzflix 2013
  • A final word from Matt Horrex ACS

From The President

Greetings ACS friends & colleagues,

We’re now on the home run to Christmas, and the year has either been a feast or a famine. Either way, now it’s time to spend some quality time with family and friends and prepare for 2014.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have attended all the Awards presentations as a guest of the Branches during November, finishing in Melbourne at the Victorian/ Tasmanian Awards for Cinematography.

The Society is in good hands indeed, as all the Awards presentations were fantastic and featured the outstanding work of our ACS members across 19 categories.

What continues to impress me is the dedication and tireless work by all the Branch Awards committees, who literally give up at least a month of their time to bring these Awards presentations, including judging sessions, printing and engraving of Awards plaques, seating, menu selection and general coordination. My thanks and congratulations to all the Branch committees for your contribution to the ongoing success of our ACS Awards system.

ACS Accreditation and Life Memberships were also presented, which is a very personal honour for me, as in my position as National President I am afforded the opportunity to see and hear first hand the reaction of these fine people when I present them with either their letters or Life Membership. It can be a very moving presentation I assure you.

Our Awards presentations also enable me to recognise the incredibly generous contribution to the success of our Society that is made by our National and Branch sponsors. We owe them a great debt of gratitude and I ask you to support them as they support us.

To all the recipients of Awards, there are not enough superlatives to express how we all feel about your levels of creativity and dedication. Across all genres, new standards are being set, and one looks forward with great anticipation to the National Awards in Brisbane on May 24 next year, when the Golden Tripods and of course the prestigious Milli Award, for our Australian Cinematographer of the Year will be presented. Please put the date in your diary, phone, iPad, calendar, smartphone, etched into fresh concrete whatever it may be!

Attend the ACS National Awards, May 24 – Brisbane!!

My thanks to all those who over the past 12 months have contributed to the ACS HQ Patrons – Wall of Can Do, which has helped raise additional funds to support the day to day running of tgte HQ, and to afford us the opportunity to commence work on replacing the ceiling and other cosmetic improvements, for the benefit of all. Most recently the Victorian Branch, Ernie Clark ACS, Peter James ACS ASC, Pieter De Vries ACS and Geoff Wharton ACS have all given generously.

So until next year, my warmest wishes for a happy and safe Christmas. Thanks for your collective generosity of spirit, and I raise my glass to you all and to the future of our ACS.

Until next time
Ron Johanson ACS
National President


WA member, David Walpole has again supplied links from CML for us all to ponder. Thanks David and also thanks to Geoff Boyle.

30ft motion control move on a budget

Blue Spike Tubes Good Or Bad?

Colour Variation In ND Filters

Hi Speed HD

Miniature Shooting Lenses

Railroad Question

The End Of Professionalism

When S16 Makes Sense But Money Talks

Filter That Raises Blacks But Doesn't Flair

High-Speed Lenses Before Zeiss Super Speeds


Read the latest from our colleagues and friends across the Tasman. NZCS Website

Dean Semler AM ACS ASC home for a visit.

Welcome home to Dean Semler, who was here for a flying visit which included a screening /Q&A for the SA Branch. But importantly to visit his family, his old home town, Renmark and a terrific bunch of young school children he has been mentoring.

Click on the link below to read more about Dean’s visit.
Link to ABC News

L-R: Dean Semler, Ernie Clark, Ron Johanson & David Brill at the APOCALYPTO screening in Adelaide.


Limited number of places still available
Miller Camera Support will be holding 2 market research workshops to seek views from the industry about design of future Miller Products.
Each workshop will comprise of 6 industry participants and follows a structured format conducted by an expert moderator. Participants need only to attend one workshop.

Light refreshments will be provided and there will be a token of appreciation, in cash, to participants.

· Venue: ACS headquarters Level 2, 26 Ridge Street, North Sydney.
· Time: Workshop 1: Tuesday Dec 3rd 3.00 to 5.30 pm.
· Time: Workshop 2: Wednesday Dec 4th 4.00 to 6.30 pm

Please register your interest by email with your preferred date to Email Charles Montesin or call/text Charles on 0419 227 992


It’s almost Christmas so as a special Christmas treat for ACS members, we are offering a Standard Edition copy of The Shadowcatchers along with an ACS Beanie in an ACS gift bag for $66.00. This would make an ideal gift for any member, sponsor or supporter. THIS CHRISTMAS OFFER CLOSES DECEMBER 20!!

Simply go to

Nice looking Santa, who will happily sign your copy for you!

Sponsor Spotlight:

National Sponsor Showreelfinder has been quietly archiving the award winning entries of ACS members over the past few years.

A significant record is building up of both National and State awards clips.

The latest to go online are the NSW/ACT and SA /WA 2013 State & Territory Awards, with QLD/NT and VIC/ TAS to follow shortly.
The latest State & Territory Awards clips to be added are available via the Showreelfinder news.

To see the National archive for 2010/11/12 and 13 visit

Showreelfinder has been building a professional online showreel community since 2005.

Marion Leake's visit with her family to ACS HQ

Pictured left to right are: Meredith, Marion & David, Marion snr, Melissa, Micaele & Will, and grandson Josh with Daniel.


ACS Technical Committee tests the MOVI

The ACS Technical Committee has taken an introductory look at the much hyped MOVI Gyro Stabilised camera system. While undoubtedly an amazing filmmaking tool it’s not without its limitations.

Check the video at this link:
Tom Gleeson: Technical Committee Chair


FUJIFILM Corporation was named a Thomson Reuters 2013 Top 100 Global Innovator for the second year in a row, in recognition of its achievements as one of the world’s most innovative companies.
With this award, Thomson Reuters recognises the world’s top 100 companies that strive to protect inventions via intellectual property rights and lead the world with innovative discoveries and initiatives, based on the concept of regarding patent activity and other intellectual properties as an indicator of technological innovations and future trends.
The Thomson Reuters 2013 Top 100 Global Innovator methodology is based on four principle criteria: “overall patent volume”, “patent grant success rate”, “global reach of the portfolio” and “patent influence as evidenced by citations”, using Thomson Reuters’ intellectual property and intelligence collaboration platform. Fujifilm was selected as one of the top 100 companies for its particularly high recognition of the “overall patent volume” as well as high ratings for “patent grant success rate”, and “global reach of the portfolio” and “patent influence as evidenced by citations.”
FUJIFILM Australia General Manager Optical Devices Marc Van Agten said, “Fujifilm strives to develop intellectual properties that significantly contribute to business through close coordination of business and R&D. Fujifilm will continue to promote active R&D and work to protect and utilise intellectual properties developed from such R&D, to contribute to the enhancement of the corporate value of the global Fujifilm Group.”

MOVIE REVIEW – Adoration (2013) -James Cunningham (ACS Victorian member)

Daring in its casual approach to audacity, this French genre drama is brought to life with a contemporary Australian setting, and a smattering of local talent.

The author who penned the original book on which Adoration is based is Nobel Prize winning writer (yes Nobel Prize) Doris Lessing. This is a very French story of two lifelong friends, Lil (Naomi Watts) and Roz (Robin Wright), who enter into lust filled and taboo affairs with each other’s teenage sons. While the film offers solid performances from Watts and Wright, it is refreshing to witness two comparably mature appearances from young Aussie leads James Frenchville (Animal Kingdom, 2010) and Xavier Samuel (2:37, 2006). The two male leads weave their troubled friendship well, while convincing us of strong underlying tensions with their longstanding mateship. It is almost as if their controversial situation, to some degree, brings them closer together. The subject matter here is not for the faint-hearted and anyone expecting a typical drama with confined moral boundaries are encouraged to do their research. Or at the very least approach Adoration with an open mind.

Gloriously sparkling visuals help the weight of this controversial narrative along. Shot at the stunning location of Seal Rocks just outside of Sydney, French duo, Director Anne Fontaine (Coco Avant Chanel, 2009) and Cinematographer, Christophe Beaucarne (Mood Indigo, 2012) paint a sundrenched picture of privileged coastal life. The foreigners visual take on the Australian setting is measured and studied. There was a conscious and admirable choice to shoot Adoration on film, and to use anamorphic lenses to give the film a classic, softer look. Beaucarne explains that “with the highlights of the landscape, and the sea with its reflections, to shoot in HD is tricky. Also we wanted the film definition; when shooting with 8 anamorphic it’s like you’re shooting in 8k, and the definition is amazing.” In an interesting note Beaucarne also worked as his own Camera Operator too. The depth of the story comes together seamlessly and powerfully with the beauty of the images.

The film is part financed by Screen Australia and Screen NSW and one is glad that the production did not end up in France, or South Africa, as originally planned. Hopscotch Productions should be rightly proud of this transcontinental achievement. Four stars.



Courses over the coming months include: Advanced Lighting Skills (22 - 24 Jan) plus Summer School Courses next January. AFTRS Open Discounts of 10% apply to all ACS members. Details here:

Summer School: Filmmaking Intensive (20 - 24 Jan OR 3 - 7 Feb)

Summer School: TV Camera, Sound & Lighting Skills (6 - 10 OR 20 - 24 Jan)

Advanced Lighting Skills (22 - 24 Jan)

For details of all AFTRS Open courses visit the website:

A Postcard from AC Magazine Editor; Dick Marks OAM in Paris.


Simon Duggan ACS and crew about to view GATSBY 3D at Camerimage. Nice looking group!! L-R Fritz Heinzle; Otto Nemenz Cameras LA, Ania Antonowicz our Polish Assistant, Kristen Tolle-Billings, Loiza Vick & Richard Caleel from the WPA Agency LA, Maja Zamojda and Kate Reid, DP’s from the UK.

Click this link to see the winners of Camerimage 2013


Is your Chinese as good as an ashtray on a motorbike?
Ever said, 'one more' and everyone got up and started leaving?
Ever asked for a lens change and got a coffee instead?

With the Hollywood in China App you can 'hear' more than
1,000 Chinese film terms & phrases such as, 'change lens',
'what's the minimum focus?', 'camera car', 'don't look at the camera' and many, many more.

The Hollywood in China App will help you better communicate with
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Using Hollywood in China is like having your own 24/hr personal translator.

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Hollywood In China App

ACS HQ PATRONS – Wall of Can Do

Peter James ACS ASC presents Geoff Wharton ACS with his ACS Patrons certificate.


Why not purchase some ACS merchandise from the ACS store, and if you purchase $100.00 or more we will offer you a copy of The Shadowcatchers for half price of $33.00 incl. gst


Click the link below to see all the merchandise on our website
ACS Merchandise

Neglab has Reopen in Australia in Response to Demand for Film Processing

Neglab, a motion picture film laboratory for processing 35mm and 16mm colour negative, has reopened its doors on the 10th November, providing high-quality film processing services to the region. Werner Winkelmann, the original owner of the facility has over 25 years of experience working in the lab industry and brings extensive expertise to the entire imaging chain.

"All of us at Neglab are thrilled to re-engage with the filmmaking community and provide outstanding lab services for the region. We are poised to provide unparalleled services and together with the staff of professionals, their incredible knowledge and the dedication to superior quality control standards. We can continue to deliver for a long time." commented Werner.

A recognised expert in laboratory business, Werner will be joined by Herbert Stegbauer, director of Stegbauer P/L who are a manufacturer of film processing equipment. Neglab will operate out of Stegbauer's factory with a team of people with over 80 years of experience in the film industry.

"Customer service is the priority for us," add Werner. "We know that labs need to be responsive to filmmakers. We offer location pick up and handling anywhere within the Sydney central business district, and all rushes will be quickly delivered to any address local or interstate at reasonable rates."

You can find Neglab at 107 Bath Road KIrrawee NSW 2232 - lets keep the choice of film alive!


KidsFlix camera operator, York collecting the gear, courtesy of Sue Greenshields from Lemac

The KidzFlix shoot for 2013 was held on Saturday, 30 November.
Lemac have generously provided equipment and ACS members Michi Marosszeky and Sidat de Silva mentored the camera operators on behalf of the ACS

ACS NSW President, David Lewis ACS has been instrumental in the Society becoming involved with KidsFlix, and we are incredibly proud to be a part of the KidsFlix initiative.....long may it continue, as these talented young people are the future of cinematography and our industry.


The past few months have been wonderfully challenging - From shooting music videos in Australia, TVC work in Vietnam, long-form work in Malaysia and Hong Kong to a local campaign for Lego - some of the work coming up looks exciting too, with campaigns in Japan, Singapore and India pencilled in. My passport is getting a great workout! Take a look at a project called "Hand Made Singapore" - an observational piece I shot on the Red Epic, also the recent Lego campaign that has been seen all over YouTube.
Check out my website for my full reel and other videos.

All the best, Matt.

ACS National Headquarters
Level 2, 26 Ridge Street,
North Sydney
NSW 2060
Ph: 02 8920 8535

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