ACS Short Ends E News - May 2012

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- From the President
- Thanks to AAMPT
- The Shadowcatchers Launch & Competition
- ACS Awards Highlights
- Sponsor Spotlight - Fujifilm
- Sponsor Spotlight -
- 2012 ACS National Awards - Book Now!
- HQ Open Day - Saturday May 5
- Sydney Film Festival
- ACS Accreditation
- ACS Certificate of Competency
- 3D at 48fps?
- Talvi Photography Exhibition - Dan Freene ACS
- AFTRS Open - Upcoming Courses

From the President

Greetings ACS colleagues,

Our 41st National Awards for Cinematography will take place on Saturday night.

It promises to be an outstanding event and I urge as many of you as possible to attend and support all those nominated for Golden Tripods.

It's also an evening where we can all relax and enjoy the company of old friends and colleagues.

We will produce an E News Bulletin with all the results and the highlights.

Thanks to AMMPT

Those of you that have visited the ACS HQ may have noticed the large collection of American Cinematographer magazines we have in the Bruce Hillyard Reading Room, which we believe could be the most extensive in Australia.

I want to acknowledge that this wonderful collection was a donation to the ACS from the AMMPT, and that the ACS takes great pride in supporting this group of dedicated people in their quest to find venues in each State for the preservation of important historical equipment and documents relating to our industry.

The Shadowcatchers Launch

As the May 31 launch of our wonderful book, THE SHADOWCATCHERS, draws near, we are hoping that ACS members who are on Facebook and/or Twitter will assist with the ACS publicity campaign.

Here's the deal: If you are on Facebook, can you "like" us on, and post a message about the book on your own Facebook page?

If you are on Twitter, please follow us on @Shadow_Catchers and send out your own tweet, asking others to follow us and/or retweet the tweets we send you. That's a lot of tweets!

All those who like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter go into a draw to be held on May 25th to win a copy of the Standard Edition of the book, plus an invitation to the launch.

This book is the result of the outstanding efforts of scores of ACS members, and we'd love you to join this group of volunteers by helping to spread the word! Also, if you haven't checked out our preview pages of the book yet, do take a look on, and maybe even purchase a copy for yourself. You've all been incredibly patient, but the wait is almost over.

Click on the link below to watch the signing of the Limited Collector's Edition of the Australian Cinematographers Society's photographic history of Australian cinematography at the ACS National Headquarters in North Sydney. The cinematographers were: Russell Boyd ACS ASC, Dean Semler AM ACS ASC, John Seale AM ACS ASC, Andrew Lesnie ACS ASC and Dion Beebe ACS ASC. »

I look forward to seeing you at the National Awards or at the HQ Open Day.

Ron Johanson ACS
National President

ACS Awards Highlights

Once again this year the Awards highlights will be screened on the Movie Network Channel, STARPICS, on a date to be advised. Thanks to the CEO of the Movie Network, Tony Forrest for his support of the Society, and to host Alexandra Davies and the program Producer, our very own Robb Shaw Velzen.

Thanks also to the team at Videocraft and By George Studios for their generous support.

Sponsor Spotlight: FUJIFILM


FUJIFILM Optical Devices Division introduced the new Fujinon ZK 4.7x19 cost effective 35mm PREMIER PL mount zoom lens for the first time at this year's NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Such was the popularity of the lens that the company took over 250 orders at the show, with more being confirmed the following week.

The ZK 4.7x19 features a unique detachable drive unit, flange focal distance adjustment and macro function and is Lens Data System (LDS) and i-metadata compatible.

Fujifilm Australia Broadcast and Senior Key Account Manager for Fujinon products Lawrie Hitchens said, "The response to the new Fujinon ZK 4.7x19 lens has been excellent with over 250 orders already placed and more coming through daily."

For many digital cinema camera applications, there is a need for high optical quality, features and performance in a compact and lightweight zoom design. To fulfil this need FUJIFILM has newly developed the Fujinon PREMIER PL mount compact lens series featuring an exclusive and unique 'Detachable Servo Drive Unit'. The new highly advanced removable drive unit is based upon ergonomic engineering concepts as well as the pursuit of ease of use and imaginative design.

Hitchens added, "These Fujinon PREMIER PL mount compact zoom lenses combine quality, flexibility and mobility for all requirements. Macro adjustment is not normal on this type of lens so the ZK 4.7x19 is ahead of the game. Also, LDS and i-metadata compatibility is very useful when a customer wants to record the position information of zoom and focus for post computer animation. The T2.9 brightness of this lens is good as is the 19mm to 90mm range. This combined with the fact that it only weighs 2.7kg including servo motors, makes the ZK 4.7x19 one of the most attractive, cost effective PL mount lenses on the market today."

Fujinon also launched two new compact HD lenses, each featuring technical firsts in their size, at the 2012 NAB show. The two new HDTV lenses, which expand their respective product lines, are the HA19x7.4BERM/BERD 2/3-inch Premier Series high-performance HD ENG/EFP production lens and the XA19x7.4BESM compact, HDTV studio and field box-style lens.

Cinematography Month at

To celebrate the ACS 2012 Awards, it's Cinematography Month on

Navigate your way to their 2012 ACS Awards feature site from late Saturday night to admire all of this year's National Award-winning clips. »

No advance peeking!

Every day through May they are featuring all things Camera, Cinema, and Directors of Photography on their Facebook and News feeds.

Find Showreelfinder on Facebook

ACS Members are invited to a no risk demo of their powerful online showreel tool at:

Enter promo code 'ACS2012-2monthsFREE'
Finding winners for the industry since 2005. »

ACS Members are invited to a no risk demo of their powerful online showreel tool at: »

Enter promo code 'ACS2012-2monthsFREE'
Finding winners for the industry since 2005.

2012 ACS National Awards for Cinematography

The 2012 ACS National Awards for Cinematography, to be hosted by the legend himself Ray Martin, will have as a very special Guest of Honour, Australian actor, Rebecca Gibney. The 2012 presentation will be on Saturday, May 5 at the Manly Pacific Novotel Hotel, Manly and are guaranteed to be pretty special. In addition we'll have a surprise guest from Canberra and entertainment from our very own Pieter de Vries and his All Stars.

The announcement of all the Golden Tripod winners along with the Special Contribution Awards, the International Award for cinematography, NFSA Encouragement Award, and culminating with the MILLI Award winner is always something very, very special. Something not be missed.

There will also be some fantastic door prizes courtesy of our ACS National Sponsors, including a Panasonic large screen Plasma television, and a chance to win Limited Edition Book number 1# of The Shadowcatchers: A History of Australian Cinematography.

if you wish to be seated with, or near someone, fill in the window on the ticket booking form.

Sponsors, members, friends and colleagues, please support the Society and our fellow ACS cinematographers by booking your tickets without delay. Simply click on the link below.

Click here to book your tickets for the 2012 ACS National Awards »

HQ OPEN DAY - Saturday, May 5

As an additional part of the National Awards weekend, the ACS HQ will be open for all to enjoy from 10.00am until 3.00pm on Saturday, May 5.

Come along and enjoy the ambience of our National Headquarters. There's plenty to see and do.

See you all there!!

Ron Johanson ACS
National President

Sydney Film Festival

The ACS has been asked to take part in the Sydney Film Festival via a panel discussion dealing with "Evolvement of Cinematography in the Digital Age."

The panel, subject to final confirmation, will comprise Peter James ACS ASC, Andrew Commis ACS, Danny Ruhlmann ACS and Anna Howard ACS. This esteemed panel will be moderated by Erika Addis. It will take place at the Lower Sydney Town Hall on Tuesday. June 12 from 7.00-8.00pm.

ACS Accreditation

ACS Accreditation screenings will take place in Sydney in early September.

If you've been a Full member for 3 years or longer and intend to apply for Accreditation, it's time to start putting your presentation in place as entries close at the end of August.

Contact either your Branch President or myself for an application form and any other advice or information you may require.

ACS Certificate of Competency

Some time ago, at the instigation of Mark Wareham ACS, it was decided that the ACS should put in place an ACS endorsed Certificate of Competency; something that some younger ACS members, who undergo work experience or are an assigned attachment, could use upon completion of the project, as an endorsement of the work they've carried out.

The certificate would be signed by the National President and the Cinematographer with whom the crew member worked. It is available upon request, by contacting National President, Ron Johanson ACS.

3D at 48fps?

Peter Jackson has stunned a cinema convention in Las Vegas by showing 10 minutes of assorted clips previewing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in an innovative new format.

The footage was shown on Tuesday at CinemaCon at Caesar's Palace in 3D at 48 frames per second, rather than the Hollywood standard 24fps.

The director told the gathering of cinema owners and media in a videotaped message from Wellington that using the higher speed produces a smoother image. He hoped "as many cinemas as possible" would play the movie at 48fps.

The Associated Press reported that in the previewed scenes, blades of grass, facial lines and soaring mountains all appeared luminous and pronounced. But Variety reported exhibitors were not all enamoured with the look. "The Hobbit reel looked distinctively sharper and more immediate than everything before it, giving the 3D smoother movement, while losing the cinematic detachment from the motion blur of the longtime industry-standard 24fps," Variety said. But one exhibitor said "some of the close-up shots looked like an old soap opera on TV" website reported that the crisp, high-definition look was wildly different and quite startling to those used to film and 24-frame digital 3D.

It quoted another media member saying though it looked "extraordinary" it would deeply divide moviegoers, especially those who like the grain of film. Jackson said higher frame rates could make cinema more attractive, especially in 3D, as it is gentler on the eyes.

The Hollywood Reporter said the clarity Jackson described was visible in the presentation, but because the clips were described as "a work in progress", Warners did not screen footage that was fully colour-corrected or had completed visual effects.

Digital cinema equipment manufacturers are at CinemaCon discussing plans to support 48fps exhibition.

TALVI Photography Exhibition - Dan Freene ACS

Dan Freene ACS has an exhibition opening this Thursday Night at SilverPixel Studio in Newtown, from 6-9pm. It is part of the Head On Photo Festival.

The exhibition is titled "Talvi," which is Finnish for Winter.

The work is from a trip Dan took with his wife Kati to her homeland Finland in the coldest months of winter in 2010. The average temperature was around Minus 21 Degrees C, and Dan describes it as "Cold... Very Cold, but phenomenally beautiful. For me, even the most simple of things took on an abstract surreal quality, and, fused with the soft delicate Arctic light, created a world that felt like being on another planet."

Upcoming Short Courses at AFTRS Open

All ACS members eligible for 10% discount.

Two days in the classroom and two days in the water! Expand your CV and begin your new career in underwater cinematography with this one-of-a-kind four day course led by industry veteran Jon Shaw.
3 - 6 May, 9am - 6pm

Familiarise yourself with all elements of shooting HD on the Canon 5D Mark II.
15 - 16 May, 9am - 5pm


Unique in Australia, this hands-on intensive, high end course offers up-to-the-minute skills and insights for aspiring multi-camera directors.
14 - 18 May, 9am - 6pm

Designed for those who would like to further their knowledge of 3D and gain more of an understanding about what CINEMA 4D is capable of.
19 - 20 May, 9.30am-5.30pm

This 2-day lab-based course will explore the basics of colour correcting and grading using the industry standard DaVinci Resolve software. Limited places available.
31 May - 1 June

Designed for those who have little or no experience in 3D, but would like to learn how to become skilled in this growing area of production.
30 June - 1 July, 9.30am - 5.30pm

What is good cinematography and how is it achieved? This two day course, led by two time AFI Award winner Ellery Ryan (I Love You Too, Van Diemen's Land) is designed to investigate the theory and practice of visual storytelling.
16 - 17 June, 9am - 5pm

This course teaches basic lighting skills in cinematography and how they apply to the visualisation of a story or concept.
18 - 22 June, 9am - 5pm

Any questions? Contact AFTRS OPEN - 1300 065 281 /

To view a full list of courses, visit: »

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