ACS Short Ends E-News - September 2011

Greetings ACS colleagues,

I have no doubt we are all deeply saddened by the tragic loss of ACS members; Cameraman, John Bean and helicopter pilot Gary Ticehurst along with ABC veteran reporter Paul Lockyer in a helicopter accident over Lake Eyre. Three men doing the job they loved so much and sharing with us all, the beautiful scene that is Lake Eyre in flood.

On behalf of the Society I offer our deepest condolences to their families, friends and colleagues.

We will miss you guys and your loss will stay with us forever.

Plans are under way for a lasting memorial at the ACS HQ for all the members we've lost "doing their job."


The Annual General Meeting of the Society takes place this month. While many of you won't be able to attend, I would like to encourage you to "have your say". If there's anything you'd like to suggest or any issues you'd like to address that relate to the Society, please write to me at the address below and I will table your discussion point to the Branch delegates at the meeting.

Email ACS President, Ron Johanson ACS »

Membership Renewals Due Now

If you have already renewed, thank you, and you can ignore this reminder.

As previously advised, the ACS prefers payment of your membership subscriptions via your personal web page on the new ACS website, so individual invoices are not sent out. A 'tax invoice/receipt' can be printed from the website.

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Your personal web page username is your surname plus the first two letters of your given name, e.g. John Smith would be smithjo. You should have already received your password by email. If not, please enter your username and request a new password to be sent to your email address. You may also pay directly by eft, cheque or money order if you prefer, with payments made direct to your relevant branch.

The ACS relies on your subscriptions to provide events, ACS Awards & facilities and although some members have paid, many have not! Please remit your payment as soon as possible.

Fees are: Accredited Members $187; Full Members $121; Active Members $99; Associate Members $77; Student $55.

2011 Accreditation Applications Close September 9

Contact your Branch President, or the National President for an application form and initial advice. It's important to remember that completed applications with entry material must be submitted to your State President by close of business Friday September 9.

ACS Accreditation, or the right to use the letters "ACS" after your name is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a member of the Society. The Accreditation screenings will take place this September at the ACS HQ. This will be the first time the screenings will take place there and it certainly is a welcome milestone for the Society.

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2011 ACS Awards Entries

Entries are now open for the WA/SA and NSW/ACT Awards, with other branches' entry forms available very soon. Simply go to the ACS website and click on "Awards."

Make sure you get your entries in without delay.

The entries will be a traditional paper entry this year, as this section of the website is still under construction. Both entries and payment will be secure as they were last year. So put your thinking caps on and submit your work for judging.

Remember there is also a new category, for Virtual Cinematography, available for the first time this year. If this is your field of expertise, or you know of someone who works in the field, this is the category you should enter. The judging panel for this category will include members from the Visual Effects Society and Accredited ACS members, proficient in the genre.

Speaking of ACS Awards, the WA/SA Awards will take place in Perth for the first time this year, on Saturday, November 5. This is quite an achievement and also an endorsement of where the Society is today. I congratulate WA President, Jason Thomas and the WA Committee for this endeavour.

Peter James ACS ASC Photo Exhibition

ACS HQ will feature a photographic exhibition by our very own Peter James ACS ASC. This will be an event not to be missed, as it will highlight some of Peter's amazing stills he has taken over the years.

The selected images of lifesavers are from Peter's book "Lifesaver" and several exhibitions he has previously had in Sydney and Toronto. These photographs celebrate the intense competition that takes place at Surf Carnivals, and the lifesavers that compete in them. These particular photographs were shot over a 5 year period on 35mm Kodachrome, with Cibachrome prints.

The black & white shots that feature in the exhibition are from the "Man in the Landscape" series, shot over a period of 20 years on 4x5 plate cameras. Some are printed in sepia and include a cyan process combination. This process is very unusual and time consuming, as it requires the print to be put through three chemical baths, washed and dyed between each bath. The end result is a unique print.

These shots were taken around the world - some on film sets - and are, without any doubt, a truly interesting and eclectic collection of photographs.

"Man in a Landscape" will be at the ACS HQ from Friday, September 17 until Friday, September 23. Admission is free.

IMAGO Questionnaire

IMAGO and the ACS have strong ties and mutual interests. IMAGO is launching a questionnaire to help improve conditions of work for all behind the camera. It is vitally important, as it help to improve conditions for all.

IMAGO legal adviser, Dr Cristina Busch needs the information from your replies to lobby politicians in Brussels to review European legislation.

Existing surveys need to be updated regarding employment, social protection and working conditions of creative artists behind the camera in as wide a spectrum of cinematography as possible.

This is relevant to us here in Australia as well, so please take part, as it will be of benefit to cinematographers in our part of the world as well.

Click here to complete the IMAGO questionnaire for cinematographers »

AFTRS Award Courses 2012


Lemac & RED for Red Dog

Geoffrey Hall ACS on location in the Pilbara with Lemac's RED.

Lemac is proud to have supplied the RED ONE MX cameras and support for the highest grossing Australian movie this year, filmed on location in Western Australia's remote Pilbara region.

Red Dog was directed by Kriv Stenders, produced by Nelson Woss and Julie Ryan and filmed by Geoffrey Hall ACS. Brett Dwyer, Lemac's National Rentals Manager, said "We worked closely with production to supply multiple customized RED camera kits, with industry leading Optimo lenses and all the extras to support the production in challenging shooting environments."

Lemac has also recently supported the Australian TV Drama productions "Lightning Point" with Aaton Super 16 Xteras (DOP Butch Sawko), "Offspring" Series 1 & 2 with RED ONE MXs (DOP John Brawley), "The Slap" with ARRI Alexas (DOP Andrew Commis ACS) and "Dance Academy" Series 1 & 2 with Panasonic Varicams (DOP Martin McGrath ACS).

Lemac's latest kit additions include the new RED EPIC camera kits, which are already proving very popular.

Lemac & the National Archives

While many in the industry know Lemac as being one of the leading suppliers of motion picture and broadcast digital camera equipment, they may not know that Lemac has a long post support history.

Lemac is delighted to have been awarded the tender to supply and install a Debrie telecine to the National Archives of Australia. The telecine will be used to digitally preserve The Archives' 260,000+ films which are susceptible to chemical deterioration.

Acting Director of Record Services & Preservation at the Archives, Caitlin Hickie, stated that "Lemac's professionalism and thoroughness was very much appreciated." It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of a project preserving the Nation's film heritage.

This was especially important in light of Lemac's founding director, John Bowring ACS's passion for the preservation of our film heritage and his support of the project prior to his sudden passing in April this year. He would be pleased that the Nation's archives are being so well cared for.

Lemac & Sony

Lemac Film & Digital is now an authorised dealer of Sony's professional production products.

"Lemac is very pleased to now be able to offer Sony product to our customers, with a level of service that is unique to Lemac, with our extensive in-house engineering support team behind our sales teams. We look forward to offering customers a new level of support," said Sue Greenshields, Lemac Managing Director.

Visit the Lemac Film and Digital website »

VALE Mike Browning: 25/10/33 - 6/8/2011

It was with great sadness we recently heard of Mike Browning's passing on the 6/8/2011. Mike was born in England in 1933 and emigrated to Australia when he was 18. He had already established a connection with the film industry by working as a film re-winder and assistant projectionist from the age of 14 back in Hull.

It wasn't long before he was again involved in projection here in Australia, and when the opportunity arose he joined Fanfare films at GTV 9, Melbourne. Mike became a cameraman and was renowned for making the first portable camera van with "innovative" battery powered lights for the groundbreaking "on the streets" Night Watch show, which involved filming on the streets of Melbourne on Saturday night. The show was edited by Mal Bryning, going to air on the following night.

As there was no optical printer in Melbourne, Mike made his own pin registered version of an Oxberry, which he named the Fanberry after Fanfare Films. The first of many incredible inventions / machines, attached with his 'interesting' names.

In the late sixties / early seventies, Mike broke into the world of making television commercials, working with the major production houses, including Fred Schepsi's Film House, Bilcock & Copping, Artransa Films and Senior Films.

Mike soon started his own, very successful production company, Browning Films Melbourne. Here Mike really began to show his true genius. He would look at a concept and come up with the most amazing lateral approaches and creative solutions to the many scripts he was asked to direct. It was at Browning's that Mal Richards and I had the opportunity to work with Mike, most of the time with the very precise cinematographer Volk Mol behind the lens.

Browning's then became Studio Corporation Pictures and then Riverside Productions where many crew worked on the most incredible array of interesting and challenging productions with this brilliant man.

Mike & Volk invented a 3D system which Packer bought and shelved. They also built the first video split system in Australia which is how Ernie got his first gig in the industry operating their 'Videotake' system, with a through the lens videoslplit on an Arri 2C, recording to B&W helical scan 1/2" video tape using sine wave converted DC power.

After commercial making, Mike invented many amazing things, including the multi award winning Expo stands at Brisbane and then Seville in Spain. At his memorial service, the word genius and the word generous were used by so many to describe this truly remarkable man who was still working and inventing at 78 years of age!

Apparently Mike died peacefully at home, which is truly a blessing, as he was not fond of doctors. He was known to say "what do you want to go and see a doctor for? They'll only find something wrong with you!"

We will miss you Mike Browning. You were one of a kind. Thanks for mentoring us both and so many others. You truly were an inspiration.

Malcolm Richards & Ernie Clark ACS


Sun Studios Australia has a range of new products for the professional photographer and videographer that include lighting, audio and DSLR camera rigs for the video market, available soon.

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A Postcard from Jamie Holland

ACS SA member Jamie Holland, along with Tasmanian cameraman Dave Neale have been nominated for an Emmy award for their work on "Whale Wars." They were part of a 10 man camera crew shooting the series for Animal Planet. The programme is about the Sea Shepherd organisation going down to Antarctica to try and stop the Japanese from whaling.

Jamie wrote about his experiences shooting the show from onboard the Steve Irwin ship in Lerwick, Shetlands.

Read Jamie's postcard on the ACS website »

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